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Anthony Bailes is a British lutenist. Anthony Bailes initially played the classical guitar, and after meeting Diana Poulton began to study the lute with her. He has performed widely as a soloist, made numerous recordings, and published articles about lute performance practice. For many years he taught lute at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Music in Amsterdam. They are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written for cello. These suites for unaccompanied cello are remarkable in that they achieve the effect of implied three- to four-voice contrapuntal and polyphonic music in a single musical line.

He is considered a master of the French Baroque style. Lully disavowed any Italian influence in French music of the period. He became a French subject in He used to say that a Franciscan friar gave him his first music lessons and taught him guitar. In , dressed as Harlequin during Mardi Gras and amusing bystanders with his clowning and his violin, the boy attracted the attenti. The String Quintet in E major, Op. Being one of his most famous works, the quintet is famous for its minuet third movement often referred to as "The Celebrated Minuet" which is most-often played as a standalone piece outside of the context of the full quintet.

At the time of this composition, Boccherini had been writing string quartets for about ten years. Charles Sorel Charles Sorel, sieur de Souvigny c. Life Very little is known of his life except that in he was historiographer of France. He wrote on science, history and religion, but is only remembered for his novels.

He tried to destroy the vogue for the pastoral romance by writing a novel of adventure, the Histoire comique de Francion first edition in seven volumes, ; second edition in twelve volumes, Sorel did not succeed in founding the novel of character, and what he accompl. Born in Leipzig in the Electorate of Saxony, he was taught music by his father, and also tutored by his distant cousin Johann Elias Bach. He studied at the St. Thomas School, and some believe he studied law at the university there, but there is no record of this.

While there, Bach collaborated with Johann Gottfried Herder, who provided the texts for six vocal works; the music survives for only four of these. Bach wrote keyboard sonatas, symphonies, oratorios, liturgical choir pieces and motets, operas and songs. Because of Count Wilhelm's predilection for Italian music, Bach had to adapt his style accordingly, but he retained stylistic traits of the music of his father and of his brother,.

Anne Chabanceau de La Barre — was a French soprano of the baroque era. Anne made her debut in opera in in Orfeo by Luigi Rossi.

Le piano de Thérèse (extrait)

Between and , she travelled widely in Northern Europe, and sang at the court of Queen Christina of Sweden in Stockholm for some time. She later appeared at the court of Denmark. She took part in the creation of Ercole amante by Francesco Cavalli in , during the composer's stay in France. In , she was named "fille ordinaire de la musique de la Chamb.

Francesco Corbetta ca. He spent his early career in Italy.

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He was however frequently granted leave of absence and traveled abroad to Spain probably between where he amazed the Court in Madrid with his virtuosity; to Germany where he was in the employ of the dukes of Hanover and the Spanish Netherlands, dedicating his fourth book, Varii scherzi di sonate to the governor, the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. According to his obituary the Duke of Mantua recommended him to Louis XIV; although some sources claim that he taught Louis the guitar this is unlikely as the post is known to have been held by Bernard Jourdan de La Salle from when Louis was 12 years of age until Although Co.

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Her association with several prominent dignitaries and public figures from across Europe has earned Madame Geoffrin international recognition. Her patronage and dedication to both the philosophical men of letters and talented artists that frequented her house is emblematic of her role as guide and protector. Early life Born in , Madame Geoffrin was the first child of a bourgeois named Pierre Rodet, a valet de chambre for the Duches. The year in music involved some significant events.

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Melchior Hoffmann, composer, marries Margaretha Elisabeth Philipp; he is already suffering from a terminal illness. Domenico Scarlatti becomes maestro di cappella at the Cappella Giulia in the Vatican. Gottfried Silbermann completes the new organ for Fre. Built in the time of Christian IV, the church initially served the students of Copenhagen University.

The interior was seriously damaged in the fire of but was rebuilt in The humanistically inspired combination was from a commission of Christian IV. Anonymous 18th-century engraving. Biography The son of a notary, he was born in Paris. He became interested in the rhymes of Jean Heguanier, the most famous writer of couplets in Paris.

"Manon! It Has to Be Manon!

When about seventeen, however, he made the acquaintance of Alexis Piron, and afterwards, through Gallet ? The example of these three masters of the vaudeville decided his future but also made him diffident; and for some time he composed nothing but amphigouris—verses whose merit was measured by their unintelligibility.

Charles-Joseph Chambet 6 September — 16 November [1] was a French bookseller, essayist, bibliophile and playwright. Jean Baptiste Lully around This page contains a list of the works of Jean-Baptiste Lully LWV ; also lists of the dance-forms and instruments he frequently was to use. This list of French words of Germanic origin consists of Standard Modern French words and phrases deriving from any Germanic language of any period. Scope The following list details words, affixes and phrases that contain Germanic etymons. : French Books

Words where only an affix is Germanic e. Likewise, words which have been calqued from a Germanic tongue e. He also organized a group of painters known as The Nabis. Poussez plus avant… poussez donc… Ah! Que vous dirai-je enfin, mon cher comte? Que de plaisirs, mon amie, pour un moment de peine! Elle aima Dieu comme on aime son amant. Lors de son aventure, il avait environ cinquante-trois ans. Quoique excessivement laid, il avait quelque chose de spirituel dans la physionomie.

Quelle gloire pour vous! Je me jetai sur mon lit. Je les joignis. Je me trouvais toute autre. Nous avons besoin de son appui. Vous le voulez bien? Je faisais des contorsions horribles. Il semble que vous vous trouviez mal. Je souffrais beaucoup. Il y a dans tout ceci du bien et du mal.

Rendez-vous chez moi demain vers les neuf heures du matin, je vous en dirai davantage. On quitta table vers les dix heures. Elle avait alors vingt-six ans. Avez-vous bien dormi? Je le retirai avec promptitude. Je ne quittais plus cette aimable femme. Tout ne serait-il pas produit par Dieu?

Me connaissant tel que je suis, pouvez-vous me croire du nombre de ces derniers imprudents? Pourquoi trousser ainsi mes manchettes au-dessus du coude? Fais-je bien? Tu ne dis mot! Il se fit un instant de silence. Mais le bruit des feuilles me retint toujours.

Ils ne lui donnent tous aucun citoyen. Est-ce un autre dieu que nous ne connaissons pas? Cela est bien juste, continua-t-elle, vous avez fait et vous avez dit des choses admirables, rien de mieux que vos observations sur la nature. Je me crus perdue. En rentrant le soir dans ma chambre, je formai mon plan pour le lendemain matin. Pousse fort, pousse, mon petit. Lesquels croire? Dieu ne varie jamais! Il est immuable. Quelle contradiction! Peuvent-ils augmenter quelque chose en lui? Vous croyez pouvoir offenser Dieu! Pourriez-vous seulement offenser un roi, un prince, qui seraient raisonnables?

On vous annonce un Dieu vengeur, et on vous dit que la vengeance est un crime. La manie des hommes est de juger des actions de Dieu par celles qui leur sont propres. On juge de Dieu comme on juge des rois. Origine des religions. Je ne le vis point. Pauvre innocente!

La besogne fut longue. Comment, diable? Vous avez des yeux, des dents, une cuisse dure!

Je jasai plus que je ne voulais. Les Parisiennes sont vives et caressantes. Il devint plus pressant et moi plus docile. Il me proposa de passer sur un lit de repos qui faisait face au sofa.