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The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Suhas Kshirsagar offers a sweeping overview of the principles and techniques of Ayurveda—a —year—old science of life—so that we can bring these vital teachings into our lives in a relevant and meaningful way.

In this selection, chosen by Sounds True producer […]. For more than 30 years, Andrew Harvey has explored themes of sacred activism and spiritual ascendance through both scholarly works and deeply personal poetry. On the audio program Meditations of the Heart, Harvey teams with renowned spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson to contemplate the notion of love as the great, unifying force behind all of reality.

Meditation teacher and psychotherapist Dr. In this excerpt from her audio program Neurosculpting for Stress Relief: Four Practices to Change Your Brain and Your Life, Lisa leads listeners on an exercise designed to identify and alleviate the physical manifestations […]. View Summary Michael J. Gelb: Sharpening Your Senses.

World-renowned as an authority on creative thinking and accelerated learning, Michael J. Pulling from her new audio program, The Self in Full Bloom: Teachings and Practices for Embodied Awakening, experienced yoga and meditation teacher Mukti speaks on the different levels of spiritual awakening. As an experienced therapist and scholar of indigenous healing arts, Bradford Keeney is an internationally respected figure at the forefront of modern shamanism.

View Summary Bruce H. Lipton: Designed to Bond. In his breakthrough book The Biology of Belief, cell biologist Dr.

Weekly Wisdom: Inner Strength

Bruce Lipton presented evidence that we are not at the mercy of our genes, but are in fact turning specific genes on and off all the time through our behaviors, emotions, and beliefs. In his new book, The Honeymoon Effect, Dr.

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Lipton applies what […]. Linda Howe has established herself as one of the foremost teachers about the Akashic Records, the spiritual archive that chronicles the journey of every soul. From a spiritual perspective, Linda teaches, healing is what allows us to deepen our experience of life—not only as individual human beings, but also as living expressions of the divine. In The Power Path Training, shamanic practitioner Lena Stevens discusses how most people look for support in the wrong places.

In truth, support is everywhere in nature, everything is interconnected, and the mere fact of our existence depends on the support of air, earth, water, plants, and countless other powers.

Weekly Wisdom: Higher Power

In this excerpt selected by […]. In this excerpt from The Field, author and investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart explores how we as observers interact with the world around us. According to producer […]. Steven Gurgevich is internationally recognized as a leading expert in mind-body medicine, and a master at using medical hypnosis to assist in a broad range of health challenges.

Yet it was his own struggles with anxiety and panic attacks during graduate school that set him on his lifelong journey of exploration and self-empowerment. Mark Nepo possesses a unique capacity to bring each step of the spiritual journey into exquisite focus. As a poet and a spiritual teacher, Mark has a special gift for using language to bring a deep level of clarity to our shared human experience. Adyashanti offers a fresh and insightful look at the story of the crucifixion of Jesus in this excerpt from the audio program Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic.

Adya takes the well-known scene from the […]. A producer at Sounds True records hundreds of hours of audio with spiritual teachers and modern luminaries every year, and they are often asked which practices stand out as being the most useful in their own lives. For producer Randy Roark, one technique always tops the list: Radical Forgiveness.

After working with Colin Tipping, the […]. Author Sally Kempton has studied and taught the wisdom of yoga and meditation for over 40 years. In this excerpt from the audio program Doorways to the Infinite, Sally discusses the confluence of our deepest emotions and most dearly held desires. In this selection chosen by Sounds True producer Randy Roark, Housden extols the importance of ceasing the incessant rush of our lives […].

Perhaps the greatest gift from Saint Francis of Assisi was this insight: that we learn the mystery of ourselves only at the price of our own innocence. Many traditional meditation practices involve the repetition of a specific set of techniques. While these techniques have great merit, Adyashanti suggests a different approach to meditation. Subtle healing systems from many traditions speak of energy centers in our bodies, often called the chakras. Many of us in the West have become familiar with the idea of chakras as important for our health, yet we may not be aware of the wide variety of benefits we can gain from working with our […].

We think of places of power as being sacred sites, cathedrals, or areas of great natural beauty—yet your greatest power spot is a place you inhabit all the time. In her new audio program The Art of Empathy, Karla McLaren brings to light research that compels us to seek a much deeper understanding of what emotions are, why they arise, and the purpose they are trying to serve. Internal Family Systems IFS therapy is a a powerful psychological tool for finding freedom from chronic emotional issues such as depression and anxiety and creating internal harmony where the aspects of your psyche are working together for your well-being.

In this selection from Dr. Hanson discusses some of the techniques he has used personally and has […]. On the audio program Mindfulness: Six Guided Practices for Awakening, master teacher Joseph Goldstein offers six guided meditations based on this profound teaching of the Buddha. In this excerpt selected by Sounds True producer Randy Roark, Joseph illuminates the importance of […]. According to Caroline Myss, we are in an age of spiritual awakening—and many of us feel a deep longing for spiritual intimacy, to share the journey of our awakening with kindred spirits.

View Summary Daniel J. Siegel: Daniel J. Siegel: What Is Interpersonal Neurobiology? By following both his scientific curiosity and his heart, Dr.

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Daniel Siegel began to question one of the most fundamental assumptions about human psychology and even biology: that we are an individual, separate self. Siegel discovered that our concept of "I" turns out to be more accurately a "we"—encompassing not only our own senses, […]. The question is, what are we waiting for? Jack Angelo, author of the book and companion audio program Distant Healing, teaches that there is a direct link between our hands and our hearts. Gregg discusses a universal impulse that he has found in the lives of people all over the world: the sense that something is awakening from deep […].

Global Mind. Author and professor of philosophy Ashok Gangadean suggests that there is an emerging global wisdom arising from a synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions. In his audio course Awakening the Global Mind, Ashok shows how we can use the power of language to rewrite our own linguistic operating system with a new spiritual grammar, helping […]. That energy of deep attention shows […]. His approach includes and embraces everything, welcoming the richness of our lives into meditative practice. Can there really be an answer to the key point of dispute in the culture wars—the existence of God?

Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute was impressed to discover a teacher willing to take this question head-on with clarity, open-mindedness, and a deep respect for both sides of the argument. In his latest audio program, The […]. One of the greatest challenges for parents that Dr. We think this is a way to express our love and respect—but it ends up having the opposite effect. Sounds True producer Stephen Lessard chose this excerpt […].

Most of us are very tough on ourselves.

Weekly Wisdom: Higher Power | Ankhren

Yet Dr. Tara Brach teaches that by trying to avoid our pain, we often miss what is most beautiful […]. View Summary Bodhipaksa: Living in the Present. Why is that, and can we change our experience of presence? In this selection from […]. When we face times of intense loneliness, it often feels like we have forgotten how to reach out and connect to others. To begin to experience UltraCalm—which Dr. Hyman defines as a state of reduced physical, emotional, and mental stress and anxiety—we have to first realize that we […].

Sometimes our path of healing takes us to places we could never imagine. Since human experience occurs in the brain, explains Dr. Rick Hanson, the source of suffering can also be traced to certain processes in the brain. Hanson identifies six engines that drive suffering—even though these patterns were originally established to boost our chances of survival. Through practices like meditation, we […]. With her background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion, Angeles Arrien is a teacher with a wide-ranging knowledge of many traditions and how they approach the subject of gratitude.

Her kindness, […]. When Sounds True producer Mitchell Clute recorded the audio course Your Money or Your Life with Vicki Robin in her home, he had the opportunity to see a teacher who lives her teachings. In her private practice, energy healer Cyndi Dale has made an astonishing discovery—up to 80 percent of the complaints that people come into the office with are not really their own, but are issues they have absorbed from those around them.

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We ended up finishing one of her other projects ahead of schedule. So I told Sharon that we could either take a well-earned day off, or we could use the day to […]. Karma is one of the most recognized concepts from Buddhism, yet is also perhaps the most misunderstood teaching for Western audiences. In this audio selection, she challenges one of the most pervasive and inaccurate myths of our time—that vulnerability is a […]. Kelly McGongial stands out as a teacher whose scientific knowledge brings a new clarity to our understanding of the spiritual journey.

After recording her program, I was inspired to reevaluate ways that I approach […]. As a teacher, Cyndi Dale is one of the best ambassadors for subtle energy practice. What impressed me the most was her ability to present this subject in a way that is luminously […]. Caroline Myss has a unique style as a spiritual teacher—straightforward, passionate, and sometimes uncomfortably direct. Yet I cherish her as a friend and […]. In this program, recorded in front of a select audience during a three-day retreat in Maui, Eckhart shares the techniques he himself […].

Imagine in this moment being completely in touch with your physical sensations, aware of who you are and your connection to all your surroundings, and conscious of the wisdom of your deepest emotions. When Sounds True editorial director Nancy Smith arrived in Arizona for her recording with the internationally renowned physician Andrew Weil, she might have expected to find him busy, pressed for time, or even stressed […]. You may have heard of the Akashic Records, said to be an energetic archive that holds information about every soul and its journey.

But consulting and receiving answers from the Akashic Records has remained the province of a few specialists for generations now. For over a decade, Linda Howe has been on a mission to […]. Lawrence […]. Friedemann Schaub. Steve Lessard, a producer at Sounds True, joined Dr. Schaub in Seattle for this recording session and chose this selection after noticing how many people struggle with fear or anxiety. In this selection, Dr. Schaub discusses how […]. Mitchell Clute, a producer at Sounds True, chose this selection after editing the program, which was recorded before a live studio audience.

In this selection, Caroline Myss introduces the idea of […].

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But Dr. In The Miracle of Trust, teachers Nouk Sanchez and the late Tomas Vieira draw upon their insights from A Course in Miracles to help listeners transcend the ego and express their unique love in the world—insights that have been informed and deepened through the hardships of their own relationship. Though Nouk and Tomas were no […]. For spiritual seekers of many generations, Alan Watts earned a reputation as one of the most accessible—and entertaining—interpreters of Eastern philosophy in the West. What Randy finds most refreshing about […]. Becoming an Oracle includes visits to figures from the Greek, […].

Having the ability to choose your spiritual path can be both exciting and daunting. How do you know which ones will be rewarding, engaging, and compatible with your learning style? Jonathan Ellerby has studied many traditions and how people operate within them, and has created a system for determining your unique spiritual personality type. Sounds […]. Mark Hyman has found that if we learn how to deal with our reactions effectively in the moment they occur, then we can take charge of the forces that create […].

Jack Kornfield has an exceptional gift for translating Eastern thought for Western audiences in a way that is accessible and relevant while remaining true to the original teachings. Sounds True producer Randy Rourke says that he was especially impressed with the way that Jack introduces newcomers to the central practices and timeless wisdom taught by […]. Fortunately, a teacher like Dr. Steven Gurgevich offers an approach that we can truly stand behind.

Gurgevich is a key member of Dr. What prevents us from making this leap? The popularity of shamanism has increased dramatically over the last few decades, but there is still much confusion about just what shamanism is and how it might be relevant to those in the modern world. Sandra Ingerman has emerged as a teacher with a special gift for demystifying shamanism and helping us experience the world […].

As Dr. But how does he choose what to incorporate into such an ambitious model? What is the relationship between sexuality and spiritual awakening? How do these two seemingly different streams of life experience come together and show us the true nature of what it means to be a human being?

Our chakras, each of which represent a rung on what Ison calls the […]. Joseph M. Marshall is a Lakota elder who believes that the wisdom and stories of his people are the greatest gift that he can share with the wider world. He teaches that we all have a pain-body that can keep us from experiencing the fullness of this moment—so what do we do about it? Get Involved.

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