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I know that exercise is supposed to improve sex, but is there a point of diminishing returns?

Learning the reality of pornography and how to talk to young people about it will help you increase their awareness of the truth. The course also equips workers with the knowledge and skills to proactively address these issues with young people. Social networks are how many young people communicate with one another, however we are increasingly hearing stories of young people sharing pictures and information with people they have never met and do not know.

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Understanding the pressures and why young people do this will help you work with young people to resist the pressure they face. Aim: to enable participants to gain knowledge and skills about the influences and pressures young people face as they develop and explore their emerging sexuality. Young people with learning disabilities need to learn about sex and relationships along with everyone else, but the education could look very different.

How to Kegel for Men - Professional Guide to Effective Kegel Strength Exercises

Discussing methods and challenges will allow you to educate them appropriately. Aim: to support professionals deliver SRE to young people who have learning disabilities.

What can you do if you’re an endurance athlete with low sex drive?

Brook is commissioned to deliver the C Card scheme in a number of locations across the UK. If we do not provide it in your area you will need to contact your local provider for training.

Aim: to provide professionals with the skills and tools to be able to provide condoms safely to under 25s within their setting. Suitable for: anybody working with young people under 25 who wishes to provide condoms within their setting. To book: visit our Eventbrite page or contact us via the enquiry form.

Who is a Good Candidate for Sex Coach Training?

Page last reviewed: February Next review due: February Read more about our training, designed to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation CSE , abuse and violence. Everything you might need to know about our training from who we provide it for to our methods and approaches. Everything you need to know about booking a place on one of Brook's training courses for professionals.

Guidance on what to do when identifying a green, amber or red behaviour using the Traffic Light Tool. Click here to explore the Traffic Light Tool itself. Relaunched with a fresh new design in October , but with the same acclaimed content.

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If you have any questions about the training courses that Brook offers, you can contact us via the enquiry form, here. Limited Company registered in England and Wales, number Registered Charity in England and Wales, number Registered Charity in Scotland, number SC Get our newsletter If you believe in what Brook does, why not sign up? Training on sex and relationships Brook has 50 years experience of working with young people and provides a range of training to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to discuss sex and relationships with young people.

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Participants will be able to: list the different methods of contraception identify sexually transmitted infections STIs and know how to prevent them develop skills to support young people to achieve safe, healthy, happy relationships and sex explain confidentiality and the law identify sexual health and wellbeing services including Brook to signpost young people to. Suitable for: anybody new to the sexual health and relationships field working with young people To book: visit our Eventbrite page or send us an enquiry.

Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool Brook's nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals identify and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. SRE for secondary schools Many young people state they do not get good SRE in schools, and many teachers state they lack skills and knowledge to be able to deliver it. The project director trained 14 teacher trainers from the school district; 8 of the 14 trained a total of 40 teachers from a total of 10 schools.

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The hour training program nine 8-hour sessions, 1 day a week for the teacher trainers was conducted from mid-January through mid-March Pre- and posttest knowledge and attitude assessments were conducted with trainers and teachers. Project and school personnel carefully discussed the criteria for teacher trainers and teachers.

There are 4 learner-directed goals of the training project.