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Shashidhar in Bangalore. He also trained for a brief period under vocalist Sri. Ashok Kumara in Bellevue WA. Learning vocal has helped Music Performance , Rajiv Bharadwaja and Team. Artist AL Ari Levitt Ari has been teaching and performing nationally and internationally for over 25 years. Her songs are investigations of life on the road, delivered with a truth, compassion, and stage presence seldom witnessed in the 21st century Our musical direction reflects a wide array of inspirations across those same genres. Gather and Sing With Jonathan Shue.

Participatory Singing , Gather and Sing. Artist WT Wilde Thyme. Music Performance , Celtic Wave. Two Scoops Combo. Drawing heavily from the 's and 30's dance band styles and songwriters like Cole Porter and Irving Berlin their songs Music Performance , The Dutiful Dreamers. Find more info on Face Book search Moon Sirens. Music Performance , Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Kachina Fusion Belly Dancer. The love of dance is mixing all of them together - Fusion. With a few medical They are coming to assault your senses with three part harmonies, accordion bass buttons, telecaster bridges pickups, and a brutal hi-hat tambourine.

Look for The Meadow Roads at music venue near you! Dance Performance , Tribal Fusion Bellydance. The Surly Goats! Glorious Irish Craic Pipes! Created by friends who wanted to enjoy each other's company while getting free drinks The Surly Goats have created a lasting impact on Irish music in their own particular way.

After years working as a spy network in the Congo our heroes have settled down in the South Sound area to Our music is an interwoven conversation of ideas and reactions. We reflect our tumultuous societal climate by pushing the boundaries of time signatures Indigo Flamenco Belly Dance Fusion. He has toured the west coast, played in New York, competed in rap competitions in LA Larry Hohm Chilling Stories. Artist LH Larry Hohm Larry Hohm tell stories with an edge—compelling works of fiction written by accomplished authors. The core musicians have traveled extensively in Louisiana, learning tunes and style from Louisiana musicians.

Participatory Dance , Louisiana Roadhouse. So it started a tradition that is carried on every Sunday evening. The camp is a full weekend of workshops and sings held at the end of January Participatory Singing , Seattle Song Circle. Rocais Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

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  3. Der Zusammenhang zwischen Traumata in der Kindheit und daraus resultierende Störungen für die Entwicklung der Persönlichkeit (German Edition).

Rocais is proud to be stepping on to the Folklife stage for the last three years. For more info check out www. Tiphany Starr Bellydance. Artist TS Tiphany Starr. Her songs include the humorous "Passion Flower" about a carnivorous alien plant and the moving memorial "Earth That Was". She has also created arrangements for other performers' recordings Music Performance , Cecilia Eng. All in our 40s and 50s we are proof you're never too old to dance with style! Lindsay Street Celtic Quirk and Beauty.

On stage, wild and Artist SB Sam Blackman Sam Blackman is a philosopher physician-scientist cancer drug developer and prolific storyteller. Raised in New Jersey and educated in Chicago and now living in Seattle Sam has been telling poignant, funny, and thought-provoking stories at The Moth since December of He has won Savannah demers Unapologetic Fusion.

Artist SD Savannah demers A 25 year performing veteran. Savannahs east-meets-west dance style has brought her to stages all over the northwest. Global Heat Soulful, Upbeat, and Hot. Global Heat has been featured at the Northwest Folklife Festival We offer weekly classes in North Seattle, as well as workshops locally and around the US. Our performances are an exhilarating blend of ancient dance with modern stylings Valente and Aimee Bender, Kate dreamed of creating a platform to showcase voices of the peculiar. Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women was born August At each Surreal Storytelling event, four women take Her dance passion began at the Roadhouse - Contra Dancing.

This led her to other partner dances. Dance Workshop , Louisiana Roadhouse. Bayou Envie New Generation of Zydeco.


Artist BE Bayou Envie Bayou Envie is the latest musical creation of Danny and David Salonen -- with the help of Mark Myking, Kevin Kilmartin, and Tai Taitano, the boys have set out to continue what their grandfather started in the 70's: bringing Louisiana music to a new generation of listeners and reminds Seven Da Pantha Music for the Soul. Fresh off 2 solid releases in , Seven is preparing to release Koncrete Klassix in association with the Ready Ron Beats Takeover in The Spin-offs Blues with Rock Edge.

But we had so much fun playing together once a month that we decided to become a band. We started out as an all-girl band but some contents shifted and the guitar and bass players Artist TB The Braxmatics Funkin' up the place, with the Bass in your face, from outer space, with a bit of dash and a lot of Grace, to capture the flag and win this Race, to the top of the galactic Mountain of Boom, where we funk harder than an Elephant in the Room, and leave smokey clouds of danceable Plumes Mojo Barnes Unapologetically Soulful and Honest. Saturday , May Our mission is to preserve the Bulgarian culture and traditions among our community in Greater Seattle area.

The Ensemble was formed in by the Master choreographer of Bulgarian dance Dani Actionesse Post-horncore party punks! Artist A Actionesse Born bred and bathed in brassy broth Actionesse is a four-piece post-horncore band from Seattle Washington. Actionesse harness a Music Performance , Actionesse. Over their 20 years they have grown to become a driving force in North America's Hungarian folk scene. The ensemble plays traditional village music from Central Europe and its members have regularly studied with master musicians in Hungary and Transylvania The ensemble performs at several local festivals throughout the school year.

Students learn to perform jazz, blues, shuffle, and latin Music Performance , Inochi Taiko. Seirm Scottish Gaelic Song and Tunes. The main musical program of Slighe nan Gaidheal, Washington's Gaelic language and cultural society, Seirm performs at various community events to promote interest Music Performance , Gaelic Showcase. Tomo Nakayama Northwest indie folk. Music Performance , Tomo Nakayama. Dance Workshop , Polka Dance. Artist TP The Polka Guyz We're an agglomeration of friends from various musical backgrounds that enjoy polka and related music.

Miss Charlotte Music for Tots. Sorry I am pressed for time this morning; can compose something special later. Music Performance , Miss Charlotte. That dance occurs on the second Saturday in March. Participatory Dance , Saturday Morning Contra. The tradition of shape note singing is as old as the United States itself. We sing for ourselves and for each other with no director, no rehearsals and we don't try to sound pretty! Artist RF Rick Fogel Beginning Bones As a performer-builder, Rick Fogel strives to integrate ideas learned in performance into the designing and building process because I believe that these significant details are the difference between an adequate instrument and an extraordinary instrument.

This Workshop is about bones Percussion Workshop , Beginning Bones Playing. Artist BM Bridgetown Morris Men Morris dancers have celebrated the seasons for hundreds of years in England with music dance, songs and plays. Decked out in ribbons and bells they performed athletic dances with handkerchiefs and sticks to encourage good fortune and fertility for the coming season. The Bridgetown Dance Performance , Morris Dance.

They have been performing both in Moscow Pullman and Spokane over the last 9 years and have performed as a Morris troupe at Seattle Our performances feature dances and songs in both traditional and contemporary English and American Morris traditions, played on accordion, whistle, and drum. Over time, we have added new dances, including some original Enthusiastic musicians provide the lively tunes as the troupe performs high energy dances with knacking staves and ringing bells. Side of the Tide embraces an ancient English dance tradition while keeping These are dance traditions dating back a long time, from various regions of England.

Traditionally, Morris Dance is a community-based We have participated in many festivals in the Pacific Northwest, along with local events at home and regularly attend the gatherings of Morris dancers--the Ales--that occur in California Artist BW Blake Whitewolf. Stone Logic Rock Band. Kieran, Christine, Bob, and Andrew had been involved in music, dance, instruments, and travel in separate careers before coming together as a band. Music Performance , Music of the British Isles. Three to four mbira players perform complex interlocking patterns on the key mbira dza vadzimu and are accompanied by hosho gourd shakers and vocals.

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Mahonyera members, most Music Performance , Mahonyera Mbira Ensemble. One-quarter of the residents of this unique community are descended from immigrants from another fishing village Music Performance , Paula Boggs Band. Artist K Kilmany Kilmany began in with a group of 3. It has since grown and often accompanied with dancers. It's name comes from a town in Fife, NE Scotland. Unique to Scottish music is the strathspey with it's own special rhythm.

Much of this music came from Scotland for Scottish Country Dances Artist MR Matt Remle. At LaVida we have adults and youth dancers. Also, we have an award-winning Founded in Seattle in by writers Matt Gano and Aaron Counts, the YPL program aims to identify young writers and leaders who are committed to civic and community Samba Reggae! Afro-Brazilian Music and Dance. Bahia In Motion's work is rooted in their firm belief of the importance of a balanced body mind Dance Workshop , Samba Reggae! Forrest Carroll has been playing fiddle in and around in Seattle for 25 years, Amy Carroll has been playing dance piano including on stage at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes Join a Neighborhood Sing Along!

Artist GF Greenwood Family Sing This group has been building musical fellowship in their community with monthly sing-alongs since We started as a family-friendly alternative to the SFS weekly song circles, and have evolved into a place where singers of any age and any ability can gather in a supportive, easy-going The predominant styles of Berkeley's repertoire originate from or are modeled after those from the Cotswold district of England specifically the traditions of Fieldtown from the village of Leafield and Bledington.

The music is based on traditional The dances involve much stepping, and the wooden clogs add to the rhythm provided by the band which generally plays popular tunes from the They wear white shirts and pants with red suspenders, hats and shoes. We use our performances to celebrate the changing of the seasons throughout the year. The Spring and Summer are the seasons when we perform This two hour multi-media concert traces the historical context of eighteen iconic folk songs closely associated with Seeger.

Peter guides the audience though The five-piece draws from funky riffs, tight grooves, psychedelic sound effects, and creative lyricism to develop an energetic, dark, melodic, and funkified style. Music Performance , Modern Daze. Christine learned to love fiddle at her Grandfather's knee, played with Wicked Celts and plays often with local musicians. Christian is a multi-instrumentalist and singer and performs Music Performance , Red Eagle Soaring. Dance Performance , Bulgarian Showcase. Artist D DX-Tet Xavier, A fiery and passionate drummer, plays with his group the DXL Quartet that performs regularly in the Seattle area and is in the process of recording a record to be released in Beyond that he is active in the Seattle music scene where he can be found playing with some They weave Celtic, Americana, bluegrass, blues, swing, Swedish, Canadian and fiddle tunes into a kaleidoscope of lovely melodies.

Both Mimi and Steve are teachers and presenters of their Jagadeeswaran and students South Indian Drum Ensemble. Music Performance , Jagadeeswaran and students. Little Pink has performed blues and songster music Music Performance , Backporch Country Blues. Ringside Revolutionary Poets. Artist R Ringside Revolutionary Poets. Margo Cilker Country Folk Troubador. She started songwriting at the age of ten years old, when a man on a sailboat taught her 3 chords on a Ukulele. Her debut E. P "Years" was released in November Her first full length album, "Gold" released Music Performance , Mia Day.

These are classical art forms from the southern part of India. Ria also practices yoga and learns about Indian mythology to complement her training in dance Having a dance class, demos of the dance, and a social dance. The Pride of Bothell ceili band supports this by continuing the tradition in the form Participatory Dance , Irish Country Dance.

Participatory Singing. Percussion Workshop. Ajani Rapping on beats. Artist A Ajani Rapping on beats. Music Performance , Totem Star Showcase. Began producing in his 10th grade year of high school and performed for all his schools talent shows. Having been deep in her numerous art forms for 5 years now; LIO: a black, queer woman is using her non-privilege to gain self-love, confidence as well as tend to her artistic releases advocating for civil rights Lily Indigo Dreamy 80s Infused Pop. Born with a relentless energy that drives both her creative and social pursuits she grew up attending concerts and music festivals with her family.

At the age of ten she sang on stage with her dad at the Doe Bay Music Festival. Lily loves making Artist M Mirabai Seattle born and everywhere-raised, Mirabai has been a singer all her life. She loves nothing other than perhaps garlic fries more than stories, no matter the medium in which they are told.

With lots of love, effort, voice, and community, she works to blend folk, pop, jazz and a Pink Anbu Singing an original song. A first generation Southeast Asian American. He is a fun person to be around and he is a very energetic artist that just wants to spread his energy out to the crowd.

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He raps about his struggles of growing up around gang violence and being different to everyone around hi Zoe Roberts Singer songwriter calm acoustic. Artist ZR Zoe Roberts. Artist S smacktalk SmackTalk is a jazz fusion, neo-soul collective that has been playing in the greater part of Seattle for almost three years. Led by local saxophonist Sidney Hauser, their unique instrumentation of two lead saxophones highlights their emphasis towards original compositions, exploration Artist PA Peter Ali Native American flutist Peter Ali, shares stories about his music as well as his rich ethnic heritage intermixed with performances of his original songs.

Listen to the sounds of eagle running river nature and spirit in the flute's song. Peter Ali a talented and self-taught Native Their music ranges from sweet love songs to the hard drive and excitement of traditional and contemporary bluegrass. Baby Gramps Mystical Folk Music. Artist BG Baby Gramps VanGogh of Americana Music: Baby Gramps mixes the myth-making mystique of a traveling troubadour of the past with an incredible array of musical influences including the blues, folk, country, jazz, ragtime, and sea shanties.

He toured abroad as part of the "Rogues Gallery: Pirate Stories of a man who left behind the comfort and security of modern life for a job atop a horse. A man who returned from the wilderness a hardened, smoothed, tempered version of Freudian Slurp Cinematic Jazz Fusion. The brothers met current band members through local jam sessions and were inspired by the thriving instrumental music scene in Seattle to find Randall Kimball Haida Folkblues Singer.

Artist RK Randall Kimball. Music and Dance Showcase , Contemporary Showcase. The students have been performing for many years in multilple venues across eastern WA. They enjoy performing to the multi cultural audience at NWFL. Dance Performance , Natyashiksha. For the past 12 years I have concentrated almost exclusively on playing the flute in Irish music. Capoeira Angola Traditional African Capoeira.

Dance Workshop , Capoeira Angola. With Bob Hamilton. Bob Hamilton has been teaching Scandinavian dancing for more than 20 years, and dancing for more than He loves to share his joy of Scandinavian music and dance, especially with beginners. Dance Workshop , Scandinavian Dance Workshop.

Participatory Dance , English Country Dance. He has hosted children's television programs, performed in concert and at festivals across the United States, including a concert with Pete Seeger at United Nations Headquarters in New York. He currently performs At festivals and venues across thecountry, Rick displays virtuosity in his performance of classical, traditional, Celtic, and original compositions. Rick captivates an audience with his mastery of the hammer Dance Performance , Mabuhay Philippines.

Filipiniana Dance Co. Philippine Song and Dance. Drawing from the many ethnic traditions found in the Philippines, the company dances to create an exciting intermingling Artist SS Silangan Singers Formed in , this group is composed mostly of semi-professional singers who love to preserve and promote the age-old Philippine Kundiman love songs and other folk songs attached to this group in a Philippine Rondalla Ensemble that play Filipino string musical instruments like Music Performance , Mabuhay Philippines.

Seattle Theatre Group presents Dance This! STG's Education and Community Programs invest in meaningful experiences for our community and future generations of performing artists. Each season STG offers over Showcasing talented and nuanced players on pedal steel, bass, sax, piano, drums and violin they mix compelling story-telling with dark Appalachian roots and modern genres like rock n roll, jazz, and dark country Music Performance , Harmonies and Hymns. Mary and Stephanie Anne Johnson Big hearted roots music. Artist SA Stephanie Anne Johnson Stephanie Anne Johnson is a multifaceted vocalist who enjoys singing the acoustic music she writes and performing in some of the greatest musical theater and tributes ever.

Music Performance , Stephanie Anne Johnson. Jack Straw Writers Program Northwest poets and storytellers. Artist JS Jack Straw Writers Program The Jack Straw Writers Program was created in to introduce local writers to the medium of recorded audio; to develop their presentation skills for both live and recorded readings; to encourage the creation of new literary work; to present the writers and their work in live readings Moderated by Nancy Chang.

Dance Arts Academy - Wolf

Artist SA Strikes A Bell Strikes A Bell sings familiar and catchy sea chanteys and maritime songs guaranteed to get the audience joining in on the chorus. Music Performance , Maritime. Priyanka Shukla kids group Bollywood contemporary. Dance Performance , Priyanka Shukla and group. Priyanka Shukla and group Indian Folk Dance. Reel Queer Youth Showcase. To Be Announced. Artist TM The Mossbacks with Sherry Nevins, Caller "The Mossbacks" are a talented trio of teenage musicians, with a special affinity for lively traditional dance music. Each of them are adept at playing multiple instruments.

Participatory Dance , Saturday Afternoon Contra.

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At 19 he auditioned into Ghana's prestigious National Dance Ensemble becoming their master drummer and touring many countries. Artist AP Annie Penta We are a group of dancers and musicians who have brought our Guru from India each year for 22 years to teach kathak to us and to anyone who wishes to learn. When our teacher is not here we practice regularly and perform give lecture demos participate in ethnic and multi-cultural events Dance Performance , Guerilla Morris. Dance Performance , Arts Corps presents. Jim Nunally is a Bay Area-native musician-composer record producer who joins master guitarists Doc Watson and Tony Rice as one of the finest interpreters and performers of bluegrass and traditional music.

Jim Kerwin Inspired by her move from her home town, she started writing song's about being homesick and the mountains she grew up in. Brianna takes a twist on nature driven songs and themes about ironic daily life, with creative lyrics. She aims to make Through jams and then gigs we found our voice and formed Palmer's Gate.

Alex Sturbaum Old and new traditions. Steeped in musical traditions from both sides of the Atlantic, he is equally comfortable performing for dancers in a crowded grange hall, singing original songs at an intimate house concert, belting out sea shanties at a pub sing, or playing Harmony Singing John Palmes. Learn to feel the chord changes and make up your own harmony parts. Even non-singers can find simple, useful parts while the more experienced, will learn to find and improvise 3 parts. Teachers should find this approach to harmony and music theory Music Workshop , Harmony Singing.

Bluegrass Grand Finale Showcase Jam! Pastel Motel Alternative. Artist PM Pastel Motel Perceptive, yet accessible, Pastel Motel blends art rock and progressive pop to create a distinguished sound that is both relevant, and reverent to the past. Despite abundant praise for their two albums, the band from Yakima, Washington is primarily known for their exciting, improvisational Music Performance , Pastel Motel. A disciple of Guru Vidyalakshmi Vinod. A National Young Arts Silver Medal Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana winner he has been performing since he was 7 and possesses an insatiable appetite and hunger for dance Dance Workshop , Tango Dance.

Artist AK Abby K Abby draws upon many influences in her music from her childhood days in Kentucky and is hard to categorize. She is not pop. She is not country. She is not rock. Nor is she alternative or folk. Her sound is nostalgic and modern in the same breath. She conveniently short-hands it as Music Performance , Kinfolk: Sounds from the Sound. Artist TL The Local Strangers Compelling lyrics and rich harmonies have delighted fans of The Local Strangers at sold out venues in the Pacific Northwest and intimate living rooms around the country since This year brings the release of their third full length album, "When We Were Honest.

Artist TW The Whags The Whags grew out of a group of longtime musical friends who began collaborating in the summer of when an impromptu show crossed their paths. The resulting songs would become the foundation for an ever-growing repertoire. Music Performance , The Whags.

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The small part of the ensemble you are watching today, is together since Vuk Karadzic Veterans Ensemble Across the Bridge Showcase. The band plays every other month for Portland's first Saturday contra dance. The studio's philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal setting. Music Performance , Northwest Tap Connection. From dance and drumming classes to performances and a little bit on Polynesian culture.

Dance Performance , Tahitian Showcase. Keltoi Soulful Harmonies, Fiery Instrumentals. Louis on flute Participatory Dance , Tango Dance. The Drunken Maidens Sea songs in harmony. Threads from maritime songs, traditional ballads, old-time and Americana, and folk dance tunes are woven together to produce their colorful and varied repertoire Born and raised in the push forests of Issaquah Washington.

Music Performance , Daniel Pellegrini. Moderated by Elaine Simons. Hydrant Lounge! She employs her classically trained voice and distinctive "tapping" guitar style to create an enveloping earth-centered musical space. Her poetic often autobiographical lyrics Infectious tropical rhythms intertwined with spicy Latin melodies designed to make people feel uplifted and groove. Zoser High Energy Genre Bender. With an alluring voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a guitar, music grounds this Georgia native as he make his way through the Puget Sound. Music Performance , Zoser. Our school was founded in by the current resident teacher and founder Ms.

Preetha Anand. We have 70 students starting from age of 5 to We perform actively in major festivals around Seattle. Our performances Community Jam , Cajun Jamming Fun. Rhythm Spirit With Sinead Harte. TN Tloke Nahuake Tlayolohtli. He has lead a workshop at the Leavenworth Accordion Celebration and is thrilled to host a workshop at the Northwest Folklife Festival.

Come join this workshop for an overview of the diatonic accordion, history, styles Music Workshop , Diatonic Button Accordion. Pete himself, born years ago, and singing for and with us for nearly 8 decades, would himself be the first to say that seeing this film by YOUR self at home is one thing—like singing in the bathroom—but seeing Common Questions FAQ.

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Inais Montia sets out to save the heathen clans from their graven idolatry, believing he is casting light about the dark. How could he fail with right and the truth of gods on his side? In the remote Adumbral Press. Xoe Xoe Meyers had a normal life. So she was stuck going to high school, and she only had a few friends to call her own.

She liked her normal life. Things were about to change though, because there's a new guy in her small town, and he is anything but normal. Before Xoe can say, "Werewolf," her best friend's life is in peril, and Xoe's world is turned upside-down. Then, of course, there's Jason Sara C. Yash runs away from his home planet, a matriarchal world where men have few rights, to escape abuse. A short-lived rush through the Milky Way with Ryo of Xi-kong, a mob-boss son who is not very loved on his patriarchal planet. Getting away from the Star Nations might be the only way out — or certain death at an early age Part one Unicorn Productions.

Misti Wolanski. You Again After eight months away, I'm finally back home. Momma, Daddy, and Grandma are thrilled to see me, but I'm wondering if my ex-boyfriend will be, too. Maybe I'll swing by Miss Betty's for the best chess pie in the South. Who knows? Maybe Jason will have the same idea. You know what else? Maybe we're not quite over just yet. You Again is a sweet, contemporary romance short story Black Humor Fairy Press. Brion Wilde, Baronet, is renowned worldwide for his Yule fetes.

This year, though, things have gotten out of hand: the revel is now entering its third day, with no sign of letting up. Uninvited guests from far and wide just started Walkabout Publishing. Zak Raven is your typical year old boy living in Bluffside. He wakes up, goes to school, comes home and does his homework. But somewhere between dinner and curfew, while most of his friends are playing video games - Zak can be found battling real life robots and his very own arch-enemy, Professor Bimitri Raine.

Once a super-powered TidalWave Productions. But when most of his friends are playing video games or studying for their final exams, Zak is fighting real life robots, and defeating his arch enemy, Professor Bimtri Raine. On a school ski trip, Zak gets more than he bargained for.

All the dogs have gone missing. Zephyr of the Ashes The sun's intense draw lures out all the people of the world, while agoraphobic Chava Logan hunkers down inside her San Francisco apartment in terror. Slowly, more and more people succumb to the allure of the sun. The Sun Pandemic is a global phenomenon that no one seems to understand or be able to fight. Alone in her apartment, Chava struggles against this unknown force.