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She pushed both arms up as far as she could to slacken the cloth, working her wrists in the cloth cuffs. If she could just get it loosened a little more—. Large hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her down the bedding until her arms were stretched completely above her head. She squeaked at the sudden movement. She tried to struggle against the grip but was quickly pressed into the mattress by a very large and very heavy male body.

She stilled immediately, fear drying her mouth. She was caught by a pair of golden feline eyes as he stared down at her. Their faces were mere inches apart. His eyes were widely set and deep in his face.

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His nose was wide and flat like that of a big cat. He had a full head of golden-tan hair that was very similar to a lion mane. Thick lips clamped tight enough to whiten stress lines around them. Her body tensed, ready to battle the male lying on top of her. He squinted at her and rumbled deep in his chest. Your fear smells sweet and enticing.

If you want me to behave myself and not take you this moment, you must calm and stop moving. Maggie forced herself to stop struggling. She lay tense and scared under the male, blinking up at him as she tried to control her breathing. As seconds ticked by into minutes, she started to relax. She obviously could be overpowered and hurt while bound to the bed.

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She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, dragging air into her lungs to calm her racing heart. She opened her eyes and stared into his feline gaze, trying to remain calm. He slowly rose off of her body and stepped back into the corner of the cell. A quick glimpse of tanned skin stretched over well-defined muscles on a massive chest was all she got before he moved into the shadows again. She could see him breathing rapidly, clenching his fists. If he needed her to be docile, then she would play the game.

As long as he kept from hurting her, she would do whatever was needed. Will you allow it?

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She was really turned on thinking about all the things she wanted to do to him, and having to ask permission by voicing her actions was making her hotter. She could tell he was not enthusiastic about this turn of events. Maggie approached him with slow steps and kept eye contact while she walked to him. She reached out with both hands and ran them up his chest, lightly skimming his nipples and relishing how quickly they hardened.

She skimmed her hands over his shoulders and pulled him down to her mouth. She watched surprise cross his features a moment before she touched her lips to his. His lips were warm and soft against hers. She waited a moment to see if he would take control of the kiss. He tasted slightly like the sweet bread they had eaten for breakfast. She pressed her tongue lightly against his lips, trying to get him to open his mouth to deepen the kiss.

She opened an eye to find him staring at her with his brows knitted together instead of the passion-filled look she was expecting. She pulled her head away from his with a scowl of her own. Is this a human practice? He was supposed to be enjoying this so much that he would let her do other things to him. Will you let me try it with you? She nodded and licked her lips. She pulled his head back down to hers, and she pressed her lips to his again.

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When she opened her lips and moved her tongue along his lips, he opened his mouth slightly. She sighed into his mouth and slid her tongue along his lips, tickling along his lips and gently entering his mouth. With the first tentative stroke of his tongue with hers, she melted. He tasted like mulled spices so similar to his scent.

He became more controlling of the kiss, working his tongue into her mouth. She gave up trying to lead the dance of their tongues and melted into his embrace.

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He ripped his lips from hers and was breathing heavily. His eyes held nothing but fire and need. He grinned toothily and dove for her mouth again, capturing her lips and ravaging her mouth. They were both breathing heavily after their second kiss. He leaned down, setting her on her feet. I need you now, Maggie. I know you wanted to touch me, but I need to be inside you. Moving my tongue with yours reminded me too much of how hot and wet your pussy is for me when I am pushing into you.

Get on the bed. She scrambled to the bed and lay on her back, spreading her legs for him. She was wet and ready for him and not embarrassed to show her need.

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The kiss had been hot, but having him respond to her in something that he had never done before was a heady experience. She wanted to feel him powering inside her. I will try to go slow enough that you will come. With those words he shifted his hips and pushed into her opening. He groaned when his balls were resting against her ass.

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She watched his face and loved seeing the ecstasy her body gave him when he was moving inside her. She let a moan escape her lips when he pulled out and slammed back into her with harsh strokes. Her clit was rubbed with each downstroke bringing her body quickly to an orgasm. She tilted her hips and wrapped her legs around his hips, increasing the depth he could plunge into.

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