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It wasn't an easy path.

It's a Beautiful Night in the Neighborhood (v1)

It was intended for inclusion on the the triple-disc Crystal Ball, but the song — his first live track on a studio album — still had a ways to go. He took the bare-bones recording from that show, which also featured music from the Revolution, and began adding overdubs. First, he added horns. Prince recorded his protege rapping the Edward Lear poem " The Table and the Chair " over the phone, from the other side of the Mississippi River — just a week before Sign O' the Times was completed in November Advertise VB Lab.


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Image Credit: Lunar Ray Games. Above: Taking some time to chat. Above: Boss are fun. She real slick, y'know [Freudian psychologist] Mm-hmm, yah [patient] Me and my homeboys, we got together She hung with a few of her crew, y'knahmsayin? But her girlfriends y'know they weren't with it They stepped off, they left her mm-hmm Me and my homeboys, I ain't gon' say no names Y'knowhatI'msayin Doc cause that would be wrong [Freudian psychologist] Mm-hmm [patient] We start feelin on the shit, feelin her up y'knowhatI'msayin?

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First I thought she was enjoyin it but when she started screamin no and shit I knew we was wrong but mm-hmm we just took that shit man fuck it It was a beautiful night [singers: The Therapists] It's just a beautiful night, for a date rape [patient] It was a beautiful night Doc y'know? I mean y'know [singers: The Therapists] It's a beautiful night for a homicide [patient] My old mom, she brought me up right y'know Whatever, but, I like the shit [singers: The Therapists] A beautiful night, let's go steal..

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