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Have a listen here. Follow TPC on Facebook for further information regarding public workshops, our bi-weekly poetry workshops, and readings.

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  • I made the cover for Milk Fever, a gorgeous book of poetry by Megan Ross. Published by Nick Mulgrew over at Uhlanga Press , it's available on Amazon , and good bookstores near you. And now I have it, hard copy, in my hands all the way in Taiwan! Sooo exciting! In this 10 minute episode I chat to Charlie Storrar on Radio Taiwan International and read three poems about revisiting home and communication breakdown.

    Give me and my nerves a listen. Megan Ross on Twitter: "And thank to the most dope, loveleorajoy for this incredible cover art. A group of school children walk up the steps to visit the Taipei Biennial. Photo: Leora Joy. We can't wait to see you x For more information visit our event page on FB here. Photo by Michael Garber. Modern Romance. Makings of a Millennial. The Anxiety of Influence. The Anxiety of Indecision.

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    The Anxiety of Infection. The Anxiety of Integrity. Sleeping as problem solving. Tweeting as problem solving. Eating as problem solving. Some countries with different language can create a barrier or intimidate but Taipei did none of those. The second reason why I love the city is the place itself. Taipei is a clean city with so much character. In some areas where I was walking around I felt similarities with some Japanese cities like Osaka or some parts of Tokyo.

    Now I know almost every Asian country boasts its own night markets with hundred of delicious street food vendors.

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    In some other countries, night markets can be a nightmare because of the smell, hygiene factor and the street trash, but not in Taipei. Despite being the most famous and most touristy destination, Shilin remain clean and friendly like every other part of the city. I will cover our short trip to Jiufen on my next post. Meanwhile, 48 hours roaming the city is just not enough.

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    Indonesian born and bred, Netherlands educated, Francophile, Jiujitsu lover, professional fashion photographer in the midst of a never-ending love affair with travel. Always packing. Daydreams too much. Hi, Kak Nicole! So happy that you had a nice welcome in Taiwan.


    After read your story, I feel like we have the same impressions with Taiwan, especially Taipei city. Sometimes when people asks me How is Taiwan and I describe it with all in positive sides, but right after that I start to rethink what I said is really that good?

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    Or I just made everyone expect too much with Taiwan. As we same Indonesian, and now I live in Taipei to study in University. I am so proud that I am living in two multi-cultural countries.

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    I have been learned so much things here since two years ago, especially about the social manner and habits so I could compare and mixed them by every good things between Indonesian and Taiwanese. Also the independence and self-depends in my daily life as a foreign student. Thank you so much Helena, I love the city so much and look forward to come back and hopefully will see you!

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    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Email address:. Facebook Twitter Instagram pinterest Bloglovin. Asia , Taiwan , Wanderlust. The Taiwan Journal: 48 hours in Taipei. Nicoline Patricia Indonesian born and bred, Netherlands educated, Francophile, Jiujitsu lover, professional fashion photographer in the midst of a never-ending love affair with travel. Facebook Twitter Instagram.

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