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De la Brevedad de la Vida. Educated in rhetoric and philosophy in Rome, he found the Stoic doctrine especially compatible. His father, Lucius Annaeus Seneca see Vol. Biblio is a marketplace for book collectors comprised of thousands of independent, professional booksellers, located all over the world, who list their books for sale online so that customers like you can find them!

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Did you know that sinceBiblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America? When you place your order through Biblio, the seller will ship it directly to you. My library Help Advanced Book Search. However, while 1 is pragmatically inadequate in Spanish as a language allowing null subjects , 2 is ungrammatical in English as it is a [-null subject] language. These examples illustrate the contact between two languages English and Spanish that have a different parametric option. If language typology plays a role, in the specific case of sentential subjects, L2 speakers whose L1 parametric option coincides with the L2 will show no negative influence in their L2 production.

The present study addresses the contact between English as an L2 of speakers that have either a language with the same subject-type as English Danish or a language with the other option of the parameter Spanish or Bosnian. Our purpose is to address the nature of interlinguistic influence and the role played by language typology as well as to include in the analysis other languages that have not been so much studied in this respect i. Danish and Bosnian.

In the three experimental groups, two subgroups have been established depending on the years of exposure to English 2 and 4 years. The results show a significant difference between these groups of L2 English learners. The English subjects produced by the L1 Danish speakers are both grammatically correct and mostly pragmatically adequate; whereas the L1 Bosnian and L1 Spanish speakers produce both grammatically incorrect subjects i. DPs instead of pronouns. These results point to language typology as one of the primary sources for transfer.

The aim of this paper is to explore the presence of metonymy in football post-match reports, where it is a productive and recurrently used strategy. The study is based on a corpus consisting of eight reports concerned with the last eight football matches of the Brazil World Cup , retrieved from online English newspapers, and amounting to a total of 7, words. It is also remarkable that a great number of ICM ACTION metonymies are completely conventionalized within the football jargon, making it more difficult to recognize them as metonymies.

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Towards a theory of metonymy. In Panther, K. Metonymy in Language and Thought Warren, B. Aspects of referential metonymy. Carbonero, P. Salvador, F. Publicaciones de la Universidad de Granada. Robisco, M. Pragglejaz Group. MIP: A method for identifying metaphorically used words in discourse, Metaphor and symbol, 22, 1.

Pustejovsky, J. The generative lexicon: a theory of computational lexical semantics. The department of Applied Linguistics to Science and Technology at the UPM is a large department with over 60 members scattered throughout 17 different engineering schools and 1 architecture school.

Because of the wide distribution of the teachers and students, the syllabus is very open allowing each school or even each teacher to decide on what and how much time should be dedicated to each topic. As is known, at European technical universities English is considered as a valuable asset when engineering and architect students apply for a job. Belcher claims that the purpose of any ESP subject may seem evident, how to achieve it may be less clear and apparent.

Teachers always run the challenge of designing a language-centered course or a skills-centered course. The aim of this study is twofold, first to inform other university teachers working in technical universities of what is being done at a technical university in Madrid and secondly, to promote peer review and comment.

This can be especially the case at the where the teachers are physically separated. Questionnaires were developed by a team of teachers on the content and materials of the subject EPAC given in the different schools as well as on forms of evaluation, whether continuous, final exam or both. Once completed, the results were calculated and presented to the whole department.

Results show surprisingly that there are many coincidences throughout the schools with each have their own particular emphasis. And they also exhibit the close relationship between ESP and genre work Swales, This presentation will demonstrate the results of the study and discussion provide direction for further research. Belcher, D. What ESP is and can be: An introduction. Belcher ed. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Hutchinson, T. English for specific purposes: A learning-centred approach. Paltridge, B. Genre and English for specific purposes.

Starfield eds. Boston: Wiley-Blackwell. Swales, J. Research genres: Explorations and applications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Eurocode 2. ISBN: EN , CEN, Design of concrete structures - Part General rules and rules for buildings. Abstract Writing is a hard challenge for engineering students. Navarro asserts that academic literacy in the mother tongue is similar to learning a foreign language as it involves immersion in a new culture.

Therefore, acquaintance with the discipline prototypical genres in order to meet academic exigencies is highly relevant for undergraduates Arnoux, Di Stefano y Pereira, Although North American universities curriculum designs include communication courses, South American universities have focused research on this issue quite recently resulting in the development of some writing programs.

Nevertheless, writing courses are not taught in most Argentinian universities. Thus, the need for complementary interdisciplinary activities was raised. First, all titles produced were collected. This corpus analysis revealed that titles were extremely short thus providing very little information. Consequently, several pedagogical activities were designed and implemented since Generic structure, audience awareness, rhetorical functions and linguistic features taught in the English courses were activated.

This fact trigggered the creation of a supportive space where students re- wrote titles and abstracts in Spanish and English , designed their slides for the oral defense and rehearsed their oral presentations. Feedback to the surveys sent to students after they had graduated demonstrated that carrying out interdisciplinary activities allowed language to be included as an across the curriculum content and enabled the adequate production of academic genres.

Arnoux, E. Journal of Business and Technical. DOI: Navarro, F. This presentation will focus on the pedagogic principles and teaching practices of four Greek language teachers GLTs who were expected to teach the subject Greek in secondary school classrooms where Greek language learners and Greek mother tongue pupils have been placed together.

The need to teach Greek as an additional language GAL in public schools in Greece has emerged in the last 20 years as an increasing number of immigrant pupils have been entering the Greek public school system. Despite this situation, Greek educational system has not differentiated their aims and has not prepared teachers to cope with this new challenge Damanakis, ; Karagianni, From this perspective, it is of interest to research the teaching practices that GLTs have actually used in real classrooms to teach the subject Greek to children from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Such a research, which has not been conducted in previous studies, would contribute to the development of GAL pedagogy and teacher education programmes. Erickson, ; Kvale, ; Patton, ; Yin, Qualitative data analysis approaches were used for the analysis of the data e. Bloome et al. The gathered data was analysed in light of the general principles of additional language teaching as discussed in the professional literature e.

Allen et al. They also believed that immigrant pupils who still have language problems should get support outside the mainstream classroom. These findings indicate the necessity of addressing GAL dimension systematically in mainstream classrooms. Using a 3 million word corpus of academic research articles from three different areas: History, Microbiology, and Management Studies, I outline a methodology for the selection EAP vocabulary which takes into account the subject-specific nature of EAP vocabulary, and the importance of colligational context in conditioning word meaning.

In an examination of verbs, a statistical test is used to compare frequency of occurrence across discipline-specific corpora. Finally, those verbs exhibiting discipline specific behaviour are annotated with Corpus Pattern Analysis Hanks, semantic types in order that the specific nature of these differences can be identified.

I also present corpus evidence for discipline specific behaviour of other parts of speech. I conclude that in light of the discipline-specific and phraseological nature of EAP vocabulary a new approach to vocabulary selection is required. I outline a practical approach which not only accounts for both semantic and syntactic concerns, but also permits the analysis of large amounts of usage-based data. It has implications for classroom practice, materials and assessment design, lexicography, and the publishing industry. This paper explores the application of a Genre Theory approach to an L2 University classroom in Spain.

A corpus of reports written by university students registered in the subject English Language III of the degree English Studies is analysed in order to observe if students followed the main structural and grammatical characteristics of reports after they have received instruction following the Genre Theory. In doing so, a detailed picture emerges of the successes and challenges of the Genre Theory to student writing at this particular stage in the L2 learning process. This study, thus, aims to point out that the Genre Theory has a crucial role in literacy since it concentrates on the production and analysis of texts in a given language.

This research highlights the relationship between literacy and effective writing with an applied educational emphasis. This paper also points out the pedagogical implications of teaching having the Genre Theory as a framework so that teachers and students can see how this framework facilitates their teaching practice and guarantees their improvement in writing. Butt, D. Third edition. Melbourne: Palgrave Macmillan. Coffin, C. Academic Literacies and systemic functional linguistics: How do they relate? Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 11, 64— De Silva Joyce, H.

Sydney: Phoenix Education. Gardner, S. Genres and registers of student report writing: An SFL perspective on texts and practices. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 11, 52— Klein, P. Best practices in writing to learn. Graham, C. Fitzgerald Eds. Second edition. New York: The Guilford Press. Wingate, U. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 11, 26— In order to explore this issue further, this study set out to examine the teaching of Science in two Year 4 primary school classrooms, one of which was a CLIL group and the other a mainstream L1 Science group.

Differences were identified as regards the types of tasks the children engaged in and the extent of their active contribution to the development of the discursive activity. In general, significant differences on the posttest exam were not found between classes, although the CLIL learners experienced some difficulty in transferring scientific terminology acquired in the L2 into their L1 lexicon. Therefore, every text is the product of the integration of several semiotic modes, and understanding how a specific text works is only possible when these resources are unpacked and interpreted.

One of these new digital genres is the webinar or web seminar, which started to be used in the early years of the 21st century. It is difficult to find a scientific definition of webinar. The main developments of webinars have been in the fields of medicine and education. Webinars are a relatively new genre and as many other internet genres has not been systematized.

In this sense, it is clear that webinars include a wide array of multimodal resources, both verbal and non-verbal. But how do they work together? To what extent are they integrated? Are users responsive to these multimodal resources and to what extent? A MDA approach to the discourse of webinars might shed light on how users interact in such environments, how they deploy verbal and non verbal resources to produce meaning, and more specifically, what linguistic strategies are called upon, and if and when mode-switching Sindoni, comes into play.

In order to answer these and other questions, we analyse in this paper a dataset of several sessions of a research webinar organized by the Group for Research on Academic and Professional English in on the topic of Multimodal Discourse Analysis. Our interest is to study all the multimodal components in the discussion sessions in this seminar and the different strategies used by participants for online and face-to-face interaction. Based on the analysis of online written reviews extracted from the Simon Fraser University review corpus, the study reports on i the frequency and ii position of but- and although-constructions in the macro and micro rhetorical levels of the reviews scrutinised, paying particular attention to iii their evaluative-argumentative dimension Martin and White ; Trvanac and Taboada , as well as to iv their discourse effects Grote et al.

The results show that but is massively the most frequent concessive connector used in the reviews examined, a skewed tendency that is explained on semantic-syntactic, processing and formality grounds. Concession in Spoken English. On the Realization of a Discourse-Pragmatic relation. Concessive patterns in conversation. Concessive relations as argumentation in English and Spanish. Plenary address at Evaluation in media discourse: rhetoric and intercultural Perspectives. Concession as argumentation: The case of but and although. Marking concessions in English and German.

Martin, James R. Language of Evaluation: Appraisal in English. Palgrave Macmillan. Discourse markers and coherence relations: Comparison across markers, languages and modalities. Linguistics and the Human Sciences, 6. Trvanac, Rada and Taboada, Maite The contribution of non-veridical rhetorical relations to evaluation in discourse.

Revisiting this concept could shed light on the academic language skills necessary for communication in bilingual classrooms. A first step in this long journey could be a deeper comprehension of the academic linguistic or cognitive discourse functions Dalton-Puffer, functions.

This paper approaches the function of explaining. Lessons were transcribed to create a corpus. How many occurrences of the academic function of explanation are there in the corpus? What is the linguistic form of these explanations?

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Is there any signalling language or metalanguage around them? The findings show a rich frequency of this academic function in contrast to the very limited comparable previous studies in bilingual classrooms Dalton-Puffer, Bar graphs of frequencies and distribution of types per lecturer are presented. Regarding qualitative aspects, the samples found offer insights about how explaining is performed in bilingual content lectures.

The form of these explanations and the metalanguage signaling them are analyzed and illustrated with numerous examples from the corpus. Departing from the description of the explanations present in lecturer discourse some reflections about their potential for the learning of content and language are provided. The conclusions section suggests some pedagogical implications for the linguistic education of both students and lecturers in English medium instruction environments.

References Brown, G. Hargie Ed. The Handbook of Communication Skills. Cummins, J. Bilingualism and special education: Issues in assessment and pedagogy. Clevedon, England: Multilingual Matters. Dafouz, E. English as the medium of instruction in Spanish contexts: A look at teacher discourse. Ruiz de Zarobe, J. Sierra, y F.

Bern: Peter Lang. Dalton-Puffer, C. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing. A Construct of cognitive discourse functions for coneptualising content-language integration in CLIL and multilingual education. European Journal of Applied Linguistics 1 2 , Gestures is one of the non-verbal systems that has received more attention in the investigation of language learning events Roth, Nevertheless, to study the development of ILP from a multimodal perspective involves important decisions in the design of the research.

The purpose of this paper is to present a methodological proposal to explore the spoken speech act performance of complaints and responses to complaints of FL learners, with the examination of speech and gestures in interaction. We present the design and analysis of a spoken corpus of role-plays of complaints performed by Spanish learners of English.

A contrastive study, based on the variables of language proficiency and gender, was carried out to shed some light into the study of multimodal interlanguage complaints. The corpus has been video recorded, transcribed and annotated in a systematic way using software that helps us to measure multimodal interaction.

Hence, this study follows a qualitative and quantitative approach. Gullberg, M. Gesture as a communication strategy in second language discourse: a study of learners of French and Swedish. Lund: Lund University Press. Jewitt, C. Multimodal teaching and learning. Chapelle Ed. The encyclopedia of applied linguistics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Laforest, M. Scenes of family life: Complaining in everyday conversation.

Journal of Pragmatics, 34 10 , Roth, W. Gestures: Their role in teaching and learning. Review of Educational Research, 71 3 , Streeck, J. The manu-facture of meaning. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. However, the development of behaviours, skills, and abilities did not gain the importance they deserve until the twenty-first century. Globalization and technology have made intercultural encounters more frequent than ever, which has led to a new focus on language teaching. The goal of communicative competence of the s has largely been replaced by the goal of intercultural communicative competence; thus the aim of language teaching is to enable students to negotiate cultural meanings and communicate effectively when it comes to interacting with speakers from other cultures.

Despite the fact that the Framework recognises and endorses the acquisition of a cultural component, it does not establish specific descriptors for how this is to be achieved. This model is used to analyse the cultural content of six English language textbooks for B1 and B2-level adults. The results of the study will prove extremely useful, in that they can reveal which aspect of culture receives most coverage and whether there is any difference depending on the level. The ultimate aim is to establish whether the cultural learning taking place is appropriate and conducive to the development of intercultural communicative competence, as set out in the CEFR.

References: Byram, M. Teaching and assessing intercultural communicative competence. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Council of Europe. Common European framework of reference for languages: Learning, teaching, assessment. Howatt, A. A History of English Language Teaching. Oxford: O. RESLA 28 1 : Lee, K. English Teaching: Practice and Critique 8 1 : Paige, R. Jorstad, L. Paulson, F. Paige, D. Yershova eds. Culture as the core: Integrating culture into the language curriculum. La muestra incluye cuatro grupos correspondientes a niveles consecutivos de una escuela oficial de idiomas catalana The shift of paradigm from monolingualism to multilingualism in language acquisition research has contributed enormously in the field of multilingual education.

This is what it is known as translanguaging pedagogy. Therefore, the present study aims at examining translanguaging practices taking into account the six metafunctions proposed by Garcia, Makar, Starcevic and Terry in their study. Qualitative data for our study have been collected in 6 EFL sessions including a total amount of 2 teachers and 61 students.

These learners were enrolled in the second year age 4. The results derived from the study offer very interesting examples of translanguaging practices in the EFL classroom and shows that the alternation of languages does occur in order to accomplish different strategies and functions. As a pedagogical implication, we propose that a monolingual behavior should be avoided in the multilingual classroom. Translanguaging: Language, Bilingualism and Education. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

The translanguaging of Latino kindergartners. In Rothman, J. Bilingual Youth: Spanish in English speaking societies pp. Pedagogies and practices in multilingual classrooms: singularities and pluralities. The Modern Language Journal, 95 3 , Jones, B. Language Arrangements within Bilingual Education. Thomas and I. Mennen eds. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Translanguaging and formulaic speech in the L3 classroom. Fumero, M. Lojendio, S. Burgess, E. Sosa and A. Cano Communication, Cognition and Cybernetics pp. La Laguna: Universidad de la Laguna. Code switching in classroom discourse: A multilingual approach. Discourse and language learning across l2 instructional Settings pp. Content and language integrated learning CLIL type bilingual education is becoming ever more present and popular in Europe and no less so in Spain.

The case study reported here followed 87 students from one bilingual primary school into its corresponding secondary school in the Madrid region. Their academic achievement was assessed by means of the Prueba de Conocimientos y Destrezas Indispensables CDI , a standardized test set by the CAM at the end of primary evaluating Spanish language skills, Mathematics, and general knowledge. Out of the 87 students in our sample, only 8 students failed the Cambridge KET exam minimum access requirement to the low-immersion track ; all other students passed either the KET or PET exam.

No gender bias was detected in either academic achievement or English proficiency. In general, students who did well on the CDI also did well on the Cambridge exam, although a medium-large correlation was found specifically between CDI scores for Spanish language skills and scores on the Cambridge exam.

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In order to measure motivation and attitudes towards CLIL, we designed a questionnaire based on existing scales gauging motivational strength, intrinsic, instrumental, and integrative motivation, language anxiety, linguistic self-confidence, willingness to communicate, and parental support. However, in contrast to previous research that has examined these constructs with a focus on foreign language leaning, the innovation of the present study lies in investigating these constructs for the first time with a focus on learning content through a foreign language. To that end, all items were rewritten to reflect the special integrated focus that characterizes content and language integrated learning.

The statistical analyses of the questionnaire data reveal significant differences between the low- and high-immersion tracks, with lower scores for low-immersion students on the motivation constructs under analysis, exposure to English, and attitudes towards bilingual education. Modern Spanish is increasingly peppered with Anglicisms in all lexical fields, both professional and informal, and this tendency shows no signs of waning. On the contrary, all forms and registers of Spanish seem to be infused with numerous Anglicisms and not only such predictable spheres of influence such as business and technology.

Many of these terms are loanwords which have occupied a genuine lexical gap in Spanish, are used appropriately and provide a genuinely useful service to speakers of the language. Nevertheless, there is also a great deal of misuse of these Anglicisms, both in terms of their meaning and their grammatical function and this inevitably leads to an undeniable source of potential confusion that needs to be addressed both by language teachers and translators in terms of the transmission and the transfer of these items of vocabulary between English and Spanish. This paper explores the phenomenon of false Anglicisms in modern Spanish and some of the problems they pose for language acquisition and translation.

We propose an analysis of four types of transformation and adaptation in the use of false Anglicisms that we have identified between English and modern Spanish. Finalmente, tanto Duden como Engel apuntan a diferencias de registro entre los auxiliares "bekommen", "erhalten" y "kriegen". Mannheim: Dudenverlag. XIII, no. Engel, U. Besides, the Bologna process has reinforced what seems to be a heavy market-oriented professionalisation of the humanities where the prevailing conceptualisation of translation competence development suggests a linear evolution that expects the translator trainee to gather different pieces of knowledge, skills and advice in order to become a professional.

This reflects the misleading pedagogical assumption that the market and the profession are something static, never-changing. In order to fully introduce translator trainees to the relevant socio-professional structures, this paper examines and analyses the role of authentic translation work in the translation classroom through a teaching innovation project carried out between Jaume I University and Wikimedia Spain. Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, is one of the best-known and most successful examples of non-professional online collaboration around the world, which offers an interesting breeding ground for translator trainees to develop a self-reflective, professional translation expertise.

The project, through a holistic methodology, aims at enhancing the translation competence of translator trainees while successfully introducing them to real discursive practices and thus socialising them as inter-linguistic professionals. Manchester: St. Chafe, W. Coseriu, E. Genette, G. Paris: Editions du Seuil.

Hatim, B. Barcelona: Ariel. Koch, P. Y Oesterreicher, W. Madrid: Gredos. Moreno Cabrera, J. Nencioni, G. Nord, C. Richet, B. This let him a twofold and complementary perspective: on the one hand, to become close to his primary audience; on the other hand, to choose an effective antagonist to the target of his attacks. In the two works, then, Swift draws a character which makes him stand by his target audience.

In contrast, the persona of the projector in A Modest Proposal remains distant and aloof from the rest of the world. This paper aims to analyse the uses of irony made in this anthology of Letters. The characteristics that define such uses of irony, and in particular, the aspects connected with either pretense or echoic irony will be explored. It is our contention that, on the one hand, Swift sought to express his criticism and distance towards the state of affairs that he denounced as unfair; on the other hand, and instrumentally, one of the ways in which he did so was through a persona that both joined him with his target addressees and also distanced him from the criticism raised in the works.

Clark, Billy Relevance Theory. Sperber, D.

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Verbal irony: Pretence or echoic mention? Journal of Experimental Psychology: General Wilson Irony and the use-mention distinction. In: Radical Pragmatics. New York: Academic Press, Epistemic Vigilance. Wilson, D. The pragmatics of verbal irony: Echo or pretence? Lingua Irony and metarepresentation. Explaining irony. Paper delivered at Meaning, Context and Cognition University of Lodz Poland.

Irony comprehension: A developmental perspective. Journal of Pragmatics 59 A : Irony, hyperbole, jokes and banter. In: Papers dedicated to Jacques Moeschler. Blochowiak, C. Grisot, S. Durrleman-Tame and C. Yus, F. Contextual sources, mutually manifest assumptions and epistemic vigilance in ironic communication. Paper presented at 14th International Pragmatics Conference, Antwerp. Available from ResearchGate. Motives for language changes, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Thus, although our research based on answers from such teachers to our questionnaire regarding their actual day-to-day practice rather than theoretical concepts focussed mainly on translation, a number of our questions were conducive to eliciting responses relating to aural and oral performance.

The extent to which students are assessed in their foreign language courses based on their listening comprehension and speaking skills will naturally determine the amount of time and effort they will spend on developing them, thereby conditioning their preparation for subsequent interpreting courses. Our findings will therefore be of interest, primarily, for teachers of interpreting, but also for foreign language teachers and trainee interpreters, to the extent that their marks in the foreign language may or may not reflect their linguistic predisposition for interpreting.

Tonos Digital, Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning. Entreculturas, 2: Kiraly British stand-up comedy comes to Estepona This will be the start of what is hoped to be a regular night of great British, European and international stand-up bringing some of the best comedians who regularly perform all over the British Isles, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA to the Costa Del Sol.

Get your tickets at the early bird price of 12 euros as soon as you can! Tickets can be purchased through the Facebook event: www. Or you can pay 15 euros on the door, but hurry as tickets are selling fast. En este sentido, ha. Local Police in Estepona launch a traffic campaign against drink and drug driving over the Christmas holidays Local Police in Estepona have launched a special campaign of traffic controls for alcohol and drugs over the Christmas holidays.

The objective of this campaign, which will last until December 23, is to educate drivers about the importance of not drinking alcohol, as this is the trigger for one third of fatal traffic accidents in Spain. Remember that many traffic crimes are related to the intake of alcoholic beverages, so. In fact, the consumption of alcoholic beverages multiplies by nine the risks of suffering a traffic accident so that prevention is necessary.

Officers will perform daily checks during the morning, afternoon and evening shifts at the points where the most leisure establishments are concentrated, such as the Port or the Town centre, among others. In ad-. The mayor has insisted that alongside the campaign, local police officers will continue to make preventive blood alcohol tests throughout Christmas.

Remember that officers will also make other special campaigns until January 7, coinciding with the many activities that are scheduled over the festive season. Domingos h. Entrada gratuita do y con el que se conmemora el cuarto centenario de la muerte de Miguel de Cervantes. Artistic Murals route gains its first abstract work with a creation by Curro Leyton The Artistic Murals Route in Estepona, which was conceived in , will see the addition of what will be the first abstract style work.

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This mural, which will be entitled 'Leyton', aims to "awaken the imagination of the viewer who contemplate it. As a result, everyone who sees the mural will have their own interpretation of the work, which will depend on their viewpoint. This work will be the fourth contribution that the Malaga artist Curro Leyton has made to the Route of Artistic Murals. In he produced the work 'Quixote of the 21st century', the mural with the figure of Don Quixote de la Mancha, the largest in the world, commemorating the fourth centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

Another of the icons of Spanish culture to which he has paid tribute was Picasso's 'Guernica'. This new painting brings to a total of 54 works that make up the Artistic Route of Estepona, a municipal project that was promoted with the aim of converting the urban centre and neighborhoods into an outdoor art gallery with large format canvases. Free entrance. Monday from 9am to 3pm. Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 8pm. Tuesday to Saturday: 9. Sundays: 9.

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Esta entidad aglutina a 30 asociaciones y da servicio a Estepona, Casares, Manilva y Sabinillas. The Mayor has declared that Estepona is proud to have entities and people, who like those who have been awarded, dedicate their time and effort to working for others. He also highlighted the great value of these awards that are granted by the volunteers of the different social groups of the municipality who choose the winners through a voting system. With regard to APRONA, Mayor Urbano recalled the long history of this association, which since has been working to offer support to people with functional diversity of different ages, with the aim of offering them the necessary mechanisms to develop their personal projects and be able to achieve thus a greater autonomy and quality of life.

Specifically, this award recognizes the important work carried out by this organization in one of the many facets it develops, to achieve the. In this regard, the municipal official has expressed the satisfaction that the Town Council collaborates with APRONA to provide work and opportunities for its recipients. This entity brings together 30 associations and serves Estepona, Casares, and Manilva.

In conclusion the mayor has reiterated the will of the Town Council to continue supporting and collaborating with these groups and his commitment to social policies, as one of the fundamental and priority functions of municipal action. Uno de los objetivos que se persigue con este encuentro es el de estrechar lazos entre ambas comunidades y conseguir desarrollar un amplio programa.

Joni Burnett, como representante del colectivo de vecinos de Manilva, destacaba el trabajo que a diario realizan los servicios de seguridad para protegernos. Es por ello que han sido muchas las. Dean Tyler Shelton, presidente de St. One of the objectives pursued by this meeting is to strengthen ties between both communities and to.

Mr Lebbar thanked the mayor and the rest of the members of the government team for their interest in promoting this type of twinning between the two countries. It also highlighted the important Maghrebi population that exists in our locality. The Mayor highlighted how positive this meeting has been in which different initiatives of a commercial and tourist nature have been raised. To strengthen bonds of friendship between those of us who are already our friends and neighbours fostering participation and integration, are the foundations on which we will continue working. Recognition of the Local Police in Manilva In gratitude for the work performed during the fire that hit Manilva last summer, the St George Association and the Facebook group "Manilva Coffee Chat" have presented the Local Police with a plaque, a camera and two office chairs.

After the unfortunate event, many people wanted to highlight the efforts of the security forces and the volunteers who made it possible, at the risk of their own lives, to avoid injuries or loss of life. Joni Burnett, as representative of the collective of residents of Manilva, highlighted the work that security services do on a daily basis to protect us.

That is why there have been many people who have wanted to. Dean Tyler Shelton, president of St. George, informed that these items were requested by the Local Police, and a wish list is being compiled and will be delivered to the Firefighters of Manilva and Estepona as well as to the Civil Guard. It should be noted that the material that is delivered to them is not accidental, but responds to the needs of these bodies, in order to make their daily work easier for citizens. Time to be confirmed. Fecha por confirmar. Date to be confirmed.

Hora por confirmar. II Trophy of Recognition presentation for local Foreigners that have contributed to our local Municipality Place and time to be confirmed. Contact David Hewitt Cena con espectaculo flamenco a cargo de Ana Guerrero. Precio por confirmar. Cabalgata de los reyes magos por las calles del Castillo, Sabinillas y Manilva a partir de las Price to be confirmed.

Horario: De a All proceeds to Adana. Letting the music do the talking Across the globe Call: email: studio radiomix There is a first prize of euros; euros for second place; and a third prize of euros. The panel of judges will be made up of representatives from all the political parties that make up the local government in Manilva.

Come and play netball? Training sessions are on Tuesdays from 6. All levels welcome.. For more info join our Facebook page. It's all about having fun, and meeting new people. El objetivo es fomentar el comer-. The objective is to promote local trade in all its sectors, such as grocery stores, textiles, shoes, accessories, perfumeries, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, butchers, fishmongers or hardware stores. To encourage Christmas purchases,.

The draw will take place in the middle of January. Doors open at 6. There will be tasting of polvorones and anise and a surprise draw. On behalf of myself and all of us in the Compromiso Manilva family I'd like to wish you every happiness over the coming festivities and that will bring you peace and prosperity.

Esto significa que el periodo vacacional dura dos semanas. Tras esto, como ya imaginas, es hora de salir de fiesta hasta la madrugada. Christmas in Spain As November marches on our attention turns to Christmas and the fun and festivities that go with it. Whilst Christmas is celebrated widely in Spain the main focus is on the festival of Los Reyes Magos, or Three Kings which is held on January 6th, this means that the holiday period is a full fortnight.

Beginning on Christmas Eve or Noche Buena most Spaniards will spend the first part of the evening with family enjoying a huge feast, often of fish and shellfish, but also just about everything else you can think, after which those who are still mobile will go out after midnight to party or visit friends. Christmas Day is a fairly quiet day with some children receiving gifts from Santa, whilst others have to wait for the Three Kings to bring their goodies.

The grand finale for the festive period is Three Kings. A couple of days before the children will have delivered their letters detailing the gifts they would like to receive, and on evening of the 5th January there are huge processions read mobile riots through the streets of every village, town and city, during which literally tons of sweets are hurled into the eager crowds. On the 6th the children traditionally open their presents. Benesse Christmas Menus Please contact hola benesse.

New fashion accessories to enhance any outfit. Cuffs, headbands, scarves, cowl collars in all well known fabrics — cashmere, Harris Tweed, lace, etc. Authentic pieces of jewellery sourced from private collections. Engagement rings — a must because you love it! Un total de One of the most critical factors in the granting of a mortgage by a Spanish financial institution is whether, or not, the beneficiary is a resident in Spain.

Foreigners ordinarily residing in Spain can apply for a standard mortgage, i. You need to hold an account in the bank which is granting the mortgage, which needs to be headquartered in Spain. Providing personal endorsements is not compulsory but will improve financing conditions.

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If you possess other properties in Spain, home warranties will also be valued. However, this is not the case when the property is located in another country, as these assets are not especially valued by banks, due to their inaccessibility. These conditions will change if the buyer is not a resident in Spain, it would result in a much higher interest rate. The most common rate in these cases is a fixed rate around 2.

If you are planning to apply for a mortgage from a Spanish bank and need further details on the conditions offered by your bank, please contact us. We will happily help you! By telephone: - or by email: - denise manilvasolicitors. Lo que me lleva a recordar en. Asi como la necesidades no se limitan a estas fechas, que tampoco limitemos nuestros actos a unos.

At this time of year many of us celebrate for all kinds of reasons, some depending on our religious beliefs or outlook, some simply because it can be a sign of new beginnings and a fresh start. I personally take any excuse to celebrate through the year. Taking advantage of this opportunity, and besides all the festivities and christmas lunches, I like to spend time remembering those that have left us over the past year and beyond, this year including some big local personalities whose names I need not mention.

Christmas for me is a time to remember, a time to reflect, and a time to think about those less fortunate than ourselves or the many elderly and not so elderly who are suffering from social exclusion for many reasons that range from mental issues through to the usual and most common the lack of gainful employment, a decent pension and income.

I ask that all of you reading my Chistmas message take the time to do as many good deeds as you can, not just now because its Christmas, but because through the year people carry on suffering mostly in silence. In the afternoon we were entertained with a Buffet at Hemingways in the Port. For further information contact duquesarblspainsouth gmail.

Georges charity shop, Sabinillas to boost funds or could be donated directly to those in need who would be identified via the appropriate organisations. Anyone with any knitting , sewing or crochet skills we need your expertise to help those of us who know nothing about these things!

So whether you are a lady or a gent, can knit or not, everyone and anyone can come along and join in ,the more the merrier! Meetings are held at the New Fathoms every Wednesday from There is coffee, cake or tapas available to buy. Please can anyone, individuals or shop owners who have any balls of wool, or sewing materials that you would donate to this worthy cause, either bring them along on the day or drop off at the Saint George charity shop, Sabinillas.

For more information contact Ali English or Spanish or Jennifer Beginning as an FM station broadcasting across kms of the South of Spain from Gibraltar to Nerja, Radio Mix soon built a large and loyal listenership due to the quality of its programming and an eclectic mix of music, becoming the preferred station for a majority of radio listeners within its broadcast area. This success is due, in no small part, to its enthusiastic team of seasoned presenters, music enthusiasts, and marketing professionals, who together have crafted Radio Mix - the next generation in radio stations.

The second live show is the White knuckle ride that is the. Gary spends hours every week hunting down only the best tunes for inclusion on the playlist. The playlist is totally eclectic, for instance you could hear a track from Roger Whittaker followed by the Sex Pistols and then Clean Bandit! The playlist also includes tracks from artists from across the South of Spain playing everything from Hip Hop to rock and blues, and everything in between, after all there is more to Andalucian music than Europop and Flamenco! Global Radio online Whilst enjoying huge success on local FM the intention has always been to reach a global audience and with a view to this Radio Mix is, over the coming months, introducing three new channels to complement its existing broadcast now called Radio Mix 1.

Radio Mix 2 Worldwide Similar format to Mix 1 but aimed at global audience, with news on global events, with an emphasis on concerts and music festivals worldwide. You can also listen to Radio Mix on the player at the website www. It was a celebration of the music of three of the biggest names in rock history - Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, with three of the UK's top tribute acts doing the honours.

Early Bird tickets are expected to be available shortly so keep checking the website www.

Also make sure to check out and like the promoter's Facebook page pinkpurpleproductions for regular updates. Registration opens at Marina de Casares Friends and Neighbours Association What a busy but most enjoyable December, thank you to all the Members and Guests for supporting our events, we had 60 at our Pre-Christmas Party on 24th November, Gary got us up dancing which was very snug but so much fun! We are welcoming in the New Year with a party on the 12th January with Rocking Johnny to entertain us, so members get your place booked soon.

Call into the club on Wednesday and Fridays pm. There are lots of events planned to look forward to in , many new ones, Spanish Lessons,.