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Why would she do this? You would think she's mad, assuming that she knows already. Lizzy is a very mood oriented person, and the only thing we know is It would be more dramatic and have a bigger impact on the story if she picks r! Ciel over o! Ciel wins in this conflict and ultimately has to kill the two of them, this could mean more development of his character. I want to see o! Ciel suffer and change with the story. If it ends with her choosing o! Ciel and he beats r! Ciel, nothing really changed in the story besides Agni's fate.

Sure, he could feel more confident, but doesn't the fact that he is actually really submissive and rather weak more interesting? That he somehow overcame that to get to where he is. Maybe this is late, but everyone should be realised how selfless Elizabeth is when it comes to Ciel's happiness and safety and not with forcing since she never meant to make Ciel go back to his 10th year old self, though many people think it's selfish act of her. It has been showed on how she feel pressured doing all the sword training just because she's going to be watchdog's wife NOT either being r!

And also all the Paula cry for Elizabeth hinted on chapter explain how conflicted she is choosing over r! Beside Lizzy siding with O! Ciel will make him go self-introspect about himself to not feeling inferior as being second brother and accept his value. So bad ending like how the manga showed to us in the beginning will be pretty messed up for both of them who basically had the mental illness all this time. Yeah, she is really selfless. She has no real choice in the matter anyways. It's just much more interesting seeing o!

Ciel suffer. Her choosing r! Ciel and dying would do so much for her and the story. I want to see the confliction she has and how he changes afterwards. In the words of Asanagi, all great heroes need to be virgins. I just wish Lizzy wakes up and this twin thing was all a dream, to be honest i wish Ciel had a sister instead. Poor Lizzy I would be going and if I seen two Ciel. If anyone read Ghost hunt or if you haven't please read it Which is basically a similar situation with Lizzy. And yeah I'm probably take back what I said I guess she won't take any side either But now she should faced the truth that R!

Ciel is actual dead now. I kinda want lizzie with r! And sullivan with o! I kinda hate lizzie now.. Well unless there's something along the lines of it being a madeup story to explain it to the servants than, I'm not sure as she was bethrod to the "real" one but she also couldn't regocnize the switch between them, most of the time when you love a person or are good friends with a person even after some time you will regocnize them no matter what. So I think there's a possibility her "love" would be more about the fact that their families wanted to keep the blood in their family as many people during the time than her actually loving him.

If it is more about their families making it so they would have to marry than I think she'd take the "real" one instead of "our" one. I don't really know, my answer might be a slight bit "biased" as I personally just thought that the topic was interesting as I don't really care a lot how it ends up as long as the story goes well as in the story is good I personally don't really like the character myself either so that is the reason it might be slightly "biased". I think Lizzie will side with our Ciel not the real Ciel. Because Of years she spend with our Ciel and I think It was genuine and Our ciel does genuive care about her.

So Its Our ciel and Sebastian vs true Ciel and undertaker. I wonder why Real Ciel is cruel and antagonising his little brother ciel despite being very kind and caring towards him in the past. I bet Its undertaker little handy work. I also like Lizzie she become more likeable as of lately I can t blame for feeling like how she is now.

Though she should side with other ciel not real ciel. I think she will stay with R! Ciel, and it could give Sullivan and O! Ciel a chance. While there's not much of a development there then with a friendship; I can actually see him having to marry a girl from a different family, or running off with Sullivan at his side when they probably escape. I think that would impact the story greatly for sure. He has allies on his side, so it's not unbelievable. I don't think Sebastian and Ciel are going to be a thing, ever. He's a demon and at the same time, he's 13 years old. He's literally just there to eat his soul.

So, I think she'll choose R! Ciel's side. Not because she doesn't love Ciel, but she was first engaged to Astre, that meaning, that's her love. I do believe she does still love Ciel over the years that they have been together, but after researching through my own manga books, it makes it quite apperant that she's upset with Ciel for various reasons. More so, Sullivan and Ciel aren't going to happen, they first off haven't known eachother long enough, nor does Ciel have any interest at her.

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Other from the accident with Sullivan's mouth brace, there's no reason for them to be lovers. More so, the fact that SebaCiel might happen is getting clearer book by book, if you take a look at the 'Devil Six' feature in the back of book 22, Sebastian states that he cannot be a butler without his master, Ciel, with a small blush, looks away then smarts off to Sebastian. For those who believe SebaCiel was denied from book 20, you're wrong.

The only reason for Sebastian to do that, was to get Ciel out of his mental state and back to himself. I truly believe Sebastian would've carried it on until Ciel had gotten out of his own mind.

Then Brian Downey announced that he was calling it a day. He looked so healthy. He looked full of life. In those initial times he was in a good state but he was easily depressed. The man wanted to get out and perform. Replacements were sought and finally found for Sykes and Downey. Phil always had an eye for good young and good-looking guitarists, and Archer ticked all the boxes. Archer had met him a few years previously through the Wild Horses connection when Phil jammed with the band at the Marquee Club.

He then invited the guitarist to a Lizzy recording session in Maida Vale where Archer got the impression that he was being auditioned, though Snowy White was still in the band. I grew up with him and Thin Lizzy. New material written by Lynott, Archer and Stanway was emerging, including Military Man and Sisters Of Mercy , before Lynott showed the band how things were done in Ireland when it came to playing live — the showband circuit that was often used by Lizzy to sharpen up before tours and replenish the bank account! What could be the problem though — a new band coming off the back of a legendary band with a proven chart past?

Polydor had them and Phonogram and EMI — all the majors were given the opportunity, and whilst negotiations did go on, nothing was finalised and nobody actually picked up or came up with a sufficiently good deal for us to sign. And of course he did have bad days on the trot. There were a bunch of hangers-on that used to come round to the house and give him whatever he wanted. Laurence Archer remembered coming back from the Irish rehearsals and dropping Phil off in Kew. But the band was playing really well. The gigs were really good, everything was going very well. We loved it.

Phil was like a father to me at times, and it almost became like a reverse role as we went on, with me looking after him. At the time I was very, very straight. Into fitness, biking and all that. But I loved it, it was a massive experience for me. But he never did it in front of me because I would say I would tell his mother if he did. That was the one big thing that would get to him. But Phil was fantastic at disguising his use, though there were some give-aways, like throwing up before he went on stage.

lizzy sisters end of a rainbow Manual

Mood swings related to drugs? I mean, there were occasions where Phil sat down with me and told me that he really wanted to knock it on the head, doing drugs and stuff. He was trying very hard to clean up his act for some periods of time and management tried to keep anybody with drug connections away from him and the tour entourage but it was very difficult. It was on a plate for him. People would be turning up at the door and there were various people in the entourage that were still doing all that, so it was quite difficult for him to get out of that routine.

While Phil tried to balance a life between music and drugs, his management was struggling to find a deal for Grand Slam. He lived it per cent. And when John [Sykes] left and took the offer from Whitesnake, that brought him down too. CBS knocked them back. There was a long period without a deal, a year and a half. He started blaming the band. We did a load of tracks, some that were never recorded to their potential, some that we played live but never recorded, some we recorded and never played live. I would say there are probably 48 track mixes around somewhere that we got close to mastering.

What started off as Marquee-sized gigs ended up as theatre gigs.

Get ready to swoon at Lizzy & Derek's rainbow hair and mohawk at their gorgeous wedding

We sold lots of t-shirts! It was becoming more obvious to all concerned that Grand Slam was not going to be a creative or financially viable entity. Gigging was bringing in some money, but management had put in substantial sums that they were rapidly realising that they, and in particular Morrison, would not see a return on. So Grand Slam went out with a fizzle rather than a bang.

I had to make a decision at that point. Phil tried to talk me out of it but understood that I had three kids and a family to support. He accepted it…. You have to make sensible decisions in your life. I think I would have gone broke very quickly if I had sat around waiting for him to get his act together or waiting for a record company to pick us up. And, of course, the word was filtering through to Phil that he might stand a better chance as a solo artist.

Laurence Archer, however, stayed the course as his creative partner. Lynott was charged with being in possession of a cannabis plant. Salter says that one of the road crew gave him a cannabis plant as a joke. On another occasion, roadie Big Charlie took the rap. Charlie claimed that he had borrowed the jacket and the stash was his. The judge decided to give him one more chance. In his favour was his charity work, the fact he had a career going for him. Shortly afterwards in Ireland, Phil was charged with being in possession of cannabis, heroin and methadone.

Lewis was an old friend from way back on the Johnny The Fox tour in when his band Clover supported Lizzy. But Huey, who went on to find outstanding success of his own in the States alongside his own band, the News, understood this. We developed a wonderful friendship. I mean, he dressed me out of his closet.

He gave me his old stage clothes. I think about him often. This actually happened as we were about to go and work with Huey. Archer set off on his own to start recording backing tracks with Huey and his band, who had a designated slot in their busy schedule. Then we had to go and get a new visa, at the American Embassy. That was it — no visa. Huey understood Phil so we started work anyway. The News came in and did the backings with Laurence Archer.

Then Phil finds his old passport, with a visa in it, so we got him down to the airport and got him in. He was eight days late getting there. After that they agreed to give him a monthly passport as long as it was in my possession. Every month, I had to go and renew it, and after six months, they gave in. Then we had to get a visa lawyer, and very expensively we got one. As usual, Phil was pushing his luck.

I had arranged them so that he was singing back up in his range. He was singing way down low on his solo stuff. They were great. We almost got it done when he had to leave. He was clean. He was good. I insisted on that. Unfortunately, not as much work was finished in San Francisco as hoped for — unsurprising in the circumstances. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Archer, he would not be part of it.

Archer spoke with Morrison. From what I understand since it was not discussed with me, to my mind there was a bit of skulduggery — basically what happened, I believe, is that Chris Morrison got a deal on those tapes for Phil as a solo artist. From having a situation where no one would touch him with a barge pole because of the drugs thing, he had this possibility to do this recording. If it was down to the stuff, it was beyond him. An album was scheduled to record in March, followed by a tour. First came a single, Nineteen , produced by Paul Hardcastle.

A typically raucous rocker, it failed to set the world alight. Lynott, though, was following two trains of irrational thought — one to let his management do their thing; the other to do his own. Lynott was notorious for getting his management office to deliver petty cash daily for his own probably drug-purchasing reasons. The Grand Slam song, Military Man , was on the flip side. It was an atrocious deal. He came in and asked if I could get him out of it. As usual, he was contrite.

Thin Lizzy

He was brilliant at working any emotion. To those around him, this was just what Phil did and he had an aura of indestructibility about him. I think that Thin Lizzy probably would have reformed. Brian used to come over to the house and we would jam together with Phil.


As Christmas approached, Phil and entourage would take in the usual round of record company parties, always looking and playing the part. It was at one of these that he bumped into rock journalist Dante Bonutto, writer for Kerrang! The modus operandi of getting rock stars on the show was to bump into them and issue a hasty invitation. So it was with Phil. Bonutto was a huge fan of Thin Lizzy and particularly Phil and had never interviewed him before. It was very surprising… because if Phil had survived that period, he would be one of the biggest stars in rock now making records with Bono and Bon Jovi.

Not like the person I had seen hanging out before — the Party Man and great guy. Bonutto, a fan of Grand Slam, quizzed Lynott about the failure to get a deal. Maybe Grand Slam suffered the backlash from Thin Lizzy fans — a band that could potentially be good, against a band that had been around for 12 years with a string of hits. He did talk enthusiastically about his forthcoming album. He looked forward to getting special guests to suit individual tracks — Brian Downey, John Sykes and Gary Moore were mentioned. There would be various producers — Tom Dowd and Peter Collins among them.

My solo albums were much softer whereas this time there will be a better balance with more up front hard stuff and ballads.