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We will attempt to make each German verse grammatically correct in Hoch Deutsch High German and the reader can see the differences from what's on the actual stein. We will leave dialect usually Bavarian as it is. All nouns and sentence beginnings in German are capitalized and this will be the main correction.

If you have trouble with reading the German letters, see the article "Steinologists' guide to old German print and script". Ultron-1 wurde von Dr. Ultron schuf auch eine "Frau", Jocasta, die ein Mitglied der Avengers wurde. Ultron versuchte es erneut mit der Konstruktion von Alkhema das Kriegsspielzeug, dessen Geist auf der von Mockingbird basierte. Wie seine anderen Kreationen, wandte sich auch Alkhema gegen ihn, auch wenn sie seinen Wunsch teilte, die Menschheit durch Maschinen zu ersetzen.

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Wikis entdecken Community Deutschland Wiki erstellen. And actually, if one thoroughly thinks over life and death as well as over dying and the meaning of life - which means conscious evolution - then the certainty of death is not difficult to understand. The universe is very old, but there is no organism consisting of a physical-material body, neither of animal nor of human nature, which would be immortal.

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Immortal is indeed only the creative energy, from which all spiritforms of animal and human as well as of vegetable nature come into existence. In any case, from birth on and through the whole life, the human ceaselessly moves towards dying and death, whereby nothing is able to avert it from the human.

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Also wealth or poverty play no role for death, also no physical strength or weakness, no flattery and hypocrisy, no bribery, no praying and no swearing or any other things, which the human could invent, in order to be able to escape from death. Death, indeed, makes no differences, and it gets all all things, beings This real reaction is however helpful, because it shows that death is in fact inevitably, and that it is everywhere, and constantly present.

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Zwar kennt der Mensch den Zeitpunt seines Todes nicht, an dem dieser das Leben niederstrecken wird, doch muss er stets die Gewissheit haben, dass das Leben durch den Tod unausweichlich ein Ende nehmen wird. The tiniest circumstance has already the power to cause that the grim reaper demands its right and that the human must suddenly and unexpectedly leave the material world.

Vierzehntes Jahrhundert - Siebzehntes Jahrhundert

The causes for it can be various and lay even in the food, in the breathing air or in the medicine, in poisons and all kinds of things, about which the human never thinks. Everything is finally possible, so that death prepares an end to life, for it does require no special request or rule, because death makes them for itself in each case. Er verliert aber auch all seine ihm im Leben liebgewordenen Menschen, seine Famlie und Freunde sowie all die bekannten und sonstigen Mitmenschen.

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  5. Er kann nichts ins Jenseits mitnehmen, denn im Totenreich existieren keine materielle Dinge wie auf der Welt, auf der das aktuelle Leben gelebt wird.