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FBM is when you create a listing on Amazon, but do the shipping and storing of the product yourself. This is when you sell your inventory directly to Amazon through their Vendor Express service. All products that have been sold at least once on Amazon are ranked in terms of their popularity in their category, so all books rank somewhere. Conversely, if your book is further down the list and has a higher BSR, the less likely you are to sell it quickly or even at all.

Start off with books with a BSR of between 2, and , Experiment and see which sell quickly or slowly. Tools like Keepa or CamelCamelCamel will help you to track BSR, pricing and sales so that you can realistically gauge popularity and profit margin. This option might not last forever, but if your bookshelves are starting to pile up and you want to make some space — as well as a profit — then start here.

List any books that are in a good condition to sell. You can also have a look at libraries and used bookstores for any bargains that you might be able to sell on.

Expert Tips to Making More Money Selling Used Books on Amazon

Take a peek inside to determine the condition of your investment first. Online Arbitrage means finding books on one marketplace and selling them at a slightly higher price through another. You can use other online marketplaces for this such as eBay, Craigslist or specialist second-hand books sites.

This option can be time-consuming and a lot of effort — scrolling through page after page to find sellable books for only a bit more profit. It can also be risky — with online marketplaces you have no guarantee of condition. If you want to find ways to grow your business, then you can create a custom Amazon Store. This can scale you from simple second-hand book selling to a full ecommerce brand with more appeal, and more customer engagement.

An Amazon store means you can curate content, and therefore allows you to offer something with unique appeal that no one else is selling. You can even go one step further, and make your own ecommerce store which will allow you to curate literary content and elaborate on your business.

A good example of this is Lit Kit a monthly subscription box business currently for sale on Exchange. By thoughtfully curating content, they have added extra value to products, which makes them more interesting.

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  • 3 Reasons Why Selling Books on Amazon is a Great Way to Start.
  • And if you have an Amazon Store, you can also link to individual products there. If you do this enough, you can make a full-time income selling on the Amazon marketplace. Selling used items often have the highest returns, but the drawback is you have to spend more time scouting for inventory.

    The fact is, you likely live near libraries, thrift stores, etc that all have a treasure trove of used items you can resell for a profit. You simply list it, set its condition and boom, your item is live, for sale to millions of Amazon users.

    Benefits of becoming a bookseller

    If you want to sell used books for extra cash, you can do it part time or full time. There are so many benefits to bookselling, such as. It really is one of the best beginner-friendly businesses you can start. Depending on your area, there is a good chance you can build a business that will give you a full-time income on Amazon k per year. Note that it will take a lot of effort to create a full-time income through this business, but you can also use it as a side income source without spending much time on it.

    But the greatest thing about it is, this business also has the potential to grow into a multi-million dollar a year business if you pivot your strategies down the road, to more advanced inventory sourcing methods i. One great aspect of being a bookseller is you can do it part-time. You can start with a few hours here, a few hours there — and just go scout books when you have time. Preferably, you will be making as much as you were at your job before you decide to quit. But you can always run it simultaneously with your day job. I personally did the riskier route and I went full-force into bookselling full time, right out of college.

    I just went right into this business. If you put enough effort into the business, and you live in an area that has a good supply of books, media and other things to resell, you should definitely also be able to make this business successful as I did.

    Get Enthusiastic–Amazon is a Huge Opportunity

    Literally, anyone of any age can do this business. One of the biggest benefits of being a bookseller is that it has a very low barrier to entry. It also requires very little capital investment, which is not usually the norm when starting a business. These are the reasons why this business can be great for anybody. I usually recommend it as a beginning business because you can hit the ground running and start making money within your first month. Well, if you do Amazon FBA, maybe within your first two months — because it takes a while for you to ship the items to the Amazon warehouse.

    It all depends on where you live and how close you are to the Amazon warehouses. The only skills you might need are not really skills. Anybody in any previous profession can start making money selling used books, right away.

    I'd love to learn about...

    It will tell you exactly what books to buy based on the price, the sales rank demand , etc. You can even set up buy signals in the scouting apps.

    Declutter your home by selling your books — here are the best ways to do it

    Where can you sell the used books online? There are many places that you can list your books online and if you get serious about selling books as a business you can also use software to manage different marketplaces or selling channels. Some of the top marketplaces where you can sell used books are:. There are many places you can list and sell your books online -Amazon, eBay, Half Price Books, cash for books, book scouter. In fact, most booksellers primarily use Amazon. Especially once you get into Amazon FBA — this is where you can make the big bucks.

    Most of the buyers are buying their books through Amazon, so it makes sense to go where the buyers are. The market price is not necessarily the lowest price that is available for sale.

    How to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

    There are many paid apps that you can quickly scan books to find the price. But if you wanted to start slow and bootstrap your way to success you can also use the free Amazon App or other free apps. Within a few seconds, it will bring up the book price. The only problem with using a free solution like this is you will not have access to sales rank info. Sales rank represents the demand.

    Sales rank goes like this: the lower the number the faster the book will sell. This means that this particular book is selling tons and tons of copies every day. If you have a sales rank of 1,, it means the book only sells once a month or once every few months.