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This meant translating the rest of the poem. This intends to convey how difficult it is to define or express such an experience. A part of it always remains undefinable. However, despite its power, it is a state with limitations. Even if during the act of creation an artist believes or perceives themselves as reaching a higher state of awareness, it is only temporary.

No matter how high an artist soars, they always fall back to earth, Icarus must always fall. And yet, the poem expresses beauty in the fall. Its tone is not despair. There is beauty in that fall. In the first part of the poem, it meant retaining the sense of beautiful obsession. On the second part, one must preserve the bliss of the flight and the peaceful nostalgia, the glad melancholy of the fall. This led me to take several translation decisions. Then came the fall. These commas in the final stanza give the fall a different, perhaps less flowing rhythm than that of the preceding flight 3.

I attempted to cause a similar effect and emphasize the impression of falling by dividing the lines. Tonally, this fall remains calm, especially as it approaches the final verses.

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And so came the closing verse. Instead it remains calmly pleased with itself. That is the tone I wanted to communicate in the final lines of the poem. Los vecinos que pasan con un trago su esperanza. Until what made the paid-for future there Y al final aquel futuro cierto se deshizo Were merely geese and winter, sleet and air. Dejando solo gansos, el invierno y el granizo. Aesthetically, three things immediately stand out from Houses. Second, enjambment is a lot more evident in the second half of the poem, starting with the one between lines 7 and 8.

Third is the strong sonority of the opening line, which rather than iambic pentameter is better scanned as a spondee, a troche, two dactyls and an extra stressed syllable:. This strong sonority matches the solidity of the houses in question, as does the absence or invisibility of enjambment in the first half of the poem.

It works well with the idea of strong, resistant and well defined constructions. When the houses and the landscape become unfixed and lose their clear limits, so do the verses, thus the more apparent enjambment in the second half of the poem. As for the use of the sonnet form, it is useful to remember the discussion on intertextuality in the literature review. There is a relationship between the poem and the kind of text that it is exemplifies, what Genette defined as architextuality. Therefore, the use of a sonnet connects us both to the idea of the sonnet and to all previous and future examples of the form.

Therefore, when the reader encounters the poem and sees that it is a sonnet, it will trigger associations. The first one will be an awareness that this poem is written in the most classic of all English poetic forms, one that has been used since far into the past until today. Perhaps more strongly, the reader will remember that this was the form often used by the great poets of the Elizabethan era. The effect, hopefully, will be awareness that this form is an appropriate vehicle to travel back towards the past, towards a seemingly untouched natural landscape, as this poem does.

With this in mind, I endeavoured to preserve the form of a rhyming sonnet. Add to this the fact that very early on, I attempted non-rhyming versions, but they proved unsatisfactory. Therefore, these attempts no longer exist. I also attempted to use the more classic Spanish meter of the hendecasyllable as a fit for iambic pentameter, but the fact that Spanish words tend to be longer than English words meant that too much was lost by restricting syllable count.

The final, hopefully successful version, is more liberal with meter, although little by little it became imperfect Spanish alexandrines. However, the alexandrine is still a medieval meter and a sonnet is still a sonnet, not to mention that the rhyme scheme shows the reader that the poem is an imitation of the English original sonnet, so the final form remains an appropriate vehicle for our travel into the past.

As the translation formed, the effect of the enjambment was lost. It is evident between lines 2 and 3 of the target text. I attempted to compensate this in two ways. On the subject of Bly, his sixth step of preserving sonority was also important.

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Notably, I attempted to capture the strong sonority of the first line by making the words heavy. Something else of note is that in the first two lines there is a stronger sense of a list of nominal clauses, unlike the original, which opens with a full sentence. The result is a sense of staccato which is meant to add to the solidity of the verses.

The desire to preserve sonority also led me to moving the verses in the second half so that the final syllables in lines 10 and 12 were stressed. This eliminates some of the enjambment, but it is both closer to the sonority that is felt at the end of the iambic pentameter lines in the original and a more graceful verse on its own. The final result is instead based on a personal conversation with the author, where he told me he had written the line thinking of the workers that built the house, who would have attended the dance-hall and would therefore whistle the tunes they had heard there while working.

Some may criticize this, as the final result is based on outside information rather than the poem itself. However, even if it deviates from the original, I believe it ultimately achieves equivalence effect by presenting the reader with a concrete image of the house turning back in time, making it stronger and more meaningful.

Other, perhaps less interesting changes were inevitable. The past is no longer unravelling on a stick of string, instead the string of the zodiac is reversing its destiny. The journey to the past is simultaneous, rather than step by step. Air is absent from the final line. Throughout this project I have attempted what many consider to be an impossible task: translating poetry. Whether I have achieved such a lofty objective depends on what one means by translation.

If one sees translation as providing the same as in the source text but in a different language, then perhaps it truly is an impossible task: in all poems there were clear elements of difference, clear examples of deviation. The target texts are not exactly the source text. But then again, this is not exclusive to poetry.

As Robinson , p. This is a better conception of the activity of translation, even beyond poetry. Ours is a creative act, a remaking rather than a passive rendering of what has already been said. Even when there has been loss, it has been for the sake of such an approach to translation, and, hopefully, for the betterment of the resulting poem. In this activity of remaking I have followed Bly and I have attempted to make the poems be in the living and spoken Latin American Spanish, I have tried to retain meaning, tone and sonority, and I have tried to achieve an equivalent effect.

I have also paid close attention to the workings of intertextuality and to the translation of culture-specific elements. I leave the final judgement to the reader. Pradeep Chaswal's imagery is powerful, colourful and brings us vivid images of life in contemporary India whilst forcing us to review our personal values.

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It is with high expectations that one is looking to Pradeep Chaswal's next publication. Dr Lucette Bailliet. A varied collection of poems addressing social issues, the poets's feelings and thoughts, and views of the world - I really loved Why Roses Are Red and Dreams. Definitely worth a read. It was my pleasure to read "Icarus and other poems" by Pradeep Chaswal. This book stays with you long after you have read it.

Should you read this book? Do you enjoy poetry;the answer is yes!

Within each person, there is a poem. To learn to hear your own hearts song is not easy to do. To learn to write that song is even harder. Author Pradeep, has well attuned himself to his hearts songs. He portrays his feelings and emotions well. At the same time putting you into a setting, a way of understanding, and opening our eyes to the small things in life.

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Congrats to the author, well done. Author P.

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I was honored to have the opportunity read this collection of poetry. The author places you in his world and more importantly places you within the confines of his heart and soul.

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And therin he reveals poetic glories and compassionate artistry a five star read! I must admit the poems in this book were amazing!

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