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When the Parade reaches 6th Avenue, it turns south to 34th Street. There are no tickets available to the general public for seating. However, a select number of seats are available to charitable organizations you must be a C3 to auction off at fundraisers. For more information contact the parade directly at paradequestions macys. Spectators with special needs can call Healing Arts Initiative at Near the end of the Parade, many people converge plus the Official Viewing Area and media platform area make it inaccessible to the public.

It is not recommended to try and see the parade from near the media platform Unless you like being a sardine. Attracting more than 3.

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The Macys Thanksgiving Parade features more than 1, dancers and cheerleaders, close to 1, clowns, almost 30 parade floats, a dozen marching bands, and nearly 8, participants in all. This amazing NYC spectacle is one of the most popular events in New York City and easily the most famous parade in the country.

With the new Macys Parade route spanning 2. Be sure to check out the map above so you now where to go - and not to go. Some offers do not include taxes and fees. All offers based on availability and are subject to change without notice. Enjoying a stay at a favorite hotel with a view of the Macys Day Parade is always a luxurious and convenient experience. Many NYC hotels offer special hotel promotions if booked far enough in advance.

There are many cheap hotels NY has to offer during the holiday season so be sure to not miss these exciting deals. Be sure to check out all the great holiday savings and NYC hotel discounts that many popular hotels in this area offer during Thanksgiving! Especially a hotel that is reasonable near or on the route. Hi Lillian! No, there are no reserved areas. What I would recommend is booking a hotel on the parade route that offers private viewing access areas, as the Trump Tower does.

I hate to say that hotels on the parade route are not by any means reasonably priced. I just found this which could help you with your handicapped daughter. Tip: Call the Healing Arts Initiative at for information on areas reserved for spectators with special needs. Check their website for information and how to get passes to enter.

No seating is off, but you can bring a chair. My friend and I utilized this area in Going again this year. My daughter and her school will be one of the bands in the parade this year.

5 Tips for Viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hi Terri! How awesome that your daughter will be IN the parade! No, there are no tickets for sale or reserved areas unless you are staying at a hotel on the parade route that has their own private reserved area for hotel guests. Your little one will love FAO Schwartz. You can play on the piano from the movie Big. Hi- Thanks for this great info. I wish I saw this before I booked my trip. We have never done the parade and was wondering if we need to buy tickets? Also, besides seeing the balloons being blown up the day before would you recommend us doing or seeing anything else that is a must do?

Lastly, I saw your restaurant recommendations do you think those are good for my kids ages or can you recommend any other ones that might be better with little ones!! Thanks in advance for all your help!!! Hi Carey! And while staying there, be sure to visit Burger Joint behind the velvet curtain in the lobby. They might also like one of the Disney shows on Broadway. The new Aladdin is fantastic! As far as the restaurants, most will have menus available online. Just check out the menu to see if they offer something for kids or have things your kids will like.

Love reading your blog.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Route Map

We r going to NY for first time with our 8 year old twin boys. First time for all of us to see the parade. We are staying at New York Hikton on 57th and 6th Ave. Any other guidance? Thanks Ruwena! Yes, Hilton Midtown is on the parade route and itt is offering a number of Thanksgiving Packages with viewing options ranging from partial view to premium view.

My husband and I are staying at the Hilton Midtown and we did buy a package which includes breakfast and a private, guarded viewing area.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Route Map

We have bracelets to wear showing we can be in the private, outside area. Although, I may have stayed at Trump, I think this will be just fine! Can you remember what your package is called and what else it includes? Hi Lisa!

No, unfortunately there is no reserved seating for anyone or reason. This is largely true. Every once in a while a few of these tickets are offered on the ticket resale sites by the ticket holders. However, each is numbered and non transferable, so their validity and your ability to use them is questionable. Can you believe that I lived in Manhattan for five years and never once made it out to watch this parade? The thought of standing out in the cold and often rain along with all those other people was enough to make me hide under the covers!

Such a unique experience! Too funny! I just wrote an article about the same thing! Great tips!! Thanks for the info about the hotels. I think I would like staying there and watching from my room. I am not one for crowds… or the cold, lol! My parents would always get Dunkin Donuts as a treat and we would watch the parade all together! Think I would still rather watch on TV than face the crowds! We could enjoy the parade live without the crowds. Definitely worth the splurge!

Thanks for all the information! I love your idea of booking a thanksgiving lunch for after te parade. Do you have any idea which restaurants around Central Park West would serve a thanksgiving lunch and really around 12pm at the latest, because we have to catch a plain than evening? Never been to New York before! Thanks for your input. Hi Kim! Enjoy your visit to NYC! Tavern of the Green Central Park West has been recently renovated and re-opened. They are serving a traditional Thanksgiving menu. Thanks so much for the tips.

I would love to see the parade at Thanksgiving so day! The travel agent is very responsive and helpful. We have Hilton insiders VIP parade view for two adults which includes brunch and a private viewing area outside. We added a Christmas light sightseeing tour and Thanksgiving dinner. She booked tickets for a Broadway show Friday night. She would have booked other dinners, but we wanted to make our own choices, so we booked the rest of the trip on our own.

We have friends and family there. I am looking at this package for Could you please post how your experience goes? The package sounds ideal. We are visiting my daughter during Thanksgiving who just moved to Manhatten. We would love to see the parade inside a location where we can have brunch or breakfast along the route of the parade. There are so many restruants in nyc, can locals please recommend somewhere I can call to make a reservation?

We are staying at the new Hyatt Time Square on 45th between 6th and Broadway. The front door to our hotel is about ft. Being this far down on the route would we still need to get there around 6ish? Also anyone planning to watch the parade near 58th st. Its inexpensive and pretty good. Hi Tommie! Yes, unfortunately you will. People will be out staking their spots all along the parade route. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Are these reserved seats or still general admission seats? Hi Chris! There are no tickets sold to the general public for the Parade. Which would you choose? Hi Mari! Yes, you can bring a backpack with drinks and snacks. Maybe bring those collapsible camp style chairs that you can stuff back in their bag and sling over your shoulder once the parade starts.

I just saw another reader posted this: Call the Healing Arts Initiative at for information on areas reserved for spectators with special needs. Very helpful blog! My wife and daughter will be handling one of the balloons this year, and I would like to be on the curb to get some photos. Will be staying at a hotel near 6th Avenue and 40th Street. How early would you suggest getting to that intersection to have a shot at a front row spot?

How awesome Chuck! I would still be out there by 6am — am. We went out walking early in the morning and people were out in droves by then.

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I was thinking about taking my children. They are 4 and 7. I may just mske sure they do not drink a lot. No, there are not bathrooms. If you have others attending the parade with you, like a partner or friends, you could take turns going to the bathroom while the others try to hold your spot.

Wow Jennifer I have never seen a blogger answer so many questions from the people — very impressed. Am in NYC now having arrived yesterday. Is it possible the 3. That is about people a meter, whereas it seems more like 60 people per meter both sides of the street. According to the tips above, I watched the parade in the recommended spot, arrived early and booked a thanksgiving lunch nearby. But afterwards I met someone who watched the parade from Rockefeller center.

He arrived only 15 minutes in advance and had a perfect view of everything only 3 people in front of him, he also saw the marching bands etc. We only saw the balloons from afar. It sounds as though the gentleman you met got very, very lucky with arriving that late. I would suspect the poor weather this year played a role in keeping crowds at bay.

As far as lunch, the restaurants around Rockefeller Center would have been very close in price. We have several family members who are uncomfortable in crowds, so the hotel packages are interesting. However, with about adults and several kids, hotels could get quite pricey. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time, Jane! NYC is one of our favorite cities and it is just even more magical during the holidays. What do you recommend?? I have stayed there before and can recommend it.

Thanks for sharing that Denise! It is quite special to be able to get in to the Grandstand as that area is reserved for press and VIPs. Hi Jennifer. I am travelling to NYC at this time with my daughter. My daughter has never been. Hi Sandra! You can certainly walk up to the Parade. I would just plan on being out there early as it gets extremely crowded along the Parade route. You might want to pack a thermos and ask your hotel if they provide kettles in the room.

That way you can make yourself a thermos of something hot to drink. Just remember that there are no bathrooms along the Parade route. The Parade is a truly memorable event to get to attend in person. Most people who want to view the Thanksgiving Day Parade cannot afford a parade view Hotel room. I speak from experience- a friend once invited me to view the parade from Trump Tower — and it was not nearly as nice as I thought it would be.

She - Green Day

I missed being outside in the cold with the fun people. It is unrealistic to be at a certain spot at 6am with small children. There are many areas- like 72nd st…where you can be far back in the crowd and look up at the parade. If being in the front row to watch the marching bands is your thing- then yes 7am may be necessary- but I think most kids just want to see the fun balloons. SAVE your thousand dollars and spend it on shows, restaurants and treats…Balloon blow up the night before is fun. Many hotels are available on Hotwire for a couple of hundred bucks, where you can walk to the parade in the morning….

Do you know where the balloons go after the parade? You can go to see the balloons being blown up the night before the Parade as it is open to the public. However, these areas are barricaded and guarded by police to afford the workers a safe work area. The balloon inflation the night before is the best place to view the process and results. Enter on 79th Street and Columbus. The earlier you go the fewer balloons have shape, the later the crowds grow. Lights dimmed or off at 10pm.. I actually read that many stores are open on thanksgiving but close around p.

Is that true? No, some stores may open for a few hours on Thanksgiving but from our experience not many retail stores were open. Three adults going to New York for Thanksgiving this year Staying in Times Square would like to see the parade and book for a reasonably priced lunch somewhere near to the parade! Also are the shops open the following day on the Friday? Any information would be appreciated! Hi Maureen, you all will have a great time!

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There are loads of restaurant options near Times Square, if you plan to stick close to your hotel. We will be at the parade this year to watch our teenagers march!. Go Sharks! Anyone have a suggestion of where to watch the NFL game that day after the parade and have lunch?? Congratulations to them! Some bars offers specials depending on which team you support. Another option could be to watch in your room and order room service.

I imagine the kiddos will be tired after an early wake-up call and marching in the Parade. Do you know if the trains run early enough to get me into the city to get a good spot by 6AM? Hi Jim! You could still stay in Manhattan. If you were planning to stay in Newark, the AirTrain has service from 5am — 2am. I avoided all tolls into the city and parking fees. Am I missing something? Have you considered taking the train from DC to save on the gas and tolls?

I will be attending the parade this year and wanted to get an idea as to how cold can it get. Should I take Sorels boots or thermal inserts for casual boots? We are going to be standing and walking so comfortable shoes are priority for me. I assume as long as my head and feet are warm layering ideal. What other items should one pack to be prepared? Your blog has been very helpful for us to figure out where to watch the parade we wanted to be outside with the crowd to really get an authentic experience , and what things we should consider like what time to be there!

Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge with those of us who just want to get it right the first time around! Hi Jennifer! I wanted to follow up with you to say thank you for your wonderful advice! We had a great time in NYC at the Parade, and attribute so much to your suggestions. We went to see the balloons the night before and given the long lines to get into that area thought it was going to be packed, but once we were allowed into the balloon area everyone spread out and it was a lot of fun to check out the balloons and take photos.

Thankfully our friends got to the parade route around AM and scoped out a spot right at Park and 6th where the parade turns — great location! There were a few people watching from their rooms at the Ritz Carlton, but I felt like they really missed the essence of the experience of watching the parade among the crowd. Overall, we would definitely do this again! Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! Hi Jen! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. Happy Holidays! I DO live in NY. This will be my 1st attempt to making it to the parade.

I live in Queens. Wish me luck!! I hope your daughter gets to see Shawn Mendes and you have a great time! I was planning on getting there at 6AM as suggested and doing Columbus Square. Also, is there a preferred place at Columbus Circle? Jim, try calling the Healing Arts Initiative at for information on areas reserved for spectators with special needs.

Just wondering if you could suggest on what would be the best spot to see the parade. We are staying at Marriot Marqui at Times Square. Thank you for your informative blog. One of them will be going with me. We are planning on driving in to Newark to travel by train in to the city. Looks like we can take a 6AM train or one to be there by 6 AM. We are trying to find out weather we can use handicapped accessible subways hopefully. So to be sure we want to book train return giving us enough time to make it there by foot and wheel ,if necessary.

So any clue how much time to allow? I was wandering around the park yesterday and found bleachers all along central park west up around 72nd. Almost seems like it would be too good to be true! We are still going to try to go and just get there early. We are all really looking forward to it!! Jim was on a waiting list for handicap seating when he called the information line we told him to call. It sounds like you were lucky to be given seats since your son was in the Parade.

Unfortunately, tickets to the seats are extremely limited and not at all available to the general public. We will be watching the parade around 59th and 7th. Just wondering if there are any bagel places open that early so we can grab something to eat and still find a good spot? Enjoy the Parade! Hi Jennifer — great post! Hi Anthony, some people book from a year in advance.

Event Information

Of course, the closer you wait to book the less rooms that will be available. And not all rooms have a Parade view. We are on the 53rd st side but we have a clear view of 6th ave at the 53rd st intersection. We will have a birdseye view of the parade. We heard the sales pitch this morning, then walked the High Line.

In the late afternoon we went to the Museum of Natural History, which for some reason was free admission by the time we arrived and then saw the balloons on 81st st. By arriving by subway at the museum stop and exiting the museum on Central Park West, we avoided most of the line to see the balloons. All in all, a fantastic Thanksgiving parade strategy on the cheap!

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