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Celtic revival. Example sentences from external sources for "Wiedergeburt" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. And Rick Astley's kind of rebirth these past two years Source: TED.

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My aorta is fixed, I haven't got to worry about it, which is a rebirth for me. Now reincarnation, that's another thing gone-- the afterlife. Nun Wiedergeburt, das ist eine andere verschwundene Sache-- das Leben nach dem Tod.

"Leben nach dem Tod" English translation

The Strange Rebirth of American Leadership. Source: News-Commentary. The Re-Birth of Japanese Democracy. We were blessed that it was he who guided our state through its rebirth.

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Synonyms for "Wiedergeburt". Daniel Wirtz uses vividly descriptive language, so we can observe how adjective endings change form with different cases. He presents his personal philosophy in reinster Form in purest form as he describes das Leben im freien Fall life in free fall.

Also a good example of adverbs. As the indie rockers from Hamburg paint a dark and abstract picture of dysfunctional love, you can cement in your brain the diverse ways in which prepositions act upon possessive pronouns, articles and adjectives. Also, the lyrics provide examples of imperative form in the second-person plural.

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The live acoustic version of the song on TV Noir , with a slower tempo and black-and-white aesthetic, is particularly lovely and haunting. Learning to sort out the proper form — accusative or dative — of two-way prepositions is key.

Das Erlebnis der Wiedergeburt: Heilung durch Reinkarnation

Think of this song and remember: Dative is used to describe where something is statically existing — the locational or wo where state. Accusative is used for movement — the directional or wohin to where state. This song shows many examples of the dative state, so you can refer back to it and work out the accusative by elimination, if ever confused. This song is also a good example of reflexive pronouns.

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In this song, singer-songwriter Gisbert zu Knyphausen says goodbye to a failing romantic relationship. He tells his love gently to leave and not look back, and he employs a number of verbs with separable prefixes as he lays out the impending separation. This belongs to that particular brand of rap song which glorifies the money and possessions the rapper has accumulated while sneering at his haters, who so clearly underestimated him back in the day.

All that self-involvement produces great examples of reflexive verbs and pronouns!

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For instance, Bushido can now buy himself sich kaufen all kinds of things if he wished, like an entire Lidl grocery store and a villa. It enables you to make passive assertions, relating unverified claims or hearsay without staking your own credibility on the statement, and is frequently used in journalism. Good thing you have this catchy electro track with laconic hipster rap vocals to help you remember how the form works. Sei subjunctive form of is is basically the most important passive verb form anyway, along with habe subjunctive form of have.

Watch the video, and then go buy a Polaroid camera and an Audiolith shirt. Ah, subjunctive II Konjunktiv II , the marvelous realm of theoretical, far-fetched possibilities and sheer imagination.

What would you do if you were suddenly transformed from a girl to a boy? If you want to learn the tricks of possessive form, spend a bit of time with these lyrics. If songs and music videos really make a difference in your language learning routine, be sure to keep up with FluentU.