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Advance removal of sweet clover helps give the native streamside vegetation the best chance to establish once restoration flows begin. This is rare in the region—Eastern Sierra streams are usually ribbon-like with a narrow band of vegetation closely following the creek. To function properly, multiple side channels are necessary to distribute surface water and recharge groundwater so vegetation can survive in periods of little water.

Together with newly-deposited fine sediment, it means native plants will get a boost this summer. Because it is so unusual that these flow conditions have persisted through the winter, we will be mapping the length of the rewatered channels and the acreage of vegetation benefiting from the groundwater recharge.

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Both comments and pings are currently closed. She concentrates on the north Mono Basin, Caltrans projects, restoration progress, and other focused policy issues.

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And the separate identity of his Only Begotten Son was swallowed up in a philosophical abstraction that attempted to define a common substance and an incomprehensible relationship. These descriptions of a religious philosophy are surely undiplomatic, but I hasten to add that Latter-day Saints do not apply such criticism to the men and women who profess these beliefs. We believe that most religious leaders and followers are sincere believers who love God and understand and serve him to the best of their abilities.

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We are indebted to the men and women who kept the light of faith and learning alive through the centuries to the present day. We have only to contrast the lesser light that exists among peoples unfamiliar with the names of God and Jesus Christ to realize the great contribution made by Christian teachers through the ages. We honor them as servants of God. Then came the First Vision.

Hear Him! The divine teaching in that vision began the restoration of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We affirm that this divine declaration was a condemnation of the creeds, not of the faithful seekers who believed in them.

Evidence‐based restoration in the Anthropocene—from acting with purpose to acting for impact

This belief does not mean that we claim sufficient spiritual maturity to comprehend God. Nor do we equate our imperfect mortal bodies to his immortal, glorified being. But we can comprehend the fundamentals he has revealed about himself and the other members of the Godhead. And that knowledge is essential to our understanding of the purpose of mortal life and of our eternal destiny as resurrected beings after mortal life.

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Ehat and Lyndon W. We take these Bible teachings literally. We believe that the purpose of mortal life is to acquire a physical body and, through the atonement of Jesus Christ and by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel, to qualify for the glorified, resurrected celestial state that is called exaltation or eternal life. Like other Christians, we believe in a heaven or paradise and a hell following mortal life, but to us that two-part division of the righteous and the wicked is merely temporary, while the spirits of the dead await their resurrections and final judgments.

The destinations that follow the final judgments are much more diverse. Our restored knowledge of the separateness of the three members of the Godhead provides a key to help us understand the diversities of resurrected glory. In their final judgment, the children of God will be assigned to a kingdom of glory for which their obedience has qualified them. In his letters to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul described these places. He likened these different glories to the sun, to the moon, and to different stars see 1 Cor.

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We learn from modern revelation that these three different degrees of glory have a special relationship to the three different members of the Godhead. Concepts familiar to all Christians might liken this higher kingdom to heaven because it has the presence of the Son.

We show that restoration of tropical forests appears to be successful for a key ecological and biological indicator group- dung beetles. Furthermore, community-owned forests appear to be valuable and practical method of maintaining ecosystem health and biodiversity in the region. Future management in this region would likely benefit from encouragement to maintain community-owned forests, economic incentives for restoring farmland to forest, and increased environmental monitoring across the land-use gradient.