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For five years, the radio marketer-turned-pastry chef and Ken Kempka, his life and business partner, have owned and operated Over the Rainbow Desserts in south Palm Springs. And it appeals to both. For Blas, an essential ingredient for the taping was his desert customers. The episode is expected to air in December.

Blas is almost as practiced in signing TV and film release forms as he is artfully piping frosting. When singer Sia was married in at her Palm Springs home and Orlando Bloom celebrated his 40th birthday in January, also in Palm Springs, he made their cakes. Both Rihanna and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame have visited the bakery and posed for photos in front of its rainbow mural behind the counter.

So why do they come?

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Its most memorable creations include cupcakes that look like French fries, bacon cake balls, chorizo-stuffed and potato chip cupcakes, and the new blueberry blue cheese white chocolate cupcakes. The other 80 percent of clients range from a desert restaurant that ordered about 50 cakes for Restaurant Week, to gay and straight newlyweds and a Santa Monica couple who drove out to the desert to buy cupcakes.

Blas first experienced the joy of good food in San Francisco, where he was born and raised. He worked in marketing for the former Clear Channel Communications, now iHeartMedia, where he helped to promote musical acts like those who are Over the Rainbow clients today. Externships and jobs with notable restaurants and celebrity chefs, including Richard Blais and Tyler Florence, followed. Fate intervened during his third restaurant job in Atlanta when he volunteered to fill in for the pastry chef who quit.

Sweet Life Desserts

He discovered that he loved the sweeter said of the business, but he longed for a different scene. The Georgia Peach Council offers two cobbler recipes but no pie recipes. Come on, now. If you have eaten a huckleberry, you probably live in the vicinity of northern Idaho. Or both. Either way, you probably like the sweet-tart goodness of huckleberry pie. After all, the original recipe, which contains a pound of chocolate and a pound of butter, is a good one.

This bake sale tradition has been going on since Kansas Dirt cake A chilled concoction of instant pudding, imitation whipped cream, and crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, Kansas dirt cake is the most prominent dessert named in honor of Kansas. I promise, I looked for other ones, but this was it. Kansas dirt cake is not to be confused with Mississippi mud pie, which is a totally different soil-themed dessert. Kentucky Bread pudding The home of bourbon deserves a bourbon-flavored state dessert, and the very best bourbon-flavored dessert is bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

Louisiana Bananas Foster Louisiana has an unfair number of desserts it could plausibly assert ownership of. There are beignets, which are usually eaten more for breakfast or a snack than for dessert. Yes, bananas Foster will do quite nicely. Massachusetts Boston cream pie The Parker House Hotel alleges that its chef invented the Boston cream pie—a sponge cake layered with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate fondant—in Got all that? Regardless, the name stuck, Bostonians embraced it, and no less a distinguished Massachusetts family than the Kennedys championed the dessert as a symbol of the commonwealth.

11 Desserts In Disguise

Sometimes, the myth is more important than the reality; this is one of those times. Michigan Fudge Anyone with milk, butter, sugar, and chocolate can make fudge. Mississippi Mississippi mud pie Mississippi mud pie is a relatively dignified affair compared to its thematic cousin, Kansas dirt cake. Depending on the baker, Mississippi mud pie might contain a chocolate crumb crust or a traditional pie crust, which might be filled with chocolate pudding or chocolate cake or brownie batter, which might be topped with whipped cream or ice cream.

Two things are certain: It will contain chocolate, and it will be just about the richest thing you ever tasted. Missouri Gooey butter cake Gooey butter cake is a St. Louis curiosity that seems to defy description despite the seemingly specific nature of its name. It falls somewhere between a sheet cake and a bar: It starts with a layer of thick, extra-buttery yellow cake doctored from a cake mix box, usually , but the gooey part comes from a filling made of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and eggs.

Like most great regional specialties, it comes with a host of contradictory origin stories , all of which place its birth somewhere in the s or s. This map generally takes a skeptical eye toward breakfast food, but it will make an exception for gooey butter cake: Although many sources identify it as a snack or breakfast dish, I cannot condone eating such a sweet and rich course before sunset.


And anyone who plans a hike, camping trip, or other mountain-based recreational activity without bringing graham crackers, milk chocolate, and marshmallows is a fool. According to legend , popcorn balls were invented during a day of wonky Nebraska weather: First heavy rains sent syrup flowing from sorghum grass into the cornfields, then extreme heat caused the corn to pop, and finally a tornado swept the sugar-coated popcorn into clusters. And while the Pennsylvania Amish and Mainers both have strong, proprietary feelings for whoopie pies, Yankee magazine has proclaimed that the best pies are made at a bakery in the Granite State.

New Jersey Salt water taffy Atlantic City, New Jersey, has made a number of lasting contributions to Americana: Monopoly, the Miss America pageant, that Bruce Springsteen song , and, most importantly, those color-coded candy cylinders that, despite their name, contain no salt water.

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New Mexico Bizcochito New Mexico became the first state to adopt a state cookie in , when it made things official with this traditional anise-and-orange-scented sugar biscuit. The fact that New Mexico went out of its way to declare a state cookie before anyone else did speaks to a serious-mindedness that this map would be remiss not to respect. The Big Apple has seen its share of culinary fads , but ranking the best slices of cheesecake in the city remains an ever-popular pastime.

North Carolina Sweet potato pie Sweet potato pie is one of those pan-Southern desserts, a mainstay of soul food with roots in slave cooking. But what sealed the deal for me was a recipe for krumkake on NorthDakotaKitchen. Ohio Buckeye candy Buckeye candy is so called for its resemblance to the nut of the buckeye , the state tree of Ohio and nickname for its residents. Like a cross between peanut butter fudge and peanut butter cups, Buckeye candies consist of a ball of sweet peanut butter dough dipped in melted chocolate.

Long story short, the ranchers were miserable that winter until one resourceful woman started making them fried pies.

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Oregon Blackberry cobbler Blackberries grow like weeds in the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon is the top producing state. Pennsylvania Banana split Thanks in part to the sugar-loving Pennsylvania Dutch, the Keystone State lays claim to loads of desserts: apple dumplings, shoofly pie, whoopie pies, etc.

Rhode Island Frozen lemonade Rhode Island was a tough one: It boasts two iconic sweet substances, coffee milk and frozen lemonade. After a lot of reflection, I decided coffee milk qualifies primarily as a beverage, not a dessert. Tennessee Banana pudding Many states—perhaps all the states—wanted banana pudding as their state sweet. The layered concoction of sliced bananas, vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream is an honest-to-God American treasure. It should not. Texas has covered all its bases where it comes to pecans, and to give this Thanksgiving dessert to any other state would just be wrongheaded.

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Utah Jell-O Utah is the only state whose dessert is the same as its meat. Come to think of it, Jell-O is one of the only desserts that is made out of meat.