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There were priests, a choirmaster, teachers, and a violinist, while others were merely described as a "pervert" or a "paedophile" News of the World, 23 July Other sections of the newspaper included "Help and advice, 10 facts to shock every parent", including a Scotland Yard claim that 64 per cent of child molesters "re-offend four or more years after their first conviction", and "What to do if there is a pervert on your doorstep", with guidelines from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

An interview with Ray Wyre, described as a "senior sex crime psychologist" ran under the headline "Their evil is incurable, says crime expert" News of the World, 23 July This campaign demonstrated that the media are not united in approaches to child abuse. Opposition to the News of the World campaign was not slow in appearing. The paper remained defiant, despite the criticism. The criticism was persistent. The first reports of mistaken identity started to appear now, with a man in Manchester mistaken for one of those named and shamed. The Daily Telegraph editorial wasted no time in attacking the News of the World:.

Rebekah Wade, the new editor of the News of the World, claims the most high-minded and public-spirited motives for her decision to publish the names and whereabouts of , people who have been convicted of sex offences against children. She is doing it, she says, for Sarah Payne, the eight-year-old whose naked body was found in West Sussex. Ms Wade stressed that she did not want any "vigilante acts". Editorial, The Daily Telegraph, 24 July The paper then goes on to criticise the "extreme animosity" displayed by the News of the World towards those named and shamed by giving examples of the language used:.

Meanwhile the leader column raged: "No more freedom for the fiends". If Ms Wade is really against displaying animosity, her choice of inflammatory language is inexplicable. Voice of the Mirror, 3 August 6. It now seems to be Wade herself who is hiding. Born a: Even the public support for the campaign was challenged:. The News of the World boasted that public opinion was firmly behind its campaign, with 88 per cent in favour of "naming and shaming" sex offenders. But public opinion is fickle. Successful newspaper campaigns — which can take years — need to have the backing of at least some relevant experts.

The Daily Telegraph pursued the News of the World just as the News of the World was determined to pursue child molesters. Probation officers produced a dossier of evidence yesterday to show that children were being put at risk as a result of the campaign by the News of the World to "name and shame" paedophiles. Laville 6. A measured piece with the headline "Killing of child brought change to US law", the article provided arguments for and against such a law Fenton 6. The News of the World yesterday abandoned its campaign to "name and shame" paedophiles amid increasing criticism that it was to blame for vigilante attacks.

The Sunday tabloid, which has published photographs and addresses of 83 convicted sex offenders over two weeks, said it was dropping its "naming procedure" after meeting the police and child welfare groups. Born b: 1. Inside the paper, and flagged on page one, three pieces described how the campaign went wrong, and were so flagged on page one. On some accounts, journalists are crusaders uncovering the truth, according to Franklin This understanding is based on six assumptions: journalists are independent of government; journalism is "relatively egalitarian"; journalism is conducted independently of economic pressure; journalists act as "watchdogs" of the public interest; and journalists underpin democratic principles Franklin These "giddy claims", Franklin 29 , provoke "incredulity" amongst many, and the assumptions must be significantly qualified.

Aldridge examined the UK print media coverage of a number of child abuse deaths during the period , including the death of Tyra Henry. She concludes that: "In its intimate relationship with the family and the state, social services work offers a multi-faceted and very soft target for some sections of the national press when intervention seems to have failed in certain specific circumstances" Aldridge On the other hand, Aldridge suggests that there are other occasions when: "any intervention at all is construed as a mistake, and still others when real mistakes seem not to produce the furore that they could have — or even should have" Aldridge As noted above, such events may be described as "legislation by tabloid" Franklin and Lavery 26 or as "tabloid turbulence" Moore Goddard and Liddell , argue that this media coverage needs to be taken seriously.

Aldridge suggests that broadsheet newspapers have not only become more like tabloids a process she calls "tabloidisation" 93 but that broadsheets have a similar "architecture" Broadsheets and tabloids in Australia have all taken part in calls for child protection reform. This writing is frequently criticised for being too emotional: "Much of the writing on child abuse is emotional, reflecting the strong feelings aroused by the subject.

Many articles, books and broadsheets are laced with affect and tinged with hyperbole. Objective and balanced writing exists, but not in overabundance" Myers b: While much of the scholarly analysis of the media coverage of child abuse and child protection has considered what has been described as the "unevenness" of reporting Franklin and Parton 9 , little attention has been paid to analysis of the language used to describe child abuse and the child victims in media texts.

Goddard and Saunders a: 39 suggest that this deficit may, in part at least, be due to the complexity of the issue: "Discourse analysis involves a number of disciplines, including literary studies, philosophy, sociology, social and cognitive psychology, linguistics and others. In contrast, the importance of the language used to describe social issues has been widely recognised in other fields. The news, as Fowler has noted, is not "a natural phenomenon" but "a product".

Language is seen as a major issue for feminists Cameron with sexist features of language well documented Fairclough The media have been described as projecting and perpetuating racism Smitherman-Donaldson and Van Dirk Myths about rape, it is claimed, have been perpetuated by gender bias in language Benedict Fairclough argues that textual analysis should play an important role in all social science research. In methodological terms, texts can produce evidence about social structures, processes and relationships.

Historical analysis can provide evidence of social change while, in political terms, social control and domination are exercised through texts Fairclough Goddard and Saunders a describe research examining the coverage of child abuse cases in three major Australian newspapers together with some analysis of UK newspapers. Goddard and Saunders a cite examples from tabloid and broadsheet newspapers where children described as abused, neglected or at risk may lose their gender as the story unfolds.

The pronoun "it" is substituted and, as a result, the child originally described as a boy or girl becomes an object. They label this phenomenon "gender slippage" a: 42 and propose that it may be "an emotional, perhaps unconscious response, to unpleasant situations" a: Textual analysis of some child sexual abuse reports led to the discovery that the words used to describe the abuse may seriously reduce the seriousness of the offences.

The headline clearly states the seriousness of the offences, but textual analysis by the researchers revealed that the serious and repeated sexual assault of the young girl has been represented in a way that reduces the impact of the crimes. The sexual assault is called an "affair", the perpetrator and victim are described as having a "relationship", and the victim and perpetrator are even called "the couple" Goddard and Saunders a: The irony, of course, is that perpetrators of such serious abuse often use this "lexical redescription" a: 43 in order to rationalise their violence against, and sexual abuse of, children Butterworth Such language in the media reframes serious sexual abuse of a child by an adult male as a "consensual relationship between adults" Goddard and Saunders a: On April 20 The Age carried an unattributed story "Mother killed 4 babies, court told".

Accompanied by a small postage-stamp sized photograph of a woman identified as Ms. On the same day The Herald Sun , under the headline "Four murder counts" reported the same story, also on page three:. A year-old mother charged with the deaths of her four infant children appeared in court yesterday. The Herald Sun story was also accompanied by a photograph, slightly larger, of Ms. Unfortunately, the woman pictured on page three of the Herald Sun did not appear to be the same woman pictured on page three of The Age. Mrs R. The Age profoundly regrets the error and apologises to Mrs R.

On the same day The Australian carried a more prominent story under the headline "Wrong woman in death photo". The journalists reported that:. A woman wrongly identified as an alleged murderess in front page newspaper reports was traumatised and under heavy sedation at her home yesterday. Walker, Tedmanson and Videnieks 3. The "Media" supplement in The Australian provided an analysis by Mark Day of the "terrible mistake":. Mistakes do happen.

Newspapers are put together by humans. The remarkable thing is that there are not more mistakes. A newspaper without a single error would be worth framing. Day 4. The tone of the analysis by the media of a media "mistake" starkly contrasts with the criticisms by much of the media of child protection "mistakes". In spite of claims that media interest in child abuse is a "fairly recent phenomenon" Franklin and Parton 11 , press coverage of the problem has been discovered as early as the mid-nineteenth century.

Over time however, the intensity of media coverage has changed see Introduction above and the focus has shifted to an assessment of child protection responses. In the United Kingdom, in particular, social workers in child protection are: "denounced as wimps if they fail to intervene but decried as bullies if they intervene too much. Despite acknowledgment that child protection work is "immensely difficult, extremely stressful, maybe dangerous to the workers, and more often criticised than appreciated" Saunders and Goddard a: 41 , child protection workers "rather than the abuser can appear in press reports as the major threat to children" Franklin 8.

This no-win situation faced by child protection workers is arguably inherent in their potentially conflicting duties to both protect children and to preserve families Goddard b. Child protection work inevitably involves both "assessing risk and taking risks" Cooper 78 , and it is acknowledged that child protection work: "is complex, overwhelming, multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional. Ethical, moral and emotional issues abound…High levels of complexity and uncertainty inevitably create anxiety in workers and organisations" Goddard, Saunders, Stanley and Tucci There is also recognition that professional judgements must be made, and that inevitably, decisions will sometimes be wrong and have tragic outcomes.

As a consequence,the negativemedia coverage of child protection responses to child abuse has led to the development of more sophisticated media strategies on the part of the organisations see, for example, Goddard and Liddell ; Franklin and Parton Issues of privacy and confidentiality often constrain direct challenges to media coverage but, nonetheless, there have been concerted attempts to develop effective and productive relationships with the media.

Franklin and Parton suggest that these are created: "both for coping defensively with persistent media hostility and, more proactively, for promoting more positive and sympathetic images. In spite of these public relations developments, individual practitioners in child health and welfare may still be identified and their practice may be subjected to close and critical scrutiny. This trend started in the UK with the inquiry into the death of Maria Colwell in The social worker in that case, identified in the media, became the focus of the "search for blame", and requested protection when she appeared at the public inquiry proceedings Aldridge Developments in building better relationships with the media may enhance the image of the organisations involved, but many offer little protection to individual workers working in less than optimal circumstances.

As noted above, the media play an important role in constructing what is "deviant" in our society and, therefore, what is normal Ericson et al. Ericson and his colleagues argue that journalists articulate the "proper bounds to behaviour" in our society 3. Children are the only "group of people" in our society who are "routinely hit" Willow and Hyder 93 , sometimes with both legal and social sanction.

Indeed, McGillivray has observed that "childhood at present is defined by corporal punishment".

Child abuse and the media | Child Family Community Australia

However, media coverage of the physical punishment of children and the language employed rarely focuses on the perspectives of children see, for example, Willow and Hyder Further, the physical punishment of children presents the media with an opportunity to use puns in newspaper headlines see Saunders and Goddard b and a :. As noted by Saunders and Goddard , such reporting stands in stark contrast to the coverage of events where a child is seriously or fatally injured as a result of excessive physical punishment, or "reasonable" physical discipline "gone wrong".

The tone of media reporting in such cases aptly reflects the seriousness of this issue:. Although the physical punishment of children has been banned in a number of countries Sweden ; Finland ; Norway ; Austria ; Cyprus ; Denmark ; Latvia ; Croatia ; Germany ; and Bulgaria , it appears that the media in Australia prefer to regard it as "normal" rather than "deviant" behaviour.

In some cases the "light smack or tap on the hand or bottom" Goddard a: turns "into beating and so along the line to the point where abuse laws, or the criminal law, can be invoked" Boss Indeed, many deaths and severe injuries of infants and young children may be linked to "confusion about, or reluctance to condemn, corporal punishment of a child" Goddard a: As a general rule, media coverage of the issue in Australia has tended to be conservative and has failed to make the connection see Saunders and Goddard b.

This view of "physical punishment" is also reflected in the media elsewhere. The following headlines appeared in the same newspaper within one week:. The principal focus of the book is on what Hechler terms the "backlash". Hechler, an investigative journalist, claims that a "backlash" started in Jordan, Minnesota.

A widely publicised case, where it was alleged that adults ran a child sex ring, collapsed and defendants were acquitted. Just as the media "discovered" child abuse, according to Hechler it also "discovered" the "backlash". Hechler 7 links cases where "charges turned bizarre" to the creation of a "backlash": "Allegedly abused children were talking about strange rituals, possibly satanic, involving the killing.

They told of eating excrement, drinking urine, and observing the murder. It is interesting to note the language used by Hechler in his book. He writes that "one thing is clear: there is a war" 3, emphasis in original. A newspaper advertisement likening a pre-school sexual abuse case to a witch hunt is described as "an example of the salvos that have been fired" Hechler 3. Myers a , provided more detailed analysis of media coverage of child abuse.

The theme of the book is provided by the second sentence of the first chapter: "In the late s, after a period of almost exclusively favourable media attention, child protection became more publicly controversial" Finkelhor 1. According to Finkelhor, all social movements "engender backlash", travelling through "cycles of attention and controversy", and can be said to have a "natural history" 1. Child abuse, and child sexual abuse in particular, "have clearly arrived on the public agenda" and have been "occupying center stage" for far longer than most social problems do 2.

Success, according to Finkelhor, has also been achieved because of the "symbolic strength" of the fight against child abuse. Child sexual abuse in particular, he argues, has been even more "symbolically powerful" 3. This is because child sexual abuse unites three important preoccupations of the period: sexuality, changing gender and family relations, and the relationship between crime and justice 4. Myers b examines the literature on the so-called "backlash". Reviewing newspapers, magazines, books and broadcast media, he discerns a "disturbing trend": reporting is increasingly critical of the child protection system b: Myers also states that "coverage of child sexual abuse is particularly vitriolic" b: Myers also states that it is necessary to distinguish between two types of criticism of the child protection system: legitimate and illegitimate criticism.

According to Myers, there are several themes that dominate the literature on the "backlash". He summarises the themes using the print and broadcast media, as well as books and journals. The major themes summarised are as follows. In the first, it is alleged that the whole child protection system is "out of control" and has major problems. In the second, child protection is seen as a witch hunt, with parallels drawn to the Salem witchcraft trials of the late 17th century.

In the third theme, professionals involved in child protection are portrayed as unstable and contributing to hysteria about child abuse Myers b: Other connected themes include the portrayal of professionals as the problem b or as "Nazis" b: Myers also claims that those who are responsible for the "backlash literature" and who are critical of child protection use "rhetorical devices" to support their arguments b: Research at the Child Abuse and Family Violence Research Unit at Monash University Goddard and Saunders b has led to rejection of the term "backlash" in this paper in favour of "contested aspects" of child sexual abuse.

Some aspects of child protection practice have become contested, with considerable argument about the grounds for, and level of, intervention. The use of the term "backlash", it is argued, is inappropriate. While Goddard and Saunders b found that the number of articles in the print media critical of child protection services has increased, there continue to be many articles exposing the extent of child sexual abuse. Indeed, the suggestion of a significant "backlash" is contradicted by other researchers. For example, Jenkins , reviews the subject of "clergy abuse" in the media: "Prior to the late s, the use of these two words [clergy and abuse] almost invariably produced stories about clergy being active in the fight against drug abuse or child abuse, but this picture changed with a tremendous upsurge of stories about clergy themselves being active as abusers" Jenkins Jenkins found that the number of stories about the clergy as perpetrators of abuse increased dramatically in the late s and early s.

It is hard to equate these and other findings with any significant "backlash". It is also important to note that "contested aspects" may be unavoidable in some circumstances. As Hechler acknowledges in his book, referring to an American case, uncertainty may always be with us: "What really happened in Jordan Minnesota? All the questions may never be answered.

It will take a book or two to begin the process" 8. Pyck makes similar points in an analysis of the Cleveland case in the United Kingdom and the Oude Pekela case in the Netherlands. In the words of Pyck, these were "the high-profile, multiple-victim cases" The important distinction, according to our continuing media analysis, is summarised succinctly by Pyck, describing the media coverage about the Cleveland case: "Some reporting was thorough and objective, although other stories were exaggerated and distorted" Interestingly, Hechler uses a similar distinction when reviewing the Jordan case: "While some of the coverage was superficial and sensational, there were articles that examined the issues more carefully" 6.

It is interesting in this context to return to some of the earlier literature. Wilkinson reviewed the coverage of child abuse by the Washington Post. He inquired into whether the newspaper covered child abuse on a systematic basis and whether child abuse received the same coverage as politics, fashion or recipes. His answer was that the Washington Post did not cover the problem in the same systematic fashion, and he proposed a number of reasons for this.

First, the competition for space in the newspaper is fierce. Second, child abuse does not easily fit one particular area of reporting; it can be part of police, medical, political or sociological reporting, and therefore tends to "fall through the cracks" Fourth, other sources of news, such as hospital emergency rooms, present reporters with additional problems, particularly over verifying accusations of abuse. In her review of the coverage of child abuse in magazines, Signorielli paid particular attention to the issue of sensationalism. She reports that sensationalism is a major concern of professionals who argue that "sensationalist coverage distorts and exploits a serious problem".

The other side of the coin, she proposes, is that sensationalism involves "reporters and editors trying to. Much of the media coverage in the United Kingdom and the United States that is described as part of a "backlash" is concerned with child protection responses rather than with child abuse itself. For instance, Aldridge writes of "inordinately hostile press coverage" of social workers in United Kingdom child protection.

Franklin and Parton , again in the UK, suggest that social workers in child protection are described in the media as "fools" or "wimps" in some cases, or "villains" and "bullies" in others. Little attention has been paid to the impact of sensationalist coverage on child protection practice itself. In an interview with a social services manager, Goddard a, b shows that in one case in the United Kingdom the more extreme features of the abuse were not emphasised, in an attempt to avoid sensationalist media coverage.

Part of a perceived "backlash" may also be the result of poor media relations skills in protective services. Tate describes child protection as becoming "defensive, terse and unforthcoming" in the face of sensationalist media coverage. The press is a vital conduit — perhaps the vital conduit for the creation of a political climate which either enables or obstructs good child protection work. The continuing analysis by Goddard and Saunders b of the media coverage of child abuse suggests that both "contested" and "uncontested" aspects of child sexual abuse may be treated in a sensational manner by the media.

However, "contested aspects", such as recovered or false memories, and ritual and satanic abuse for example, Richardson et al. The media do not easily report uncertainty. As Gorelick suggests, "any subtlety or middle ground in the public discourse is virtually obliterated". One of the most hotly "contested aspects" of child sexual abuse in recent years has been that of recovered or false memories.

Once again, this is an area where the choice of words reveals a great deal. The work of Deacon et al. Their analysis of the newspaper article focuses on "the issue of definitional power, exploring the different ways in which competing institutional sources, media professionals and audience members seek to define the meaning" Deacon et al. They declare that the basic issue is: "whether these memories are real recollections of actual events, or whether they are false — implanted in the minds of vulnerable individuals by therapists who employ dubious therapeutic practices in particular related to hypnotic regression and suggestion and who are professionally obsessed with the issue of child abuse and its prevalence" They argue that in order to "understand and evaluate.

The Guardian story analysed by Deacon et al. It is particularly interesting to note that Deacon et al. The conclusions drawn by the BPS report were "equivocal" and thus might be difficult to "convey to the media" Two are of particular significance for this review. First, there was open conflict between the two organisations over the BPS report and the issue of recovered or false memories.

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Second, both attempted to set the agenda of the media as both believed media response to be crucial in influencing the broader debates on the subject. The status of the BPS was influential and the organisation of the launch, which allowed for forward planning, was also helpful. This was counterbalanced by the actions of the BFMS, which created extra "news value" by objecting to the report Goddard b has written of the media coverage, and of similar tactics used in Australia by Broken Rites, a pressure group representing victims of clergy abuse, in connection with a press conference held by the Catholic Church in Melbourne.

The study by Deacon et al. The BPS is thus given a "discursive ascendancy" Skidmore 93 has also emphasised the importance of "credibility of sources" and of who gains the title of "expert". From these they concluded that audience decoding of the message created by the journalist occurred at "evaluative" rather than "interpretative" levels Deacon et al. They argue that mass media research has not developed in an "incremental" or "linear" fashion but rather by "moments of sudden transition and transformation" 5.

Understanding of child sexual abuse can be viewed as developing in a similar manner. Tracing the story from its production to its reception, Deacon et al. Some authors have suggested that the critical media coverage of child protection services, the so-called "backlash", is deserved. Pinker , for example, in a review of Aldridge , claims that negative media coverage of social workers in child protection is a result of the: "sheer scale of the professional errors, the tragedies and the injustices uncovered.

Of course, there have been times when newspapers have oversimplified some of the issues but such errors are as nothing compared to the sort of incompetence on which they are reporting. It is argued that the use of the term "backlash", deserved or not, to describe some media coverage of child sexual abuse is not only inappropriate but also serves to conceal other legitimate criticisms of how the media sometimes report the problem. For example, Franklin and Parton assessed the content of the United Kingdom coverage of child abuse in general and found examples of seven main criticisms.

They claim that: reporting is often sensationalised and trivialised; tends to be biased; presents an oversimplified account; contains inaccuracies and misrepresentation; seeks scapegoats; is sometimes racist; and is often sexist. Franklin and Parton make an important contribution in their analysis of what the media do not cover. It is suggested that further research into what is not reported in the Australian media would add to the contextual understanding of media coverage. Whether or not there is a "backlash", there is continuing debate about how child abuse should be defined, and who should be doing the defining.

Catherine Lumby appears to suggest that too much attention is paid to the problem: "One of the problems is that the burgeoning academics, professional and popular discourse on the subject of child abuse has created a pervasive definitional problem when it comes to separating genuine victims of abuse from those who recognise themselves in the often emotive jargon which clouds the issue. However, it is argued that media coverage is vital if public concern for children is to remain on the political agenda, and if child protection services are to remain accountable.

Further, in addition to their role in highlighting specific childhood concerns, journalists may also exert a powerful influence on social and political responses to all children and are thus in a prime position to advocate for children in society. The challenge for those involved in child welfare and child protection then, is to make greater efforts to understand media influences and to use the media constructively.

While a "partnership of equals" with some sections of the media may be impossible, a more active partnership is essential if the complexities of child abuse and child protection are to be responsibly debated and appropriate goals are to be set Goddard and Liddell In the next Clearinghouse Issues Paper no. Her PhD research, Physical discipline of children and the intergenerational transmission of family violence, is supported by the Australian Research Council and Australians Against Child Abuse.

The authors wish to acknowledge the support of Australians Against Child Abuse in their continuing research. This paper draws, in part, on Goddard, C. Copyright information. Review of theoretical constructs relating to child abuse prevention, health promotion strategies and the development of healthy communities. In recognition of National Child Protection Week we've brought together a range of our resources that focus on preventing child abuse and neglect.

In this paper, we look at the issues facing those responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children in the context of parental separati. CFCA offers a free research and information helpdesk for child, family and community welfare practitioners, service providers, researchers and policy makers through the CFCA News.

Google Tag Manager. The medical and media "discovery" of child abuse In , Dr. Daniel Valerio When the Liberal-National coalition was elected to government in Victoria in October , its stated policy was one of opposition to mandatory reporting. The coverage of the murder trial was turned into a campaign by the Herald Sun , entitled "Save our Children". Every day the paper contained a pro-forma letter, demanding the introduction of mandatory reporting, which could be cut out and sent to the Minister for Community Services. This campaign was reinforced by talk-back radio who combined with the Herald Sun to call a public meeting to debate the issues.

Media resources were used to establish that most Ministers opposing mandatory reporting had been on record as supporting the initiative when in Opposition. The campaign had a clear and simple goal — to force the introduction of mandatory reporting. Children and privacy — the shame of naming A common criticism of the media is that only the more grotesque cases of child abuse are reported.

Judicial Proceedings Reports Act Vic. In the case of consent under para 4 1B b of the Act, the victim must have some comprehension of the consequences of losing his or her anonymity as a victim of a sexual offence" Collins 61 Derryn Hinch a talk-back broadcaster and TV presenter and Television and Telecasters Melbourne Pty Ltd were charged under the Act when the identity of an eight-year-old boy pseudonym William , who had been sexually assaulted by two men, was publicly revealed.

The child victim of assault The above summary identifies some of the issues arising from a brief review of the literature. There are, however, a number of other unresolved issues relevant to the child victim of assault: It is not clear why the child victim of physical assault should not be granted the same rights to privacy as the victim of sexual assault. In the latter cases the victim is given anonymity. This anomaly requires consideration. There are cases, for example, where it may be difficult to distinguish physical abuse from sexual abuse. For example, injuries to the genitalia may be physical injuries inflicted for a sexual purpose.

While there are many books and articles that cover the effects of child abuse for example, Goddard a the victim of serious intra-familial abuse faces particular problems that are not faced by many other victims of crime. The most obvious is that the crime committed by parents or caregivers does not necessarily end the relationship between perpetrator and victim. This makes the media coverage of these issues particularly sensitive. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child clearly states Article 16 that no child "shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy", and also pays attention to his or her reputation.

Children, the evidence suggests, often blame themselves for their own victimisation. This is another reason for media sensitivity to their needs. The media clearly have major social responsibilities in the area of child abuse. While many of their efforts in exposing problems and educating the public are praiseworthy, there are risks to the child. Children who are physically abused are often told that it is their fault and that the abuse is punishment. As a result they internalise messages of guilt and self-blame.

These may be exacerbated by media coverage, which may be discovered later and re-awaken these feelings. While the law is extremely important, changes in the law alone can only achieve limited change. Bowcott and Clouston 2 The role of newspapers in "outing" convicted child molesters is examined in another piece in the same paper by Gary Younge Does media coverage create or reflect public dissatisfaction? News of the World, 23 July , emphasis in original Under the headline, "Does a monster live near you?

News of the World, 23 July , emphases in original And so the listing began. The Daily Telegraph editorial wasted no time in attacking the News of the World: Rebekah Wade, the new editor of the News of the World, claims the most high-minded and public-spirited motives for her decision to publish the names and whereabouts of , people who have been convicted of sex offences against children. Editorial, The Daily Telegraph, 24 July 21 The paper then goes on to criticise the "extreme animosity" displayed by the News of the World towards those named and shamed by giving examples of the language used: "Pervert pounced on year-old", said the caption beneath one of the 49 photographs of offenders published in the paper.

Even the public support for the campaign was challenged: The News of the World boasted that public opinion was firmly behind its campaign, with 88 per cent in favour of "naming and shaming" sex offenders. Born b: 1 Inside the paper, and flagged on page one, three pieces described how the campaign went wrong, and were so flagged on page one.

A case of mistaken identity On April 20 The Age carried an unattributed story "Mother killed 4 babies, court told". On the same day The Herald Sun , under the headline "Four murder counts" reported the same story, also on page three: A year-old mother charged with the deaths of her four infant children appeared in court yesterday.

The journalists reported that: A woman wrongly identified as an alleged murderess in front page newspaper reports was traumatised and under heavy sedation at her home yesterday. The "Media" supplement in The Australian provided an analysis by Mark Day of the "terrible mistake": Mistakes do happen. Day 4 Media "mistakes" vs child protection "mistakes" The tone of the analysis by the media of a media "mistake" starkly contrasts with the criticisms by much of the media of child protection "mistakes". Defining child abuse: media portrayal of "physical punishment" As noted above, the media play an important role in constructing what is "deviant" in our society and, therefore, what is normal Ericson et al.

The tone of media reporting in such cases aptly reflects the seriousness of this issue: How long must the children suffer? The child protection system Much of the media coverage in the United Kingdom and the United States that is described as part of a "backlash" is concerned with child protection responses rather than with child abuse itself.

The following case study provides important contextual analysis of this area. Contested aspects of child sexual abuse: "recovered" vs false memories One of the most hotly "contested aspects" of child sexual abuse in recent years has been that of recovered or false memories. Other criticisms Some authors have suggested that the critical media coverage of child protection services, the so-called "backlash", is deserved. Routledge, London. Aldridge, M. Allison, J. Newbury Park, Sage. Anon, , "Baby locked up", Herald Sun , 3 May. Anon, , "Mother killed 4 babies, court told", The Age, 20 April, p.

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Unpublished doctoral thesis, City University, New York. Gough, D. Gower, P. Grabosky, P. Pluto Press, Sydney. Greber, J. Gregory, P. Griffin, R. Iowa University Press, Ames. Hechler, D. You may be able to find out more about your books on a used book website: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall.

  1. With Hearts Full of Joy;
  2. cmsaunders.
  3. Electromagnetic Fields and Circadian Rhythmicity (Circadian Factors in Human Health and Performance).
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  7. Chronique de lannée 2010 (French Edition)!
  8. We recently experienced a fire in our office where I had several vintage books. Can you tell me the value of these books? The Book says the 2nd Edition. The 1st was by John Taylor. Published in Boston in , Printed and sold by S. Kneeland, opposite to the probate-office in Queen-street. The Book has Samuel Dunbar signature.

    He was instrumental in arranging the meeting between Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Joseph Warren to write the Suffolk Resolves, believed to be the precursor to the Declaration of Independence. What would become known as the Suffolk Resolves was first discussed at this meeting. Samuel Dunbar a Harvard educated parish minister. His Eulogy was read by Paul Revere.

    So the two questions are. A Binion and S. Malevsky Published by Thomas Y. New York. The book is Blue Cloth hardback with green, purple and gold on the front. Is has two sets of copyright dates on the inside, , by Henry Altemus, and , by Thomas Y. If you could provide me with any information I would forever be in your debt. Thank you for extending the courtesy of your wisdom. Sincerely, Deborah R. Deborah, the first was published in London in All copyright dates are the same.

    You may email a photo of the title page to me and I can tell you whether it is truly from or not. I have a lovely book I cannot find reference to anywhere. What makes it unusual is the cover. It is tightly bound in brown suede and has two multicolored leaves that look and feel handpainted onto the sued. It belonged to my great grandfather, who was born in s. Walsh, Ellwood Harvey and John Elderken. Ashmead, Printer. Copy write is and has over engravings within the book. The cover is emerald green cloth with gold and black embellished pictures on the front and binding.

    As far as I can tell all the pages are there but the binding is loose and worn on the top and bottom. This is a hard copy and has no dust cover. Any help you could give me will be most appreciated. The information on your site was very helpful. Thank you, Diane. Diane, Thank you for your comment. I must not be looking in the right place. It is leather bound and well used.

    Can you help me by pointing me towards a website or person who can give me an idea as to the value of this book? I found a book that has been in our fanily for several generations and would like to know what the value may be. Many are first editions and a vareity of subjects. There are also leather bound and other very interesting features. I am not a book expert, but was wondering where I could go to get a good appraisal of my books.

    Thank you for your help. The best course of action is to pick out a few that you think might be first editions and do a little homework, or, if this is not feasible, send along the basic book information author, title, imprint city, printer, date either as a typed document or as photographs of title pages. I have a copy of The Seawolf, signed by Jack London. In extremely good condition. No published date, only last copyright date of The first edition of the Sea Wolf came out in , and is collectible.

    This later edition would not be appropriate for a rare book auction. I thank you for your insight to on what to look for in old books. I was wondering if you could direct me further on value. Oddly, there is inscriptions by Lolo D. Gillispie dated and another by Donna J. Barrell dated Barrell was her daughter. The book is red cloth like. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your comment.

    Best — Devon. I have a book in excelant condition titled Leaders of the 19th century. Copyright Would it have any value? I have a first edition of The phantom of the opera published by bobbs and Merrill , Trying to get a value of the book. Appleton and Company. The book is in good condition, can you please give by the value of what this book might be. Thank You. I would be interested to hear what, if anything, you have learned about it since you posted almost a year ago.

    Regards, Erynne. Queensland, Australia. Hi Erynne. Thank you! Charles M. Sheldon, D. A or N Aforniohan W. No jacket but good shape. Any ideas?? I have a leather bound set of The Marvelous Miniature Library. All are stamped Made in France. Published by Miniature Dictionary Publishers, Inc. Minkus, New York. No dates. Do you know when these may be been published? Would you have an approximate value of this collection?

    It would be below our minimum for auction. No slip covers. They are in excellent condition some slight yellowing on the hard cover but no tears inside or out. No writting and no dogears. Can you give me an idea of their value. Volumes They have the paper covers but there is nothing written on the covers just a cut out so the volume number conveniently shows through the hole.

    They are in excellent condition. No torn pages, writting nor dogears. Thanks for your comments. They are not something we would handle at auction. They are in good condition no paper covers and have been in a box in a closet for the last 50 years. Are they of interest in the antique book market? Thank you for your response. I have a good condition Les Miserables two volume set. Hapgood translator They have gold covered top edges and have many page bottoms joined. No markings except for a large gift inscription on inside cover and facing page blank.

    Possibly never read. Slightly marred title on the spine of Vol II. The absence of a book jacket that never existed does not affect the value of the book, so for books printed before book jackets were invented… this is a question that cannot be answered briefly. I have a edition of Hiawatha that appears to be covered with alligator skin. It is in very good condition. What would the value be? Pamela, Thanks for commenting. Thanks for the great info.

    I believe this is the first American printing. The book is is in good condition with some wear at the top and bottom of the spine. Is this book of value on the antique book market? Dennis, Thank you for your comment. We are clearing out my mothers house. We found an Websters Dictionary in good condition. Is this something we should sell at an estate sale or privately if it is valuable? We cannot find a way to approximate the value. Please advise.

    I found a book at a used book store that I have been wondering about. Widdleton, Publisher. The binding is battered and the pages are yellowed with age, but otherwise it is in good shape with a lovely marbled cover. Do you think that is a fair price? Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website to find out what your autograph book may be worth at auction: secure. Very informative website. I have also come into a large collection of mostly older books. Thank you again for the information posted.

    Most of the books I suspect date between s to s. Are there any other tools out there that you could suggest that may help me separate the low-end books from the potential high end? Thank you again. Best of luck with the collection. I purchased a box of books at an auction and would like to know the value of one in particular. Brown Girl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall. Random House. First Printing. Hi, My mom was given this book to her by a friend many years ago and she has had it tucked away.

    She gave it to me as she is getting up in age and I was wondering if it is worth anything. Clemens above when my copy was printed and I would guess that would have been the 1st edtion. I have a book titled on outside Don Juan, it is intricately tooled leather, with two colors, black and brown. Smith It was given to my great uncle by a friend in as is inscribed. Any information you could give me is appreciated, thank you for your time. I have a book by T. Published by A. Worthington in It has a preface by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It has a green cover with gold decoration.

    AIFS Secondary links

    It has illustrations inside with tissue protective covering over each one. Any value? Gibbins titled Industry in England in very good condition. Curious if anyone knows if any value as the book is really in incredible condition for its age aside from some penciled in notes from an obvious past student. Steve, Thanks for your comment. This book is not something we would handle at auction.

    Hardcover binding is worn on the edges and edges are starting to come apart. Any value , any interest? Merle, Thank you for your comment. I recently obtained 4 books and would like to obtain their values: 1. I have a 1st edition, 1st printing of grapes of wrath and a 1st edition, 1st printing of Sweet Thursday that is signed and inscribed. Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website in order to find out what your books may be worth at auction: secure.

    Thank you very much for the informative article and thanking you in advance for any advice you may offer. New York D. Binding is intact. Has gilt gold brer rabbit on brown cover. Ripped blank page but still present. Also…I found The Deerslayer. Fenimore Cooper. I only find a reference to this publishing in a Pittsburg Gazette ad in The condition of the paper seems quite old.

    Thank you, Adrian Stocks. To find out what these two books may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It is an A4 size book. I am wondering what this may be valued at? I have several books that I would appreciate your professional opinion on: 1.

    Lippincott Company, First Edition 2. I have the two volume set of Dr. I want to donate them to a local auction and was wondering what the value range might be. I have two books I am interesting in getting a value for. A few websites have ranged from dollars, and have left me a little in the dark of what to expect. It is in surprisingly good condition, with no tears or cracks, and only slight to moderate wear on the covers and binding. This edition is black, with the illustrated whale head breaching out of water on the cover, and the whale tail along the binding.

    Neither book has a jacket, but I believe neither originally came with one.

    You are here

    Neither has any writing in the book, or any tears or cracks. Thank you for your time! I recently came upon a first edition American imprint of Wharton, J. The Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of Jurisprudence. Not the Rothman reprint. Published: Harrisburg, Pa. Fisher Sydney George Fisher? The front cover is loose. Inside pages are tight with light foxing.

    To find out what your book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It is leather bound, with five raised edges on the spine, gold gilt edges, and quite a bit of embossing on the covers. Also, there are numerous engravings in the book, some with tissue between the pages. Any insight as to value that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. In tolerable condition, but needs some work. It was evidently supposed to be noteworthy due to its being Illustrated with engravings by by John Leach. Any insight to its value would be appreciated.

    I have a Pres. John F. Kennedy colorful White House book with personal message to my mother written on the cover and signed by J. My uncle Jerry Bruno was J. I also have the book Jerry Bruno wrote about Kennedy. I would like to know the value. Thank you, Rosemary Kishline. What is the current value of this book. Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website to find out what your Darwin book may be worth at auction: secure. I have a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Red cloth cover. No jacket.

    Book is ion good condition. From a school library. Bonzoi stamp on back. Thank you for a very informative site! To find out what your copy of Alice in Wonderland may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. I have a copy of The Patent Hat. This copy is or seems to be particularly old. How can I find information and value of this book. I hope you can help me.

    Brian, To find out what your book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. I have a set of 11 books, Charles Dickens,appear to have been first issued in , but the preface is dated Are in good condition, but have a library stamp on the inside blank leaf. Also a soft green leather edition with gold edging on pages of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte,second edition December 21st, with a note to the 3rd edition dated April 13th Has a handwritten name, dated Also a library stamp. Is there any value to any of these books? New York: Nafis and Cornish.

    Published in Philadelphia by Mentz and Roboudt. Not sure if I have spelled everything right, the typeface is difficult to read. The cover had a lock which has deteriorated. Somehow my comment was deleted during a wait on reply. I hope you can tell me about an old book my Dad just acquired. Dear Christine, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. You may be able to find out more about your book on a used book website: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall. Great information. I have looked on a few websites for pricing on two old books but without any luck.

    Paper page edges are gold color gilded. Any assistenace would be appreciated. Banks in Scott C. Bone, who will find full particulars of himself in the dedication of this book! Thanks for the comment. I have beee trying to find information online about the pubplication date or possible worth of a book but I am unable to find any on the particular edition that I have.

    It is a Blue cloth covered with numbered pages. Do you have any information about this book? This book is signed. Also has several samples of binding that can be obtained. Other illustrations have a small page insert describing the illustration.. I have never been able to find any info on this second book.

    Any help will be most appreciated. Cari Bubbico says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 11, at am Dear Ms. It was published in My copy is intact, no tears, and the only flaw is that the corner edges of the cover is slightly worn. I have no true idea of its worth nor do I know where it is best to sell it. I would appreciate your expert opinion. Hi my question is, I have the book, The Side of Paradise Fitzgerald, is without the dust cover but is on.. I am curious to know if this is a valuable book-all I can find on the Internet is about reprints in and so I am assuming this must be a worthwhile book to be still reprinting it.

    It is in pretty good condition apart from the back covering of the spine. Thanks for any info on the book! Hi John, Thanks for the comment. Happy holidays. I have a few books that I am trying to find info on. I do not see a date in 2 of them along with no copy right date. All have tissue paper over the illustrations. They appear to be leather bound. But it could be some faux material.

    They all have the same designs on the spine. They are burgondy in color. Thank You for your time. Gary, Please fill out an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Happy holidays! I think the book is from the late , so before WW II. Published in Germany and survived the huge bookburning sessions of the Nazis. Do you have any idea of what it would be worth? Tom, To find out what this book may be worth at auction, please submit photos of the title page and copyright page using the auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

    I have book in a Czechoslovakian dialect with a printed date of yes ! A person with a rudimentary knowledge of the language told me it is a biblical book.

    Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original)

    Unfortunately, I rescued the book from an incinerator so the top of the book is singed in one spot going down into the cover and title page about one inch. The cover is in very poor shape and the spine is virtually unreadable. The pages are quite remarkable in their clarity. How do I determine if this book has any value? Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Jerry, Thanks for your comment. To find out what your book may be worth at auction, please send a photo of the title page and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Thank you for your article! Stokes, great condition, blue cloth lining — no illustration or design embossed on the cover — simply the title. Presumably a christmas present from May to an unidentified recipient. Please submit photos of the book and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. I have stumbled across your webset by luck perhaps?

    I have a book published in July of if my reading of Roman numerals has not failed me from the Roycroft Shop, East Astoria. I have been tried to find a value on the book before my father died but it appears the prices are scattered all over the place.

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    The edition I own has a green suede cover, a hand-drawn portrait inside covered with vellum, the thick paper is not evenly cut to me-as an artist-it almost appears as handmade paper. Where would I find a more accurate price on this book? To find out what the value may be at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Hi, just6 wondering if there is a reply to my questions of Nov. I have inherited a large collection of old books. I have found one that came with a dust cover that is not paper but a flower printed cardboard.

    Signed by him as a Christmas gift Published by Dorrance and Company Philidelphia. It came with a post card to order new books, a bulletin with his picture announcing his new books and a reprint of an article from The Sunday Vindicator, May 8, with a detailed story of the author. The book is in excellent condition. To find out what your books may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It is a hard back in fairly good shape, has all the pages and a library stamp on the first blank pages.

    I have been quoted various prices from various people, few of whom i actually feel have any clue about what they are talking about. Is it an actual first edition? Any info or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have an Grams unraveled Atlas of the world. To find out what your atlas may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

    I paid bucks for it! To find out what your copy of Morals and Dogma may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Green cloth boards, no dust jacket. Book is in overall good condition. To find out what your Burroughs book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Can you help me with where to look to see if the book is worth something?

    Library of Congress catalog Card Number Addition to no. S for the Southern District of New York. There is a photo of Hampton Court covered by tissue paper in the front of the book. Can you please tell me if this is worth anything. These books are not something we would handle at auction. Hello, My mother has a full set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias from the s in perfect condition.

    Browse By Author: D

    They seem to be leather bound or some sort of very durable binding and have gold leaf on them. I also have 5 boxes of vintage books that my senior in-laws want me to sell. Also, do Christian Bibles ever accumulate much value? Bibles need to be very special to be valuable. Also, collectors are interested in first editions of different Bible translations, and other landmarks in Bible scholarship.

    Caldwell Co. It was published by the John W. It does not give a year when they where published. These books appear to be quite old. I was wondering if you can determine what year they where published and the value of them. Thankyou for your time. I have a copy of Narratives and Adventures of Travellers in Africa. The book is in poor shape, with fading on the cover,spine and back, and the binding inside has separated.

    I could not find a date anywhere, though the cover says Alta Edition. What does make this book interesting is that it was bound backward. Does this make a book any more valuable? Philip gives the book Martin Luther year, luther on its last page make notes about it in Latin. Apparently the book was in the City Library in Subotica — Serbia at that time Kingdom of yogoslavia until when Subotica was occupied by Hungarians.

    After that this and number of other valuable books has gone missing! Any information about this book will be greatly appreciated. Also do you know how would one go about searching for such book? Thanks to Google Books I have complete pdf file of the Austrian book. I have a red letter new testament bible Lic. Lay of the bell. This is what is engraved on the front cover. It is published by Charles Schribner, copyright What are your thoughts?

    Can you tell be approximate value range of and or direct me perhaps to a Biblical specialty site for:. Edited and prefaced by R. New York: John Wurtele Lovell. This is from the private library of E. Randall of Baker University signed and dated November 24, Please tell me a value. This Charles Lamb book is not something we would handle at auction.

    The cover is not in great shape, and the binding is very loose. While there are a few pages that are soiled by time, the illustrations show very little signs of fading and are in overall great shape. The book was a gift from the first dean of the Duke Law School, and has an inscription from him not sure if this hurts the value or not. I have an antique book Love-songs of childhood by eugene field copyright and one hundred narrative poems by scott, foresome and company copyright and some other antique books in very good condition im curious of the worth.

    All pages intact with no tears. Any thoughts? Any ideas on it? Collier Pub. All Blue with gold print Sinclair Lewis imprint on front with sig. Hi Phyllis, To find out what your Sinclair Lewis and Robert Louis Stevenson books may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

    I have a copy of Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert…dated by Bibliotheque-charpentier printed in french. Book is bound in brown leather and marbled colored front and back. Is this a book of any value? Valerie — Thanks for the comment. The publishing date is sept. I have not been able to find a copy for sale anywhere. Is this book worth anything? I am not a book collector but I enjoy antiques. I currently have a book that I believe is an original print as in printed in the year indicated from titled Tasker Jevons; The Real Story.

    I currently have this book for sale on eBay. Good luck with the sale. Front and back cover OK. The spine is in bad shape. Chris, To find out what your book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. I have a agamemnon of aedchylus translated by robert browning, with half of the pages uncut at the top. Lovell and Company.

    The pages are yellow how much is this worth? This Charles Dickens book is not something we would handle at auction. It is in excellent like new condition with a dust cover. It has never been checked out. Ville Du Havre November 23, from Mrs. Adams of Augusta, Georgia. Written at Sea November 28, I have been trying to look up a book now for a long time. I can not find it any where. I would like to find the value to know how safe of an area I should keep it in. Thank you for your help! Heath Robinson. The person I got it from received it in Is there any value to this book. This Hans Christian Andersen book is not something we would handle at auction.

    Temple Univ. Robey Is it worth anything? Marge, This real estate book is not something we would handle at auction. The value of this H. I have 6 paperback books from the Riverside Literature series. Dates range from Do these books have any value? Thank you so much for your help. This Riverside Literature series is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Very informative article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. My sister has three books she would like some information on please. She said it was published by the Worthington Company.

    She says it is in fair condition. Thompson, fair condition, published date by Lovell and Corele Group? I believe he served in in Chile. The copyright has first then It was first published by Phillips Mulbrey? It is in worn condition. I have a not great condition book some of the binding at the bottom is torn off and pages very yellowed Arlington Edition of David Copperfield. Cover is hard and intact but a 1 cm gash and edges worn. Published New York; Hurst and Co.

    Inside Back cover has an ad for Sohmer and Co. Hi Kelly, This David Copperfield book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I have a few old books that I am wondering if your auction would be interested in. Alcott 2. Websters Handy Dictionary illustrated. Merriam then under it says by Eloise W. Wood and Mrs. Abbie Wood Steward and under that has a W. I see nothing of dates.

    It is a Bible that my grandmother had. There is no date anywhere other than handwritten is Harley Pursley born Apr 23, Hi Lisa, These old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I have a copy of Henry Noel Humphries, ed. One page is free from the binding but it is otherwise very good condition. Can you please give an idea of the value?

    Kathryn, This book is not something we would handle at auction. Most were not bought as collector items, I think. Perhaps Mssr. Lomax was a real character, or perhaps a fictitious name inscribed by an ambitious book dealer. Nothing against any book dealers, by the way. Tonson and S. Book is in excellent shape. However, it has a fake dust jacket marked Facsimile Dust Jackets L.

    Should I try to sell it with or without the fake cover? What is an estimated value either way? Green cover with gold emboss. Copyright by Houghton, Mifflin and Co. Boston and New York Riverside press Cambridge. It has been stored in a musty basement for years. Two of the volumes appear to be signed. I plan to donate these to the Poetical Society, but would like to know what their value might be? The pages appear to be all there and I can see only one handwritten pencil note on the inside—in German. This copy of Das Kapital is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

    I have the following books : Robert Schuller 18 Volume Collectible set. The works of zane grey volume hardcover set. Also, is there a place where I can sell these books? Should I approach an auction house with the books and ask for valuation? These sets of books are not something we would handle at auction. Signature and date of on owners page. Second story in book is Agnes Grey. Good condition with some worn edges. Thanks Anne.

    Anne — This copy of Wuthering Heights is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. This book has been donated to the Newseum but have always been curious about its potential among collectors. Kennedy with a personal greeting to my uncle who was a friend of the family. This was given as a gift at the time of its publishing. Joseph — This book is not something we would handle at auction. I have a first edition copy of Midnight Weddings by Mrs. Meeke, which I hear is very rare, published London, by T. It has the publisher stamp in the front of the book, the pages are readable, the cover is a bit old and worn.

    James — This book is not something we would offer at auction. The older books are signed I followed her around book fairs in the 70s and 80s. I am interested in an evaluation of my collection for estate purposes. I am also interested in selling the duplicates I have and possibly the entire collection. Can you help me or refer me to a source that can? All have their dust jackets which are protected with sleeves and the books have been in climate comtrolled storage for some years. I have been out of that loop for some time and have lost touch with my contacts.

    Thank You…Sam. Hi Sam, This collection is not something we would offer at auction. Revell Company, copyright All pages intact. Judy — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Kelly — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I have 12 books published in of Shakespeare. They are leatherbound I think, and in very good condition considering the age. Are these worth anything more than sentimental value?

    Hi Kim — No, these book are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Publisher E. No dust jacket. Covers are a dark tan with black printing. I do plan to sell it but have no idea of value. Thanks so much. Love your site. Thank you so much for your helpful response to my question about the book I have. Very much appreciated!!

    I have the bible designed to be read as living literature the old and new testaments in the king James version Arranged and edited by Ernest Sutherland Bates. Copyright by Simon and Schuster, inc. Conley Company, Publishers,