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Without national production, Portuguese companies such as Nortada are obliged to import hemp flowers in order to develop their products and sell them in the national market. Thus, under the aforementioned legislation, Production of hemp in Portugal must not only be authorized but supported and encouraged.

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The current refusal of DGAV to issue growing permits puts the farmers in danger and harms an emerging industry. Farmers and their customers require planning security for the season We request the following steps to be taken immediately:. Finally, we would like to call on the Ministries mentioned above to support the hemp industry by liberalizing the industrial uses of the plant without any restrictions and allowing the inclusion of additional varieties in the National Catalog of Agricultural Species, with levels of DeltaTetraHidroCannabinol THC to 0.

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The farmers, cooperatives and companies who sign this document are available for cooperation on all issues concerning hemp to help bring this emerging industry to flourish in Portugal. Your email address will not be published. Com os melhores cumprimentos, Os abaixo assinados. To name but a few: Using hemp instead of Eucalyptus for the paper industry could produce more fibre at less water use, reduce the risk of fires.

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Hemp based construction is rediscovered in many countries right now, as buildings made from Hempcrete have amazing insulation properties, durability, room climate, fire resistance and better carbon footprints than conventional buildings. Hemp is used by car manufacturers to build parts that are not supposed to splinter for security reasons, such as dashboards. There are new developments underway to use hemp based construction materials to build more lightweight cars.

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