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Simone and her family lived next door to the controversial, iconic figure and his wife Betty Shabazz in Mount Vernon, N. There were discussions. She obsessed over sex.

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To Simone, her sexual appetite was a way for her to gauge not only her marriage, but her mental health — and her diaries, as revealed in What Happened, Miss Simone? Simone once hid from her husband and manager for up to two weeks.

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Simone was abusive as well. When Simone left Stroud and relocated to Liberia, she abandoned her daughter Kelly for years in Mount Vernon without telling her where she went. When they finally reunited and her teenaged child started staying with her mother in West Africa, their relationship turned violent. She once had a nervous breakdown while opening for Bill Cosby.

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The more outspoken Simone became on behalf of equal rights, the more she resented herself for it. She was totally out of it — incoherent.

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She performed in a nearly-empty Paris cafe before her Eighties resurgence. Fortunately, moving to France also brought her closer to a good friend who started taking care of her. He had Simone see a doctor, who diagnosed her for the first time with manic depression and bipolar disorder — and he helped her book gigs more befitting of a living legend.

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Simone Nadelhofer Partner. Admission : Switzerland, Nationality : Swiss.

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  • Languages : English , French , German , Italian. Zurich Stampfenbachplatz 4 P. Box Zurich Switzerland.


    She regularly publishes and speaks at conferences on her areas of specialisation. Simone Nadelhofer is "very bright and experienced," with "a strong dedication to win a case.

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    • Simone Nadelhofer is recommended. Legal , Switzerland, Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 2 , Legal , Switzerland, Banking and Finance, Legal , Switzerland, Leading firms, Boroski, International Litigation newsletter, May , pp. The uncertain enforceability of forum selection clauses in attorney-client agreements Simone Nadelhofer, Sandrine Giroud, International Litigation Newsletter May , pp. Quelques aspects de la confiscation selon l'art.