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He begins with Dr. Priddy, who was a true believer in the pure-blooded future. He argued the case before the Supreme Court, won, and then basically never mentioned it again. He urged maintaining these quotas when, not many years later, large numbers of Jews were trying to flee Europe.


The team in Virginia asked Laughlin to be an expert witness in the Buck case, and he was happy to oblige. Oliver Wendell Holmes was on the Court when the case was tried and wrote the majority opinion. Cohen provides a detailed backstory for each character who appears, wandering sometimes confusingly far afield. Carrie herself all but disappears in the book.

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Cohen, in fact, does an admirable job collecting scraps of information about her life. She was sterilized soon after the trial, and eventually released from the Colony. She was married in , and again in , after her first husband died. Her own mother, Emma, died in , and Carrie found out when she arrived for a visit, two weeks after the funeral. Carrie was evidently a devoted wife who enjoyed reading the newspaper and doing crosswords and never had much money. People who knew her said that they never noticed any signs of mental deficiency.

In , some reporters found her and asked what she thought about the Supreme Court case that bore her name.

4 Powerful Leadership Lessons From Bruce Lee

No one seems to have asked her before. Using one of the instruments, demonstrate how to tap out the beats to "Hel-lo Chil-dren! Ask them to use their instruments while saying hello to each member of the class. Which child has the most beats in his first name? Which child has the most beats in her entire name?

Invite children to choose a favorite classroom rhyme or poem. Then, ask them to use their instruments to tap out the beat as they recite the rhyme. Repeat the activity several times so they can practice and listen to the rhythm of the rhyme. Provide each child with an instrument to play while they sing a favorite classroom song.

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Now invite half the group to sing while the other half accompanies them on the instruments. Take turns so that each group has a chance to sing and play music. Choose two recorded musical selections for children to accompany with their instruments. Select one fast and one slow composition.

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All such things are excellent signs. For if your team is educated and has a good attitude, but is lacking in the performance department, then that's a reflection of poor leadership on your part. Step it up and remind your team that yours is a place where action matters most. When facing adversity, rediscover and recalibrate yourself so you can be your best no matter what.

In the process, poor Lee threw his back out. His recuperation was long and slow.

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But he used that time to pen a series of writings, all about his favorite process: martial arts. What he couldn't do with his body, he described with his mind and hands, creating written passages that could be of benefit to many others, which were eventually collected in his book Tao of Jeet Kune Do published after his death in The lesson here is to always use whatever resources are available to you, even when you're hit by blocks or limitations. Good leaders know how to inspire such conduct in their teams.

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When it's raining on the field, practice indoors. When your team's down with colds, work on mental strategy instead of practicing moves. And if they're too weak to study, hold a bonding session for them, and watch a movie together. The point is to always make yourself useful.

Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too

Leaders have to think on their feet and be creative in this regard. When obstacles land in the road, the leader must instantly see ways around, above, below and through them. No matter who you lead, they will suffer defeats.

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Whether you're operating in business, sports, the arts or what have you, your team will experience disappointments. It's on you, as the leader, to set an ongoing tone of learning and opportunity from the top, which will help boost morale and realign efforts to continue the fight. In your role as a leader, bear Lee's wisdom in mind. It doesn't matter what the quarterly reports or the scoreboard say.