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All that is amazing! We are surely living in the time when knowledge has increased. Through the medium of the computer and Internet, we are now able to go through cyberspace and hook up with libraries, colleges, and institutions on distant continents. We can download the contents of books and materials in those libraries to our computers in a flash.

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Already there are stories of people who are so hooked on their computers that they spend hours a day at them. Unfortunately, after spending an hour or so in cyberspace we may find ourselves weary. We learn quickly that this is also a tree of knowledge. An angel speaking to the prophet Daniel seems to refer to such a day as ours. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.

A bit of history

We understand from this that knowledge will be increased so dramatically that it will be a sign of the end days. Surely we are living in such a time.

Unfortunately, all the knowledge explosion of the 20th and early 21 st centuries has not brought us any closer to God. In fact, most people are further from God now than they ever were. This was also true of some progressive societies in the past. The ancient Greeks excelled in knowledge, but they never excelled in the knowledge of God or the knowledge of salvation.

Our age is like that. In the end, knowledge leaves us weary and searching, literally running to and fro.

Two Trees of Valinor

Knowledge alone only inflates our egos. Now let us consider the other tree, the tree of life.

There Were Two Trees in the Garden by Rick Joyner

In one sense, the tree of life is also a tree of knowledge, but it represents a vastly different kind of knowledge. It is the knowledge of God that brings salvation and life. It is a knowledge born in intimacy with God. We might describe the tree of life as a tree of relationship. Indeed, this is what Adam was doing before the fall. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.

This is not a strange picture. All through the Bible the righteous are compared to trees. The nation of Israel was compared to a tree or vine by the prophet Isaiah Isa. Jesus once spoke of men as either good trees or bad trees Matt. Many Christians are convinced that Yeshua or Jesus exemplifies the tree of life.

The Two Trees in the Garden

We Christians know that we can only be productive and become trees of life for those around us, by being joined to the vine and by abiding in him always. Jesus is our life supply, our food, our shade, our rest, our support, etc. When the highly educated Apostle Paul went to Corinth to preach, he determined not to know anything but Christ crucified 1 Cor.

His message was surely foolishness and a stumbling block to many who heard him, but to others it was the breath of life.

A Tale of Two Trees

How then do we get true knowledge or saving knowledge? We get true knowledge from the face of Jesus, from close fellowship with him. Unlike the knowledge from the tree in the garden, this knowledge is a saving knowledge; this knowledge does not make us weary, instead it gives us life, hope, joy, fulfillment and enthusiasm. Neither does it lift us up in pride, but conversely it bows us down in humility.

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As we continue to look to the Lord, an amazing things happens, we become conformed to him, and become like him. God gave mankind free will to choose, but He wants us to choose to do as He says. The two trees were used to test whether mankind would obey God. Read Together: Genesis — 9, 16 — 17, 21 — 23, — 6; 1 John Printable PDF — L3.

Author: Janth English Read Together: God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and placed them in a beautiful garden filled with beautiful plants and trees.

The Destruction of the Two Trees of Valinor - Timeline of Arda

Read Together: Genesis — 9, 16 — 17, 21 — 23, — 6; 1 John Discuss: Remind your child that these were literal trees in a literal garden even though they symbolized choosing the way that leads to life or the way to death. Note how the lust of the eyes and the pride of life played a part in her decision. God often tests His people with trying or tempting situations.