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Men come and go, but magic is forever…right? After a few months of letting witchcraft slide, Jane Madison discovers that not using her powers has her rapidly losing them. Meanwhile, her warder is avoiding her, her familiar has moved out, her mother is abandoning her again, and her grandmother is…getting married?

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With her world turned topsy-turvy, Jane is at her wits' end trying to set things right. Staking everything on a last-ditch spell that backfires spectacularly, Jane is left full of questions. Jane Madison is searching for a job that will fulfill her, enabling her to combine her peerless librarian skills with her witchcraft. Sarah Anderson, Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court, is just beginning to figure out what she can do as a sphinx, an ancient protector of vampires.

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    Magic and the Modern Girl (Jane Madison, #3) by Mindy Klasky

    Passion: The Diamond Brides Series—nine tales of white-hot love set against the backdrop of the Raleigh Rockets baseball team. He also tasks her with handling Chris Gardner, a nosy human reporter whose questions hit too close to paranormal home. Sarah Anderson loves her job at the supernatural night court of Washington DC.


    But like any hard-working millennial, Sarah has a couple of problems. Exhibit One: Visions of an ancient Egyptian goddess no one else can see.

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    Vampires, sphinxes, a love triangle, and cupcakes—all against the backdrop of Washington, DC! Working as the court clerk used to soothe her wild compulsions. Her neglected powers are disappearing before her eyes, her sexy warder David Montrose is ignoring her, her cat-like familiar has moved out of her home, and her family life is in chaos. Really — what octogenarian grandmother decides to get married — and with orange-and-silver bridesmaid dresses? Jane stakes everything on one last-ditch spell — only to find that magic has a way of making its own complications.

    Alas, Jane never thought her students would be so challenging. And she never imagined she and David would end up fighting about … everything!