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Dixon doesn't want to get involved and risk violating his probation by hacking into the phone system. Jesse and Sam inform him that he's at a crime scene and Jesse shakes Dixon's hand to put some gun-powder residue on them. Strong feigns shock but seems rather impressed at the group's actions of "blackmailing a criminal to commit federal crime on American soil. Michael and Strong move their van over to the address so Michael can take a shot before his friends get there.

Michael runs out to a nearby roof and takes position. Strong says he wants Gamble dead before Sam and Company get to him. Michael watches while his friends get in position as well, hearing their communication through bugs that have been planted and seeing them through his scope. While he waits for a shot at Gamble, who isn't home, his mind wanders again.

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Back in Dublin, : Michael walks up to Fi and asks for a dance. Back in Miami : Michael's daydream is interrupted by Strong noting that the wind has changed.

Michael says he's made the adjustment for his shot. Fi, meanwhile, goes to get rid of a gardener who is about to start work on the house next door. She approaches the man from behind -- out of sight of Michael -- and it's Dexter Gamble, who quickly turns and knocks her out with a chloroform rag. Sam radios Fi to see what happened with the gardener and when there's no response, they all run.

Michael wonders what's going on. Carlos, Jesse and Sam get to where Fi was and find only the rag, which Gamble had tossed on the ground. Gamble has burned the truck. Michael is upset with Strong for not having let him help his friends. He pushes Strong against a police car and yells at him, saying he shouldn't have listened to Strong. Strong says the best thing Michael can do to help Fiona is to finish the job.

Michael wonders if it was his fault, and flashes back to his first kiss with Fi after she planted a bomb under someone's car. Fi starts to regain consciousness as Gamble watches her. She's tied to a chair in an empty warehouse. He shows a straight razor and says he wants to know about Michael. She says she doesn't know where he is and Gamble slaps her.

He asks, then, why the man who hired him was killed 10 minutes after he told him Michael was working for the CIA. Gamble says he's looking to trade his silence about Michael's situation for the best deal he can get. Fi starts to cry and says she doesn't know where he is. Gamble pulls her hair and threatens to kill her. Sam and crew are looking for clues when Sam gets a call from Fi's phone. Gamble tells Sam that Fi is "still breathing, for now. He threatens Fi's life.

Sam says he can get a secure line with Michael on a satellite phone they use for emergencies.

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Gamble wants to meet in one hour at an old Marine warehouse. He wants Sam to come alone and unarmed. He warns Sam not to try anything and that he'll kill Fiona if he sees anything he doesn't like. Strong, hearing all this, asks for an overhead view of the location. Michael has heard this, too. Carlos and Jesse give Sam a hard time over his promise of a phone call with Michael, but Sam insists it was the only chance to get close to Gamble. Sam gets a photo from Gamble of Fi, making good on Sam's request for "proof of life.

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Strong asks for the special response team to mobilize and wants to talk with its commander. Michael is upset that Strong is planning to use his friends as bait. Michael says there's no way to go in unseen. Strong says they'll do what they can to keep his friends safe. Strong starts to talk to his team and explains the situation, then turns to have Michael give them more information but Michael is gone.

Michael is driving an unmarked car wildly through the streets while Strong yells at him over the radio. Michael makes a sharp turn to stop Sam, Jesse and Carlos' car and shocks them when he emerges.

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He says he had to stop them and says the plan is too risky for them and Fi. He explains that he and the CIA have "been watching. Sam starts to yell at Michael, too. Strong tells Michael that he's going to bury him if the operation is blown. Michael says he can fix it, but Strong says the operation is already underway and that his team is going to enter through the south wall of the building where Gamble is hiding. Michael says it's too dangerous and Fiona will be killed, insisting one last time that he has a plan that will ensure that the only person who will die is Gamble.

The special response team gets ready to as Carlos, Sam, Jesse and Michael prepare alongside them. In voiceover Michael says all those practical details are important but sometimes what's more important "is what you know about the person you're trying to save. Back in Dublin, : Michael puts a bulletproof vest on Fi and says he doesn't like the idea of people shooting at her. She tells him she doesn't worry, "not since I was a little girl. Back in Miami : We see Fi sitting in her seat as Gamble paces.

Gamble's phone rings and he's shocked to hear it's Michael Westen talking to him. He goes to a crack between some boards on the side of the building and sees Michael get out of a large SUV. Michael strolls around, wearing a bulletproof vest, telling Gamble that he "made a special visit" to Miami just for him. Gamble tells Michael to stop and take off his vest. Michael does this and also shows that he's not wired.

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Michael says he can get all of it but must speak to Fiona first. When Gamble refuses, Michael says, "No deal. As Michael walks away, he remembers Fi telling him back in Dublin in that when she was younger, she watched her father get beaten and shot at while protecting his family and their beliefs. He never showed he was afraid and always said there was a difference between livin' and livin' free. Michael keeps walking and Gamble finally relents, saying he can talk to Fi. Michael stops and walks back. If you have to treat a burn, you need to know how to determine whether it is mild, moderate, or severe.

If it is severe, you also need to know what to do while waiting for emergency medical assistance. First-degree burns affect only the epidermis, or thin outer layer of skin. In this case, the skin is usually red, swollen, and painful, but not blistered. Second-degree burns occur when the epidermis has been burned through, and the underlying layer of skin the dermis is also seared. Blisters usually form, and the skin has an intensely red, splotchy look.

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Second-degree burns are typically more painful than first-degree burns. If a first-degree burn affects only a small area of skin you can treat it as a minor burn, according to the American Red Cross. However, if large areas of skin on the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, or over a major joint are burned, call your doctor or go to a local medical facility. If a second-degree burn covers an area only a few inches in diameter and doesn't affect your hands, feet, face, groin, genitals, buttocks, or a major joint, you may also treat it as a minor burn.

Otherwise, get medical help immediately. Someone burned in these areas may need a specialist for treatment. Treating mild to moderate burns promptly will ease pain, limit the injury, and speed healing. The best way to treat mild to moderate burns is to cool them immediately. This prevents further tissue damage. First, remove any jewelry or loose clothes from the affected area. Don't remove clothing that has stuck to the burned area, however, or you may cause additional injury to the skin. Then hold the burned area under cold running water for at least five minutes or until the pain subsides, or immerse the burn in cold water.

You can also apply a cold compress to the burn if water is unavailable or unclean. Don't use ice water or put ice directly on a burn, as this may further damage the skin. Next, cover the burn with a sterile non-adhesive gauze bandage, wrapped loosely to avoid pressure. Bandaging protects blistered skin from potential contamination by airborne bacteria. Change the bandages daily if the burn is blistered and oozing, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever if the burn continues to hurt. An anti-inflammatory pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, can help reduce inflammation as well as the pain.

Blisters sometimes form over second-degree burns. Try not to break these: Blisters are part of the body's normal healing process and protect against infection. If a blister does break, wash the area gently with mild soap and cool water, then -- if the burn is not serious -- apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. If it's severe, don't apply an ointment or lotion of any kind. Have your doctor look at the burn and help you decide whether to apply ointment and, if so, which antibiotic preparation is likely to be most effective.

Small first-degree or second-degree burns can take up to three weeks to heal completely. During that time, watch for signs of infection, including redness, swelling, oozing, increased pain, or fever. If you develop any of these symptoms, get medical help. Even after the burn heals, it's a good idea to protect the area with sunscreen for at least a year whenever you go out.