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Although there is mutual suspicion at first, it quickly turns to an alliance of necessity when it becomes clear that they are not alone. A shadowy being—or possibly more than one—is also roaming the corridors of the base; and its touch is death. Zoe explains to Jamie that the statues are more of Sophie's crew, but moving much more slowly outside, which the Doctor realises is because of the gravitational forces of the pulsar: while just minutes might pass outside, it would be weeks in the base.

After much misdirection and danger—both from the shadow and from the gravitational pulses—the Doctor finds himself isolated, and attempts to get to the TARDIS and escape the city, then recover his friends. However, he is stopped by an odd visitation. The Eleventh Doctor , from far in his personal future, makes psychic contact with him; he sees the Eleventh Doctor's image and that of his psychic paper, which spells out written instructions. He must not only save himself and the others, but must also save the survey team's work; it will be vital in the future.

Hours later, the Doctor rejoins Jamie and the others. He explains that the shadows are the indigenous, intelligent species of this world; he refers to them as the Quiet Ones. He explains that their world was once a rogue planet, without a star; Jamie compares them and their situation to the Cybermen of Mondas, which was also a sort of rogue planet. The Doctor states that their world was captured by the pulsar; to protect themselves, they transformed themselves into a non-corporeal form which exists at a much higher rate of time than humans.

A page turner One of the best books I have read written by Indian writters. Hooked me from the very first page. Feb 03, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , review-copy , iwe Kolkata is my hometown and I am always eager to read books set there. It makes me feel closer to Kolkata, no matter where I am. And when a mystery book is set in Kolkata, it is like the icing on the cake. When Sheetal Mehra is found murdered in a hotel, it was a straightforward murder case that Agni Mitra had to solve.

Then a second body turns up and things a Kolkata is my hometown and I am always eager to read books set there. Then a second body turns up and things are not so straightforward any more. When a third body turns up, one thing is clear — there is a serial killer on the loose. Or is it? What is the connection between the victims? Is the killer a psychopath on the loose who kills for fun or is he targeting specific people? And why is the killer making it so personal for Agni?

He along with his team takes on the responsibility of solving these murders. But it is not easy, especially for Agni Mitra. On one hand, the killer is meticulous in his methods giving the authorities very little to work with. On the other hand things are too close to home for Agni. The author has done a really good job of building up the character of Agni Mitra and for most parts I found that I liked the guy.

But there was something that I cannot put my fingers on missing from his personality. It is the antagonist that the author has done a perfect job with. The plot of the story is well laid out. It is not a complex one but the author has managed to keep things entertaining by throwing in quite a few red herrings. Plus there is the factor of the author indulging his readers to take a second look at the modern urban lifestyle and relationship. The definitions have changed without us really realizing and not all changes are for good.

The complexities of relationships have become more complex with time. Overall, Sourabh Mukherjee definitely has a winner here. It is not perfect in every way but it is a really good one. May 12, Cheshta Arora rated it liked it. A homicide secret that prompted more murders even before the killer was found! A bothered Officer with his own evil presences to battle at home is given the undertaking of comprehending the puzzle.

During the time spent finding the guilty party, the expert assignment gets individual as the story advances. A book that I had grabbed as of late had left a severe persistent flavor and I was careful about grammatical errors and the dialect. The book manages issues like our inward fiends decimating con A homicide secret that prompted more murders even before the killer was found! The book manages issues like our inward fiends decimating connections we esteem, it takes a gander at a city in the cusp of progress and an era attempting to deal with quick changing aspirations and goals.

The novel is a homicide riddle, involving the enterprises of Detective Agni Mitra, a splendid cop examining a no-pieces of information found-on-the-scene homicide of an adulteress spouse, while adapting to the passionate hurricane of a fizzled marriage and an "improperly adulteress" ex of his own. While the book is certainly an unquestionable requirement read, the story would have been exceptional if the riddle of the executioner lay somewhat more profound, rather than being one-layered.

With the turning pages it was clear that the killer was pyscho executioner. These cases go under criminal pyschology and there are different reasons when individual begin carrying on like this. The examination was on its crest. In the wake of scanning for a long time,and after a long persistence the killer was gotten. It is a decent, light read and I could complete it in couple of hours. I would prescribe the book to new perusers, the ones who are not acquainted with thrillers and need to look at the class. It is likewise a decent perused for youthful perusers.

On a whole, I love the cover page and plot of the novel! View 1 comment. Jun 04, Sandeep Sharma rated it really liked it.

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The beauty of writing a thriller lies in the revealing of facts in such a way that it hides the master stroke for the climax. Sourabh Mukerjee's In the Shadow of Death proves to be an exciting read for all the thriller lovers. The story is about a psycho killer who is targeting victims in a random pattern and killing them without leaving any evidence. On the parallel hand, Detective's Agni Mitra's personal life opens up the sub plot for the protagonist which explains the his own character.

I lov The beauty of writing a thriller lies in the revealing of facts in such a way that it hides the master stroke for the climax. I loved the experiment of writer in introducing different POV's during murder just to explain what is running in the killer's mind while committing the crime. Personally I am a big fan of David Baldacci when it comes to thrillers and for some instants, Sourabh's writing style does ignites the illusion as if I am reading David's writing.

I enjoyed the book to the core and was unable to guess the killer till the very end. Sep 15, Priyanka Batra Harjai added it. In the shadows of death, is a gripping account from the perspective of an investgating ACP — Agni Mitra. He is called upon in a hotel where a girl is found dead in suspicious position. The author starts the narration with action — based dialogues. You feel as if you yourself are set into motion with the characters. The scene descriptions are lively and apt. The characterization is strong. The treatment of story is emotional and human based. The presentation is systematized using day based reports.

The story is gripping, engaging and enjoyable. It is a fast paced read. This book can be an interesting companion on evening tea or on a journey. Aspiring authors should refer to this story for gathering some tips on writing crime.

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May 20, Dhwani Swadia rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own , read-in This is by far one of the best books by Indian Books, really tight woven plot line, strong characterization, zero grammatical or stylization errors, I just wish all books were this good! The main premise of the story is that the detective Agni Mitra finds himself looking for a serial killer.

In order to give an interesting subplot, we also find out that he is going through a divorce. While unrelated to the case, it does have a humanizing effect on the protagonist, so we find ourselves to be more involved in this case. ACP Agni Mitra has become my favorite investigator. The strong blurb says about the story as follows.

A ruthless killer walking the rain washed streets of Kolkatta. Everyone wants instant success without having to walk that extra-mile. There is absolutely no restraint, no self-control. And no dearth of temptations these days in our so-called liberal ,globalized society with changing moral values. Guilt often takes its own time to sink in. And when it does, it drives one to do imaginable. I recommend this book for all thriller fans.

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It throws light on the lessons we have to remember in these challenging era of so many distractions and disturbances due to the advent of the internet and the deterioration of values. Cover design by Wasim Helal suits the motif of thrill. Sep 03, Swapna Peri rated it really liked it Shelves: indian-fiction , paper-back.

To read something apart from a regular emotional story or a love story from an Indian author is very exciting. Book Cover : A very intriguing book cover that complements perfect with the book title. Plot: The book is a murder mystery thriller novel but with a distinct storyline. A serial psycho killer is on the verge of hunting the women to satisfy his sexual hunger and he targets married and matured women.

After few murders, the detective who is the protagonist in the story works on the case and tries to unveil the face of the murderer. Characters Every character in the book is really very interesting and has a role to play in the story that unearths a new sub-story. Narration An absolute fantastic and excellent narration has been carried out by the author. The story is very well composed and the reader doesn't miss the flow at any point. A reader cannot find some dangling threads in the story that would make the reader irritated.

There are some really good points that are to be highlighted that almost none of the stories of this genre has ever done in recent times. One of those points is trusting someone whom we do not know with blind guts is not appreciated. Other point is the procrastinated and laid back attitude of some departments in our country's security system.

Language and Vocabulary The language is at its best with no noted grammatical glitches and vocabulary is also up to the needed standards. My Final Verdict— Though I belong to the southern part of India, due to various things I have been a fan of Kolkata, the city's rich heritage and food since a long time.

It's always a special feeling to read about this wonderful city. This review is written after almost two years of the book release, the main motive behind this is to encourage more people to grab a copy of theirs' and give a read. Feb 01, Moitrayee Bhaduri rated it it was amazing.

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A gripping suspense thriller that I totally loved. Agni Mitra is here to stay. Excellent plot, characterization, and build-up. The author's writing style is simple and that's why it appeals more. As a debutant crime writer, it is not easy to hold the attention of the reader all along!

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But Sourabh Mukherjee excels in his storytelling. I look forward to more thrillers from the author. Jul 16, Kamal Paneru rated it really liked it. Review Point: 3. She is found dead in one of the official parties. Her husband Abhinav Mishra and other colleagues are the very first suspect of that murder. To solve the mystery of this unexpected murder, ACP Agni Mitra takes charge of this case and starting working upon with his assistant Arya.

Shadow Of Death

Meanwhile, Agni is also having a bitter taste in his personal life, as he is married to Megha. Agni holds both situations properly and proceed accordingly. Will he be able to solve the case? What can be the reasons of murder of Sheetal Mehra as she was naked in the toilet? What problems Agni will face while ablating the truth? How far he is from the actual truth? To know, go through In the Shadows of Death.

Strength of the Book: Maintaining the curiosity of readers in every line, this book is knitted in very close manner of perfection. Step by step writer has revealed the things whenever required to keep the consistency through out the story. Character justification is properly done. Characters are given proper values as per requirement of the investigation of the case. Sharpness of Agni is really admirable. The way he concludes from the talks with suspects to solve the case is presented beautifully. At many points, writer has made characters alive. A girl dead at half naked state is very reporting work for readers which tie them to know whether she was raped or died during struggle to save herself.

Weakness of the Book: Story runs of pace and leaves breath at mid. Much fluctuation can be seen. Also, the personal life of Agni could be depicted more beautifully as it appears as brief to entangle the situations of his professional life. Story starts with the scene of theme which is expected by readers in the later delivery of pages.

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Conclusion: The actual theme of the novel perfect suits to the title "In the Shadows of Death". Amazing suspense and thrill based this work raises admiration for the writer in the heart of readers. Though theme is so common but the way he has presented the characters and their role does not say that this is debut work by him.

Writer is right to say that no matter how far we are educated and having well-knowledge and power, but if there is any who is narrow minded thinking, he will definitely make us feel shaken from inside. Beauty of the theme has given a light on the pity thing running in our society. Depicted well, the story is stated not only for engaging readers with suspense but also to bring at front a part of human which is never beneficial to human-kind in anyway. Besides, cover page could be attractive.

Blurb is not that much impressive but the book is. Reviewing Point: 3. Jan 03, Divya Nambiar rated it really liked it. So I thought why not read something that I wouldn't normally read. And then it began, a murder mystery that led to more murders even before the murderer was found! Written by Simon Guerrier. Following an emergency landing, the TARDIS arrives on a remote world orbiting a peculiar star — a pulsar which exerts an enormous gravitational force, strong enough to warp time. On further exploration the Doctor and his friends, Jamie and Zoe, discover a human outpost on the planet surface, inhabited by scientists who are there to study an ancient city.

The city is apparently abandoned, but the scientists are at a loss to explain what happened to its sophisticated alien architects.