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Well, it certainly doesn't have to be! For the last few weeks I've been mostly landlocked, cooped up and unable to make it to the beach or anywhere else due to some bad luck and doctor's orders, but that hasn't stopped me from chasing my stupidest end-of-Summer seaside shenanigan-filled dreams by couch-surfing a good ol' beach movie marathon. Perhaps an attempt to ride the popularity wave of 's Dirty Dancing , Shag combines a Beach Music soundtrack with a story focused on the Carolina Shag dance craze to match, and a very Where The Boys Are formula of beach movie-making that romanticizes a specific slice of regional Americana.

That is, I hope you don't mind the Confederate battle flag 'cause from the movie's title card, to wanna-be starlet Melaina Bridget Fonda crotch-flossin' the standard during a bodaciously bad dance routine set to a marching band version of "Dixie", and one miss Suzette Leilani Sarelle flauntin' her wares in a stars 'n' bars bikini for the Miss Sun Queen pageant, this film works that controversial banner in ways that, well, fit right in with the South Carolina setting.

Centered around four girl friends Phoebe Cates , Page Hannah , Annabeth Gish , and Fonda desperate for on final Summer fling in Myrtle Beach before marriage and so forth separates them forever, Shag 's will-they-or-won't-they relationship dramas weave in and out of carhops, fratty house party madness, beach boardwalk fun, silly rivalries, and hot hot Summer nights before finding resolution at the big Shag dance contest cherry atop this coming-of-age sundae.

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Quite heavenly, to be honest. Matapa is a common sauce, made from cassava leaves or other greens, ground peanuts or coconut, and sometimes with shrimp. Cassava and rice are also eaten as staple carbs. Perfect for a long day of rifling endless fluoro tubes.

Outdoor and very active in most towns and villages. Oh, and… Rum! But, no recent attacks or encounters reported. Outside of these, however… no one. Big, southerly winter swells wrapping around from South Africa are best during April to September, and shorter, punchier cyclone swells in summer.

What else to do in Mozambique? With several swell sources, including ferocious western Pacific typhoons, the many charted coral reef waves on the eastern side of the country have earned a reputation for quality — and for maddening inconsistency, being either very good, or dead flat. What do they speak? Certainly not Spanish, despite being a Spanish colony for more than years. There are many regional languages with Spanish vocabulary including dominant Tagalog, Visayan, and Ilocano, but thanks to the American colonial period, all Filipinos speak basic English with a distinctive accent.

Many a surfer has gone on a flat spell bender in town for a week or more, only to be sucked into the maelstrom and never seen on the coast again.

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You have been warned. Known to be very friendly with visitors, Filipino surfers are somewhat behind their Indonesian rivals in development, but rapidly catching up in equipment and contest experience. The Philippines is too warm for a wetsuit at any time of year. What else to do in Philippines? The coastline enjoys considerable swell from the Arabian Sea, and the occasional long-period Indian Ocean superswell. There are quite a few sand points on the coast which are regularly surfed, and the large offshore island of Masirah has numerous quality waves.

Of course, as in many desert regions, wind can be a significant factor on the quality of the waves. A stable government, great roads, good infrastructure, many foreign residents and none of the violent chaos of nearby Yemen or the oppressive religiosity of Saudi Arabia or Iran. Like other countries in the region, there are basically two cultures in Oman: The traditional and quite conservative Omani Arab world, and the the rest of the population, which consists of Indians, Filipinos, Sri Lankans, and people of many other nationalities working in the country.

Omani citizens are at the top — everyone else works for them. But enough of that… how about the surf? While the ancient capital of Muscat is sheltered inside the Gulf of Aden, a short drive to the exposed coast at Al-Ashkhara or further south to Salalah will show the potential. Occasional Arabian Sea cyclones or very large, long-period Indian Ocean groundswells affect the coast of Oman from April to October, and light up the best right points on the mainland and the reefbreaks of Masirah Island with excellent surf. Beer is hard to get and spirits are virtually unknown. Imported Moroccan go-go dancers are a treat, as are the chubby but graceful dancers in the Indian nightclubs.

Sharks: Thousands of small-ish sharks are regularly caught and exported for the meat and fin trade, so they are definitely out there, as are an incredible amount of fish. Nearby hotels even cater to visiting surfers. Water temps are quite warm, though a vest will come in handy for the occasional windchill. What else to do in Oman? There could so easily be the next J-Bay there. But, that comes with its caveats. We surfed with an old Russian military truck, all through the volcanic black sand beaches.

It was wild. The people that work there are used to this stuff. They organise trips for people like Travis Rice to go heli-boarding. And, how about the must-do, must-see, must-try experiences in Russia? Large rivermouths and some potential reef setups.

Plenty of trouble to find in the bigger cities, though. Need a wife? Not a big concern. Be more worried about the bears. A 5mm hooded suit with booties gloves optional. Yep, seriously. What else to do in Russia? The country is overwhelmingly desert, with vast areas completely unpopulated.

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The capital of Nouakchott has grown from a fishing village at independence to a city of more than one million people. The primary area of interest for surfers is the Nouadhibou Peninsula in the far north, near the city of Nouadhibou. There is a de facto international border about 20 clicks north of the peninsula, crossed regularly in both directions by private and commercial vehicles. The culture of the Sahara is strong in Mauritania, with many people living urban lifestyles in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou but maintaining a connection to the vast, empty interior of the Sahara Desert.

Surfing is hardly a national sport. December and January are the two months with the least local wind. Great fishing on the Peninsula, but most of the fish are for export and not consumed locally. With thousands of African migrants in Nouadhibou looking for funding to continue their journey to Europe, white guys walking around at night looking for a good time is not recommended — at all. The Raft of the Medusa, a famous painting in the Louvre Museum in Paris, depicts the aftermath of a shipwreck off the coast of Mauritania in , in which hundreds of people died, many of them eaten by sharks.

Wetsuits are necessary, since it can be quite cold early in the morning with offshore winds. What else to do in Mauritania? Chile is your jam. Well, no one does. Go get it. Literally thousands of potential spots, waiting for you to shuck. Varied, too; Every kinda setup you might hope to come across, often breaking with a similar power and genetic makeup to what you might find in California.

They grow the same food, the temperature is super similar, there were a lot of things that made me reminiscent of the area where my house is. But you can still do a great, classic road trip where you hop in the car, point it where you wanna go, and drive there. The wave that you saw 10 minutes down the road might be the best wave. Think: Amazing pointbreaks a whole lot of them , some incredible reefs and plenty of enjoyable beachbreaks.

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Eat fresh fish whenever possible. Some of the best points in the country are more remote and you're lucky to be within distance of anything more then a local pub or gas station. What else to do in Chile? Go do your research.

Namely: Fun, skatepark waves, served Mediterranean-style. If surfing Lowers-esque peaks in trunks under a warm sun, before driving 20 minutes to a Roman Trattoria to wash down exquisite pizza with the smoothest wine in view of a 1,year-old structure is your jam, then Italy gots the toast. Admittedly, the island of Sardinia is home to the best waves and most paradise-vibe conditions. Capo Mannu, a Sardinian right and left, can get up to eight feet. Libeccio is the key to the best waves, mainly righthanders. Scirocco is responsible for the lefts, but also brings real bad weather, with low period intervals.

Italians are famously full of life, so try to roll with it apres-dark. Picture a weaker SoCal with a completely different landscape. Nothing scary, everything fun.

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Sardinia is the pick, with good options in Puglia, Tuscany and Rome. But one thing Italian surfers share with the rest of Italy, is passion. Banzai, near Rome, can get kinda rammed, but you can get spots in Sardinia to yourself. During summer it sometimes goes flat for two months, which can happen. But so does the North Shore.

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Plus, you can still get some waves here and there. Trunks only in summer. Bring an all-round shortboard, but also a groveller swell can be inconsistent. What else to do in Italy?

01. Iceland

This is a big country, so a plan is required to yield max pleasure. These places take time. Like, the middle of nowhere. Harsh conditions strong offshores, and a good chance of surfing in snow , but some absolute gems to be found. Performance shortboards work great here, especially when the waves get bigger and the ocean is rougher. What else to do in Norway? That in mind, you should certainly be trying to get yourself there within the next three years. Despite its popularity among surf media, this is very much still the wild: Skeleton Bay sits where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean coast.

But the real diamond is Skeleton Bay. The spot is remote, and Namibia is one of the world's least populated countries only 2. Colonial German and Afrikaans make for a diverse and interesting local populous. Good news for Australians and Americans? English is the main dialect. Game, like antelope, ostrich or zebra, cooked on a braai barbecue. Potjiekos one-pot bush stew, usually cooked over a camp fire, and made with just about anything — although, chicken and vegetable is common. And yeah, it gets cold…. The French occupation in particular left its mark, with bustling markets in every city filled with french dialect and fresh baguettes.

Aside from the local currency, Malagasy ariary, you can also keep some Euros in the wallet. Madagascar is a wild ecosystem of rainforests, beaches and reefs. Two things in particular to be aware of, here. Your best option for travelling the coastline in search of waves is by boat. Second, despite the cultural diversity, all Malagasy people have one overlap: fady. Essentially taboos that arose from ancient folk tales, fady is very powerful and governs daily life across Madagascar. While exploring the east coast, we came across one village which has developed new fady toward strangers; a major distrust and anger toward anyone not from their village, especially westerners, due to the terrifying and very real problem of human trafficking kids being stolen by "small boats" like our surfboards, that were presumably canoes.

Paddling in through the lineup from the boat, we were greeted with children running to the huts, screaming, and the men of the village gathering and staring out at us, anger and protection in their eyes.