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Of course, Lennon never actually said that British comedian Jasper Carrott did , in And as soon as The Beatles broke up and Starr was no longer around, McCartney played every single drum track on his first solo album, then on a number of Wings albums and other solo albums thereafter. Furthermore, when moving beyond traditional rock instruments like bass, guitar, keyboard, and drums, McCartney was miles ahead of his bandmates — let alone any of his rock peers. He immersed himself in the art world, painted, wrote poetry, wore glasses, practiced such extreme political activism that he got himself on an FBI watchlist, and starred in a minute film consisting solely of his own penis going from flaccid to erect in slow motion.

He trafficked in music hall confections, pop standards, and safe balladry.

Logan Paul hit new lows in 2018, but it doesn't seem to matter

He stayed out of politics and virtually never got in trouble with the press. He had pinchable cheeks. He looked and sounded like the Beatle that your mother, and your grandmother, would like.

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And in the realms of politics, image, fashion, and self-mythologizing, Lennon was easily more avant-garde than McCartney. Because Lennon sang it and wrote the indeed avant-garde lyrics, we all tend to think of it as his song. But the revolutionary tape loops that dominate the arrangement and mark it as the truly bizarre recording that it is actually came from McCartney. Again, the credit should go to McCartney. This book identifies the core issues that drive this kind of living and offers action steps to help you live a better way.

Kris Kandiah - Paradoxology. C S Lewis - Mere Christianity. C S Lewis - The Screwtape.

The Horrors of ICE’s ‘Trans-Pod’

Jeff Lucas - Staying in the Boat. Hindsight can teach us a lot, but Jeff hopes that you will benefit from some of the things he wishes he had known a little earlier on his journey.


And even if he's achieved all his childhood dreams, maybe that's not enough any more. Nick Page has been there, and he decided to build a shed.

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Not to answer the question, but so that he'd at least be able to get some peace to think about it properly. Everyday Supernatural.

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Paul McCartney Gets Saucy, and Slightly Serious, on ‘Egypt Station’ – Variety

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