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Observatory of Religions and Secularism'. Some critics have focused on Some critics have focused on the lack of technical clarity and consistency of the Court. Others have pointed rather to the ideological and political underpinnings of its case law, mainly underlying an increasing anti-religious and anti-national orientation. While I do not deny the many deficiencies of the Court of Strasbourg, I believe that those who blame the Court for its role in the ideological and political debate on secularism, civil religion, multiculturalism and religious nationalism, neglect that such a role is nothing but the mirror of tensions and divisions within Europe and within each European country.

The nostalgic vision of a powerless Europe, acquiescent to deals struck by sovereign national governments and mainstream churches, is mistaken as it fails to take into account: 1 the whole process and nature of European legal integration and 2 the complexities of European societies, laws, politics and religion. Against such a background, I will argue that the development of a European jurisdiction is highly valuable thanks to four basic virtues and, in particular, to its role: 1 as a counter balance to denominational majorities and to religious nationalism; 2 as a unique laboratory of concepts and tools; 3 as a contribution to national debate and evolution; 4 and as an instrument for forging a supranational open space of religious diversity, freedom of thought and social cohesion.

The four virtues should be seen in their historical perspective. I have sketched this perspective in M. View on gwilr. Lo status delle minoranze religiose in Italia more. More Info: Treccani. L'Italia anni dopo. View on treccani. La nouvelle gestion juridique de la religion en Europe. More Info: No. View on libertereligieuse. Carissimo nemico. More Info: Corriere della Sera, 21 marzo , View on archiviostorico. Spiritual Weapons more.

It reads like a passionate journey through documents and facts, but it is most of all a very personal, strongly committed and challenging interpretation. Moreover it shows that we need rigorous, accurate, well-informed and brightly instructed case studies to enhance our ability to understand the global picture. View on iclars. Le transizioni del cattolicesimo italiano more. Nuovamente capace di contare e di contarsi, la Chiesa italiana ha iniziato a Verona un altro campionato.

Il campionato si gioca sempre in trasferta, su un terreno infido. A tre condizioni. Fuor di metafora, una autorevole e influente presenza presso gli organi vaticani centrali. Quella ricchezza si era abituata a esprimersi attraverso le mille autarchie dei vescovi, degli ordini religiosi, da ultimo dei movimenti. La Chiesa ruiniana ha corretto la rotta. Nelle diocesi italiane, e non solo a Roma, si formano quote di clero e di futuro episcopato internazionale. More Info: Il Mulino, 6, novembre-dicembre , pp. View on mulino. Religione e Democrazia verso il Nuovo more.

More Info: Cosmopolis, Vol. View on cosmopolisonline. The permissible scope of legal limitations on the freedom of religion or belief in Italy more. View on cslr. Lectures Talks. The Italian approach to religion in public education is highly symptomatic of European ambiguities and inconsistencies.

Much of the Italian approach is simply about dodging the issues and manipulating regulations for political purposes Much of the Italian approach is simply about dodging the issues and manipulating regulations for political purposes. Open public debate and clear legislative choices are not contemplated. The cleavage between administrative and ordinary judges encapsulates the contentious opposition between secular and Catholic Italy. Such an ambiguous approach produces substantial inconsistencies.

The disestablishment of the Catholic Church did not go very far. Room was not made for other religions or Christian denominations in public education. Confusion between what pertains to religion and what pertains to culture is crucial in the debate on the crucifix and the Lautsi ECHR case. Blaming Europe for interfering is non-sense. Lack of consensus in the country and lack of courage and clarity in political and religious actors are the real point. Is this distinctively Italian?

Or is Italy a bad model for Europe? Establishing Primacy. The Church and the Law more. Marco Ventura discusses the increasing conflict between canon law and the law of the land in secular democracies. Marco Ventura e Tariq Ramadan more. Marco Ventura intervista Tariq Ramadan. Incontro promosso dall'Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Siena in occasione della pubblicazione del libro di Tariq Ramadan dal titolo: "Maometto. Dall'Islam di ieri all'Islam di oggi" Ed Dall'Islam di ieri all'Islam di oggi" Ed. Free exchange or protectionism? New religious policies in Europe. The participants comprise of distinguished personalities from legal, policymaking, journalistic and academic backgrounds.

Teaching Documents. The Commission therefore is not competent to interpret the provisions of the Convention. Tractor driving licences are not internationally recognised. This class of licence is valid only in those member countries of the European Economic Area EEA which have concluded a mutual recognition agreement.

While Austria recognises all driving licences issued by EEA member countries, the same is not true in other Member States.

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This gives rise to considerable difficulties when Austrians who hold a tractor licence but not an HGV licence want to drive a tractor in a foreign country this is a problem that frequently affects trainees, for example. Tractor driving licences are only a national category. It is up to the Member States to establish whether there is an interest to conclude bilateral recognition agreement for tractor driving licences.

Oggetto: Gravi violazioni dei diritti umani di civili indifesi in Libia. Secondo quanto diffuso in un comunicato stampa, Amnesty International ha sollecitato il Consiglio nazionale di transizione libico ad indagare sulla morte sotto tortura di appartenenti all'etnia tawargha, la popolazione libica nera che sta subendo gravi violazioni dei diritti umani. Considering that this situation can be viewed as a serious violation of human rights of innocent civilians, can the Commission state:. The Libyan government has subsequently declared that it is in the process of implementing measures aiming at transferring the control of detention facilities to the authorities.

The EU has provided emergency assistance to people in need of protection as a result of the conflict and stands ready to provide every assistance to the authorities in their efforts to ensure respect for human rights, democratic values and the rule of law. Oggetto: Trasporto al macello di animali non idonei nell'Unione europea. Tali animali devono ricevere adeguate cure veterinarie o essere uccisi sul posto, per esempio presso l'azienda agricola. Nonostante le varie iniziative per far valere il regolamento, le infrazioni sono ancora diffuse.

Hanno gli Stati membri risposto alla lettera della Commissione e hanno comunicato se sono intervenuti? Se gli Stati membri hanno risposto alla Commissione, hanno fornito dati misurabili sui risultati delle misure adottate, come il numero di controlli specifici e il numero delle sanzioni applicate? Ritiene la Commissione che le misure adottate dagli Stati membri siano sufficienti per abolire il trasporto di animali non idonei al macello, e quindi siano sufficienti per garantire l'applicazione del regolamento CE n.

La Commissione ha ricevuto informazioni da tre Stati membri. Nell'ottica della Commissione le misure adottate dagli Stati membri in proposito non sono sufficienti, come menzionato nella relazione della Commissione sulla protezione degli animali durante il trasporto. Such animals must be given appropriate veterinary care or be put down on site, for example at the farm itself. Despite various initiatives taken to enforce the regulation, infringements are still commonplace. If so, how many Member States have responded and what measures have they taken? If any Member States have responded to the Commission, have they provided measurable data on the outcome of the action taken, such as the number of inspections carried out and the number of penalties imposed?

The Commission has received information from three Member States. One of these Member States informed the Commission of existing measures in the form of an insurance scheme which can be used to subsidise the removal of animals which died on the holding. In the view of the Commission, the measures taken by the Member States in this regard are not sufficient as mentioned in the Commission report on animal welfare during transport. Oggetto: Riforma dei mercati finanziari e bonus. Fin dall'inizio della crisi la Commissione ha dimostrato pieno sostegno all'agenda di riforma finanziaria in sede di G In termini di attuazione pratica dell'agenda del G20, l'UE ha assunto un ruolo guida in merito a numerose questioni, quali ad esempio i bonus per i dirigenti bancari, la regolamentazione applicata alle agenzie di rating del credito, i fondi speculativi hedge fund e la negoziazione dei derivati OTC.

Tale gruppo dovrebbe presentare le proprie raccomandazioni in autunno. Nothing has changed since then and the credibility of this bank is under serious threat, which may be a good thing because its CEO was spearheading resistance among British and American bankers to any regulation that might change the system of billion-dollar bonuses for bankers. Lastly, does it have a global view on how to reform the system and how to split the different functions of financial asset management and general business activities in banks? Since the start of the financial crisis in , global financial reform has been coordinated by the G20, which includes a large and rather representative number of countries around the world.

For this reason, financial reform has not been the focus of recent G8 meetings. From the outset of the crisis, the Commission has been fully supportive of the financial reform agenda within the G20 context. This agenda is now very close to completed in terms of legislative proposals presented by the Commission. This Group is expected to deliver its recommendations in autumn. Durante l'esecuzione dei controlli pre-volo sono state rilevate crepe sul disco inferiore di due elicotteri.

Le agenzie addette a garantire la sicurezza dei voli chiedono tuttavia agli operatori che fanno uso dell'elicottero civile e della sua versione militare di ispezionare visualmente il sistema di rotore prima di ogni volo per assicurarsi che non ci siano crepe ed, eventualmente, sostituire il rotore principale. During pre-flight checks, cracks have been detected on the lower disc of two helicopters. The micro-fissures on these faulty aircraft could lead to further damage.

They could even cause the disc to crack open with the ensuing loss of the helicopter. The agencies responsible for flight safety, however, ask operators who use civilian helicopters and their military versions to perform visual inspections of the rotor system before each flight to make sure there are no cracks and, if necessary, to replace the main rotor. The model in question has also been criticised by both civilian and military users and has been subject to criticism from the Swiss press. While the aforementioned Regulation establishes common essential requirements to provide for a high uniform level of civil aviation safety and environmental protection and establishes a European Aviation Safety Agency EASA , it also requires the adoption by the Commission of specific implementing rules to ensure their uniform application.

Pre-flight checks referenced in the question are part of the continuing airworthiness procedures and the so-called preventive maintenance procedures. The purpose of this maintenance is to ensure the fitness of the helicopter for flight in all the environments and circumstances for which it has been designed and to which it may therefore be exposed. The investigation on this helicopter type is still ongoing and the cause of the cracking has not been determined yet.

This emergency AD is considered to be an interim action and further AD actions may follow. Attualmente si stima che in Europa oltre 6 milioni di persone siano affette da questa patologia, anche se ci si aspetta un'ulteriore crescita, in quanto legata all'invecchiamento della popolazione. Esiste una strategia europea sulla malattia summenzionata e vi sono nuove ricerche in campo sanitario finanziate nell'ambito del Settimo programma quadro per la ricerca e lo sviluppo tecnologico?

Vi sono medicinali, che hanno avuto l'autorizzazione alla vendita all'interno dell'UE dall'Agenzia europea per i medicinali EMA , per contrastare la malattia in questione? Non esiste una strategia europea in tema di fibrillazione atriale. La Commissione ha rilasciato autorizzazioni alla commercializzazione su scala UE con le seguenti indicazioni:. Inoltre esistono medicinali generici autorizzati su scala UE contenenti clopidogrel quale sostanza attiva da usarsi nella prevenzione degli eventi aterotrombotici in pazienti colpiti da ictus ischemico.

Tale consorzio, costituito di ricercatori europei di punta, intende esplorare i meccanismi della malattia e sviluppare migliori strumenti diagnostici e nuove terapie per i pazienti colpiti da fibrillazione atriale. Atrial fibrillation is a common cardiac rhythm anomaly which causes blood to build up in the upper chambers of the heart the atria.

The fact that blood is no longer being pumped around the body normally encourages the formation of clots, which, if they enter the bloodstream, can reach the brain and cause a stroke. Is there a European strategy on atrial fibrillation and is new research into the disease being funded under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development? There is no European strategy on atrial fibrillation.

This consortium, composed of top European researchers, aims to explore disease mechanisms and to develop better diagnostic means and new therapies in patients with atrial fibrillation. Oggetto: La politica protezionistica dell'Argentina. Il giro di vite della politica protezionistica del governo di Buenos Aires ha investito anche l'import di prodotti suini con lo stop all'ingresso di prosciutti e salumi provenienti da Italia, Spagna e Brasile. Gli allevatori e gli industriali argentini hanno firmato un accordo per autolimitarsi negli acquisti di materie prime suine dall'estero e per migliorare la propria produzione nei prossimi anni in cambio dello stop di tutte le importazioni di prosciutto.

The protectionist policy clampdown of the Buenos Aires Government has also affected the import of pork products, with a halt on the entry of hams and cured meats from Italy, Spain and Brazil. Argentinean farmers and manufacturers have signed an agreement whereby purchases of pork raw materials from abroad will be limited and domestic production will be increased in the coming years in exchange for a total halt on ham imports. This agreement has been accepted by the Argentine Government, which has immediately imposed a block on imports.

This measure is clearly contrary to the rules of international trade. The Commission is aware and following closely the matter referred to by the Honourable Member. The EU had already raised concerns on a broad range of import restricting measures in Argentina on numerous occasions both bilaterally and multilaterally at WTO bodies e.

Come nel maggio di due anni fa, si sta assistendo ad una moria di pesci carpe in Basilicata. Di qui l'appello anche a prelevare con urgenza le carcasse dei pesci per poter effettuare esami tossicologici. Un'alga tossica aveva fatto la sua comparsa seminando il panico in uno specchio d'acqua nella vicina Puglia. Questo fatto aveva generato il sospetto che le micro tossine di quell'alga fossero state trasportate dagli uccelli migratori. Questa nuova moria di pesci fa scattare nuovamente l'allarme inquinamento e probabilmente accelerare i tempi per una valutazione dello stato ecologico del luogo interessato.

Occhi puntati anche sui depuratori e sulle case isolate della zona per verificare che scarichino in modo corretto i loro reflui. Gli Stati membri non sono tenuti a riferire alla Commissione su tali incidenti. Following a similar incident which occurred two years ago, there has now been a new fish kill carp in Basilicata.

Local farmers immediately reported the incident in the hope that immediate action would be taken to shed light on the matter and identify the causes. To this end, a call has been made for specimens of the dead fish to be collected without delay so that toxicological tests may be carried out; the fish that died two years ago were not examined until they were already in an advanced state of decomposition. The discovery of toxic algae in a lake in neighbouring Puglia had given rise to serious concerns, and it was suspected that the micro-toxins from those algae might have been spread by migratory birds.

This new fish kill has again sparked serious concern about pollution and made it all the more necessary for the ecological status of the affected area to be assessed without delay. Attention is being focused on the sewage plants and isolated houses in the area, in order to establish whether they are discharging their effluent correctly. The Commission is not aware of this incident. Fish kills may happen due to a variety of reasons, e. The Member States are not obliged to report such incidents to the Commission. Questa cooperazione permette inoltre all'UE di dare una risposta coordinata ai problemi economici e finanziari globali e di affrontare meglio gli shock esterni.

Il consolidamento di bilancio e la crescita devono camminare di pari passo: questa la linea concordata dai partner europei. Gli Eurobond sono un asset importante ed economicamente valido nel quadro delle misure destinate a fronteggiare la crisi. La Commissione intende presentare proposte legislative su un meccanismo di vigilanza unico per le banche in settembre. For the European Union, a major trading power with a single market, coordinating national economic policy is a natural requirement. Only in this way can the Union react rapidly to challenges such as that posed by the current financial crisis.

The EU partners have agreed that budgetary consolidation and growth must go hand in hand. A plan for investment and development needs to be put into action. Eurobonds are an important and economically valid asset within the framework of the measures aimed at tackling the crisis.

What amount has the International Monetary Fund contributed for overall support of the financial stability of Member States? The EU has taken many measures to tackle the crisis. Progress has been made on all elements: Greece, financial firewalls; banks' balance sheets; frontloading stability and growth enhancing measures; economic governance reform. The Commission has also made clear the need for concrete steps to deliver a genuine Economic and Monetary Union with a banking union, more integrated budgetary and economic frameworks and stronger democratic legitimacy.

Further work on a specific and time-bound roadmap is underway and an interim report will be presented in the autumn. The Commission intends to present legislative proposals on a single supervisory mechanism for banks in September. The Data Retention Directive requires the collection of data on all calls made by all telecommunications users, regardless of whether there are suspicions of a crime or evidence of criminal behaviour. It seems that a targeted telecommunications traffic data collection system, such as, for example, a system for securing data when a crime is suspected, would constitute a sufficient and, ipso facto, appropriate means of achieving the aforesaid objective.

Does the Commission know what the possible options for the revision of the directive are? Will the Commission provide the aforementioned impact analysis? All responses have been carefully considered. The Romanian authorities have announced that, based on the findings of two audit missions, the Commission intends to suspend payments under the POSDRU operational programme for the development of human resources. According to Romanian officials, the shortcomings detected in the projects financed relate to the salary levels of those involved in the projects.

The European Commission's auditors have identified serious deficiencies in the management and control systems of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme during the audit mission carried out in Romania in April and May this year. The deficiencies were mainly related to the selection of operations and management verifications, including cases of disproportionate and unjustified salaries. The Commission is currently analysing the findings.

After receiving the draft audit report in Romanian, the Romanian authorities have up to two months to reply contradictory procedure and to present an Action Plan addressing the recommendations in the draft audit report. The Commission auditors have one month to analyse the reply and to draft the final audit report. The recommendations will then have to be implemented by Romania, according to the established Action Plan and the corresponding deadlines. Changes to these procedures would therefore go counter Romania's commitments taken upon accession in the context of the CVM.

The Association said that, where companies offer quality guarantees, they should be honoured in all countries of distribution. What measures has the Commission adopted to regulate situations such as those referred to above, from until now? What measures does it intend to propose in view of the results of the above study? It is however the primary competence of national authorities and courts to investigate the conduct of individual companies in the light of EU legislation.

Experience in applying the directive has shown that the Commission needs to take a more prominent role in monitoring and coordinating enforcement of the directive by the Member States. To that end, the Commission will step up coordination of enforcement action on unfair commercial practices and update the guidance document on application of the directive. This report will, in particular, give an overview of the implementation of the directive in the Member States and provide a list of the most common unfair commercial practices encountered.

What initiatives will the Commission implement in order to put an end to the disgraceful neglect that threatens to destroy the Pompeii archaeological site? Will the Commission not verify in addition whether appropriate use has been made of the European funds allocated to Italian archaeological heritage and particularly to Pompeii?

The major project envisages the application of an innovative method of intervention in order to preserve and protect the archaeological area while using the latest knowledge of restoration operations. The Commission will, as always, verify that appropriate use has been made of the European Regional Development Fund, in line with the conditions laid down in the decision adopting the project.

If so, what is the procedure for the revision of the NSRF? These include innovation and entrepreneurship for SMEs, information and communication technologies, environment, energy and transport. The Greek authorities have identified the inactive delegations and sleeping projects.

In line with the shared management principle used for the administration of cohesion policy, it is the responsibility of the national authorities and not of the Commission to select, approve and appraise projects, including those that could replace withdrawn sleeping projects and inactive delegations.

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The Honourable Member will find detailed information concerning the budgets for projects forming part of the NSRF on the website: www. A comprehensive study on the cost of cash and cards is being carried out by the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission. It is important to note that this study will only measure the costs borne by merchants, as opposed to the studies on the social costs of payments, i. In order to enhance the general understanding of the cost of different payment instruments from a European and social perspective, a major study on the social cost of retail payment instruments in different EU member states is currently being coordinated by the European Central Bank in cooperation with the respective national central banks.

Country reports for Hungary, Finland and Denmark are already available on the websites of these central banks. Further reports for other countries may also become available. It is important to note that the ECB study on the social costs of retail payment instruments is not linked to any study carried out by the European Commission.

As methane hydrates are found in high abundance along the sedimentary basins of almost all continents, they could also represent a source of energy for the European Union. Does the Commission have any information on the potential of methane hydrates along European coasts?

The Commission does not, however, possess comprehensive information on the methane hydrate potential in European waters, but follows ongoing research e. Prospecting and exploration for sources of natural gas in Europe, possible production as well as related technological developments should primarily be financed by commercial enterprises. The Commission focuses its work on ensuring the environmental integrity of any such operations as well as on further improving gas market conditions and infrastructure, which would also facilitate the possible commercialisation of natural gas from alternative sources.

Oggetto: Strage di cristiani in Nigeria e in Kenya. Ancora una strage di cristiani in Africa. Tali attentati hanno causato la morte di 21 persone e il ferimento di numerose altre. Come intende garantire un pronto, efficace ed effettivo processo contro gli autori di questo eccidio? Quali misure di prevenzione intende adottare per evitare il dilagare di queste stragi contro le minoranze cristiane? I recenti attentati terroristici in Nigeria hanno preso di mira senza distinzione, oltre alle chiese, edifici del governo e dei servizi di sicurezza, mercati, scuole e civili innocenti.

Yet another massacre of Christians in Africa. In recent months, Kano in northern Nigeria has been the scene of bloody attacks against the Christian minority by the Nigerian Taliban-style Boko Haram, an Islamic sect that aims to impose Sharia law in the country. It is dramatically evident that the strategy of Islamic fundamentalism in Africa is to eliminate the presence of Christians in the country through threats, violence and attacks. Can the Commission state whether it is aware of what is happening in these countries?

Which policies will it use to tackle this serious violation of human rights and religious freedom? How does it intend to ensure that swift, efficient and effective proceedings are taken against the perpetrators of this massacre? What preventive measures does it intend to take to avoid the spread of these massacres against Christian minorities?

The recent attacks by terrorists in Nigeria have targeted government and security buildings, markets, schools and innocent civilians of all kinds as well as churches. The EU is working together with Nigeria to help it tackle the challenges of creating durable security and dealing with the multiple socioeconomic and political factors conducive to radicalisation.

Europe | European Affairs Magazine - Pagina 3

The EU has already reoriented parts of its cooperation programme with Nigeria to the north of the country to accelerate action against poverty and deprivation there. It is likely that at least some of these attacks are perpetrated by affiliates of Al-Shabab or similar extremist groups, but this is not proven in the case of all such attacks. The EU regularly raises security concerns in its dialogue with Kenyan authorities in order to improve the security situation in the country.

Betrifft: Tiertransportverordnung EG Nr. Daher konzentriert sie sich zusammen mit den Mitgliedstaaten auf die praktischen Aspekte der technischen Durchsetzung. Among other things, the vehicles used for long-distance transport must be equipped with adequate water supply, ventilation and satellite navigation systems.

How will the Commission ensure that the Member States implement the regulation on the protection of animals during transport more effectively in the immediate future, in particular in relation to the approval of vehicles for transporting animals over long distances, also taking account of the fact that the regulation has already been in force for six years?

Does the Commission have analyses in relation to the benefits and advantages of a maximum period of eight hours for live animal transport and does it take account of the fact that Member States are failing to comply with the provisions of the Animal Transport Regulation in relation to the approval of long-distance transport vehicles? In particular an experienced inspector from one of the Member States demonstrated a truck approval and gave practical advice on what to consider during these approvals. Difficulties in approving long journey vehicles cannot be the basis for a review of transport times.

The Commission considers that it should address the issue of long journey vehicle approval separately. Hence, the Commission is focusing its efforts on the practicalities of technical enforcement with the Member States. Furthermore, noise pollution has implications for all people in terms of stress and anxiety. The European network CALM has also been researching noise abatement technology in order to provide guidance and advice to policy-makers at all levels of government.

This is important as the noisiest aircraft contribute in a disproportional way to air traffic noise. Such phase-out then allows air traffic to grow and to reduce the noise impact at the same time. The Commission has not received any substantiated complaint on non-compliance with the directive by Member States. Wird die Kommission anstreben, weiter in die Sicherung der Grenzen Griechenlands zu investieren? Half of these crossings took place in Greece.

If so, what plans does the Commission have to prevent illegal border crossings into Greece in the future? Can the Commission envisage reducing the Schengen zone due to this unbelievably large number of border crossings, i. The Commission is concerned about the flow of irregular migrants in the Mediterranean region, especially into Greece and is supporting the implementation of a comprehensive strategy to tackle this problem.

The Commission has, moreover, proposed legislative changes aimed at strengthening the governance of the Schengen area, in particular to ensure the effectiveness of the control of its external borders. This proposal is currently the subject of negotiations in the European Parliament and the Council. EUR erhalten. Entsprechende Praktiken enthalten u. Introduced in , the National Rural Health Mission is an eight-year plan designed to provide better access to basic healthcare in rural areas of the country and fulfil the Millennium Development Goals. Various Indian government programmes provide financial incentives to young couples in exchange for delaying having children, waiting longer between births and undergoing sterilisation.

Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh and Prerna are among the programmes that use these schemes. The government rewards other programmes, such as the Santushti programme, for achieving certain sterilisation targets. The EU budget has specific provisions prohibiting and combating forced sterilisation. As per Government of India's policy today and confirmation from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there are neither coercive family planning schemes nor targets for sterilization.

Some schemes focus on recommending and implementing sterilization after the birth of a third child, yet the basis for sterilization is always voluntary and in line with the policy for population stabilisation. Family planning methods, such as delay of first birth, spacing, or sterilization are taking place on the basis of counseling and voluntary and informed decision processes.

Ein besonderer Fokus des Programms sind Menschen mit Behinderungen.

Die Forschungsarbeit besteht vor allem im Dokumentenstudium sowie in qualitativen und quantitativen Erhebungen. Die Regierung Namibias ist kein Forschungspartner. Some women were put under pressure by doctors and medical staff who required consent to sterilisations as a precondition for receiving caesarean sections.

Others were given the sterilisation agreement form together with other documents without appropriate explanation. In all documented cases a clear explanation of the sterilisation process was lacking. An official investigation by the Namibian Government determined that hospitals and clinics accused of human rights abuses followed all required procedures. Furthermore, the government has not introduced any outright ban on forced sterilisation.

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The grant recipient was EquitAble, a four-year programme to provide universal and equitable access to healthcare for vulnerable people in poor resource settings. It studies the barriers and the facilitators to access to care, from a patient and healthcare provider's perspective in Sudan, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa. It has a special focus on disabled people. The research methodology consists of document reviews and qualitative and quantitative surveys. The Government of Namibia is not a partner in the research. However, the partners in the EquitAble project intend to inform the Government of the project results in order to encourage them to take the needs of disabled people into consideration when developing new health policies.

The activities carried out in the context of the project do not include care and it does not involve the sterilisation of women. The EU budget contains specific provisions prohibiting and combating forced sterilisation. The project objectives and subsequently TRAC Plus activities in the project have nothing to do with sterilisation of people with intellectual disabilities. TRAC Plus researchers are responsible for examining the effects of environmental changes on the emergence and spread of malaria and modelling environment-disease transmission relationships.

I 4 nazisti più SPIETATI della storia - Nazismo ( per non dimenticare )

Im Rahmen des Programms wird keine klinische Behandlung angeboten, und das Programm ist nicht an der Sterilisierung von Frauen beteiligt. The recipient of the grant was EquitAble, a four-year programme designed to provide universal and equitable access to healthcare for vulnerable people in poor-resource settings. It researches the barriers to and the facilitators of access to care, from a patient and healthcare provider's perspective in Sudan, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa.

It has a special focus on the disabled. The programme is a collaborative research project comprised of researchers from Ireland, Norway, Sudan, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa. The research methodology consists mainly of document reviews and qualitative and quantitative surveys. Results of the research aim to ensure that the needs of the disabled are included when new health policies are developed. The Government of South Africa is not a partner in the research, though a stakeholder for the dissemination of the findings. The programme as such does not provide clinical care and is not involved in the sterilisation of women.

Through its bilateral development cooperation budget line 21 06 02 , the Commission funds a Primary Health Care Sector support programme in South Africa. This programme focuses on key objectives of the South African health sector: decreasing maternal and child mortality; increasing life expectancy; combating HIV and AIDS and decreasing the burden of disease from tuberculosis; and strengthening health systems' effectiveness.

This EU support is not used by the Department of Health to fund recurrent expenditures of the health systems facilities. It aims to initiate innovative and piloting actions that can contribute to the revitalisation of the primary healthcare facilities in the context of the overall National Health Insurance policy reforms. There is currently evidence that the Government of Vietnam is involved in coercive reproductive health programmes in the country's Central Highlands.

According to the Degar Montagnard people, the Vietnamese Government has taken abusive measures, including forced surgical sterilisation. The EU budget has specific provisions that are meant to prohibit and combat forced sterilisation. However, such allegations have not been confirmed by independent human rights organisations, nor by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Such a practice is not part of the public health policies of the Vietnamese Government, and there is also, to the best of our knowledge, no evidence that such practices are taking place.

Marie Stopes International is a well-established organisation specialised in mother and child health issues, which does not advocate or practise forced sterilisations in Vietnam. This means that Turkey is indirectly following an anti-European policy. In view of the above:. Will the Commission exert pressure on Turkey to put an end to this policy, which is damaging to the EU?

Could the Commission consider the possibility of cancelling pre-accession aid if Turkey continues to intervene against Cyprus? The EU is not in the position to comment on the policy of a third state in another international organisation. Decisions are therefore fully endorsed by all 28 allies. Also, the Council has continuously underlined the importance of progress in the normalisation of relations between Turkey and all EU Member States, including the Republic of Cyprus.

The Commission continues to stress that a solution to the Cyprus problem is urgent and encourages all parties to treat this issue constructively. Furthermore the Commission will continue to monitor closely Turkey's position on Cyprus and its compliance with the Negotiating Framework for the accession negotiations with Turkey. Cariforum, och nyligen Colombia och Peru.

The Commission is fully supportive of the work being carried out in the World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO as regards access to books and other printed products by visually impaired people. The European Union is an active participant in the discussions on a future international instrument and recognises the importance of the practical work being done in parallel by the WIPO Stakeholder Dialogue. Once the work in WIPO has concluded, and a specific international instrument comes into existence for the cross-border distribution of special format works for the visually impaired, this will be taken into consideration in negotiations of the FTAs.

Asunto: Puerto de superyates en Marina Port Vell. U en el Puerto de Barcelona. This plan will have serious implications for the area. Turning Marina Port Vell into a superyacht marina will greatly change the appearance of the area since these boats are very large and, together with the taller buildings and 1. The plan will also create serious environmental problems as superyachts consume much more energy and generally use fossil fuels, greatly increasing air pollution. The plan will also increase private vehicle traffic in the area.

The Commission is not aware of Barcelona City Council's proposal regarding the project to build a private marina for luxury yachts, reconverting the installations of Marina Port Vell. The EIA procedure ensures that environmental consequences of projects are identified and assessed before development consent is granted by the competent authority. The public can give its opinion and all the consultations must be taken into consideration.

The public should also be informed of the content of the development consent. It appears that the competent Spanish authorities have not taken yet a final decision on this project. Therefore, the Commission can find no evidence of a breach of EU environmental law at this stage and no further action can be taken. Oggetto: Gassificatore di Cassola e protezione dei cittadini dai rischi di inquinamento ambientale. Inoltre l'ordinamento italiano, visto il Decreto Legislativo n.

La Commissione ritiene che tali impianti realizzino effettivamente un processo innovativo e diverso dall'incenerimento? Tali direttive specificano che nei processi di incenerimento e coincenerimento rientra anche la gassificazione a condizione che le sostanze risultanti siano successivamente incenerite. The producers maintain that this type of plant, which is able to dispose of tonnes of material per day, is able — unlike incinerators — to convert various types of waste into energy in a way that is safe for people and environmentally sustainable.

The municipality of Cassola, province of Vicenza, is currently considering installing a waste disposal plant using gasification technology. Does the Commission believe that these plants genuinely use an innovative process that differs from incineration? They all make clear that incineration and co-incineration includes gasification if the resulting substances are subsequently incinerated. Gasification is only excluded from the minimum requirements for incineration or co-incineration if the resulting gases are purified to such an extent that they are no longer waste prior to their incineration and result in emissions no higher than those resulting from the burning of natural gas.

The Commission considers that these requirements are sufficient to protect the environment and human health. Based on the information contained in the written question, and given that the installation has yet to be constructed, the Commission cannot identify any breaches of the directives. The Commission was not aware of the workers made redundant by the Filivivi company in the Veneto Region. Oggetto: Riapertura dei territori interdetti nell'area di Chernobyl.

Tale norma continua a trovare piena applicazione. The Prime Minister believes it is possible to reclaim and decontaminate most of the currently restricted areas, but according to data provided by specialists and environmental organisations, these areas are contaminated with radioactive elements such as caesium with a half-life of It seems clear that the risks would affect not only any new residents in these zones, but also the agricultural produce grown there. Furthermore, the situation at the site of the accident is far from stable and resolved.

The Commission has not been consulted by the Ukrainian Authorities on this decision. This rule continues to be fully applied. These products are used in electronic cigarette devices smoking substitutes and the blends that they contain are classified as extremely toxic to human health and environmentally hazardous. Moreover, the products circulate in the market without the legally required packaging and warning signs, resulting in misinformation for users.

In most cases the electronic cigarette is promoted in the market as a way of stopping smoking, a view which is disputed by internationally reputed foundations such as the European Respiratory Society. Equally important is the fact that electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the Tobacco Products Directive, nor do they fall under the provisions of that directive. Presently no checks are being conducted on these products, which are not covered by any legislation, thus placing the health of the consumer in jeopardy.

Uggeri il Danese nella letteratura romatizesca degl' Italiani

What is its position on such a question, whereby no protection is being accorded to consumers, whose health is being put at risk? Through what direct and effective actions could a solution to the problem be provided? Does it intend to proceed with establishment of a legal framework at EU level to ensure consumer protection from products of this kind? The Commission is aware of the heterogeneous approaches taken by Member States on nicotine-containing products.

Member States' authorities have all powers to take restrictive measures on such products if the latter present a risk to the health and safety of consumers. The Commission is currently analysing a number of options on how to regulate nicotine-containing products including assessing whether it would be opportune to regulate such products under the Tobacco Products Directive. The Commission has not reached a position on this matter.

The legislative proposal for the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive is planned for adoption before the end of These short-term measures should be followed by an in-depth reform of the regulated tariff system, so that tariffs reflect market prices, and a review of the support schemes for power generation. It is only through a whole-rounded combination of such measures that Spain may effectively tackle the accumulated tariff deficit and ensure in the long run the economic sustainability of the electricity activities and a stable and certain legal framework for investors. Could the Commission advise me as to what consultations have taken place with UK farmers on the matter of agri-environment support?

As described in the respective UK rural development programmes for Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, the UK farmer representatives have been consulted during the programme preparation on all the schemes and in particular on agri-environment support. Could the Commission advise me what consultation processes are currently under way with UK farmers? How is information disseminated to farmers regarding reform proposals and timetables? In addition to this, the UK farmers, for example as members of European farmers' organisations, are invited to attend the Commission Advisory group on the CAP.

Meetings are convened on a regular basis and information and explanation is given on the content of the CAP package proposals as well as on the timetable for the negotiations in other institutions. L'associazione si propone di tutelare, valorizzare e sviluppare un'ampia area pedecollinare della provincia di Bari.

Quest'area, antico luogo di villeggiatura e di cure balsamiche e vera oasi di pace, si caratterizza per l'insediamento di alcune decine di splendide antiche ville settecentesche, ottocentesche e del primo Novecento, rimaste miracolosamente intatte pur se bisognose di manutenzioni spesso anche radicali. The association aims to protect, enhance and develop a large hillside area in the Italian province of Bari.

The area lies almost entirely in the territory of Mola, but is at the heart of the populated municipalities of Rutigliano, Noicattaro and Conversano. This area, an ancient resort providing balsamic treatments, is a true haven of tranquillity. The area contains interesting biotopes, wonderful landscape heritage, flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean and is tied to meaningful historic, artistic and cultural traditions. Oggetto: Creme solari e sviluppo dell'endometriosi. Tra le sostanze chimiche contenute in alcune creme solari e lo sviluppo dell'endometriosi potrebbe esserci un collegamento, il che suggerisce di utilizzare con cautela certi prodotti.

Uno studio ha analizzato l'urina di donne con diagnosi di endometriosi. Le analisi hanno mostrato che queste donne presentavano maggiori livelli di sostanze utilizzate nella produzione di filtri solari. Le sostanze chimiche utilizzate nei filtri solari sono note come Benzophenone-type UV filters o Benzofenone e dovrebbero proteggere la pelle dai raggi ultravioletti del sole, anche se simulano gli effetti degli ormoni estrogeni femminili. Lo studio conclude che piccoli quantitativi di ingredienti di tipo BP, contenuti in taluni prodotti solari e altri prodotti per l'igiene personale, possono essere assorbiti dalla pelle e passare nel sangue, dove imitano gli effetti dell'estrogeno.

Anche se interessanti, i risultati del suddetto studio sono preliminari. Si tratta del primo studio del suo tipo che esamina i livelli di BP in relazione all'endometriosi e quindi, prima di stabilire orientamenti specifici sul livello di esposizione e sulla sicurezza umana in generale, si devono effettuare ulteriori ricerche. It is possible that there is a link between chemicals contained in some sun creams and the development of endometriosis, which suggests using certain products with caution.

The interaction between chemicals and health has always been debated and, although it is well known that all chemicals have an impact on the body, nobody can yet confirm with certainty whether chemicals used in the production of cosmetics and sun creams have a negative impact. The analysis showed that these women had higher levels of chemicals used in the manufacture of sunscreens. The study therefore suggests that there may be a correlation between the absorption of certain chemicals and the risk of endometriosis, a disorder that affects the uterus and causes not only pain, but can also lead to infertility in women.

The study concludes that small amounts of BP-type ingredients, contained in some sunscreens and other personal care products, can pass through the skin and be absorbed into the blood, where they mimic the effects of oestrogen. Study results, while interesting, are preliminary. As this study was the first of its kind to examine BP levels and endometriosis, additional research is needed before specific guidelines about exposure level and human safety in general can be determined. However, it is yet too premature to ascertain which could be the specific research issues addressed.

No significant trend was observed for this substance. A review of the Cosmetics Regulation is planned with regard to endocrine-disruptors, when EU or internationally agreed criteria for their identification become available or at the latest, by Nell'organizzazione c'erano italiani, algerini, tunisini e sudanesi operanti in Puglia, Sicilia, Calabria e Tunisia. Gli indagati avrebbero favorito l'ingresso clandestino di extracomunitari, in prevalenza di tunisini e ghanesi, da destinare alla raccolta di angurie e pomodori.

Venivano costretti a turni di lavoro di ore, anche durante il Ramadan, periodo durante il quale molti lavoratori di religione islamica si astenevano dal bere e dal mangiare. La direttiva non prevede sanzioni contro i lavoratori, anzi li tutela con misure volte a rimediare alle ingiustizie subite, ad esempio imponendo ai datori di lavoro di pagare gli arretrati. A joint operation by police forces in Apulia, Calabria, Campania, Sicily and Tuscany has led to the arrest of 16 members of an organisation that has been luring immigrants to Italy with false promises of work and then enslaving them as they work for hours on end each day in the fields and live in inhumane conditions.

They were forced to work 10 to hour shifts, even during Ramadan when many Muslim workers abstained from eating and drinking. The Commission is aware of the latest events which occurred in the South of Italy and strongly condemns all illegal practices entailing or leading to the exploitation of workers. Special attention is given to the most vulnerable workers, including irregular migrants.

It does not provide for any sanctions against the irregularly staying migrant workers and protective measures are designed to redress injustices, e. Once adopted by co-legislators, the directive should be instrumental in preventing the exploitation of seasonal workers.

A phenomenon related to illegal employment is trafficking in human beings. Le ragioni alla base di questo e di altri episodi violenti sono complesse e possono essere affrontate soltanto nel lungo periodo. Nonostante negli ultimi anni in Afghanistan siano stati compiuti molti progressi, il paese rimane una delle nazioni meno sviluppate del mondo. La situazione attuale figura in allegato. The abduction occurred in the area of Yaftal. The team of aid workers were travelling on mules to visit one of their clinics in an area where the road had been destroyed by flooding.

No one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping so far, nor have any reasons for it been given or a ransom demanded. The Afghan and foreign authorities are awaiting further developments therefore, while investigations continue. Is the High Representative aware of this event and does she believe she should take immediate action to facilitate the release of the hostages? What action has she taken and will she take to prevent cases like this one occurring in the future?

The underlying reasons for these and other violent incidents are complex and can only be addressed over time. While much progress has been made in Afghanistan over the last years it remains one of the least developed nations in the world. The lack of economic and social opportunity is one of the driving factors of instability, which provides fertile ground for extremist attacks. The EU is one of the major donors providing official development assistance ODA and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

Through long-term international engagement Afghanistan can be assisted to overcome decades of violent conflict, develop its institutions and improve governance, only in this way can broad based economic growth be encouraged, so reducing, the incentives for those who resort to such forms of violence. Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei Fondi diretti programmati ed erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione europea.

In caso affermativo, quali sono i progetti che hanno avuto accesso a fondi europei e con quali risultati i suddetti programmi sono stati portati a termine? Finora il comune di Campobasso non ha presentato alcuna richiesta per accedere ai fondi direttamente gestiti dalla Commissione europea. Could the Commission clarify whether the town of Campobasso has applied for funding from any such programmes?

If so, which projects gained EU funding, and what were the results after completion? The City of Campobasso has not so far applied for any funding directly managed by the European Commission. The Commission notes that the Honourable Member is interested in the funding granted directly to Italian cities from specific EU programmes managed by the Commission. Should the Honourable Member so wish, the Commission could prepare a table providing this information for the major Italian cities likely to take part in these programmes.

This would save the Commission time needed to reply to each individual question and provide the Honourable Member with one single set of comprehensive data. It is alleged that as well as being tortured he was deprived of access to legal representation. The EU follows closely the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan.

We are well aware of the vulnerable situation of persons belonging to religious minorities in Pakistan. This concerns not only Ahmadis, but also Shias, Christians, Hindus and others. This said, Ahmadis are prohibited by law in Pakistan from describing themselves as Muslim although they consider themselves as such. The EU is in regular contact with groups representing minorities including the Ahmadi community.

It is a fact that members of minority groups face serious difficulties. Many live peacefully alongside fellow Muslims, especially in urban areas, but they are often subject to discrimination. Moreover with fundamentalism and sectarianism on the rise religious intolerance appears to be increasing. Unfortunately religious sentiment can easily be manipulated for political purposes. Dialogue will be intensified following a recently agreed Engagement Plan with Pakistan. The EU has insisted that individual and minority rights be respected.

Oggetto: Comunicando l'adolescenza tramite i social network. Gli adolescenti, con questo sistema, potranno sentirsi meno isolati e potranno avere un aiuto e un sostegno psicologico. L'assistenza avviene attraverso i social network, chattando, comunicando on-line, telefonando, mandando e-mail.

Il metodo utilizzato giunge direttamente all'obiettivo: coinvolgere gli adolescenti e indurli ad aprirsi agli altri per comunicare i propri disagi. La Commissione desidera incoraggiare i promotori di progetti di questo tipo a diffondere i risultati dei progetti in modo che altri possano imparare dalla loro esperienza in fatto di sviluppo di progetti interdisciplinari che coinvolgono pienamente i giovani come co-produttori e fornitori di servizi per altri giovani.