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I hope you will keep on doing this. Extremely interesting to see that I know out of the top songs in this list just by their names - except for 47 aaaaand Many thanks for the kind comments - and the Europarade will certainly continue. Despite compiling it for such a long time, there's something about this week's that I definitely didn't see coming. The first Europarade of is the 2,nd since it began in - and thirteen hits from Germany give that country the greatest representation.

They include the highest of five new entries - the fourteenth hit for Capital Bra , and higher than all but one of the thirteen he had between April and December of , as it enters at number four.


Meanwhile, a vast number of the ninety-five tracks charting in the top fifteens of Western Europe are Christmas songs from years gone by, many of which are higher than ever before - except in Belgium and the Netherlands, where they aren't allowed to return at all despite renewed popularity.

Seasonal singles from Michael Buble and Ariana Grande make impressive debuts, while seven others re-enter, two of them inside the top ten. When all the rights to the Dutch Top 40 switched from Radio to Qmusic with effect from the beginning of , I optimistically hoped that the new chart may be released earlier than it used to be - but unfortunately a decision seems to have been taken to completely withhold the top three so that no-one will know it until it airs on the chart show on Friday afternoons!

So, unless that policy changes, I will not be able to finalise the new Europarade until around 5. Ninety-eight different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and thirteen of the Swiss top fifteen appear in the 2,rd Europarade, giving that country the greatest representation. They include yet another high new entry also charting in Austria and Germany for a collective of rappers - this time, LX and Maxwell featuring Bonez MC, Gzuz and SA4 - although the top debut is for a rapper with potentially more widespread appeal, Post Malone.

Four more new entries further down, and ten re-entries - two of them inside the top ten! All fourteen of the Christmas-themed songs there have suddenly disappeared - including last week's number one from Mariah Carey. Returning to pole position is a hit not scoring at all in France, Italy or Spain - but it's at number one in seven of the eight other countries. With points, more than twice as many as its closest challenger, that's Ava Max , and "Sweet But Psycho".

It now looks as if last week's secrecy surrounding the Dutch top three was so that it could be revealed live to Davina Michelle during the chart show whether she had beaten the record previously held jointly by Celine Dion and Alexis Jordan and achieved the longest-running number one by a female singer there by remaining at the top for an eleventh week - and she did! So this afternoon's new top forty - in which "Duurt Te Lang" is falling to number three - is already available, and here is the new Europarade.

Ninety-five different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and, as on so many other occasions, it is the Swiss chart from which the most hits fourteen appear in the Europarade. In week , there are six more new entries involving rappers of various nationalities - but two higher debuts, both inside the top twenty, that are pleasantly rap-free. Meanwhile, Post Malone climbs into the top ten with "Wow. Number two now in Denmark, and number one in seven other countries, Ava Max has the continent's most successful hit for an eighth week with "Sweet But Psycho".

Originally Posted by CZB. Ninety-three different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and, yet again, it is the Swiss chart that provides the most Europarade hits. Only the number 15 there, by Rita Ora , is missing from the 2,th Europarade - "Let You Love Me" is one of thirteen songs dropping out to make room for two re-entries and eleven brand new successes. The highest debut is the new number one in all of the German-speaking countries - "Dodi", by rapper Shindy - while the others include the twenty-seventh hit from Westlife.

And, with a lead of forty-seven points over her closest challenger, and still top three in eight countries, Ava Max is very safe at number one in the Europarade for a ninth week with "Sweet But Psycho". Ninety-three different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and, once again, the Swiss chart has the greatest representation - fourteen of the top fifteen there appear in the 2,th Europarade. The three highest of seven new entries are scoring in that country, as more German rap dominate the charts there and of Austria and Germany.

Azet and Zuna are in the top ten in those three territories with "Wenn Die Sonne Untergeht", new at sixteen - while Mero is suddenly number one in two of them and number two in the other. With a winning margin of just five points, that becomes the Europarade's rd number one. Ninety-one different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and, yet again, the Swiss chart has the greatest representation - fourteen of the top fifteen there appear in the 2,th Europarade.

But there is very little change to the top five - Ava Max , scoring everywhere except Spain with "Sweet But Psycho", stays at number two, nine points behind Ariana Grande. Only at number 16 in the Netherlands, but a top ten hit everywhere else, "7 Rings" spends a second week as the Europarade's number one. Eighty-six different tracks appear in the top fifteens of Western Europe this week - and the entire top fifteen in Austria all appear in the 2,th Europarade.

The two highest of eight new entries are both scoring there - Loredana X Mozzik are suddenly in the top five in the three German- speaking countries with "Romeo and Juliet", while "Bury A Friend" gives Billie Eilish a strong debut in all of these plus Denmark, Ireland and the UK. Monument Mercury WIL Mercury BG DAN Mercury Parlophone GEP Mercury C - Kat Family ZS5 GTO Deram EMI Stateside 5C - Hansa DS Scepter Paramount Magnet 1 A Polydor K-Tel BEP re-re.

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Titel von „Gesang bef“ bis „Giribiribi“. © 20.04.12222 by Henry König

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Winamp Generated PlayList

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