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When the winter ends the sea becomes ice-free. The travellers build a boat from the shipwreck and head towards the pole.

Here they discover an island, an active volcano , and name it after Hatteras. With difficulty a fjord is found and the group get ashore.

Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras (French Edition)

After three hours climbing they reach the mouth of the volcano. The exact location of the pole is in the crater and Hatteras jumps into it. As the sequence was originally written, Hatteras perishes in the crater; Verne's editor, Jules Hetzel, suggested or rather required that Verne do a rewrite so that Hatteras survives but is driven insane by the intensity of the experience, and after return to England he is put into an asylum for the insane.

Losing his "soul" in the cavern of the North Pole, Hatteras never speaks another word. He spends the remainder of his days walking the streets surrounding the asylum with his faithful dog Duke.

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While mute and deaf to the world, Hatteras' walks are not without a direction. As indicated by the last line "Captain Hatteras forever marches northward". New America is the name given to a large Arctic island, a northward extension of Ellesmere Island , as discovered by Captain John Hatteras and his crew. As with many of Verne's imaginative creations, his description of Arctic geography was based on scientific knowledge at the time the novel was written but foreshadowed future discoveries.

Ellesmere Island had been re-discovered and named by Edward Inglefield in and further explored by Isaac Israel Hayes in Cook's choice of route may actually have been inspired by his reading of Verne.

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The land is named by Captain Altamont, an American explorer, who is first to set foot on the land. In the novel as published, it is unclear whether New America is meant to be a territorial claim for the United States. Disraeli "Le voyage est un retour vers l'essentiel. Soyez-le sans remords; oubliez vos amis avec des inconnus. Beaudelaire "Les touristes ont horreur de regarder.

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Quand j'aurai appris, je pourrai mourrir tranquille. Haraucourt "Partir, c'est crever un pneu!

Inutile de s'en trop soucier d'avance; on verra bien C'est un homme qui s'en va chercher un bout de conversation au bout du monde. Deseine "En route, le mieux c'est de se perdre. Parce qu'on ne rapporte pas de diapos. Votre panier est vide.

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