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And Ignite will lead you to them. From sports and entertainment to business and health care, Communications Technology professionals connect the world.

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No industry offers greater variety or more mobility than ours. You can enter the world of Communications Technology in any capacity, at any level, and have an incredibly varied career without ever leaving the field you love. Before you commit to anything, you need to do the research.

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And we have a motherload of career-finder resources to help you. Become an Ignite Ambassador and help spread the word about career opportunities in Communications Technology.

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The videos and photos you see on this site are provided by the very companies that are looking to hire people like you. Check them out — and envision what you could accomplish together.

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Think BIG. Below the events and some typical handlers are displayed on a timeline for a training loop with evaluation after every epoch:.

Each Engine contains a State , which includes the following:. In the code below, engine.

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This output is used to print the loss at every iteration. See below:. A good practice is to use State also as a storage of user data created in update or handler functions. CosineAnnealingScheduler Example with ignite.

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LinearCyclicalScheduler Example with ignite. ConcatScheduler Piecewise linear scheduler Example with ignite. LRScheduler Concatenate with torch schedulers.

Each Engine contains a State , which includes the following: engine. Initializated as 0. Initializated as 1.