PDF Identity Is Everything! My Preaching Notes: Self Discovery

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Sermon

Last Name. Postal Code. Close Prayer Request. Address 1. Address 2. For example, a friend of mine broke his leg when he was 11 years old and was so fascinated by the emergency room that he decided to become an emergency physician. Do you restore your energy from being alone introvert or from being with people extrovert?

Are you a planner or go-with-the-flow type of person? Do you make decisions more on the basis of feelings or thoughts and facts? Do you prefer details or big Ideas? Knowing the answers to temperament questions like these could help you gravitate toward situations in which you could flourish and avoid situations in which you could wilt. In the 60s, spontaneity was valued over planning. I tried hard to go with the flow, but it seemed to me that I wasted a lot of time that way.

6 "VITAL Signs" are key to self-understanding, career success, and happiness.

Are you a morning person or a night person, for example? At what time of day does your energy peak? If you schedule activities when you are at your best, you are respecting your innate biology. Those fun sleepovers with girlfriends? One joy of my adult life has been finding a partner with biorhythms like mine. We wake up early and go to bed early; we both get snappy unless we eat three square meals a day. We hate brunch. One woman of about 40 years old got teary-eyed as she tried to answer. I was able to be there and hold his hand when he died. She accomplished her goal and was one of the leaders of her class.

See here for a list of character strengths.

T.D. Jakes On Finding Your Purpose - TD Jakes

Knowing your strengths is one of the foundations of self-confidence ; not being able to acknowledge your own superpowers could put you on the path to low self-esteem. Here's an example: An acquaintance tells you that she loves the soothing sound of your voice. What could you do with that knowledge? Likewise, knowing your weaknesses can help you be honest with yourself and others about what you are not good at.

You might decide either to work on those weaknesses or try to make them a smaller part of your personal or professional life. I love this quote from fellow habits author Gretchen Rubin:. For all of us, being yourself sounds easier than it actually is. But there are a few signposts. Acting on self-knowledge will give you energy and save you energy. For example, I can remember my relief when I realized I was an introvert.

Our Identity In Christ

How comforting it was to give myself the gift of time alone without wondering if I were a freak of nature! Follow me on Facebook , Twitter, or LinkedIn. Scroll down to my photo and click on the icons. But we must also practice self awareness and "Be Here Now. We must see the negative AS negative and use the power of disgard.

Meg, Can't wait to get my journal out! Although I feel like I have found the "answer" to a lot of these questions, it will be fun to write more about them after reading your post. And thanks for the reminder that journaling is a wonderful way to know yourself.

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I'll mention this in my next blog. Thanks for your comment! Great blog post!

Discovering Your “True Self” in Christ

I have been asking myself, "Who are you? Excellent information as I am a student of the mind and how it functions and the power it contains that is untapped yet. One of the biggest discoveries for me was to just sit and figure out what were my core values in life. Once I discovered those, my decisions I make have been much better as simple as that sounds. This can help you in your daily walk and serve as reminders of the many promises that comes from Jesus Christ. In this way, we can lead a purpose driven life for God.

I knew we all must face death so I decided to serve a purpose thats bigger than myself. We all want to leave a legacy but I asked myself how can I do that in a way that can truly makes an impact on others lives? With the five purposes God has for our lives, we can now define a singular purpose which we can live out in all area, even our professional lives. Last but not least you must make sure you can earn money to provide for your family. Some examples of Christians who do a good job of living a purpose driven life by integrating their faith within their professional lives include:.

This serves as both a blessing and a curse because sometimes I found myself having anxiety in trying to meet the goals that had been achieved by others which are a sin. My challenge is that you will live your life in a way that glorifies God but march to your drum. We all are created in his image but we each are unique, and none of us will experience the same things in life. Their imagination is still about possessions, fame and power, not to forget money.

Thank you for taking the time to share this article and spread knowledge that purpose is within all of us. Thank you for this post.

Learning My True Identity In Christ with Rick Warren

It was exactly what I needed. I have such clarity now.