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La estructura narrativa de Malinche alterna entre el pasado y el presente de la vida de Malinalli. El Cerro del Tepeyac tiene una gran importancia en la historia religiosa mexicana. Throughout Mexican history, Malinalli has been reviled for her betrayal of the Indian people. But recent historical research has shown that her role was much more complex. She was also a slave, trying to rebel against the barbarous culture of her masters -- the Aztecs.

But her loyalty was to her own people, whom she was trying to set free. Group Questions 1. Laura Esquivel dedicated Malinche to the wind. What does this symbolize, and what other dedications would be appropriate for this book? Discuss the themes represented by Malinalli as granddaughter, daughter, and mother. How did you feel about the drawings, which represent Malinalli's telling of the story, at the beginning of each chapter? Did you realize they were codices? Were you able to "read" them? Did they enhance your understanding of the story? Malinalli's father tells her "Your word will have eyes and will see, will have ears and will hear, will have the tact to lie with the truth and to tell truths that will seem like lies" page 9.

To what extent was her father's prayer realized? What forms of power might a translator have? Which ones did Malinalli have as a woman and a slave?

El Filibusterismo (Original Spanish Version)

Which ones do you think she used or was tempted to use? Was she aware of her own power? Malinalli finds meaning in the Christian rituals, linking them to her culture's stories and deities.

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Were you surprised at how easily she was able to embrace both traditions? Which rituals and symbols are common to both the indigenous Indian religion and to Christianity? How does your own faith affect your response to Malinalli? Toward the end of the tale Malinalli questions the role of human sacrifice and the loss of life in war. Would a woman of that time and status have such progressive ideas? Discuss other times in the novel where she demonstrates such forward thinking. When does she not? History and fiction intertwine in any work of historical fiction.

As you read Malinche, did you find yourself wondering which details were historical and which were the fruit of the author's imagination?

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How do you think the derogatory usage of the word "Malinche" affected the author's desire to reimagine Malinalli's story? Malinalli says, "the search for the gods is the search for oneself" Page How does faith, the pursuit of meaning, and the desire to understand deity frame this novel?

Ultimately, how do you view Malinalli? As a traitor, a martyr, or as a heroine?

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