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We need fewer divisions, less hate talk. So what? Verse 15 predicts that the law will say they should be killed! During his 60 year ministry, Dr. Herbert Douglass has served as a college theology professor, Atlantic Union College president, vice-president of a publishing house, president of Weimar Institute, vice-president for philanthropy at Adventist Heritage Ministry, and most recently, as consultant for Amazing Facts Ministry.

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Author of many books and articles, Dr. Anyone who has an interest in Bible prophecies should read this book by Herbert E Douglass! The content of this book is and will happen right before your eyes, everyone should be able to see and understand this, unless…………………! I would recommend this book, it brings you accurate and detailed information backed up by correct references. The handwriting of this world's future is on the wall!

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If a person wants to know truth……this is it! God bless! All rights reserved. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Like this: Like Loading Driessen says:. On the nature of Christ Douglass writes: "Jesus was like fallen humanity, identical in form and nature, except that He did not sin. That means He was like fallen humanity in every respect from the stand-point of human equipment, including basic desires and needs. But He was not like fallen humanity from the stand-point of human performance: He did not sin. Douglass was a prominent figure in the s advocating Last Generation Theology , publishing articles in what is now the Adventist Review supporting LGT, [3] along with editor Kenneth H.

He was a leading theologian within the Adventist church. Douglass developed essentially the very same concepts but independently of Andreasen.

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  6. Finally, after these editorials he read Andreasen's views and did find much commonality. But Douglass had developed his concepts, just as Andreasen had, via his careful study of Scripture and reading of Ellen G. White's writings.

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    Douglass taught that Christ's victory over temptation was not on the basis of His divinity but was due to His reliance upon prayer, the study of the Scriptures and reliance upon His Father. This whole emphasis on the humanity of Christ and His identity with the sinner played a vital role in Douglass' theology. Douglass believed that the example of Christ's humanity is vital for the solution to the "great controversy" between Christ and Satan. God is waiting for the possible to happen when a whole generation of fallen men and women will follow the example of Christ, live as He lived in His humanity and finally vindicate the character of God.

    A key contribution by Douglass was his articulation of what came to be known as The Harvest Principle. Douglass believed that man's performance has not always equaled that of Christ. The time will come at the end when fallen man will reduplicate the life of Jesus. In the 'harvest' principle Douglass had found an answer to the problem of man's apparent inadequacy.

    Just as the plant grows from the seed to the stalk and then to the full grain, so Douglass saw each generation of believers growing and developing until we come to a generation which has achieved maturity and perfection. Pointing to Mark and Rev , Douglass argued that God is waiting for a ripe harvest, and as soon as that harvest "is fully ripe", He will thrust in His sickle and reap the earth - the Second Coming of Christ will at last come to pass.

    Douglass promoted the Great Controversy theme GCT as the conceptual key, the organizing principle [13] that leads to an understanding of humanity's greatest questions: How did life begin? Why good and evil, and how does one know the difference?

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    What happens after death? Why suffering and death?

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    The Great Controversy Theme provides the background for the development of evil — the story of Lucifer's Satan's rebellion against the government of God. The thrust of Satan's argument is that God cannot be trusted, that His law is severe and unfair, and thus the Lawgiver is unfair, severe, and arbitrary. It holds together Christ's death for us with the application of His power within us. It shows why God purposes to demonstrate through His end-time people the ultimate fruition of what His grace can do, and clarifies how Satan's charges will be finally negated.

    At the end of time God has called a people to understand, live out, and present to the universe God's love through our individual opportunities in the climax of the great controversy. White after being commissioned by the Ellen G.

    Red Alert: Hurtling into Eternity: Interpreting Today's Headlines in Light of Bible Prophecy

    White Estate. It is a comprehensive treatment of how Ellen White's prophetic gift functioned in her life and ministry. The book does not contain any concepts of Douglass' Last Generation Theology. It is available to read online see below.