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For some consumers, this will be the most important consideration on the list although the hardest to test for before buying. The flavor of the ice cream you make will largely depend on the ingredients you use, but the texture will have a lot to do with how the ice cream maker works.

And compressor ice cream makers are known, in general, for producing smoother ice cream than the other types. Faster speeds also help keep ice crystals from building up, which can produce an improved texture.

Getting started with finding the best ice cream production equipment

All other ice cream makers require some lead time between deciding to make it and being able to eat your tasty concoction. For compressor ice cream machines, the speed at which they make the dessert is often listed as a selling point. Every kitchen appliance you use to make food has to be cleaned after each use.

And ice cream makers are, of course, no exception. Any appliance with an electric motor should be expected to make noise.

The best ice cream maker

Some are definitely bigger offenders than others in this regard though. For some consumers, aesthetics matter far less than functionality. Most of the popular ice cream makers on the market are made by a few key brands. One final consideration you should make in your search is the reputation of the brand you choose to go with.

To help you get an idea of how different brands selling ice cream makers are regarded, we looked at the customer reviews of the ice cream machines sold by each. Breville sells a high-end ice cream compressor that reviewers say is worth the price. Customers rave about how beautiful the ice cream maker is, how delicious the ice cream it produces is, and how fast it works.

They say you can produce ice cream consistently within less than an hour and with minimal work. Cuisinart offers a variety of ice cream makers, including frozen bowl automatic and the more expensive compressor machines. All of the units from Cuisinart tend to get generally positive reviews. A few mention having their machine for years and a number of them make a point of suggesting that anyone who buys the machine take time to read and follow the instructions in order to get successful ice cream from it. Their compressor has similarly positive reviews, but without the caveats about instructions.

They say the machine is extremely easy to use and makes great ice cream.

Executive Summary

The affordable frozen bowl ice cream makers available from Hamilton Beach earn mixed but mostly positive reviews from customers. Most reviewers praise the machines for working quietly and making great ice cream, if you prepare it correctly making sure you freeze it for long enough in advance is key.

Some detractors complain about the quality of the ice cream though. More customers are happy than not, so if you want to give a low-cost ice cream maker a try, Hamilton Beach is worth checking out.

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If you already own a KitchenAid mixer , then one option you have for making homemade ice cream is getting an attachment for it. The KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment gets mixed reviews from customers.

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Many are thrilled with the quality of the ice cream they get, although they warn you have to follow instructions carefully and have patience since it takes a couple of days from start to finish. Others complain of blue goo leaking from the machine, the loss of which caused the ice cream to have a gooey consistency, or complained of different parts of the attachment not working as they should. While the KitchenAid brand is usually reliable, with reviews as hit or miss as the ice cream maker attachment has, you might be better off buying a dedicated ice cream maker.

Lello sells a high-end compressor ice cream maker that gets rave reviews from customers. They say it works fast, is easy to use, runs quietly, and produces some of the best ice cream customers have ever had. Nostalgia Electrics makes a range of affordable ice cream makers including old-fashioned ice and salt ice cream makers and an electric frozen bowl ice cream maker.

Across models, the brand gets generally positive reviews. The compressor ice cream maker from Sunpentown produces largely satisfied customers. They say the machine is easy to use, looks good, and is a great value for the price. The one complaint that comes up in several reviews is that people wished it had a larger capacity. Reviewers mention how fast it is — typically producing ice cream in less than an hour from your start time, and say that the resulting dessert is delicious.

The Best Ice Cream Makers For Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet And More – Review Geek

The heat of summer can be a lot to deal with sometimes, but it provides a good excuse to eat ice cream not that you really needed one. There are the old fashioned nostalgic varieties that are inexpensive but require pounds of ice and salt, mid-sized makers that need to be cooled in a freezer overnight, and larger appliances that ask for no forethought but can be expensive and require too much counter space. Easy to use, reasonably priced, and small enough to live on my counter during the summer, the Cuisinart ICE can create a smooth batch of classic vanilla as well as a well-mixed rocky road.

The simple design—a single switch to turn on and off, plus an open top to facilitate pouring in chocolate chips and scooping out taste tests—means that I can focus on my flavors and fixings. The cherry on top of this fudge sundae is that the Cuisinart ICE was the quickest ice cream maker I tested. In about 20 minutes, I went from having a sugar-and-cream mixture to a bowl of delicious dessert. To be fair, there are downsides: It only makes 1.

Also, you have to freeze the canister overnight before you can see results. The canister is full of refrigerant, which is what ultimately chills the ice cream, which takes about 12 hours to freeze. This just means that you need a bit of forethought before indulging.

Ultimately, I would aim to stash the canister in a corner of my freezer during the summer, to use whenever I want ice cream or frozen yogurt in less than half an hour. As a home baker, I typically focus on cakes and cookies during the winter. To find out which would make my favorite mint chocolate chip, Cherry Garcia and Moose Tracks flavors, I researched various types of ice cream makers and settled on two of each kind.

To start, there are the classic ice cream makers that consist of a giant bucket you fill with ice and salt, with a metal canister in the center and motor on top to churn the ice cream mixture. These are the least expensive models, but require a lot of ice and a fair bit of storage space. Then there is the modern version of the classic. Finally, there is the truly forward-thinking ice cream appliance.

Nostalgia 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker Review

They come complete with their own freezing unit along with fancier settings. However, these models are pricier and take up a fair bit of counter space.

The Best Ice Cream Maker for Most People: Cuisinart ICE-70 Ice Cream Maker ($113)

Not to mention, they can be very heavy. I made a classic vanilla, a chocolate rocky road, and a mixed berry frozen yogurt. I took careful notes of not only how the ice cream turned out, but how intuitive each ice cream maker was to use, how helpful each manual was, how much counter space it took up, whether there were special features worth noting, how easy they were to clean, and more.

Cuisinart seems to know their ice cream makers. It had a similarly easy-to-use design, with a few added bells and whistles such as a countdown timer and separate buttons for ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.