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And then, finally, there is More Books by Christopher S. Hyatt, William S. Carroll, Phil Hine, Joseph C. Urban Voodoo. Pacts with the Devil. I was thrilled. When we reached the apartment I parkedthe engine running at fast idle. The car and I were shaking to different beats. I couldn't stop trembling. I felt that I was wearing out. I greased myself with a stiff swig. I saw Big Mike open the window and climb through.

With one leg hanging out the window I was reassured by his smile. This was the first time I did anything like this. He and Huby had robbed a few stores at gun point. For him this was easy.

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For me it was living hell. This was the beginning of learning how to tolerate eternity. This ability would come in handy latter. The car door opened and Big Mike slid in. In his hand was a warm, worn bag overflowing with wrinkled clothes. I started to ask him what we got. He yelled, go man go. Safe, we began splitting up the loot. Each of us kept a piece of clothes.

What was left was a broken watch and a few dollars in change. We bought some beer and Lucky Strikes, found an abandoned house and got drunk. It was night and we had other plans. About 8 or 9 of us were going to visit Claire. She was ugly but she would fuck anyone. Big Mike and I arrived late, five or six guys had already fucked her. Big Mike hopped in the car. A minute or so later he returned.

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I pretended I was too drunk. I threw up. I sneaked into the bathroom, soaked the stolen shirt with cold water and washed. I hid the shirt under my bed.

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I wanted to masturbate, regret ting that I didn't fuck Claire with the rest of them. I couldn't. I got up early clutching the shirt to my chest and threw it into someone else's garbage pail. I felt safe. I was in control. My father wouldn't be home for another hour or so.

I heard my mother call me. I went into her room. She lay in bed, two pillows propping up her head. She was always ugly in that position. I saw her twisted toes protruding from the blanket. Her big toe crossing over the next one like someone hoping for luck. I gently covered them. She reached for me with her flaccid claws. I could feel them on my back. I tried to hide my disgust, but she was too smart. She asked me to help her up so she could go to the bathroom. I flashed a smile wondering if I left a mess from the night before.

I got ready for school. My hangover would soon be eased from a hidden stash of Silver Satin. My grandmother had bought me a few bottles the day before. I could always get her to buy booze when my nerve failed. The cops had been hot looking for the guys who were buying booze and selling it to the good kids for a hefty profit. I would need all the nerve I could muster that day. It was my turn to buy that night. I picked up Big Mike and a few other guys and drove. Everyone laughed at me for throwing up the night before just when it was my turn.

Driving through the high school gate my tension rose. Everyday was hell. I wondered what would happen today.

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Big Mike knew he would be kicked out soon. All the teachers had it in for him. We were a sight, stumbling out of the car, dressed in leather and heavy boots. Our hair was nicely greased. Big Mike had a curl sticking out over his forehead which jumped up and down as we strutted into the Principal's office for our lecture on tardiness. Irene McGarvie. Talking to the Spirits. Kenaz Filan. The Lucid View. Aeolus Kephas. Dark Pool of Light 3 Volume Set. Richard Grossinger.

Beyond Religion Volume I. Stanislaw Kapuscinski aka Stan I. Christian Andre Allen. The Adventures of Malcolmist the Alchemist. What is Magic? Bob Makransky. Life in Light of Death. James Lindsay. James Curcio. Carl Abrahamsson. Pagan Portals - God-Speaking. Judith O'Grady. The Magical Shield. Frater U. Robin Sacredfire.

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Back to Normal. Enrico Gnaulati. Myth, Consciousness, and Psychic Research.

Jean Houston. A Life Worth Living. Robert S. Tony Kelbrat. Jon DiCianni. Glitter in the Blood. Mindy Nettifee. Existential, thoughts and reflections. Miguel D'Addario. Elena M.