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While some people manage their transactions on their own, most of us are ill-equipped to do so. It is for this reason that this book was written. It is for this reason we would not normally ask a doctor to represent us in a court of law, nor an attorney to perform surgery on us. They have both the experience and certifications to back up their presentations.

In this day and age, it is only prudent to use the expertise of an experienced professional — one who can guide you through the maze of real estate transactions — in order to obtain the TOP DOLLAR for your property. Brent is an avid golfer, and they are very involved in their church. Real Estate Starting Your Business.

By James Kimmons. Never Assume It's a big step to pass that real estate exam, get the license and start a new business.

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Most new real estate agents fail in their first year or two, but you do not have to be one of them. It comes down to not making assumptions and preparing to hustle. Don't assume, for example, that because you've told all of your family and friends about your new career you'll start receiving tons of referral business from them. Nor should you rely too much on the broker you hook up with; just because you're now listed on the website or brochure doesn't mean leads will start pouring in.

On the other hand, definitely get as much floor time in the brokerage office as you can, even taking shifts from others. Every walk-in is a potential commission.

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Don't look down on any prospect. One new agent took on a walk-in that nobody else in the office wanted to work with, because of his dirty and torn clothing. First of all, some agents expressed negativity over having to split their hard-earned commission. The average lead spends approximately 8 months in the database searching for homes before an agent can close a deal with them. A commission-based worker is less likely to take the time and focus to incubate those leads.

This is a good pay structure because it rewards the ISA for something they themselves can control, as opposed to the closing of a deal which depends more on the agent.

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That means more overhead, more resources, more team dynamics to consider. Many BoomTown owners shared that they were more than satisfied with their virtual assistants from MyOutDesk , but there are several other virtual assistant services available. Whether you hire a virtual assistant or a local ISA, there is a direct correlation between how much time is spent training and working with them and their levels of success.

Whatever compensation or training system you develop, and whether you prefer an in-house or virtual ISA, investing in a great ISA will allow you to save time and focus on growing your business. Want your business to be as successful as Google? Read on for his insights on productive management, culture that drives success, and how to apply these lessons to your own real estate business. The translation of our mission into something real and tangible has a huge effect on who decides to join Google, how much engagement and creativity they bring to this place, and even on how they feel and behave after leaving.

Steve Harney echoed this sentiment at the last BoomTown Unite conference, describing how Keeping Current Matters established and evolved their culture. People typically leave a company for one of three reasons, or a combination of them:. They found that the third reason — terrible bosses — was the biggest variable. Surprisingly, technical expertise ranked last on the list.

What do your people need? Well, so will employee dissatisfaction and high turnover. Google is continually changing and maintaining their culture to keep work fun, as happy employees drive their success. Investing in your company culture will motivate your agents to work harder, accomplish more, and find ways to go the extra mile. By now, it seems everything under the sun has already been done in terms of lead generation. Instead of racking your brain for wild and crazy new ideas, add a creative spin to existing methods. The key to the next level of lead generation is knowing what distinguishes you from your competition and using that to shape your unique lead generation.

Diversify your lead sources by incorporating both online and offline methods. Spice up your lead generation with these seven ideas to get you started. Update your website or blog with valuable content not only to rank higher in organic search, but also to position yourself as the authority in your local market.

How long will my commute typically be from this area to downtown? According to MarketingSherpa, video attracts two to three times as many monthly visitors, and doubles the time time they spend on the site. Consumers are turning to video more and more, as evidenced by this infographic stat from HighQ:.

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  6. So hit record! You can start off by posting simple video home tours on YouTube, or add a fun twist like this ad from Corcoran Group featuring Marcel the French Bulldog. Facebook Ads are not only a cost effective lead generation method, it allows you precisely target your audience. You can even create Custom Audiences to target existing leads in your database, or simply boost your post. However, as great a platform as Facebook is, Tom Ferry believes that the response rate will start to drop as more realtors enter the space.

    For this reason, he has begun experimenting with Instagram. But the game to convert on Instagram is radically different from Facebook and takes a lot more moves. Getting involved in your community is a great way to establish yourself as a local presence, while also giving back. Be a guest speaker at a local community college to discuss the process of buying a home, or the finances behind real estate. Sponsor an event at a local elementary school. Getting coverage from the local press or media is another great way to get your name out there. Keep it simple by pitching ideas to local reporters and taking out radio ads, or add your own spin to it.

    Put together a mini community magazine with upcoming events, as well as pertinent real estate information and industry statistics. Or send out an email newsletter with the current interest rates, projections on mortgage rates, and maybe even a few of your hottest listings. Provide information that guides the public about buying or selling a home in your market, while distinguishing yourself as the authority in local real estate.

    Well, this tried-and-true method is still surprisingly effective even today. The possibilities are endless when it comes to unique real estate ideas. It really depends on you, the amount of time and effort you want to invest, and your ability to think outside the box. Whatever strategies you decide to employ, map out your plan and commit to it.


    Sometimes it takes 6 months or more to see ROI from an effort. Make sure you track your ROI so you know what methods are working, and what methods you may want to pull back from. And most importantly, make sure you know your unique value and sell it. Jennifer has grown her team from a few agents to a team of eight and has quadrupled her income since implementing BoomTown two years ago.

    She has the tools to help her agents stay accountable, achieve their goals, and subsequently drive her business, and we sat down with her to get her story and share her tips. So how does she do it? With leads getting distributed from their ISA in a round robin fashion to the agents, each of her five buyer agents are responsible for contacting their leads within the first 8 minutes the lead registers on their site. If either of these items is not performed by the agent, the lead can be transferred to another agent.

    Jennifer also encourages her agents to pause their lead flow if they become too busy — this allows the team to effectively work the leads they have and provide them with the level of service Jennifer expects. Jennifer shares that once her buyer agents began to see BoomTown as an essential part of their business, their world opened up and they gained confidence in the process that allowed them to close more deals. The results? The team has a mission statement, a vision, a set of core values, a belief system, and a philosophy with which we operate at all times.

    We do not compromise on these. The folks on the team all share this mindset and for us, this piece has allowed us to become very synergistic and customer focused. Sound good? See more BoomTown success stories and strategies. The U. Turn dreams of success into celebrations of success.

    Stay on track with our goal worksheet. Want to handle objections like a champion? Download our scripts playbook! Convert seller leads. Get the best strategies to conquer listings in your market. Build Your Brand First off, before you begin any campaigns or marketing plans, you need to set the foundation.

    What Is SEO? What Real Estate Can Learn From Netflix Home sales in the Information Age has provided agents with an endless supply of tools and advanced technology that focus on getting your services in front of more consumers or streamlining the sales process. How Netflix Leverages Data Collecting and leveraging data is not new. How You Can Leverage Data The way that tech giants like Netflix, Google and Amazon collect massive amounts of data and user behavior to influence an action is not entirely divorced from the real estate industry. When shopping for new solutions ask yourself the following: Does it collect user behavior?

    Where is the data fed?

    Build Your Brand

    Is the data actionable? What is the value of the users data? Is it easy to use? So what are core essential elements of a strategic marketing plan? Audience Identifying your audience is the most important step to building your marketing campaign. Content Content is broken into topical, structure, media, and process.

    Platform Based on your audience, you must then decide the best platform to reach them through as a means to distribute your content. Engagement Once all the main pieces of your marketing plan are in place, determine the goal behind your campaign. Optimization This column is comprised of technological pieces that can be sprinkled on top of your greater campaign to enhance the effect and reach. Variables When, where, how often, and how much. Start With An Audience As the first column of the periodic table, the audience is the most foundational and crucial piece of the marketing puzzle.

    Technology Is A Tool, Not a Strategy When asked about their marketing strategies, many real estate professionals start listing what technology they are using. Finding a Trustworthy Technology Partner The goal of marketing is to build enough trust to start conversations. Administrative Assistant Job Description: We are looking for a highly motivated and organized individual to help facilitate everyday duties of a real estate office. Job Responsibilities: Answer incoming calls, send response emails and potentially assist with the showing of properties.

    Provide support to agents and brokers during the sales process, including preparing documents, scheduling appointments, and sending emails. Maintain client database CRM and communicate with customers, other agents, and service providers throughout the closing process. Produce listing marketing materials printed collateral, websites, etc.

    Minimum 1 year experience in similar field or capacity. Experience with other real estate technology preferred. Candidates must be organized, resourceful, detail-oriented, with a friendly focus on customer service. Listing Manager Listing to Contract Job Description: We are looking for a top-notch Listing Manager to join our growing team of real estate professionals.

    How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

    Job Responsibilities Manage all aspects of sellers transactions from first contact to purchase agreement. Execute all required steps to list a property and get it under agreement, such as preparing listing materials and pre-listing presentations, coordinate showings, and schedule open houses. Consult with sellers to coordinate staging, property photography, repairs, home improvements, signage, lockbox, access requirements and other marketing activities required for showing the properties. Provide weekly updates to sellers with feedback and progress reports from showings and marketing efforts.

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    Be proactive so clients are kept informed, know what to expect, and feel reassured that they are in good hands. Input listing information into the MLS, maintain documents and track progress for each listing, and update necessary information in client database and transaction management systems. Motivated self-starter with strong project management skills, attention to detail, customer service skills Proficient with technology such as Microsoft Office and Google Apps.

    Transaction Coordinator Contract to Closing Job Description: We are looking for a Transaction Coordinator help our team handle the sale of each transaction and give our clients the best service possible. Responsibilities: Oversee the process from purchase agreement to closing, including documentation, deadlines, and communication between parties.

    Create, update, and review real estate contracts. Coordinate inspections, assist in negotiations regarding repairs, and coordinate completion of repairs. Schedule and coordinate closing process, review closing paperwork, attend closings and inspections. Communicate with clients and keep them updated on the status and timeline for the transaction.

    Strong written and verbal communication skills. Personable attitude with superior customer service skills. Strong organizational, project, and time management skills. Ability to retain a lot information, and able to manage several projects at once. Proficient with technology such as Microsoft Office and Google Apps, and ability to quickly learn new systems. Responsibilities: Respond to new leads in a timely manner, and maintain consistent follow up to convert into appointments.

    Manage all leads in contact database system, set and complete tasks in the system, and track all client communications. Stay up to date with the real estate market and educate clients about market trends and the home buying process. Have local knowledge of the community to answer questions about potential homes and the surrounding neighborhood. Write and submit offers on behalf of clients, effectively negotiate offers and oversee the entire process to close. Requirements: Proven working experience as a real estate agent, or willingness to learn Ability to work independently with little management involvement Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, strong sales mentality, and negotiating ability.

    Manage contacts in CRM, and Consistently nurture and follow-up with viable leads to convert into scheduled appointments. Keep track of completed tasks and goals to measure lead conversion ration and meet performance benchmarks.