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Yes, we are sure. The above listed sites are trusted and we have seen friends who received checks and payments from these sites. Hi Just to let you know freelancer is like OLX or gumtree but for odd jobs, you have to complete your profile though.. The site looks like a mobile site. See more details here: support. Every site offers work in different way. Choice is yours. If you want to land on Fiverr. Then, you can do any desired work to people online. In return, they'll pay you. Reviews can get you more customers. Every online job is quite difficult initially but you can earn a lot of money once you are equipped with reputation and experience.

Hai, Don't go for neobux. It's nothing but trash. I bought upto referrals and stopped renewing them as they rented referrals were not clicking as required and the revenue was far below than expenditure. Finally, I gave up all referrals and was left with 0 rented referrals. Only about a fortnight ago I purchased referrals again. They are doing better than past but it's not sufficient. That's why I advice you against trying neobux.

It's not an easy game to play. Yes, Agreed with it. Neobux pays less. Though we upgrade the account to premium, earnings increase as slow as snail. Thanks for sharing your views, Sravan. Yes, Neobux exists in Pakistan but we don't know whether it is legal to earn on Neobux in Pakistan. Just consult related authorities or even Neobux's customer support. I lossed Rs70, by putting in Club-asteria. Please help me in getting real income through online and send the genuine sit list which will pay the income really.

If possible please give your contact no or email. Sad that you have lost such a huge amount. Please be cautious on choosing a site for online earning. Hi Deep, you can use any of the sites above to earn money online. All sites have different procedure. Hi Jitendra, go for Fiverr and make yourself popular. More orders, more money.

Keep that in mind. All the best! I tried neobux. It is not really the thing which em looking for. Anyone having any other Idea to get a bit fast money? Hi Prateek, your thought is quite normal but people who are earning through Neobux are following some marketing strategies to get most out of it. Better, you can avoid them. You may need a Blog for getting approved in Adsense. Also, there are some requirements for getting approved on Adsense.

I would say that nothing is easier to earn money online but if you become an expert on it, you will find the job easier and your earnings or income will be high. You can use blogger. I would suggest you to buy a. The site popularity depends on your write up and how far you share with people. When it gets popular, just sign up for AdSense.

It will take some days for approval usually. After approval, you can start earning. When your site has got a decent rank, other webmasters and marketers will contact you in order to advertise on your blog or site. Hii Arjun I want some information money making websites which is more trustworthy and also i am eager to know which website u most prefer for earning and do u have an facebook acount because i want to join u and i can maintain regular touch and contact with u..!!

Unfortunately i am computer engineer just passed out in and also looking for job and i am wellknown and good aware of an internet and that type of many sites but i didnt received any amount from that type of sites. Hii Arjun is this sites are trusted. My question is does any website is available? Hi Mohammed Aqeel Alvi, you can get salary but only by showing an experience to someone who have websites.

Go as a writer. You can earn a lot. Initially, you may get bored but when you continue, your writing skills will improve and you will be a step ahead of others. Can u plz check it out whether this ia a scam or i can trust this site. Hi Ashish, I am not sure that the site is real or scam. As it is not an international site, it doesn't have more details about the safety. People have not filed about any such issues. But, be careful in using it. I am not sure about them. Azar, only Google Adsense provides a way to get check. But most of such website uses PayPal to deliver the earnings as it becomes easy to transfer money from one country to another.

You may use your parent's account for PayPal account. Usama, As you said, Paypal is not available in Pakistan. You may have to depend on sites which have alternative payment method. Paypal doesn't gives a proper reason for blocking Pakistan but some of the blogs could guess some reasons for Paypal to block Pakistan. These sites are written by consulting from people who got money from these sites. Also, I use 3 out of this 7 sites. Google Adsense and Fiverr is best up to me. It is also the most trusted and reputted site specially for beginners.

I think every beginner should start from here. Saud Khan will u please tell me how to work on clixsense as i have done signin but not able to found how to start i am an unemployed so please help me. If you are talking about sites which contains Banner ads, then you may find any site from Google and contact the webmaster for advertising. But here in this case, you are asking for earning. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria.

Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program. We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our program to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

13 Best PTC sites (Paid to Click sites) to Get Paid to Ad clicking Jobs

Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding. Before signing up to Adsense, please see that your site and information you provided during signing up meets Google Adsense's policy. If it does not, your request will be rejected. It does not mean that once it is disapproved, you can't apply again.

Google will approve your Adsense participation once your site meets all the criteria they ask. Basically, a site should be at least 6 months old and the content of the site must be genuine. I am referring to trusted sites to earn online. Can you suggest some trusted sited as there are so many sites online. Having a blog and applying for Adsense program is the best and that is why I have prioritized first in this article. If you cannot get a blog, you can go for Fiverr. Dear Sir, I am a 14 year student from India.. I am a 14 year guy wants to earn money online.. SIR,if possible please tell me about the THE websites which do no require to invest money and we can easily start working and can earn a good amount Thanks a lot Usually, you will become a major at You can use Fiverr if you want to earn without any investment but you will need a PayPal account to receive earnings.

Fortunately, you need a bank account to start a PayPal account. You may use your parent's account for creating a PayPal account. Most of the back provides account for children. You may have a bank account with that plan and can earn using Fiverr. Earn with your skill on Fiverr. All sites mentioned above will appear first on Google Search Results page when you search and they are popular as well. We were not able to find whether it is trusted or not.

We don't find users in our friend list using this site to earn. When I wrote this post, my Adsense was not approved. So, I depended a random picture on web. BTW, This is not mine! You have really over estimated me. Once you log in into Adsense, you will find My Ads tab in the dashboard. Just hit on it and choose "New ad unit". Once, you have created, you will get a ad. Just copy and paste it on your website's source. Can you suggest me some alternatives for google adsense , which will be suitable for a site with a bellow average traffic?

Out of all, Adsense pays more than any other but still, there are Adsense alternatives which people suggest. The reliable site with i can work and get payment quickly. Is there any "Indian Site" for me or suggest me the mort reliable international site. Please i am very serious. Most of the Indian sites don't pay much.

You can depend on international sites. If you are good at online marketing, you can go for Clickbank. They pay well for their work. Though I have not mentioned here about this site, I could see some people who receive periodic payments from Clickbank. They are genuine. If you are a beginner, start with Fiverr. You can earn easily with it by using your skills. But see that you make your gig popular. Is there any way for me for online earning. A blog is mainly used as a personal diary.

Eventually, this has become commercial and so people started to write articles on their own interest and started to earn money. If you have such skills, you can write more poems and articles on blogs. You can make use of Blogspot for writing such stuffs. Share your articles on social sites and allow it to grow slowly. Then apply for Adsense. You can earn from it. After a research on this site, Profitified looks like a scam site. Better, you may avoid this site. Try any other. The sign up form will ask you for site URL. If you want to add your domain and verify ownership, then you may head to Adsense dashboard and go to Account Settings.

Click on Edit on Site Management. You can add your website URL there. Sir i want to start a web site. That's good Ravi. Your earnings from Adsense depends on location and type of your ads too. When your site grows, you can increase your earnings from other means too like "Sponsored Story" and "Sponsored Ads" etc.

Thank u so much. Sorry, that link is not working here. If it is a PHP site, you may go for Hostgator. It is the best of all. Thank you very muh for your great article. I was looking for a trusted website to earn online money, but didn't go further beacuse the fear of scams. However I can trust on your article becuase of the preofessional manner you did it. Thanks again for that. However I had a confusion about those cheques and I thought they are not genuine and it will be a problem to me in the future.

It seems I was wrong. Do the bank accept those cheques? I am very grateful if you give me a reply. Banks do accept those checks. The check of Google Adsense will be a CitiBank check and when you give that check to your bank for the processing, the check will be considered as a foreign check. Your check amount will be credited to your account after 10 or 15 days depending upon the bank. They need to send to Citibank for the verification. Sir i have interest in designing like mp3,video,softwares.

Hi Sreenivas, No. Do not trust such sites. We cannot judge these sites. Go for big companies where the world trusts more. Hi Goldy, According to Scamvoid Test, the site looks safe but see that the site doesn't looks popular. You can try them but do not waste your precious time on that more. If they ask for money, you may better deny. Hi Arjun, As a new mum I was one of many looking to find a way of making some money whilst at home.

I came across so many scam sites before I found themoneymakinglist. I have been using it for a couple of months now and earned a bit of money which helps with the bills. I know I can make more money if I put in more time but I am happy with my earnings at the moment. The Money making List has many ways of making extra money, some are really easy to do like the website testing thing I do and I am not that computer savvy. Arjun, is clickbank a good way to make money outside of the US, as all the products seem to be directed towards a US audience?

Joelle, thanks for sharing your opinion. Clickbank is a good and trusted way to earn money online. You can make use of freelancer. If people likes your services, your gig's popularity might increase and you can earn a lot in a month. You just need to browse the advertiser's site for few seconds they which they allot for a specific ad. Hi Arjun, I heard abt google adsense but I don't know much abt blogging.. You can learn about Blogging more on the internet.

If you are good at writing, then blogging might work good for you. My suggestion is, start a blog which is of your own interest. Please guide step by step to understand properly. The process for using Clickbank is briefly represented as follows: Sign up - Select a product to market - Grab the link - Ask people to buy them using the link generated for you - Get paid. Add Referrals and Invite your friends I hope you remember me bro, if there's any graphic designing work ping me on fb Will do free for you.. I'm in 12th my exams will be over this month So will start from April, just let me know I need experience not concerned in earning money.

Wanna earn trust and gain exp. Hello Arjun! Wonderful articles you write, I read them all after processing this one. Ravinder, Glad to know that you write awesome lyrics. There are many sites for earning money by writing lyrics. Try them out. In my opinion most profitable way to earn money is to follow your advice number 1 - Adsense.

Google is a serious company and never cheat its partners. So it's could be wise to join their affiliate program. I'm working with Google for over four year now and quite happy. Pooja, Fiverr is an online platform that lets you to earn online by working on it. When you reach Fiverr, you will have to sign up first.

Before signing up, make sure that you have a PayPal account to receive payments from Fiverr. This is the only required thing to earn at Fiverr. You don't need any other criteria to participate in Fiverr. If you don't have Fiverr account, you can also create it later but see that you are creating a PayPal soon because after you earn with Fiverr, you will be asked to link a PayPal account. And, after signing up, you may reach fiverr.

Decide what type of work you are interested in. Upload some photos of some of your great paintings.

PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click, $1, $20 & $100 Per Click?

Describe about your gig and if you want to say something to the buyer, you can type them there. Provide some important tags so that using that, people can easily find your gig work. After creating the gig, Fiverr will take sometime to verify your gig. Share your work with people around you through social networking sites and Email. Make your gig popular. Promise and do a quick delivery so that your customers while rate your gig high. This will increase your popularity on Fiverr and many people will contact you to buy your work.

Shahbaz, It depends on your gig and your gig's popularity. It instantly pays you once when you have earned certain dollars. Thank you for sharing this opportunities. I must admit I do not know about affiliate marketing and how to be successful on this field. There are many sites for Affiliate marketing. You can go for ClickBank. If you are a webmaster, you can also approach HostGator, Themeforest, Bluehost and others for doing affiliate marketing. Sushil, the site is new.

We can't predict whether we can trust them or not. They have started the site only on 15 August So can you please tell me about which sites would be better for me to earn money? And, yes I would like to mention that I don't have any blog or website. Please tell me the sites which do not require any investment. Hi Ajay, If you have a good knowledge about mobiles, Android and computers, you can very well blog about it.

Investment is not required. Create a free Blogger blog. Hit blogger. Find some GoDaddy domain for such offers. Once when your Adsense grows well and when you receive the first payment, you can pay your domain bill for the next year. Hi Muhammad, First analyse what skill you have with respect to computers and internet.

If you are well versed in marketing Clickbank is the best. The above sites mentioned are most trusted and people are earning form those sites. Sir, Is there any way to earn online other than blogging? What about paisalive. Is it trusted? Yes, Abin you can earn money online in other ways too.

PaisaLive is a trusted site to earn money online. You need a Paypal account to cash out your earnings. Can u please explain how can i earn money in readbud. And also can you tell will there be any money loss if we fail in any process. You just need to read articles what they provide for you. After reading, you need to rate the article and you will be paid. You don't have to invest money in it and so no loss.

Just head to paypal. There will be 3 plans usually but depending upon a country's restriction it may vary. Hello Dr. Now a days there are many news of scam and it is very hard to belive which website is true or scam. Are u sure that the sites you have mention is not a scam?

How many websites can I use for online income together at once? Hi Saloni, You're right. Most of the sites which exist today scam. The sites mentioned above are trusted and existing since years. We also see people getting payments from the above sites. You don't have to share you account number anywhere in the above site but in some sites, you need to link your PayPal account. Fortunately, you need to link your bank account with PayPal to withdraw earnings.

You can make use of Fiverr to make money online but in every online earning site, patience is needed. You need to work hard and be patient to become popular on the internet so that you can earn a lot. You can earn online in many ways but when you want to earn more, you need to work more. You can become popular in sites like Fiverr using your marketing skills. It depends on how far you popularize the link and make people to pay you for your gig. Clickbank too works the same but it is purely an affiliate marketing. Automated-Paydays doesn't have much details about people withdrawing the real money.

You can better stay away from it. Thanks for providing the list of trusted websites. However could you please help me with some information about websites where I can earn through teaching subjects like English or communication to non-English speaking countries. Hi Meghna, I feel starting a blog and sharing information is much powerful way!

Teach English by using blogs and you can earn money through Google AdSense.

7 Most Trusted Websites to Earn Money Online

A site which teaches English communication, that's awesome, right? Hi Arjun, I am very new to this website. I do not have a website of my own. Please advise. Need your help. Hi Swetha, CashBuddy isn't much popular to predict whether it can be trusted or not. I may ask you to try if you have time but don't try if they ask for money or any personal info. Hi, Arjun. Thank you for your informative article. I wonder whether it is possible to make money by answering surveys paidsurveysathome etc. You can use any but I have seen 9th grade students creating blogs and earning with AdSense.

Try creating blogs and share what you know. Also, some students earn by Fiverr. These two sites are most powerful. Do not miss it buddy! Thanks for a nice post arjun, From the sites listed above I am working on fiverr. I have been working on this site for 2 months now. I am sure like fiverr all the other 6 methods are as great as it. Yes Hasinur, You are right! Success need hard work with full dedication. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Fiverr with us! Thinking of joining Cedar Finance. I'm really into government and currencies and such but I'm new to binary trading.

Please give me some advice? I have tried just about all of these sites and can confirm that they are all completely useless Did you know there are people earning thousands of dollars from AdSense per month like Amit Agarwal of Labnol? Do you know a guy bought a 3 BHK house with earnings from Fiverr? People have started to earn money from freelancer.

All sites have success stories and that is why, we have selected them and placed above. Build a site and do work with more dedication, Joseph. You can earn with it. Try to get traffic from search engines mostly. This can help you to earn more. The site fastrupee. The site itself does not provide any feature for you to earn money. Fiverr is a lot of hard work but you can make it work for you.

I like to use it to make money from something I'm good at to pay for Fiverr services I need. I like to use money rewards. The offer is so easy and is so easy to earn money. I got my money quickly because the withdraw limit is so small!! That's what you call a money earning website. Yes Prashant. Readbud is now no more. I have alternatively offered you another great site, freelancer. Most of the people have got benefit out of it. Hi Dhine, We crawled on Readbud now. It looks that Readbud isn't on web anymore. We have added another trusted online earning site in the post.

We have added "Freelancer" site as trusted where you can do freelancer jobs. Hi Arjun i am tired of visiting and time wasting sites. I had a loss of at shotbux. Please tell me a very trusted and paying site. Hi Ali, You can use any site mentioned above. You won't losing any money in these sites if you are going to work hard. Work smartly and wisely. You can get more earnings than you invest. And, ShotBux looks like a scam site and is not recommended to join. AdSense is somewhat difficult to get approved for a blogger blog but you can get AdSense easily by upgrading your domain to TLDs like.

However, you need to have quality contents on your blog. You need to read eligibility criteria while you sign up for AdSense. Most of the affiliate marketing sites like ClickBank pays you high but everything depends on your hard work. Hi, im new to making money online. I'm only working 2 days a week while doing full time study. Can you please help me and recommend me which one is the best option to pick? Yes, It is mandatory to have a website for Google AdSense.

If you don't have a website, why not try videos on YouTube.


When any of your videos go viral on web, you will receive an email stating that you can monetize your YouTube account. And, from then you can use AdSense for YouTube. You can also try out blogger. Yet, there are some eligibility criteria to get started. Hi Persian, Most of the online data entry jobs are fake.

Better not to trust on online data entry jobs. The problem is I have no investment's and also I'm not good in blogging ,marketing or any other stuff either. But wanted to make money with 'zero investment' formula because , I have financial problem's. But I can not afford a website nor any marketing strategy. I'm afraid that if I fall in trouble trusting these website's even though they are genuine what shall be because I do not have any financial support earning my bread with mere income a very small amount for my living ,I still want to pay the fees for my collage but i can't.

Can you suggest me any website in which i can make money without any investment or falling in trouble and yeah I'm not good at blogging or marketing and other stuff soo. Can u help me out..?? Please mail me. If blogging and marketing doesn't fit you, then try Freelancer. They can pay you for doing jobs based on your other skills which you have. I'm not good at blogging ,marketing,selling nor I am talented.. So can you suggest me some website which safe and also doesnt require any web hosting ,marketing ,blogging ,etc kinda stuff. Hi Fen, Why you shouldn't try freelancer.

You just can't say that you aren't talented. You are talented in one way. Find it out. Analyze the part which you are interested in and sign up at freelancer. Provide your details and let people who want their work to be completed will hire you. It's a fact that i had a look at freelancer.

I want to make some money by you know clicking ads or publishing them so my friends would click. I want to make money in this kinda process. Because,in linkbuks. So, i would be happy if you would help me. Thank's please do email me. Hey Arjun thanks for sharing about freelancing. I use odesk as my preferred way for online earning. Adsense is also fine but for a newbie it takes time to build the site and earn. I checked readbud and the site is closed, it's related to a PTC site. It's good to provide a real one! I started on Neobux a few months ago, with absolutely no investment.

I earned a high amount of money, it starts off slow and most people quit and get bored at the start but if you stay with it you will earn LOTS. This is because you will have to recycle referrals who are not active. The site has already paid me. Jus join and see the results in one week!!! Please visit my website astroyogalife. Hello suhas, scan your site with an anti virus. My anti virus shows that your site contains some potentially unsafe contents. AdSense too require safe sites. Also, write more contents on your site for quick AdSense approval. I am earning on Amazon however small amounts as associate.

To create a website, you may need to buy a host. You can just upload and install them to your host. You just have to write based upon your interest. For example, CryptLife delivers information about technological stuffs. If you are a newbie, I may suggest you not to spend lot of money but tryout free hosting like webhost or 1freehosting. Use Blogger. Once when you are good in design and writing skills or whatever your site deals about, you can go with paid hosting which is really easier for you to spread word about your site.

The site is hosted in webs. Hi Abhishek, if you have many site then you may start providing people a service or start a blog. Work hard to get Google AdSense approval. Hi, Arjun, do you know about any website which is good to learn about online intraday trading in India or helps in earning though it online?

Very effective article. I have a blogger website. I am not getting enough traffic. Would you please visit there and tell me how to get more traffic from my blog. Hi Chinmoy, please scan your site with antivirus. Also, you have infringed contents from other blogs. Please try to avoid infringing articles.

If the site owner finds, you, he can sue you. Be original and you will get lot of traffic. Just understand this, Chinmoy. Google will rank high for the site which has the good quality information. Quality depends on how far the article is genuine too. When Google has indexed the site first, then how you can expect that Google will rank your site too? Google will consider yours as duplicates and tries to push down in search results. Genuine articles can bring more traffic. I can say, infringing articles is a waste of time and you can't get anything out of it.

Mining Pool

They pay per view on any video you claim and share via their website. I am really interested in using their system as I have a big social following and could potetntially get a lot of video views daily. However, I am not sure how trustworthy they are, as all I know is they are only a couple months old. What is the best way to know that they will pay out? Hyy to all. Now currently i am working as a dotnet developer,i m having some financial problem can u please how can i earn rs per month based on my key skills,pls send a mail to me pls,which one is best for me to get the money without investment pls.

Hi Hanife, You can very well use Freelancer and start earning. Initially, when you are new to Freelancer, you may earn less but later, you will be getting more orders based upon your reputation. Hello Arjun Bro, I appreciate your role here. You are so helpful person. I am really astonished. I am a worker and working webgigs. It pays me, and I never faced any occurs. But still I am not sure about this site. Hi Devid, Webgigs seem to be new site and we couldn't get any enough information for showing them to be trusted. You may just try the,. But, Fiverr has lot of people and is trusted by all.

Hi Kishor, you need to create apps for Android. Go for Freelancer or Fiverr. There are lot of students earning from Freelancer. You can make it too. You may have to spend around 2 hours daily but depends on the work you get. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable info to work on. Surely a great list with wonderful content and mind blowing information. Thanks for providing this excellent post for money making through online..

Earn coins from crypto games

Most successful and lovely site for me. According to earning point of view. I recommend all users to use SEOclerks site. Thank you for sharing yet another trusted and interesting site to earn. Very Good list! I like that list, but can you give us some sites for doing online job on mobile.!!! We have people who are earning from these sites but we don't have people who earns with mobile. I have an idea to earn money online through mobile. If you can make application for Android, Google Play can pay you for ads that gets displayed on your app on users' mobile.

Android development requires Java knowledge but a simple application for Nokia S40 mobiles doesn't require special programming skill. You may learn about this more here. Clickbank isn't a fraud. They pay well but people who use Clickbank doesn't get paid by them instantly or they aren't paid large when people do affiliate marketing as a beginner. Once when the beginner is equipped with experience, Clickbank pays huge amount as the person follows marketing strategies.

Most of the online sites requires a PayPal account so that transaction is made more instantly without any trouble. But few sites also offers "Check" option so that your payments are sent to your mailing address. Some of the affiliates like Hostgator Affiliates offers "Check" option.

Also, if you use Google AdSense, you don't have to worry about a Paypal or anything. Your payments will be paid through Checks.

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  • Swing Trading as a Part Time Job.
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  • Families and End–of–Life Treatment Decisions: An International Perspective (Droit bioéthique et société Book 6).

Online earning works like charm for most of the people though there are lot of fraudulent sites. We need to be careful about such sites. You may not trust just simply a site telling that they are providing you money for free by doing nothing favor for them. People who do earn by trusted sites are even buying Jaguar!

Recently, Fiverr blog posted that one of their customer bought a 3BHK house with his Fiverr earnings alone. The post was deleted by Fiverr blog but Google still shows the result on their page when you search as "seller bought house fiverr". The similar story is discussed on other blogs. Look here: empowernetwork.

I tried most of these any had some success. One thing I must tell everyone don't think that by only registering and setting in front of the computer is enough. You have to follow specific steps and work little bit harder to make it up and running If you do the initial part well you definitely is able get success of any of these. Please add micrworkers.

Your view is very much correct. We need to work hard for attaining success. Thank you for sharing your views. You are awesome. Thank you very much for your article. Good stuff. Just to be more realistic you do not just get income from ad sense easily. Your topic must attract adverts and you can only know this if you Google your topic and see the adverts on the right hand side.

With Click Bank,many people have talked about getting a lot of money. I hope someone can tell us the magic. Internet is an endless workplace so people can make money even more than real life, at least theoretically :. But with a realistic approach we can say that we can earn reasonably from internet. A website or blog is necessary for some methods but for most of them it is not. Some are very classic, some are proven and some are totally new. I spend some time to find out the answer but most of the resources points out same methods.

Hey Vinay, you can trust PaisaLive. Though some sites tell that they are fake, I have seen some people getting check from Paisalive. It provides around Rs. Hi Street, You can write about your own interest and that will be good as you can get more information regarding them. BTW, CryptLife is my blog. I had an account with Mturk and I was getting money through cheques regularly. Last month they suspended my account with out any valid reason with my more than dollars pending.

I contacted them by mail but they are not responding to my mail. Investing is not required! Paid To Click is an online business model that draws huge amounts of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the consumer when he views the advertisement. Recommendation Please do not register when you are not sure you have enough time to click ads and advertise your own referral links. You must be active if you want to earn cash with these programs seriously!

Almost all sites required to click daily, when you want to earn cash from your referrals. Whatever you do, don't stop clicking and referring! Scam free sites only! I remove scam sites here instantly when I discover one! Then I add it in the "scam list". Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Related Pages. Online earning in Pakistan Website. Online Earning Ways Local Business. Online Earning Platform Local Business.

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