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Rated PG Mild fantasy themes and violence. The action scenes are dazzlingly choreographed, tending towards long takes and frames crowded with bustling figures and flame and smoke.

REVIEW: ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ and old-fashioned romance

The camera moves are elegant and coherent, and the shot compositions are handsome and well-framed. With these dragons freed, Hiccup and his faithful companion Toothless — a sleek black Night Fury who is the last known dragon of his kind — head back to their village, Berk. Since Hiccup and his pals began their emancipatory mission, Berk has become home to hundreds of dragons, filling every cubic inch of available space.

The villagers are on the verge of being crowded out of their own homes, but they have come to rely on their scaly friends for both the practical benefits that they offer like stress-free heating solutions and companionship. Throw in the furious warlords that Hiccup and company have put offside through their anti-poaching raids, who are now hellbent on revenge and have recruited the notorious dragon slayer Grimmel the Grisly F.

While Stoick once tried to find the Hidden World and seal it off to protect his fellow Vikings, Hiccup vows to find the mythical location in the hope that it might provide a safe new home for his clan and their reptile pals. With Grimmel and his terrifying Deathgrippers red and black goanna-like creatures with vicious tusks and poison-tipped stingers breathing down their necks, Hiccup will need all his wits and the support of his followers to ensure their survival.

Baruchel brings an enjoyably snarky quality to his voice performance, but at the same time, he seems out of place, sounding older than his character. Baruchel is There's just not enough memorable about the human characters. So how ironic is it that Dragon does better in the scenes of silence?

You get the feeling that Dreamworks is slowly learning from Pixar how to show the flying and the dragon bonding instead of tell the opening sequence. Toothless is remarkably animated, expressing so much in body language. Fierce in once scene, cute as a puppy the next—the difference is in the eyes, but pay attention to what causes Toothless to let his guard down and befriend the humans.

Though this Dragon is conventional at worst, it's never awful. It's entertaining enough as a rousing adventure for families, but it's the animation that truly makes the film fly higher than others in the genre. How to Train Your Dragon is rated PG for sequences of intense action and some scary images, and brief mild language. The language is so brief and mild, it wasn't enough to catch my attention. The Vikings adhere to Norse mythology, referring to "gods," "Thor," and "Odin.

Dragons attack a village with ferocity, teen kids are imperiled learning about dragon attacks at school, and an enormous super-dragon could inspire nightmares. As cute and family friendly as most of the movie is, take the PG seriously; this is not a G-rated cartoon.

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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - The End is Where We Begin AMV

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Subscribers receive full access to the archives. Reviews Movie Review. How to Train Your Dragon The latest from Dreamworks Animation is an overly familiar story of a boy and his "dog," but it absolutely thrills with its 3D visuals and fast-paced flying sequences. Russ Breimeier March 26, This was basically what I hoped. And by the end, yep, I was enjoying my joyful weeping. Beware spoilers.

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To review, this story follows a group of fantasy Vikings, led by Hiccup. Rather, if humans respect these creatures, and train them, they can become the most amazing pets ever. In the first How to Train Your Dragon film, man and creation must reconcile. Instead man has stopped sinning against nature and become a better nature-steward. In film 1, our heroes fought a twisted and gluttonous monster-dragon, which had enslaved smaller members of its own species. In film 2, our heroes fought a monstrous human dragon-master, Drago Bludvist.

Rather than befriending and training dragons, he used primal tactics to control the beasts, and to trap or kill his opponents. He controls them. This series shows Hiccup and his girlfriend, Astrid, building their relationship so realistically and beautifully. Hiccup supports Astrid. You could see this as a gentle prod at some younger people. In film 3, Stoick makes a few flashback appearances that further the story.

Stoick fought for his family, his tribe, and for honor. He committed to one woman, Valka, for life. Even in film 1, when Stoick insisted the only good dragon was a dead dragon, he was doing his best for his people. And when Stoick learned otherwise, thanks to his son, he fully committed to seeing dragons in a new and peaceful light.

Hiccup respects his mother, Valka, just as much. And as already mentioned she does whatever she can to encourage Hiccup and Astrid toward commitment and marriage. We get none of that. Only images of the love, honor, and affection that all three members of a family can share together—and the challenges this brings when they face the evils in the world. How to Train Your Dragon has specialized in showcasing thrilling environments where dragons soar colorfully and freely.


Here, Hiccup decides to migrate his people away from their original home. He believes they must seek a mythical land from which all the dragons come: the hidden world. There, the Vikings can live together with their dragon friends in peace, away from a world of dragon trappers and hunters. It hangs with glowing jewels, and swims with tiny dragons like tadpoles made of glowing golden aether. The film almost neglects to explain why.

This place is too unspoilt, too beautiful, too pristine and even too spiritual.

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And if non-peaceful humans ever found this place, they would ruin this paradise just like Adam and Eve ruined the last one. Hiccup bids goodbye to his dragon, Toothless. Other Vikings, following his lead, remove their equipment and wish farewell to their faithful beasts. And Toothless leads the dragons to the hidden world to live in peace.


So is the fact that dragons will return someday. Creation waits for us to be resurrected , so we can become peaceful, creative, God-worshiping, dragon-taming chiefs and chieftesses of the real hidden world—the New Heavens and New Earth. Finally, we see Hiccup and his bride and their two children get one last glimpse of this hidden world.

But we Berkians know otherwise. Until the time comes, when the dragons can return—in peace. My dad is almost exactly like Stoic.

'How to Train Your Dragon 3' Plot & Cast Unveiled : Entertainment : Christianity Daily

When I was younger, there were times he frightened me, and I felt I could never be like him, never be as strong as him. He really is a freaking amazing father. That make sense? Absolutely one of my favorite animated series of all time.