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Edition, commentary and comparative study.


However, in spite of their interest for the study of the literature and religion of this period, a great part of these compositions, including the magical hymns to Apollo, they have not been edited again since their first edition in by K. The edition departs from a new reading of the papyri and the text is the result of a careful critic process that combines papyrology and philology in order to clarify the text, its length and the metric as a first step to study their literary and religious background.

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Giovanna Calvani. During the stay I was given the chance to follow the specialised Papyrology seminars at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Didactic Innovation Proposal using Greek magical texts. Henar Zamora Salamanca M.

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Bastianini, A. Mariangela Monaca 4. The programme comprises two areas of expertise -PhD research and teaching training- divided into two equal periods: the first one consists of a fellowship with research full dedication for the preparation of the thesis project; in the second one, the full-time research dedication is combined with teaching task until 60h per academic year under a trainee contract. Christofer Faraone and Prof.


Alberto Nodar. Part of the Research Team of the Prof.

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Condition: UsedAcceptable. Published by Porrua About this Item: Porrua, Zeus, Hades, Afrodit. Seller Inventory ALO Profusamente ilustrado con dibujos en blanco y negro.

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Guardas algo rozadas. Seller Inventory RM Published by Gustavo Gili About this Item: Gustavo Gili, Published by Ediciones Sipe, Buenos Aires From: Puertolibros. Condition: Muy bueno. Para explicar el origen de los mitos se han propuesto diferentes sistemas. En el siglo iv antes de J. Condition: Muy bien. Por eso su conocimiento es inseparable del de las obras mismas. Seller Inventory AZT Published by Michalis Toubis About this Item: Michalis Toubis,