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This is an important book that closely interrelates feminist theory and practice and monitors courageous acts of feminist resistance across a wide range of countries, mainly in the South. It refuses to fall into the trap that many feminists and especially anti-racists fall into, in which any critique of Muslim practice is considered racist, without the realisation that the very act of homogenising all Muslims and Islamic discourses is a racist reification in itself.

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They argued that this increased focus on sexual orientation actually disadvantages LGBTTI groups in the Muslim world, whose issues are seen to be separate and autonomous from, for example, discussions on forced marriage, the veil and so on. Moreover, Islam is far from being the only parameter impacting the politics of sexuality and gender empowerment, even in societies in which pervasive claims posit Islam as the main marker of identity.

A central idea of the book is the ways women analyse, address and resist the mechanisms of sexual control, and the ways women and LGBTTI people contest gender ideologies promoted by states or customary traditions. However, different case studies vary in the ways in which they focus on the social and political context and on the strategies for resistance.

Therefore, the book is divided into two main parts. There is no space in this review to describe in detail the different fascinating case studies included in both parts of the book, and as should be clear from what I have written so far, I urge the readers of Feminist Review to read it all. Especially important, in Part I, is the ways some contributors, for example Wee and Yaghoobi, outline how in post-colonial countries the policing of sexuality in the name of Islam is actually often drawn from earlier colonial practices.

Sexuality in Muslim Contexts: Restrictions and Resistance

Her doctoral research focused on European women and gender politics in Algeria during French colonization. She has extensively studied survival and empowerment strategies amongst those marginalized by legal constraints particular in the area of family law and citizenship, economic penury, and women's movements.

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She has also researched women in local and national politics, with a particular focus on women and younger people in Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and amongst Canada's Muslim community. She has published extensively on these topics. Visit Seller's Storefront. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: June 8, Stock Image.

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