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Time to gear up for a multi-decade Sino-Indian Cold War.

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Or, maybe the Chinese are just plain inscrutable. Everybody else always thought so. While some degree of open-mindedness and flexibility, to some extent, are definite assets in the highly unpredictable and volatile social world, Indian foreign policy planners cannot be paralysed with a wait-and-see attitude towards a China that is undertaking a rapid revolution in military affairs and has a predatory commodity exports and foreign investment-promotion strategy. Be it the s or the s, India has been passive and lacking in concrete tools for courting and winning over African nations and people.

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I bet those Africans are hopping up and down with glee at the thought of becoming a proxy hotbed for Sino-Indian power struggles. There are, for example, countless Pakistan and Sri Lanka hands in and outside government in India but hardly anyone who has a masterly grasp of the politics and predilections of the Caribbean or Bolivarian America. I wonder if maybe the Indians could outsource that problem.

The revived Policy Planning Division should have the luxury of not being entrusted with one particular brief and instead should have the whole world as its horizon. Inputs do come into the MEA from different embassies and consular missions around the world, but more than collating in-house diplomatic cables and emails is required to arrive at comprehensive estimates and policy adjustments that keep relating back and forth to the refrain of pre-eminent doctrinal foreign policy principles. Intellectual talents that are outside the charmed circle of power holders will have to be mined extensively for situating Indian concerns within larger contexts.

I wonder how they plan to rain rupees on these foreign policy experts, without having them suck up the charming power structure, K-Street style. Global service trade also tends to be more resilient compared with the goods trade during global downturns.

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Overall, India is much better off today than before, thanks to the new face of globalization. But there are many challenges ahead. Globalization of capital flows is also evolving with huge implications for macroeconomic management and growth. Some capital flow tends to be more volatile than others.

India's Foreign Policy in the Globalising World

Remittances, which tend to be more resilient, have been the dominant form of capital inflow into India. They have often exceeded foreign direct investment and other capital inflows in the past see Rahul Anand and Ejaz Ghani, How will changes in globalization impact growth in South Asia, World Bank. Many long-term investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies, which are ideally suited for human and physical infrastructure investments, see India as an important investment destination.

There is increasing interest from global investors in solar power, water management, waste management, affordable housing and much more.

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Policy makers have many options to attract more remittances inflows, issue non-resident Indian NRI bonds, and attract NRI investors from countries with which India has a double-taxation agreement. There is also increasing interest, both from philanthropic and private foundations, in promoting public private partnerships and maximizing finance for welfare development. New technological revolution has huge spillovers and externalities. Data and information technology is now the lifeblood of the global economy, fuelling ideas for new products and services, and advancing the transnational flow of trade, capital, and ideas.

There are at least three times as many connected devices in the world today as there are people. The cross-border flow of digital information—searches, transactions, communications—has increased five-fold since The shift in value from physical to digital information services will only increase. The new era of innovation, in which cutting-edge technologies are replacing old production methods has impacted everybody. It [the book] is a comprehensively written book covering a wide spectrum of issues concerning human rights.

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  4. Download flyer Recommend to Library. Description Contents Reviews Preview The human rights question becomes pertinent in the contemporary situation of political re-configuration, terror—counter terror scenario, economic globalisation and consequent inequality and marginalisation. The book deals with the diverse issues of civil, political, economic and social rights emerging in India, China, South Asia and expatiates on the emergence of the regional human rights mechanism in South Asia, Africa and the Americas.