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I have some sad news to tell you. Bill died today. I was of course shocked by his sudden passing. But the news of his death was only the beginning of a horrible nightmare that followed So shortly after he died his assets went to probate -- including the business I had worked so hard to build!


I was told the State would take the business and redistribute his assets. The bank denied my loan because the last two tax returns showed no profit. Then I found out my partner used this business as a write off because he had another business where he made a ton of money. But none of that mattered to the bank. I was scheduled to meet with a consultant but kept having to reschedule on him because I was consumed with this mess. I had a short call with Loral and explained everything. She told me how I could get alternative funding and fix all the legal issues with the business. She told me about The Big Table… about this group of wealthy entrepreneurs who could provide funding.

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She also told me about the Wealth Team she uses. About the attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors who were the best of the best -- and who I would have instant access to once I joined…. But I was about to lose everything I had worked so hard for anyway… so I decided to take the plunge! Loral and the Big Table members also helped me get the business out of probate and set up a corporation in Nevada.

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And they helped me create a succession plan so that if something like this were ever to happen to me, my heirs would not have to experience the pain I just went through. The story I told is just what happened in the first 3 weeks of being a member. Sure a lead was given here or there but I never developed any mutually beneficial relationships like I have at The Big Table. Yes, people here are building their fortunes… but the mindset and culture is all about helping others without expecting anything in return.

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There really is no limit on how much wealth and passive income you can make once you start playing a bigger game. If you put in the time and effort and do what other ultra-wealthy members do then your income and net worth will increase dramatically. I did not get paid a dime to write this… nor would I want to be compensated for it.

So many people, even high-income earners, struggle with money problems. So what motivates you to do what you do? It was just a small group of 25 people meeting in a not so-swanky office building in San Rafael, CA.

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My process for wealth building was not nearly as refined as it is today… but the principles were still solid! And because of that I had several people from that first little mastermind group come to me several years later to tell me they directly credit being part of that group with their making millions of dollars. Believe me, I love playing the game too… deal making is my art form and I have no intention in slowing down my own wealth cycle.

My work is dedicated to having serious conversations about money. We teach you how to expand your means so you can lead a bigger and better life.

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The rich play a different game and are engaged in an entirely different conversation. Keep reading to learn more and find out how you can create a much bigger and better future for you and your family. Like Justin said earlier, there really is no limit on the amount of wealth and passive income you can make.

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The biggest limiting factor is your level of desire. In other words, how wealthy do you want to be? And be specific… even right now: I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down two numbers: 1 How much do you want your net worth to be? Many people also join The Big Table who are already millionaires.

So their goals are of course much higher. So everyone is at a different stage in their wealth building journey. But the point is to define what your Freedom Day looks like for you.

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Whatever it is, just be specific and write it down The two lonely souls reach out to each other, although Judith finds it hard to take Pat seriously as a prospective partner. Despite fine work by Hunter and DeVito in their roles, LaGravenese paints himself into a corner with this central relationship.

With no realistic expectation of a conventional romantic happy ending with these two, pic is hemmed in without a clear direction out. One vivid scene in which a stranger Elias Koteas at a nightclub kisses her, believing her to be someone else, is never fully defined one way or the other. Slowly, it becomes clear that place is populated entirely by women, and Judith finds herself the star attraction in a show-stopping dance number. Ultimately, the point of the film is for people to follow their dreams, and to be prepared that things may not always work out as expected.

Tech credits are solid, and lively score leans heavily toward old standards, both in original and updated versions. Co-producer, Eric McLeod. Directed, written by Richard LaGravenese.

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In Boston, Toronto film festivals. Running time: 93 MINS. I was not in that movie. Donald and Jon Favreau, the director, are really close, obviously from the film and he [