Manual Indian Basketry

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Indian basket weaving

Weavers and their families tended and harvested numerous plants on a yearly basis throughout basket-making communities. Some of these plants included willow, sedge, conifer root, grasses, ferns, yucca, and redbud.

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The tremendous influx of new people with different ways of using the land made traditional gathering practices of basketry materials increasingly difficult. As a result of their changing world, many weavers abandoned the practice of weaving for personal use and some began making baskets for sale.


Popular architectural and interior design styles of these years reflected this appreciation as basketry began to be purchased and collected as decorative art. These baskets were sold at regional tourist centers such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Death Valley as well as along railroad lines in the Southwest. Outside buyers unwittingly had a hand in the evolution of Indian basketry as weavers added new designs and shapes to their baskets to reflect the tastes of collectors. Weavers began to incorporate representational motifs of butterflies, animals, flowers, and human figures into their basketry, and oftentimes combined these new designs with traditional ones.

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Weavers further demonstrated their skills by weaving a variety of new shapes and sizes, including miniature baskets, basket-covered bottles, compote bowls, and large elaborately designed baskets. The addition of glass trade beads, feathers, abalone pendants, and clamshell disk beads added to the beauty and desirability of a basket. It was at this time that collectors recognized baskets as works of art. Shipping Information.


View Cart. Native American basketry is fabulous work. Willow, yucca, reeds, devil's claw, and other plants are used in conjunction with nature's colors to produce amazingly wonderful work. Perhaps you will find a fine basket here for your collection of fine Native American art.

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Yokuts polychrome basket, early 20th century. Tubatulabal polychrome basket. Washoe Polychrome degikup basket. Apache tray with figural and star pattern. Late 's. Apache polychrome tray.

Early 20th century Pima figural tray coiled of willow and devil's claw. Havasupai plaque circa Havasupai Star Basketry Bowl. Hopi coiled basketry bowl from around with Kachina and Mudhead designs.

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  5. Hopi burden basket of wicker by Dorleen Gashweseoma Lalo. Early 20th century Hopi yucca plaque.