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Amazing side dishes and casseroles to complement meals you are cooking. The recipes are delicious The recipes are delicious and easy to follow. You will impress your family and friends and leave everyone's tastebuds wanting more. Happy cooking.

Authentic Mother's Day Italian Cooking At Its Best

Marshella Goodsworth is a born again Christian Amazing August Grilled Veggies. The title says it all. Delicious vegetable dishes off the grill. Happy grilling. Happy eating. I highly recommend this book and it makes a great gift for all occasions. Endorsementy by Get the book now!

Highly recommended! This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now! The author Happy 4th of July. Served with a medley of local in season vegetables or Island roasted potatoes Served with a medley of local in season vegetables and your choice of Island roasted potatoes Served with a medley of local in season vegetables and Island roasted potatoes Served with your choice of Garden Salad Served with home fries and juice Served with a glass of juice Victoria Garden: Ceylon black tea, Chinese gunpowder tea, lavender, vanilla, rose petals.

To enjoy a cup of tea which carries this flavour is an afternoon delight. Caramel Toffee:Flavoured with creamy caramel toffee combination with pieces of caramel added. It is low in tannins and appeals particularly to first time tea drinkers. Teas from Assam and Sumatra make a truly delightful tea for the early morning. Chai Spice: Pure Ceylon black tea with flavours: cinnamon, cloves, ginger pieces, cinnamon, shredded cloves, cardamom seed.

Meat-free, vegan and flexitarian options are also on the rise on breakfast menus. Tomato sauce and spices on top help wake up your senses, while fried eggs provide protein that keeps you feeling full until your next meal and prevents unwanted food cravings. To accompany the perfect breakfast, you need the perfect cup of coffee or tea. So many consumers today prefer nondairy beverages, for various reasons, ranging from health to allergies to taste, that [these beverages] are no longer considered a trend; they are simply part of a lifestyle.

Top off your coffee or tea with alternative beverages made by Silk, in flavours including almond, soy and cashew.

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Iced Tea With a Twist From fast-casual to fine-dining restaurants, tea has surged on menus over the past decade. Consumers are opting for alternatives to carbonated beverages and seeing iced tea, herbal and craft tea in a new light. According to a report from Benchmark, tea is a trend to watch in and beyond, with concepts such as craft tea blending, nitro tea on tap and tea cocktails gaining steam. There are simple and attainable. One in four consumers drinks iced tea daily, and while black tea still takes the lead, diners are looking for more choices. Teas are an easy way to experiment with new flavours, such as adding mashed fruit or herbs basil and lavender are currently trending and even a shot of rum or vodka to your beverage offerings, as we have done in the refreshing iced tea concoctions pictured above.

As you look ahead to summer, consider ways to pair fresh Sysco produce with your tea selection. According to Restaurant Business News, the No. Currently, about 31 per cent of foodservice operators customize their beverages inhouse, with iced tea being one of the most popular for personalization. And while tea beverages are generally a lower-cost wholesale item, many diners are more willing to pay a premium when that tea is enhanced with interesting, fresh flavour combinations. Start frying up the egg rolls, grilling the tacos and piling on the chicharrones to attract basketball, baseball and hockey fans this spring.

On the outskirts of town, you find more traditional sports bars that serve wings, nachos and poutine. First, we had the Reuben roll, filled with corned beef and sauerkraut, deep-fried and served with Thousand Island dressing. Then came crunchy rolls, filled with pot roast and mashed potatoes and served with horseradish sour cream. Now you see dessert versions, too: apple fritter, Nutella and even cheesecake. Specifically: chicken and waffles and barbecue, which around here [Raleigh-Durham] means pulled pork.

For Chicken and Waffles on a Stick, dip chicken in waffle batter, deep-fry it and put it on a stick for a fun, mobile snack with regional flair. This is Atlantic Canada, close to the water, so in the bars we are doing a lot with lobster: Atlantic lobster melt similar to a tuna melt with lobster , lobster nachos. For lobster poutine we add lobster, change the fries to diced potatoes or tater tots and add different cheeses.

I see a movement toward healthier choices and different diets, like the keto diet, vegetarian and vegan food bites and lighter foods like tuna poke bowls, noodle bowls and rice bowls. Now there is a whole food court where you can get just about anything: ethnic options, healthier choices and plenty of crazy over-the-top foods. People treat going to a game like their cheat day. In Houston, in addition to burgers and fries, you can eat slow-smoked barbecue or get a high-end sandwich, like a BLT with artisanal bacon and fried green tomatoes.

Safeco Field, where the Mariners play, you can enjoy a muffaletta sandwich with pesto, followed by a small-batch whiskey or wine by the glass. Times have changed from the old peanuts and Crackerjacks. Sysco, along with our specialty produce company FreshPoint, is the largest procurer of produce in the foodservice industry.

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With our reach and peerless quality assurance staff, you can get farm-fresh fruit and vegetables of unparalleled quality all year long. But what better time than spring to celebrate. When creating a main dish salad, layer together a variety of flavours and textures. These mixes of hearty shredded vegetables make life a whole lot easier in the kitchen. Top them with crunchy wonton strips or croutons, dry and aged cheeses and sliced colourful vegetables.

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  • Then drizzle over. Sysco Classic salad dressings. Add sliced bread or a sourdough roll and you have the perfect light meal. Sysco acquired FreshPoint in , but the company still maintains 23 separate warehouses throughout the U.

    January – Eat Coast

    For certain clients, such as. At Sysco, fresh and local are not just buzzwords. We know our operators would like to serve more local produce to customers, as well as tout the names of local farms and products on their menus.

    Been to Peddlers Creek BBQ Steakhouse? Share your experiences!

    We are always looking to improve and increase our supplier outreach, beginning with the more. To bring our customers more organic produce, we are excited to announce that Sysco has recently partnered with Earthbound Farm, one of the largest organic produce suppliers in the industry. This unique partnership enables us to launch our own line of organic produce and provide a wider variety of organic fruits and vegetables, from potatoes and onions to blueberries and lettuce blends.

    Why should good vegetables go to waste? Talk about a win-win situation: FreshPoint has partnered with many of its growers in a produce program called Unusual but Usable UBU , which reduces both food waste and food costs to customers by focusing on 2 product. The program takes misshapen vegetables such as peppers, carrots, onions and tomatoes that can be chopped and processed instead of wasted and sells them at a lower price point.

    Go to UnusualbutUsable. So dig in! From meatless burgers to spaghetti made from zucchini, plant-based foods are all the rage right now. Diners are increasingly invested in their health and wellness. They work out at the gym and make lifestyle changes to improve stamina and increase longevity. They are making changes to their diets, as well. When it comes to eating out, diners are seeking wholesome and nutritious dishes. Often, they will look for vegetarian or flexitarian choices on the menu. And as foodservice suppliers develop more products designed for this growing consumer base, it is becoming easier for operators to provide these options.

    Not so long ago, vegans and vegetarians were relegated to eating a plate of grilled veggies or a salad while their tablemates had the run of the menu.

    Win Mother’s Day with these Egg-Based Brunch Ideas

    That is no longer the case. Chefs are making tweaks to the preparation of their signature main dishes, swapping. Even the pleasure of biting into a sausage pizza can now be enjoyed by all. Despite being gluten-free, the crust browns well and stays crunchy. Combine thickened cream such as mascarpone with basil pesto for vibrant green color and fresh basil flavour. Top with fresh mozzarella. This combination of creamy dairy, fresh vegetable flavour and salty sausage really satisfies.

    Vegetarians and flexitarians, rejoice. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are a great time for restaurants of all types to offer Mexican-inspired dishes and drinks to enthusiastic patrons. When you are cooking up Tex-Mex and Southwestern cuisine, light up the grill and charge the blender. Ethnic populations in America and Canada are growing tremendously, and with that comes a rise in purchasing power. By trying your hand at some easy-yet-delicious Hispanic-style foods, such as tacos and salsas, you can begin to tap into this burgeoning market.

    But in Vancouver, some folks celebrate the day with a group skydive. Just save the cocktails for after. Celebrating Mexican Heritage Cinco de Mayo has been promoted at several points throughout history for a variety of reasons. It was first given life in the U.

    And in the s, beer companies promoted it heavily, weaving it into their advertising campaigns. A Northern Tradition 4. Canadian celebrations tend to. Canadians love avocados. Imports have been increasing at a rate of about 10 per cent per year by volume. Save time and labor when you use our Casa Solana. To make the simplest guacamole, combine fresh avocados, fresh lime juice, finely diced white onion, minced jalapeno chile and sea salt. If you like, add salsa, chopped fresh tomato, chopped jalapeno chile or chopped fresh cilantro according to your taste. Margaritas in the Mix Tequila sales double in the week leading up to Cinco de Mayo, and margaritas account for nearly 50 per cent of cocktails sold on the holiday.

    Combine margarita mix with your favourite tequila or mezcal and a splash of lemon or lime for a refreshing and festive drink. Or whip up something a little more glamorous, such as the Paloma Margarita pictured, right. Pair it with chips and an assortment of vibrant and spicy salsas. Rivera-Myers also suggests relying on labour-saving and speed-scratch items such as precooked beets or Sysco's bottled salad dressings to remove part of the burden from the Mother's Day rush.

    Put up signs in the restaurant to get the word out and publicize it on social media. Getting those advance reservations locked down is key. Plan a limited menu that you can execute easily. Rivera-Myers suggests focusing on dishes you can prep ahead. Sysco has you covered with a selection of tempting thaw-and-serve cakes and cookies, such as Sysco Classic Tiramisu and red velvet and chocolate cakes.

    A moist strawberryand-vanilla cake layered with decadent cream cheese frosting and topped with yogurt crumbles. Our easy-to-prepare plant-based products require little preparation, but are delicious additions to any menu! We have taken steps to reduce obstacles that have made it difficult for companies to partner with us in the past by simplifying the processes for becoming a supplier and creating a program that enables smaller producers to access suitable liability insurance.

    It helps us to compete in a rapidly changing environment by providing a variety of perspectives, and to create an environment where all associates can flourish. Through recruiting, mentoring and other strategies, Sysco is building a more representative workforce for the 21st century. A Day for Women At Sysco, we believe elevating diversity and inclusion as core values makes us a better company to work for and work with. Diverse associates and suppliers and the valuable perspectives they bring help us continue to innovate and evolve. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Goals include two ambitious objectives: To expand our relationships with minority- and women-owned suppliers and increase the gender and ethnic diversity of our associates.

    In , Sysco had ongoing partnerships with nearly minority- and women-owned suppliers, and by , we aim to increase our current spend with women and minority suppliers by 25 per cent. Get fresh. Get mixing. Shake things up with 6 ready-to-mix frozen fruit blends. Ideal for smoothies, cocktails and desserts. A comfortable atmosphere. The perfect location. Fortunately, you can train your staff to deliver great service.

    Here are five essential practices to teach your servers. One key to good service is to train and empower servers to think of their section as their own business. That means they should arrive a few minutes early, check and make sure that everything is there, from cutlery to condiments, and that it is clean and orderly. And remind them that every table is a sales opportunity, and not just a chance to take orders. Customers are savvy and can see through a blatant upselling pitch.

    It may seem like a well-dressed and seemingly well-off customer might order more and be a better tipper than someone in jeans and a T-shirt. But this assumption is often wrong and can lead to poor service. Instead, all customers should be treated with respect. It may just be a glass of water, or there might be an issue with their meal. Training staff to spot and help these patrons quickly can mean the difference between a good and bad dining experience. Approaching customers with a friendly attitude can make a huge impact.

    Experience a new appetizer assortment. SUPC Other several fully cooked wings options available. Perfect for shared plates. Olymel S. C www. Sniffen advises developing a limited menu just for off-premise. Both Goll and Sniffen recommend black containers with see-through lids like those made by Earth Plus.

    The containers look great, hold temperature and have compartments for hot and cold foods. The products you choose should also be strong and leak-resistant. The rise of off-premise dining has turned the tables on the restaurant industry. Takeout is not right for every restaurant. It can disrupt the flow of in-house dining, and third-party delivery companies take up to 30 per cent of the meal price in commission. We spoke with Sysco experts about how operators can grow their takeout and delivery business without losing control over quality and revenue.

    Goll suggests promoting your to-go menu on colourful cards that you can include with the bill or keep by the register.

    Sniffen recommends that every takeout business set up online ordering.