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They follow the strictures of the Codex as far as they see wisdom in it: the chapter is comprised of a thousand Blood Angels and divided into ten companies, each of which is headed by a captain. The First Company is comprised of veterans, and the Tenth Company is comprised of Scouts and Neophytes who have not yet become full Marines. Obviously though, none of the blood rituals and other weird shit is Codex-approved. Like their brethren in the Raven Guard though, the Blood Angels have a natural predilection for using jump packs and their own free will as opposed to blindly following the Codex.

Due to their chapter's curse , they have had to tweak things a bit; once they complete their training as Scouts, Blood Angels immediately go into Assault Squads rather than Devastator Squads , as the Codex Astartes would have it, though not only because of these little scamps' brashness. The constant close combat also allows Blood Angel officers to identify the noobs who can control their Red Thirst as well as those who cannot, and thereafter keep tabs on the latter group.

Devastator Squads in the Blood Angels Chapter are reserved for Marines who have better control of the Red Thirst than most, because heavy fire support isn't very useful when the people providing it have psychopathic ADD. The few Blood Angels that decide they don't like jumping like maniacs into swarms of enemies, and instead prefer biking like maniacs into swarms of enemies, are regarded as some of the best biker Marines in the Imperium, following closely behind the White Scars and the Dark Angels' Ravenwing.

Blood Angels are known throughout the Imperium to be master artisans. Their long lifespans allow them time to perfect whatever trade they set their mind too, whether they are crafting the infamous, hand-sculpted artificer 'nipple' armour, bolters worth more than an Imperial hive city , or even if they're simply painting vehicles and power armour. The philosophy behind this practice is that you cannot hope to know the value of what you're fighting for if you cannot understand its beauty. Blood Angels are also known for their prevalent use of flamers and melta weapons. While they don't employ them as plentifully as the Salamanders do, they are nearly as masterfully constructed.

The Sons of Sanguinius have taken a liking to the hand flamer, which gives them the assault capability of a flamer, but leaves their sword arm free to use in close combat. Heavy flamers can also be found in many of their Tactical Squads as an assault deterrent as well as on the side sponsons of Baal Predators to complement the Flamestorm Cannon, which ruins any infantry unit's day. They also reeeeeeally like the Inferno pistol. Nearly everyone has one, including the Chapter Master.

The aforementioned Baal Predator is a unique tank manufactured by the Blood Angels.

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It is an anti-infantry assault tank equipped with twin-linked assault cannons and heavy flamers that was acquired in a pre-heresy campaign that nearly broke all their relationships with the Mechanicus. Even to this day, things are still a bit touchy. Luckily, the Techmarines of the chapter quickly reverse engineered the overcharged "Lucifer-class" engines onto nearly all their vehicles.

The Blood Angels' de facto relic weapons are called Glaive Encarmines—'glaive' apparently meaning 'sword' in this case rather than the halberd-type weapon it's associated with "glaives" comes from the Latin "gladius", the common short sword of the legionnaire so there you go. They're made out of a mono-filament metal called 'angel-steel' and are purportedly so perfectly crafted that they never bend or warp. The secrets to their manufacture are jealously guarded by their Artificers.

This is represented by their master-crafted universal special rule. They come in two flavors, a Carmine Sword or a Carmine Axe. The Blood Angels' themes and motifs are drawn from vampire and Faustian mythology as well as some Catholic traditions. They commonly fly with jump packs , are eternally youthful , drink blood, and sleep in coffins. The Blood Angels are noted for naturally living longer on average than the Marines of any other chapter. Although, since there is no baseline standard for how long Astartes are supposed to live in the first place, and no Space Marine has ever been shown or described to have ever died of anything resembling old age, this claim kinda rings a little hollow.

Even Dante 's age of over years isn't unique to his lineage, as there have been several other notable Astartes from other legion bloodlines that have managed a similar lifespan. By and large, Space Marines only die when they are killed, so, the only real ways Blood Angels can live considerably longer than "normal" space marines is if they either don't put themselves at risk as much as normal marines , or they're so ded 'ard that they're just harder to kill than normal marines.

Horus Heresy: Malevolence explains the longevity in a somewhat ironic fashion, given what we already know of Astartes physiology. The Ninth Legion were renowned for their long lifespans even during the early Great Crusade. What was less known was that the Legion had a habit of eating their dead captains after they fell in battle, with the Omophagea implant allowing the memories and battle experience to be retained for a future generation.

Some recipients of these memories would take up the identity of the dead officer and give the outward appearance that they had never died at all.

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It was said that the Legion's master prior to Sanguinius recovery had gone through several such reincarnations before his final death when the body was destroyed beyond recognition. Sufficed to say that after Sanguinius arrival, things changed and thereafter took being called the "Eaters of the Dead" as cause for grievous offense. When a Blood Angel does die, a Sanguinary Priest what they call their Apothecaries extracts his gene-seed using a device called an exsanguinator.

When it comes time to implant it in an Initiate, the Initiate must receive it by drinking from a Blood Chalice 'insanguination' , which also contains the essence of Sanguinius. The story of Mephiston , the Blood Angels' chief librarian, closely parallels the legend of Faust, a scholar who sells his soul to the devil in return for great knowledge and power hell, he's named after the manifestation of the devil in the story, Mephistopheles or Mephisto.

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The names of their special characters and vehicles have an Italian flavor—Dante, the Furioso Dreadnought, Brother Corbulo. Corbulo, known as the chapter's High Sanguinary Priest, carries the Red Grail, which contains the blood of Sanguinius himself. Also, do we have to point out that the word 'sanguis' literally means 'blood' in Latin? Well, there you go. The Blood Angels and their successor chapters have a genetic defect in their gene-seed known euphemistically as "The Flaw". It seems to have much more representation in the fluff than in the crunch , but that's standard fare for a life-threatening, damnation-courting mutation that can pop up at any time.

One chapter, Angels Penitent, managed to stave the defects off until they were fucked over by Chaos. Sanguinius went to great lengths to hide it from the Emperor for fear of being expunged from the Imperium , although odds are that the Emperor already knew.

He even introduced Chaplains to the Blood Angels legions before the Edict of Nikaea, not just to monitor psykers, but to look out for brothers who might be giving in to their bloodlust. In the lore the general effect is that the Red Thirst makes a Blood Angel an Angry Marine with a literal thirst for actual goddamn blood. Thus most Blood Angel Chaplains require certification for anger management therapy before they get the job. Their duty is to ensure that the assorted Marines are not showing signs of bloodlust, and to throw them into a battle if they are so they can stave off total madness a bit longer.

However, all battle-brothers who suffer the effects of the Flaw long enough will eventually become overrun with their rather literal thirst for vengeance, succumbing to the Black Rage. After this, their lives will consist of utterly suicidal front-line charges to rip and tear the enemy as much as possible, before they eventually receive an honorable death in combat against the Emperor's foes. Those unlucky enough to survive to the end of the battle will either be given the Emperor's Peace by Astorath , or imprisoned within the Tower of the Lost as a hopeless, dribbling maniac until they are required on the field of battle once more.

This happened in Devastation of Baal, where the victims of the curse were seen as having mutated into hulking beasts who moved on all fours like gorillas. They were released to hold off the hordes of Daemons and Tyranids. In 6th edition, Red Thirst had the odd consequence of occasionally making a unit Fearless and Furious Chargers if they give into the temptation, though independent characters had enough control over themselves that they were mostly immune, with a few exceptions.

Going further back, into 3rd edition, the Red Thirst made a bit more sense and was something to actually be wary of, as your units had a potential to lose control at the thought of blood and move out of position towards the enemy. This really wasn't fun , especially if your Devastator Squads didn't pull that critical round of shooting.

This would neatly explain why the Red Angel has saved so many things connected to Pike. And yet, current Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman would be in familiar territory if a Spock time travel twist was central to this iteration of Trek. Maybe the time traveler is Captain Picard from the far future, and this season of Discovery directly connects to the Picard show debuting later this year.

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Kurtzman has already said that in the new show, Picard feels terrible about the planet Romulus getting destroyed in the far future, which, like time traveling Spock, also happened in the movie. Why would a future Picard want to travel a century and a half into the past? That would be a question the Picard series could potentially answer. In Discovery, we know Sarek mind-melded with Michael Burnham on at least a couple occasions, which means Picard must know that in the future, too.

The point is, Picard might have a connection to Burnham and the Discovery through Sarek. The main character of Star Trek: Discovery , is, in some ways, the best option for the Red Angel because it would be the most interesting. Skip to main content. Latest Stories. Tag: Fangrrls. Tag: Movies. Tag: TV. Joseph Cotten pops up every now and again, as a cynical, gravel-voiced newsman, in fact, he also narrates but you never ever really see his face and there is something disembodied about his entire presence.

It's all a bit unsettling. Nonetheless, if you can endure its flaws, the movie raises some thought provoking questions on the nature of faith and religion in times of strife, and Dirk Bogarde is quite impassioned as the troubled priest. Ava Gardner, however, is noticeably past her prime as Bogarde's love interest, and her character isn't adequately fleshed out.

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