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That shift in thinking can change our entire reality. Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation! Thanks for sharing a very helpful post. Beautifully written and I love it. Every mistake we make is a lesson learned that helps us to grow and make better choices in the future. Thanks so much for stopping by and contributing to the conversation! Knowing how beneficial it is to forgive others who have harmed us, why do we find it near impossible to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and failure?

Forgiveness should start with ourselves. Marga Retha recently posted… What is Equine-assisted Psychotherapy? We can all relate with this post. I agree with your statement that we all know what it takes to forgive but some are not willing. I have learnt in life that we forgive someone, not to excuse their behaviour, but for our own sake.

Thanks for sharing this post, it really hit home with me. Thanks so much for sharing and contributing to the conversation Donna! What a great way to explain forgiveness. I will forgive, but not forget.

When forgiving another, there is an inner peace that comes. Forgiving my ex was the best feeling of all. But I cannot afford to forget the lengths he is capable of to be abusive. I can have a conversation with him after many years, but need to laugh off his crazy comments. Thanks for sharing and contributing to the conversation! People will disappoint us and sometimes in the worst possible ways. Thanks for sharing and contributing to the conversation. There is no question it is tough to let go Kimba, but ultimately you have to ask yourself what you are gaining by hanging on?

The only person it hurts is you — which is the whole point of embracing forgiveness. Keep working on it! I know it was easy enough for me to continue to replay the hurt and anger I had felt toward those who hurt me in one way or another.

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Eventually, I realized that while I was so busy judging them, I was perfectly capable of hurting others as well, even though I had never meant to. Eventually I realized that hatred is heavy. I agree that we can forgive others without giving them permission to be in our lives, and of course, not forgetting what had taken place.

I know how grateful I am to those who have forgiven me for my own asinine behavior in the past. I feel much lighter since I have given this back to those who have hurt me as well. The offender may not even be aware she said or did something hurtful. Clearing the air as quickly as possible can help get the event behind both of you and move on with the relationship. I have mostly been able to forgive my ex for literally abandoning me in the worst of ways because I know keeping that bitter energy within myself would only spur me on with negative emotion.

That being said, with that forgiveness comes no desire to ever welcome him back to my life in any sustainable way. The hurt is just to much, tough as I let it go, it has lessened. Forgiveness is a BIG obstacle for moi. Letting go of old wounds is indeed tough. Wonderful quotation Michele. I know a lot has been written about the subject of forgiveness and yet so many people continue to struggle with it.

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Well said William! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and contribute to the conversation. Good luck! Welcome back Dave!

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So glad you found value in the article, I always value your thoughtful feedback and insights. Hi, Marquita It takes a great effort to forgive people because it is not our nature to born with. Forgiveness may take as a form of weakness. Our pride and ego got into ways. It may surprise a lot of people, many illnessess, including cancers are result of um-forgiveness. Even many cancers or other illness occur among children can be disappeared from the acts of forgiveness of their parents to relatives, friends, etc Thanks for your post.

My tendency has been to make myself forget people who hurt me, as opposed to forgiving them. I do understand that forgiveness is something we do for ourselves, and that often, we must forgive ourselves for things that happen, before we can forgive another. I truly do believe in looking for the listen and that there is value in all that occurs if we are open to receive it.

This resonates strongly with me because if you can come to an understanding about someone or something, forgiveness can become unnecessary and we can all benefit from greater understanding. I believe in forgiveness, and also to forget. I am not taking about forgetting the dead they did, but those who did it. We forgive those who are close enough to be forgiven, the ones who did something wrong, but we know they did not mean it, or it was out of anger.

We should forgive the others, those that hurt us on purpose, or out of selfish needs. But these people should be forgotten, They will repeat their actions, for that is their nature and you should not have them in your lives. Another perfectly timed post in my life today! Although our relationship has moved passed the incident in many ways, I know that my heart is still not clear of it. That is pure stubbornness on my part.

Thanks for inspiring me again. I will write out my forgiving words and practice them and then have this crucial conversation. I think I need to do it more often, or perhaps make it a part of my daily life in some capacity. But, I digress. It pushes healing further into the future. In order to fully heal, we need to accept responsibility for our reaction to whatever happens. Taking responsibility for the condition of our hearts allows us to regain control of our lives.

Although we cannot always control what happens to us, we can always choose our response. Herein lies the power of our agency. Pray for humility. Humility is the opposite of pride, which is the primary obstacle in our effort to forgive. Pride causes us to blame others for our misfortunes and to shift responsibility for what happens to us onto anyone but ourselves. According to our humility and faith, the Lord will help us stop blaming others and truly forgive. Express gratitude. Expressing gratitude invites the Spirit more fully into our lives, which can soften and change our hearts.

Consider keeping a journal of things you are grateful for. As you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you may find that you can even identify reasons to be grateful for your trials. Be patient. Forgiving when your pain is great may take time. Leave the past behind.

The past is written in stone and cannot be changed. Focus your energy on today, for today you have the power to choose to forgive. Write it down. Forgiveness is such a vital part of the Catholic faith. In this video, the daughter accepted her father at that moment, which is what Jesus intends for us to do.

Forgiveness' Embrace

We must accept people we encounter for where they are at in life rather than looking at what happened in their pasts. Years after he had been shot, he went and visited his shooter in his prison cell, making it very clear that the blessed pope had forgiven his assassin. The pope, who is one of the most looked-to figures in the world, humbled himself and forgave a man who had attempted to end his life. He intentionally made the effort to visit the man in prison to show the world that he had truly forgiven. Just as in this video, it was the action of the daughter that made a difference, not anything that she had said.