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So, you've purchased Wrath of the Lich King, you've created your Death Knight, and you've finally completed the trek to level eighty. Now what? Well, lying before you, you have a choice : DPS or tank? Tanking as a Death Knight is unlike playing any other tank class in the game, so even if you have tanked before, it can be somewhat disorienting. Death Knight tanking can be even more odd to a first-timer, who is expecting a different sort of experience, something in line with a Warrior. The first thing you must do to tank, even before worrying about your gear, is select the right talents.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no "tank tree" for Death Knights. Death Knights, given the right combination of equipment, can tank from any tree.

MHW The Immortal Death Knight Series Part 5 Charge Blade and Great Sword

Rather than giving you a simple template to replicate in game, I've chosen instead to outline some of the more effective tanking talents by style. There are so many Death Knight builds out there that even amongst the established builds, there is no "tank build".


More than any other class, Death Knights encourage ingenuity and individuality when spending your talent points. Once you've read over the guide, then you can go about the business of selecting the talents best-suited for you. There are three tanking talents, all of which are entry-level talents, that form the foundation of Death Knight tanking — Blade Barrier, Toughness, and Anticipation.

Every tank build that you create should feature all three of these talents.

Find the Scroll of Emperor

Blade Barrier and Anticipation in particular are extremely potent and boost the primary function of Death Knight tanking : avoidance. Blood's self healing makes it strong for single target encounters. Each of the three trees has a "utility" cooldown for tanking; Vampiric Blood is that cooldown for the Blood tree. With it, the potency of ALL heals, not just your own, are improved for twenty seconds. Rune Tap should really only be considered in conjunction with Improved Rune Tap and is best used early and often; don't "save" your Rune Tap. Log In. Races Classes Talents.

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Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards. PvP Leaderboards. Standings and Schedule. Season Archive. The Lich King can take possession of a soulless body that comes in contact with him and Frostmourne at the same time.

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The soul within Frostmourne is destroyed unless it willingly merges with the Lich King, becoming lost as a separate entity for all eternity. If a soul merges with the Lich King, he gains all the skills and memories of the victim. He has only done this one time, with Prince Arthas Menethil. In Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos , Frostmourne increased Arthas' base damage by 22 points and allowed him to deal chaos damage, which was fully effective against all types of armor including that of buildings and divine beings.

For balance reasons, this effect was only applied during the Frostmourne mission and not during the Path of the Damned or Legacy of the Damned campaigns. In Manual of Monsters , Frostmourne is an artifact-level bastard sword with the following abilities: an increased chance to hit, increased damage, an increased chance of scoring a critical hit, an increased attack speed, the ability to strike incorporeal creatures as though they were fully corporeal, the ability to cause bleeding wounds and reduce the victim's stamina, bonus damage against good-aligned beings, bonus damage against living beings, and a life-draining effect that heals its wielder when he deals damage.

In Arthas: Rise of the Lich King , Arthas is able to wield the runeblade almost effortlessly, despite its size and weight. It slices through most opponents with minimal resistance, and shatters most weapons it comes in contact with, including the elven runeblade Felo'melorn.

Those slain by Frostmourne have their souls drawn into the weapon. The quote on the item tooltip, "Hail to the King, Baby! The developers said they were "still working the fine details" and that the Equip effect was "shot down by various powers-that-be" illustrating the potential problem with a screenshot of the new Lich King, Private Ownusohard.

However, they closed with "we'll get something to you guys, we promise. View original post. The following characters were slain by Frostmourne or otherwise lost their souls to it. With the possible exceptions of those brought back as undead creatures, it is presumed that their souls remained trapped in the sword until its destruction. According to King Terenas Menethil II's spirit, there are thousands of souls contained within the blade. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Frostmourne in the Lich King's hands.

Contents [ show ]. BlizzCon BlizzCon The legendary rune blade Frostmourne was immortalized in Warcraft III, in which it was taken up by Prince Arthas Menethil, corrupting him and leading to his transformation into the Lich King. We've partnered with EPIC Weapons to create a limited edition replica of the blade in all its horrific glory. This artifact of ancient evil is over 47" long and For more information, please visit the Frostmourne replica site.