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They include goals like: "I want to earn one million dollars" and "I want to lose twenty pounds. Process goals , on the other hand, are based on steps in the process of reaching your goals. Personally, I prefer process goals. These goals give you a standard to keep and are much better for tracking than outcome goals. If you want to improve your goals I suggest you check out my goal setting worksheets. These free download printables help you track and monitor goals. This increases your chance to succeed in your desires.

Enough about goal setting. Let's move on to more goals affirmations. Inspired Living Affirmations. We all experience anxiety from time-to-time. Anxiety, and the fears that drive them are a natural reaction to a big, bad scary world. Anxiety is a natural. It is part of our fight of flight response. Anxiety is our bodies way of telling us that something is going to happen and to get ready to run or club something to death.

Unfortunately our modern society does not allow us to club our problems to death. And running from a board meeting that has you anxious may not be nearly as bad a response. This means that positive thinking exercises to get rid of your anxious feelings may be one of the best ways to combat anxiety. Saying your daily motivational messages every day will decrease anxiety and brighten your day. Before we dig into the positive affirmations for anxiety, lets look at some more ways to combat anxiety.

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If you want to find out more about beating anxiety, check out these great books about stopping anxiety. Otherwise, let's continue on to our positive affirmations for anxiety. The following affirmations are designed by women for women. They are positive and designed to help your rise above the trails-and-tribulations of daily life and succeed.

Of course, most of these mantras will also work for men. So if you are a guy like me, you can also enjoy most of these daily affirmations. People may want to get promotions in their jobs. They may want to find a job that has long term security. They may want a new job where they are challenged and can grow with the company. The may want to turn their side hustle into its own viable business. There are many reasons why people want to get ahead in business. But the reasons don't matter.

Positive daily affirmations will help them to get there. Obviously and affirmations on their own are not going to increase your productivity at work. However, the increased energy and positive mindset from the affirmations will make a huge impact on your personal productivity. Much of the success we achieve at work is built around the habits we build into our workday. If these work habits are good ones then you will do well in any work environment.

If you do not have good work habits your efforts may run hot-and-cold. If you want to do better at work or your side hustle, I encourage you to check out this post below which showcases the best work habits. Success is a bit of a nebulous term.

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It can be be that, but there are many more ways to be successful. If relationships are your goal, having a happy healthy family is success. If travel is your goal, visiting many places and checking off hundreds of items from a vibrant bucket list may be the meaning of success. There are as many personal definitions of success as there are different people in the world.

Only you know what it means for you to achieve success. Many people are unhappy because they measure themselves using other peoples yardsticks for success and perhaps find themselves wanting. But regardless of what you think of as the measure of success, you can tailor your personal affirmations to help you achieve that. If you want to achieve success in whatever area you desire.

I recommend you try an affirmation board. This board is something that should go somewhere you see often. It can be any type of board you can write on or post things on. The simple idea is that you want to put your favorite affirmations on this board and then naturally, throughout your day you will see the affirmations and be reminded of the reasons you strive for success and what you have to do to achieve this success. If you print out many of the images on this affirmations page, they will make perfect additions to your home affirmation board.

Try one out and see how it works for you! There is no rule on when you should do your affirmations, every day. The only important point is that affirmations do become a habit you do every single day. Affirmations gain their power by repetition. If you are not repeating your habits every day, there becomes little point in even saying your affirmations. While there is not a "right" time for affirmations. I do think there is a best time, and that time is in the mornings.

The main reason for this is that affirmations are easy to integrate into your normal morning routine. The other reason is the timing. In the morning your day is full of potential. Anything can happen.

Power Affirmations [Self Help]

The day could be a wonderful one filled with fun and productivity. Or the day could be horrible. One of those days where you constantly feel rushed and accomplish little. One thing many people do not realize is how much the way your day goes is based upon your attitude. When you wake up happy and in a positive mood your day will often follow this track, because your attitude makes it this way.

Conversely, when you wake up late. A little angry with yourself and rush out the door, the day that follows will seem rushed. Most of this is about attitude. But remember: by saying positive daily affirmations we can adjust our attitudes to fit our desires for the day.

So on those days you wake up in a foul mood it is more important than ever to take 5 minutes of your time and recite some daily affirmations to make a shift in your attitude that could potentially turn a "bad day" into a good one. Like these positivity affirmations? You may like some of the inspirational quote posts I have done. Why not give them a quick look for a little bit of inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this large collection of affirmations. I hope you visited all the links and got to see everyones cool affirmation pictures.

Hopefully they are more than just something you look at. With so many affirmations to choose from, I hope you found a few that moves you and perhaps printed them out and set them to your affirmation board. Affirmations can be a great way to get yourself in the proper mindset to achieve your dreams.

I hope this page gave you a bit of inspiration. Let me know what you think about affirmations and this post in the comments below. If you have a favorite positive affirmation please share it in the comments below. Sharing more affirmations gives people more chances to find the perfect affirmations for their own lives. So please share your thoughts and personal affirmations.

Please share this post or images from this post on your favorite social media platform. I am avoiding excessive carbs. I have the power to control my weight through healthy eating and exercise. My body is a temple. I will keep my temple clean. Click to Tweet. Everything will work out for me. I am a winner. The tools I need to succeed are in my possession. There is nobody better to get the job done than me. Other people will not take advantage of me. I am not afraid to be wrong. Happiness is within my grasp. I am confident in the presence of others. Success will be my driving force. The success of others will not make me jealous.

My time will come. I will speak with confidence and self assurance.

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I will say "No" when I do not have the time or inclination to act. The only person who can defeat me is myself. I dare to be different. My every desire is achievable.

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Believe in what you are. I love you so much. Whatever plans you think about, affirm it in your mouth first, declare it and you will succeed in working it out! Words can be powerful! People may tell you, "you can do it", "you can make it" "it's possible" but when you tell yourself always " I can't make it", it's your choice that rules everything!

Affirm positively! Say positive things and encourage yourself that you can make it. Words carry power, therefore before you speak out, speak in I commit to believing in myself, encouraging myself, and loving myself. I allow myself to experience the goodness that surrounds me and retain positive energy that flows throughout the day to nourish my body, mind, and soul. Happiness is my birthright. I choose to attract happiness to my life, and I deserve to be truly joyful and happy in everything I set out to do. Today is the day for new beginnings, and I welcome the day with refreshed eyes and a rejuvenated mind.

Abundance is flowing throughout my day, and I possess all the love, happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, and energy to make my day special. Happiness is something that is contagious. I understand this, and I work to spread happiness around to others, which brings happiness back to me tenfold. I am immensely grateful for my wonderful life. I am grateful to everyone who has made me happy and who has made my life worth living. Being happy is a top priority in my life, and I remember to practice this feeling every day.

I rest in complete bliss and happiness every time I go to sleep because I know everything is fine in my Universe. I am glad that all happiness originates from within me and I live every moment to the fullest. I can tap into my internal spring of happiness anytime I want and let out a flow of joy, pleasure, happiness, and well-being.

My happiness soars and expands each day. Every day I wake up with a happy smile on my face and a sense of tremendous gratitude in my heart for all the wonderful moments that await me during the day. Everyone dreams of living a successful life, but very few people are lucky enough to achieve it, even by their own estimations.

What does success mean to you? At the society level, wealth and power are accepted as the standard indicators of true success, and it is easy to see why. This is because it is easy to keep score or money and it tends to result in the visual display of what one can buy with money. However, you slice it, to achieve a greater level of success you have first to define what success means to you personally.

While all of the above is important for you to consider, you can experience success for yourself on a daily basis. In the small daily actions that you take towards achieving meaningful goals. While they may seem like they are small, these goals are the stuff in which your long-term dreams are made.

It is important to celebrate the small things in your life. Repeating these affirmations for success on a daily basis will help you get into a successful mindset. A successful mindset is one that contains empowering and positive beliefs about success in all aspects of your life.

It has been said before that people fear success more than failure, and with that kind of mindset, it is difficult to achieve anything extraordinary in life. The following affirmations will help you overcome any mental blocks that might be holding you back from your dreams. I have the potential, power, and ability to create all the success, prosperity and abundance that I desire in my life. My mind is completely free of resistance and is open to all the new and exciting possibilities before me.

I deserve to be successful, and I am worthy of receiving all the good that life has to offer me. I am thankful for all the abilities, talents, and skills that contribute to my daily success. The Universe is filled with unlimited possibilities and opportunities for me to have a career I love. I am open-minded and eager when it comes to fully explore new avenues and possibilities for success in my life. I love my work. It is fulfilling, rewarding, gratifying and a part of my journey toward greater success. I work with passionate, inspiring, fascinating and enthusiastic people who share my zest for work and success.

By creating success for myself, I am also creating an abundance of opportunities for the success of others.

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I feel positive, powerful, confident, and calm as I take on new challenges. The more successful I become, the more powerful and confident I feel in the rest of my life. I will forever attract the perfect circumstances at the perfect time in my life. I am always in the right place at the right time. Each day is filled with an abundance of new possibilities, ideas, and avenues that bring great inspiration to my life. I always expect positive results in everything I do, and as a result, I naturally attract them to me. I am fortunate to attract powerful and brilliant mentors who generously share their wisdom, knowledge, and ideas with me.

As I allow success and abundance in my life, even more, doors to opportunity and success open up for me. I set incredibly high standards for myself, and I am able to always live up to those standards. I have an inexhaustible supply of fabulous new ideas that help me become a more successful person with each passing day. I truly love the person that I am, and I invariably attract people who respect and admire me for the unique person that I am. By being an inspiring, positive, and powerful influence on those around me, I am making the world a better place for everyone to live.

Each day I wake up and dress for success, prosperity, and abundance in body, mind, and spirit. I am decisive in all my actions which have led to greater success, prosperity, and happiness in my life. The Universe is my friend, and it helps me accomplish all my dreams, desires, and goals with ease. I wholeheartedly offer myself to the Universe, and in return, it showers me with unlimited rewards and success. Today and every day, I take several steps toward fulfilling my goals and getting everything I want. My mind, tenacity, positive energy, and ability can move mountains and help me achieve my goals.

I am constantly receiving the endless opportunities sent to me by the Universe to help me experience success. I am developing and learning the areas in life that make me free, happy, and full of purpose. I am joyful and grateful for every goal that I accomplish and celebrate each one with pride. I am clear about life and my purpose, and I know what I need to do to reach my goals and achieve success. I am building my life on a foundation I laid, and I am filling it with the content I choose.

As you explore different affirmations to improve various areas in your life with growth and positive change, you can use them to impact them with patience and grace. Positive affirmations are a tool that you can use daily to help you relax or energize, focus or forgo, connect or release. It all depends on what you need and where you believe you need to go. You have to trust your instincts, stay true to your path and stay positive. You can teach your mind to re-write the narrative to your story. You can start at any place and move forward in the direction of your goals.

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And, if at any point, you find yourself off the path you were meant to head in, fix up a new affirmation and get going where you need to go. You have control over your thoughts, which means you have control over your actions. Your actions will then lead you to your reality, and this is how you can make amazing thing happen in your life.

It all starts with your thoughts. Now that you have learned how to make affirmations work in your life and have plenty of ideas on how to call for your desires and goals to manifest, it is time to choose one and start repeating it to yourself. The more you repeat it, the more it ingrains as the truth in your mind. When your mind believes it, your actions will live it. And when your actions live it, your reality, in turn, reflects it.

Every day you have to choose to keep moving forward and being positive. You have to truly believe that you are making a difference in your life and the lives around you and that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Focusing on Happiness and Wellbeing in Old Age. Happiness Depends On You. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. By Mimo Varila On May 13, 0. Understanding Affirmations and How They Work Affirmations are suggestions and thoughts that you give to yourself and can be either positive or negative.

Why You Should Use Affirmations Emile Coule was a renowned psychologist you popularized the practice of positive affirmations by providing the world with a powerful, effective tool to help people from all occupations actualize prosperity and success. Repeat this new thought several times for as long as you want to repeat it. Affirmations for Attracting Health It is entirely too easy to take our health for granted these days. I am full of energy and life. I am in control of my state at all times.

I am happy and always have control over how I feel. I choose to be full of joy and gratitude. I am more than I seem to be, and within me are all the powers of the Universe. My reason for eating healthy food is to fuel my body. Being healthy is better than any other taste in the world. My healthy body is created by my healthy thoughts.

My body is my temple. I am worthy of being healthy. My daily habits are helping me to become healthier and happier. I choose to eat healthy because the food I eat is construction material for my body. I eat nutritious foods that give me energy. I get plenty of restful and energizing sleep. I make healthy choices and respect the body that I have been given.

The water that I drink cleanses my body and gives me the clarity of mind I need to succeed. I love how it feels to be healthy. I feel a deep sense of well-being. My body heals easily and quickly. I take an ample amount of time to clear my mind. I invest in the health of my mind and body. My heart is healthy and strong. My fitness and health are a priority. I have abundant energy to live my life. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me.

I love my body. It takes me everywhere. My body grows healthier and stronger every day. I deserve to be healthy. I am in control of my own health. I feel great, and I radiate an abundance of joy and gratitude. I honor my body, and I am surrounded by others who want me to be healthy.

The importance of daily affirmations

I trust the signals my body sends to me. I feel good, my body feels good, and I radiate nothing but good feelings. I am in possession of a healthy body and a healthy mind. I am energetic and vigorous. My body is healthy, I am wealthy, and my mind is wise. I am looking forward to a healthy future because I take care of my body now. I am grateful for my healthy body. Peace flows through my body, mind, and soul. I enjoy my life.