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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 05, Hayley Hyde rated it it was amazing. I have a few books on crystals but this is up there with my favourites. Clear and concise, ideal for beginners as well as a quick go to guide for the more experienced in crystal therapy. Love that it has a section on crystal elixirs which many of my books have not. The ailments A-Z is perfect to dip into for quick reference and crystal advise. Brilliant book. Feb 20, Nadia rated it it was amazing Shelves: crystal-wisdom , healing. If you're fascinated by Crystals and desire to learn more this is an invaluable resource.

Jun 06, Rhonda Siserir rated it it was amazing. I love this book! I use it a lot. It has crystal elixirs, crystal care, an index in the back for different ailments. The pictures and descriptions are nice too. This is a must have for any crystal enthusiast! Not a science book - book for Energy Healers. Jun 01, Kristina Hansen rated it it was amazing. Amazing reference book! Good basic text This a good book for beginners. Mostly useful as a reference work.

Jan 11, J Teo rated it really liked it. Clear and concise. Great for beginners. Jan 14, Tina rated it liked it. I learned the hard way today. Feb 08, Angie on Books rated it really liked it. I have many, many books on crystals. Some of them are simply books on the different types of crystals and their healing properties, that only brush on different ways to use them.

Others, however, like The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt go into extensive detail on how to use those crystals to heal different ailments. Many people say that crystals emit vibrations that can affect the human body in positive ways. However, something that I admired greatly is that The Crystal Healer admits that science has not proven the assertions many people make. How the book is set up The first section prepares you for crystal work.


The next section guides you through using them. Then, partway through the book the different types of crystals are presented with their healing properties. The different crystals are organized by color, starting with Quartz because of how easy it is to obtain and how many different uses it has. One I was very excited to come across was working with the crystals and your Chakras.

An unhealthy level of craving for sweets and carbs. If you feel you have food-related issues, this book is worth your time and it has recipes! Some of the foods she associates with a healthy 2nd chakra are: Water, healthy oils and fatty acids, fish, seeds, tropical fruits, nuts, and orange-colored foods orange is associated with the 2nd chakra in many chakra systems.

There are lots out there, so explore what resonate with you. They all work on the same principal — each chakra is associated with a certain vibration, and when you come in contact with elements of that same or a supporting vibration, you strengthen that chakra. The following items all have to do with supporting feminine power and yin in your life and endeavors.

So make sure you have a creative outlet in your life, of any type. When you create, you are drawing power through your 2nd chakra, and since that is the seat of the kundalini or life force for women, you are in fact empowering all your chakras, and your entire being. This is especially important for women who are too yin. It is possible to become so absorbed in intuitive and creative processes that you end up swinging your 2nd chakra too far in that direction.

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Signs of this might be difficulty focusing, difficulty completing projects, chronic indecision, or difficulty manifesting change in your life. If this is so, you actually need to bring some power through your 2nd chakra and up into your 3rd chakra, associated with will and intent. Challenging exercise, concrete goals and target dates, a goal-oriented career or project, and martial arts are all examples of activities that can help you draw on this.

This might be pictures or statues of favorite goddesses, female symbols, deities, or female saints. As i talked about in a recent Art and Mysticism post,art and symbols are doorways, and we can use them to connect to energies we need. Does your decor and. Do you feel nurtured and supported within it? Do you find it beautiful? Experimenting with color can be very helpful here — red-orange is traditionally associated with this chakra, but I find a healthy dose of colors we often associate with femininity — yes, I actually mean pink — can be nice in this regard.

One week when I lived in NY and was feeling particularly stressed and off-balance, a friend into color therapy told me to surround myself in pink all weekend. I wore pink, bought pink roses, burned pink candles, ate pink food, and more. It actually worked. I have occasionally done this with red-orance too, when I felt the issue was more about feeling depleted. So experiment. Everything is vibration. This last part is the most esoteric, and has to do with the principles behind Tantric sprituality and sexuality.

As I discussed in the Tantric Sexuality and Spirituality and Bliss posts, technically this is about 1 going into the 2nd chakra, as a doorway to bliss, and 2 bringing the kundalini up through all our chakras. It is really about transmuting the energy of desire into bliss. I mentioned in the Tantric Sexuality post that I use the 2nd chakra location that is low, at the cervix, or bottom of our uterus. But it is a plane of energy, and encompasses our entire lower belly or womb area, and the lower part of our spine, inches from our tailbone.

So you can use any of those locations to access it, and in fact, I usually recommend that people use either the belly or lower spine locations as a point of focus during meditation, because the internal focus can trigger strong sexual energies that are difficult to redirect. Hold the size on each exhalation. Gradually expand the sphere until it engulfs your entire body. At the end you may want to move directly into a few minutes of the next meditation, your heart chakra, or another meditation form that you like, because staying with your full attention on your 2nd chakra is often not a good idea.

As an aside, this is a great meditation to do while holding your children, pets or another loved one when they are sick, stressed, or otherwise in need of balance and nurturing. For various reasons, in this day and age, I have decided that I think that is complete rubbish, at least in the context of basic meditations like this. All the same, if you experience any discomfort, stop. On the inhalation, imagine it getting slightly larger, and then on the exhalation, imagine a white column of light streaming up your spine and out the top of your head. For all the chakras after the 2nd, I usually use a focus point on the front of the body, instead of the spine, but either is fine.

It might take a moment to quiet down your awareness after this, because it activates the kundalini. So sit with it a bit. As an aside, some form of this meditation is taught as part of Tantric Sexuality — i. So experiment with that if you feel so inclined. Note that there is much more information about Kundalini Rising in the 3-part series I wrote for Meditate Like a Girl — see the Meditation page for links to those articles.

The Crystal Healer: Crystal prescriptions that will change your life forever by Philip Permutt

The 2nd chakra is just one chakra, and I chose to write about it because I think it so central for women. But if you want to learn more about all the chakras, check out the Chakras page , which includes chakra meditations posted at Meditate Like a Girl, as well as a chakra book list. As I mentioned in a comment, one of my favorite intro books about the chakras from an overall healing perspective is Anatomy of the Spirit , by Caroline Myss, because she discusses them from a physical, psychological and spiritual point of view this book has been mentioned in no less than three blog posts I have read this week, so I am not the only one that likes it!

I always love to hear feedback and questions…. And if you like this post, please also Subscribe or. This is great. I love the list and can easily identify what to work with.

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I seem to be caught up in way too much yin, so that part really helped. This is SO amazing. I look forward to your mp3 thingy, but no rush. You had better write that book! It would almost be easier to comment if there was room for comments under each item! Great work, Lisa! This is the end of the series?

Will you write similar series on other chakras as well? I especially like 6 Own your sexual choices. So many women think things, esp relationship related things like sex, happen to them, rather than consciously choosing one option for themselves. It brings clarity a lot easier. This is all very good information for taking care of oneself for both men and women. It matters not where your second chakra is located or if you have one, but to be mindful of energy disturbances and to self-care to come back to wholeness.

Working on pulling the energy up from your 2nd into your navel may really help you manifest, and up into the higher chakras may open new spiritual doorways for you. I know you also do yoga, so exploring that from a more explicit chakra perspective may open up new insights regarding it also. I hope so, and thanks for your support of this series. Mon — it means a lot to me that you like this series, because I really love your blog, and it has made me think about a lot of things differently.

The pull to do this series, and to do it all at once like this, is still kind of a mystery to me, but I do think we all help pull things through each other, so perhaps others in my blogosphere like yourself have helped pull this one out of me. Amy — Thanks for your support and comments on specific items. It is so gratifying to me to see different people connecting with different items. Akemi — More chakras?? You are showing signs of being a chakra geek too.

Miruh, thanks for your comment. I actually hesitated to write this series because it is so easy to get distracted by things like chakras and I mentioned a bit about this in some of the prior posts, in terms of healing not being the same thing as spiritual insight and spiritual experience not being the same thing as spiritual realization. But I have to say that in my own journey, I needed to explicitly address some of these things in order to let go and connect at a deeper level with that which is within.

And that seems to be more true for women than men, because of the imbalances that still exist energetically in this world and those imbalances impact men too. So in the end, that is why I decided to address these, and I am glad you see value in them. Yup, the issues became crystal clear to me, as you mentioned them. It was brilliant. Now I need to get to work to move the energy up. The heart chakra is a lil low on energy so now, I know what to do.

God bless. Lisa, You have really outdone yourself with this post. Bless you for gathering all of this together and putting it into concise and clear form so we can truly understand ourselves better. I know that this 2nd chakra issue is huge for women and can influence so much of our development—past, present, and future.

I sense so much of their pain is sourced in the 2nd chakra. I esp. Personally, this is a core issue for me and is a constant source of discernment. I think you have a marvelous book brewing here. Have you considered this? Or at least a comprehensive e-book of your chakra posts? It would be such a powerful resource for our well-being. Lisa, this detailed information encourages women to feel more comfortable opening up about sexuality. Many women are brought up with the idea it is taboo and they thus resist exploring how they can help themselves.

It can be helpful to recognize that many other women experience similar psychological blocks related to the second chakra. I have not yet explored all the other posts in this chakra series, yet your generous gift of these insights invites one to learn more.

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One of the wonderful things about this post is how many segments offer book references that could be used for further research. I agree with the idea that this material is straightforward and accessible. You are a blessing as an author and spiritual guide. I think that is one of the challenges of blogging and having an online life — it can feel hard to take a break and go inward, but then whenever I do, it is so rejuvenating.

I do remember that chapter in Your Truest Self, and it was one of the most moving. I was slow in my own path to realize the necessity of this kind of work — since I started out in traditional Buddhism, I tended to view gender-related themes as unhelpful because they enforced a gender identification that could be a hindrance to realizing and accessing deeper levels of our awareness. But as I got older, and especially once I started teaching, I began to realize that many women, including myself, needed to do this inner work.

Liara — thanks so much for your kinds words. Mysticism is about mystery and shedding light on mystery. There is no greater mystery to the male of our species than the female and this is one of the major reasons I read your blog. Areas of this vast mystery are revealed to me in language and terms I can grasp and believe me, that is a blessing. This series you have done on the 2cd chakra is eye-opening for me, to say the least.

Again, I am at a loss for words. EB, wow, thanks so much. But I could have gone on and on about some of these topics, so that may happen someday. This is an incredible post MM! Thankyou so much for writing this, it truly is a gift. Interesting article.. MM, I am so thankful for the 21 ways to help the 2nd Chakra. In regards to the nutritional information provided, I would like to say that after surgery on my ovary I had this craving for sweets that I had not had before.

After reading the Chakra nutrition book you mentioned I added carrots and oranges to my daily diet. Since then I have not had the same craving for sweets. Since my surgery I have made more of an attempt when out to guard my 2nd chakra energy by placing my hand over it and bringing my energy back in to this spot. This has really helped in the energetic impact of others on me when I am out. There is so much I gained from this series, and am still gaining. Thank You! Hathor, thanks so much for sharing your experience, I think it is so important that women discuss these issues, and they have traditionally been taboo.

I salute you for the work you have done to work through this yourself, and thank you for commenting on it here. Thanks for providing very useful information about caring for chakras. One can really learn a lot from it. Deanne, I am glad to hear that, and thanks for commenting. And sending you good wishes for your processing and healing…XOXO. Thanks, its just starting to come along…I should be in full swing in the next couple of months.

Big ideas, lots of articles written, very little time :.

Energy Healing

Thanks for this!! Im in the process of shedding light on my second chakra issues. For the last 10 or so years I have had hot, burning and itching sensations in my second chakra area. It is only now that I am starting to understand that it has to with my my relationship to being a woman and living on mother earth. I dont really know where to begin to heal this part of myself but I trust I will be guided as to how to heal the lost and broken parts of myself. I have just posted more audio files of guided meditations for working with the 2nd chakra as part of an e-book on healing the subtle body of sexual trauma, you may want to check that out most of the exercises are good even if you do not consider yourself a victim of trauma …just look under Top Posts and click on the Ebook…take care.

Hi Mommy mystic, I came across your site as I was looking for information on the second chakra and womanhood, fantastic resource and blessings for your mission of spreading this information! More than of the world's master surgeons describe their techniques step by step and explain the decision-making that is crucial to a successful outcome.

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An estimated 7. Affected patients can experience limitations in occupational and social circumstances.

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As a result, patients with hyperhidrosis often experience decreased physical and emotional wellbeing, difficulty in personal relationships, and can suffer from social stigmatization. This book discusses several different causes of hyperhidrosis, as well as treatment options and outcomes. Oncoplastic breast reduction. In: El-Tamer M ed. World Scientific Publishing Co. Singapore, Thymic education of human T cells and regulatory T cell development in humanized mice.