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Ellen Hendriksen offers a deep dive into the science behind three of our most common truisms. Also, be sure to listen to the end for an important announcement! Truisms are, by definition, clear and evident. We take them at face value because they make intuitive sense. But are they true? But why, on an evolutionary level, do we bother being nice?

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Why do we instinctively teach our kids to share, help, and be kind? Several theories have popped up over the decades. But that explanation seemed too narrow. Why, then, would we be nice to friends or strangers? Maybe altruism existed because it was a way of banking favors? The answer? For better or worse, altruism increases when it is public, which explains why charities display the names of their donors on the brick walk, the donor wall, or the playbill.

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That leaves us with a question: can people be kind without a reward? Is there such a thing as pure altruism? In the study, participants heard about two mystery tasks. Next, each participant was informed they had a partner in another room and was told to assign one of the tasks to them. Now, before the participant split the tasks, they were asked to do one of three things. The first group was asked to do nothing—this was the control group. The third group was asked to imagine how the partner herself was feeling.

What happened?

Wisdom of the Ages

Why would they do this? Empathy was the key to the Golden Rule, even when the partner would never know.

In short, imagining how others feel sets the standard for how you should treat them. Do money and happiness go together like peanut butter and jelly? Or, to quote Cal Naughton, Jr. But where does this magic number come from? It depends. But if you define happiness as life satisfaction—feeling content and satisfied when you reflect on your life, then the relationship between higher income and higher life satisfaction holds, even as income climbs. Money has a far-reaching effect on our psyches and can affect our values, our identity, and how we see the world.

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Participants who had at least one parent with a college degree were in the middle-class group, while participants whose parents had not graduated from college were in the working-class group. After filling out some questionnaires, participants were offered a token of appreciation—a pen. The only difference is that some were orange and some were green.

The remaining one or two pens were the other color; in this case, green. A marker has been added to your map, located at the top of the "d" in Blackwood.


Enter the door to Fort Bulwark; be cautious inside for there are many booby-traps. Be prepared to encounter a lot of conjurers, who apparently also know that the Shield of the Crusader is hidden here and have torn the place apart trying to find it. Most of the fort is heavily lit with torches as well, proving quite difficult for sneaking. At times you will also discover gates and drawbridges that, at first, cannot be opened.

See a Problem?

Be sure to fully explore all passages that are open to you and keep your eyes peeled, and you will find the way forward fairly obvious. That is, until you encounter the first puzzle. In the northwest section of the fort you will find two important items. First, on the table there is a Conjurer's Note confirming that they are unsuccessfully searching for the shield. The note contains one important hint: "The gate to the lower levels no longer halts our progress.

Make note of the candles along the walls if you would pass through". Second, there is a handle on the floor nearby; turn it to make the gate just around the corner raise.

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Make your way down the corridor which ends at a balcony with another handle on the floor. Turn this handle and notice the two drawbridges in front of you lower. Backtrack down or jump off the balcony and go back up, to the drawbridges you just lowered. On the other side of the drawbridges you will discover a room with tiles on the floor in a 3x4 pattern, with a locked gate on the other side.

The clue in the note tells you how to solve this puzzle: for each row, notice which side the candle s are located on, and how many candles there are.

Wisdom Of The Ages

Start from the side with candles, and count across the same number of tiles as there are candles. Step on that tile, and proceed to the next row. Or in other words, walk over the tiles in the following order to open the door:. You will now be in the second zone of Fort Bulwark, which has been used by the conjurers as a prison and torture area.

Their victim is Sir Thedret , who is locked in one of the prison cells. Release him to find out that he was also searching for the Shield of the Crusader, but was ambushed upon entering and captured by the conjurers. Despite being tortured, he has refused to tell them what he knows of the shield. Based on another Conjurer's Note that you can find, it was very lucky for Sir Thedret that you showed up: within the week, the conjurers were planning to "dispose" of him, "preferably in a manner most painful". As thanks for being freed, Sir Thedret reveals the clue that he refused to tell the conjurers: "When the eyes of guardians are upon you, Julianos will show you his favor.

Continue exploring this section of the fort and disposing of the conjurers. Watch out for one particularly nasty set of drawbridges, which are guarded by a large number of dart traps on the ceiling. If you watch closely you will see that the darts fall in sequence - time your passage and you will pass unharmed.

Be prepared to take a lot of damage if you just run through them.

Wisdom of the Ages - Home

A good speed can help in bypassing some of the traps with little or no damage by simply jumping from one catwalk to the other. In the end you will reach a large room to the west, featuring four statues. These are the guardians. To solve the puzzle, you need to make it so that all four statues are facing the symbol in the center of the floor at the same time. At the base of each statue you will find a handle; activate the handle repeatedly until the statue is facing in towards the circular floor emblem in the center or the statue diagonally across from it.

At that instant the magical flames in front of the statue of Julianos will be extinguished The newly opened passage leads to the third zone of Fort Bulwark, which the conjurers have never been able to reach. As a result, this zone has no enemies in it.